The best Tsareena build, moves, evolutions and items in Pokemon Unite

After Pokémon Unite prepared for the December update, all players were greeted with a nice gift: adding Tsareena to everyone's roster for free. It quickly became apparent that Tsareena is one of the most powerful Pokémon in the game. Her versatility as a handyman can turn her into a truly menacing foe, especially if you know her moves.

Moves and gameplay

In the pre-match screen, take a leap in the middle: you will evolve quickly and become one of the first bases for your team. You start out as the modest Bounsweet. Choose Razor Leaf as your first attack - fires a stream of leaves in the designated direction. Its high critical hit rate helps it earn those early XP. At level 3, Bounsweet can learn Rapid Spin, which sends it in one direction while dealing damage to opposing Pokémon. If the attack hits, Bounsweet's movement speed will temporarily increase.

Bounsweet evolves into Steenee at level 4. At level 5, Steenee can learn Triple Axel or Stomp. While Stomp's ability to stun Pokémon is useful, we recommend using Triple Axel. Triple Axel is a highly versatile move that allows Steenee to dash forward as she kicks in three wide circles. Each kick deals less damage than the last, but a timely Triple Axel can hit a group of Pokémon multiple times, making it potentially devastating. Also, if Steenee lands a kick, her attack speed will increase. The more kicks Steenee gets, the longer the buff lasts.

At level 6, Steenee will evolve into Tsareena and you will have the opportunity to learn Trop Kick or Grassy Glide. Both are strong moves and the one you choose may have to do with your playing style and experience. Trop Kick is simpler to perform, but its effects are far-reaching. Tsareena performs a Flying Kick, which will further reduce the attack of the opposing Pokémon for a short time. Pokémon that linger where the kick was hit will be dealt damage and slowed their movement speed.

Grassy Glide sends Tsareena forward to kick. Then she will turn around, move back a little and kick again. The first kick reduces the opposing Pokémon's movement speed, and the secondary attack can act as a push. Anyone who wants to use a dash attack to push forward should take note of Grassy Glide's 180 turn.

When Steenee evolves into Tsareena, the Pokémon's Ability will change from Oblivious to Queenly Majesty. Both abilities reduce the duration of obstacles. But with Queenly Majesty, you will see a blue indicator appear on top of Tsareena. This gauge will increase as you perform attack combos and as you use Tsareena's standard attack, which increases every third attack. Use three power attacks in combination and the fourth will provide an additional power up. For Triple Axel and Stomp, the buff will be HP reset. For Trop Kick and Grassy Glide, Tsareena will be granted a shield.

Tsareena will learn her union move, Queen Ascendant, at level 9. Tsareena will lunge at a poor Pokémon, leap into the air with it, and give a surprising amount of tiny but powerful kicks. Additionally, Tsareena recovers HP when she returns to the ground.

Recommended move set

  • Razor Leaf (LVL 1)
  • Quick rotation (LVL 3)
  • Axel triplo (LVL 5)
  • If beginner: Trop Kick; if advanced: Grassy glide (LVL 6)
  • Ascendant Queen (LVL 9)

The best articles

The Razor Claw is perhaps one of the best items for Tsareena: it increases her critical hit rate and attack stats, and since Tsareena is a melee fighter, it includes the additional buff of decreasing the speed of opposing Pokémon. Plus, it rewards combos by allowing Tsareena's next basic attack to deal more damage after a hit, which pairs perfectly with Queenly Majesty.

Players can double up on basic attacks with the muscle band or amplify the power of Tsareena's special attacks with wise glasses. The third element should be something to stabilize Tsareena's HP, such as Focus Band, Score Shield (which offsets Tsareena's low score) or Buddy Barrier.

Recommended battle items

  • Razor claw
  • Muscle fascia
  • Score shield

For your held item, the eject button is useful for preserving Tsareena's HP and amplifying the ability of her dash attacks to get her out of a pinch. However, X Attack is also a great choice for those who wish to focus on Tsareena's fighting skills.

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