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You will start the game with Shrek, Fiona, Donkey and the Gingerbread Man and you will have to collect 18 eyeballs in the area, so start killing the snails. When you have found them all, you will receive the first snapshot and the door to the Robin Hood area will open. There is a rock on top of some platforms near Shrek's house. Tear it apart to release the first dwarf, who will ask you to save his six brothers. Hit the outer house to get a lot of coins, then open the gate that leads to the Robin Hood area. Kill the snails and collect the coins, then tear apart the rock to release the second dwarf. Move the platform to jump up and get more coins and a bean. Go up the ramp, where you will be ambushed by Robin Hood and his Merry Brigade. Kill them all for the second snapshot. Head left, paying attention to the traps on the ground. Smash rocks to release traps in case someone accidentally falls into them. Kill all the enemies, explore every square inch of the level and collect everything, coins and items, then smash the rock to release the third dwarf. Then head to the gate that opened when you defeated the Merry Brigade, and smash the rock to release the fourth dwarf, kill the turtles and hit the target to open the gate. Larry the Gnome will tell you that he will only open the gate if you take him twelve fairies. Use Fiona and the Slow Time that you should have collected near the Mirror. Activate it, so as to slow everything down and collect the fairies much faster. When you have them all, talk to Larry, who will open the gate for you, and get you the third snapshot. Go through the gate and kill the turtles, then use one to throw at the target. If you kill them all, the Gingerbread Man can jump and throw his staff at the target to open the gate. Throw the cookie and kill all the piranhas that come out of the water, then clear the area of ​​enemies and smash the rock to release the fifth dwarf. Have Shrek stand on one side of the swing and another character on the other, then jump with the green orc so that the other character will fly over the fence to open the gate. Move the platform closer to the rock to collect more coins, then tear apart another rock to release the sixth dwarf. Go through the gate and swing the swing the same way as before, to collect a lot of coins, then go down the slope to find Little Red Riding Hood at Shrek's house, with his big cauldron around which a sea of hens. Kick or punch the chickens to get them into the cauldron to receive the fourth snapshot and open the gate. Head left and use the Gingerbread Man to jump onto the platform to reach the ledge and hit the target to open the gate. Kill all the enemies and smash the rock to release the sixth dwarf, then head right and use the little man again to open the gate. There are a lot of crocodiles that are jumping out of the water. The mirror will tell you to use Slow Time to pass them, so do as you are told, then retrieve the coins above the chests and kill everyone. Still with the Gingerbread Man hit the target and drop a platform that allows you to go to the other side, then throw the rock on the other platform to release the seventh dwarf and receive the seventh snapshot. Use Donkey to open the gate, then move the chest near the ledge and jump on it to collect everything, then move the chest again so you can reach the switch to open the gate that will allow you to access Granny's Cottage. . After the short animated sequence, with Fiona you will have to sing to collect as many birds as possible for the cake. Press the correct button when the symbol reaches?


In this level you can use Little Red Riding Hood instead of the Marzipan Man. Ring the bell, jumping up and hitting him, to open the gate, then kill all of the wizard's men and collect the coins. Use Donkey Butter Blast to make the tree fall, forming a bridge and receiving the first snapshot. Use Little Red Riding Hood to both throw an apple towards the bell and open the gate, and to throw the same fruit towards the mousetraps, so that the animals are not killed. When you have eliminated all the enemies, one of the rats will enter its lair to open the gate. Quickly use Donkey to cross, jump over the bridge and drop the tree as the mice constantly fall into the water trying to get the cheese. You can either cross the stone bridge or use the Slow Time von Fiona to collect the coins on the platform. You will have to use it because the bats will not let you cross. Pull the lever to lower the bridge, then kill any creature or thing to receive the third snapshot and lower the bridge. Ring the bell to release the rats, then kill them and then pull the lever to open the gate. Throw the rotten apples towards the mousetrap, so that the tree falls. If you don't succeed like this, use Donkey for both the first plant and the next one then, with Fiona, use the Slow Time to be able to pass the bats. On the right you will find Larry the Gnome, with whom you will need to speak in order to purchase upgrades. Get ready for another ambush and make sure to kill everyone to get the fourth instant. A mouse will open the gate as before and, again as before, you will have to decide whether to use the bridge or the Slow Time to pass the bats and collect the coins. To continue, you will have to pay the gnome 100 coins, in order to make him open the gate. Then destroy the mouse traps, using Little Red Riding Hood and his apples. With Donkey, kick the gravestones so the mice don't fall into the holes. The mirror will tell you what to do with the rotten apples: pull them to the mousetrap. The pets will enter a cemetery. Throw apples through the hole in the fence to kill the mice, then kick the headstones with Donkey and tear apart the graves to get the fifth snapshot. Destroy the trunk and kill all the enemies, then with Little Red Riding Hood pull the apples to the mousetrap. Use Donkey to open the gate, which will give you the sixth snapshot. Head to Granny's house, where Fiona is about to be sent down the hill by the Fairy Godmother. Use Donkey to make the carriage avoid bridges, trees and branches, and collect as many coins as possible.


As in the previous level, there will be Little Red Riding Hood in place of the Gingerbread Man. Take the first road to the right of the starting point to face the challenge of the hens. Kick or punch the 12 chickens to get them into the area behind the fence near the monk statue to get the first snapshot. At the top of the stairs near the fountains are two magic beans. Stay on the switch on the yellow floor to open the gate, then switch characters to stand on the switches behind the gates to keep them open, or just grab the beans using the second character. Back on the main road, take the first left to face the Troll challenge. Follow the troll around the museum to collect the 196 pieces of jewelry he will drop, but stay at a safe distance as one shot will be enough to kill them. Once you have won the challenge you will receive the third snapshot. Back on the main road, next to the armory on the right is the Thugs challenge. You will have to stun the twelve Thugs, pick them up and load them on the cart. Don't forget to collect the beans while you are there. Once you have won the challenge, you will receive the sixth snapshot. Across the street is Cinderella's challenge. You will have to protect the girl by killing the attackers who will reappear every time she moves in front of another window. When you win, you will receive the fourth instant. Taking the next left road is Humpty's challenge. You will need to recover seven pieces of Humpty's shell using the platforms and golden carriages to jump to the various ledges, and so on. Kill anyone who annoys you and, once you complete the task, you will receive the fifth instant. For the second snapshot you will have to win the Pied Piper challenge, killing 175 rats and, in the end, also the character in question. Once you have collected all the magic beans, you can go to the king and enter the next level.


Your party consisting of Shrek, Donkey, Little Red Riding Hood and the Gingerbread Man will be attacked in the Puss in Boots forest. Press the correct buttons when the "?" Appears, so that you can fight the Cat. There will be three rounds and at the end of each you will receive a snapshot. Once you beat him, you can move on to the next level.


Puss in Boots replaces Little Red Riding Hood in this fifth level. Kill the snails and collect the fifty eyeballs needed to get through this section, then flip the switch to pop up a safe bridge and cross it. Kill the pumpkins: you focus on the bigger ones, the smaller ones will take care of the other characters. When you have eliminated all of them you will receive the first snapshot. Then pick up the gear and put it on the crane to move the logs, then go left and clean up. Use the swing to make Puss in Boots cross the rope and collect beans and coins. With Donkey, however, forcefully open the gate and tear apart the barrel that is rolling as soon as it stops moving. Collect the gear, then have the Cat walk on the rope so that he can press the switch. Put the gear on the crane, then kill the pumpkins and put your feline ally on the swing again, so he can reach the rope and hit another switch. Use the potion to turn all the men into frogs, which will allow you to kill them more easily, then with Donkey open the gate and tear apart the rolling barrel. Take the gear and, as before, use the Cat to walk the rope and retrieve a bean. Use another gear but, before continuing, go left, push the switch near the rope to the Cat, kill the men and pumpkins, and talk to William Gruff, who wants your help to cross the bridge and go home. . Eliminate anything that bothers him, as if he gets hit too often or gets scared, he'll go back to where he started. You should therefore make a clean sweep and then let him cross the bridge. This way you will receive the second snapshot. Pull the lever to lower the blades, and run between them when they are quite far from you. Pull another lever and then jump to a platform to collect a bean. Kill the men and pumpkins, then proceed. After a while, use Donkey to kick the crane and move the logs. Have the Cat cross the rope so he can hit the switch, then kill all the men to collect coins and snails for the eyeballs. Leave your feline friend where he is and use another character to pull the second lever. Then talk to Larry the Gnome, who will ask you for 200 coins to open the gate. Then go through the moving blades, obviously when they are far away, so you can flip another switch, then use the potion to turn everyone into frogs and kill them more easily. Use Donkey with the crane again, then cross the second rope and pull the lever. Follow the same procedure as before with the Cat and proceed, killing everyone. After a while you will find a gear for the crane. Have Shrek pick it up and put it on the machine, then escort William Gruff once more across the bridge. Do a little more cleaning to get the third snapshot and collect fifty more eyeballs for the seventh. With Donkey, kick the crane and have Shrek put the gear on the machine. You will meet a troll who is torturing another goat. It won't take long to kill him, just hit him three times to respond to his bomb drops. Retrieve the energy bottle that will appear after each explosion and try to stay at a safe distance. When you kill him, you will receive the fourth snapshot.


Destroy the giant carrots to be able to move forward and the giant apple in the far right corner of the next field to retrieve a worm, then hit the cow until it wakes it up to make it open the gate for you. Use the Gingerbread Man again to hit the target and bring down the bridge, then hit the cow again. Kill the men and destroy the giant carrots to make a box and platform with a bean appear. Move the box near the platform and use the Little Man to climb up and hit the target so that the blade drops. Throw the cookie to attract the bees so you can move forward, then talk to the Three Little Pigs, who will ask you to do some chores around the farm. Then head to Jack's Well. By choosing the Gingerbread Man, avoid getting hit by the giant tomatoes by using the various fields to pass and also collect coins in the meantime. Head left and jump to a white daisy, then the yellow one in front and another white one on the right. Then take another jump, but diagonally, on the path that was beaten by the tomatoes. If you want to get a golden egg, you don't have to jump down, but you have to keep going right. You will then find two giant tomatoes together. Kill the pumpkins and jump on the yellow daisy, then head left until you reach the tallest white daisy to find a bean. So avoid three more giant tomatoes by jumping on the daisies and picking up another bean. Proceed up the path in order to retrieve a container and receive the fifth snapshot. From the main area, head to the haystack to take on the Needle in the Haystack challenge. There is a closed area on the road, inside which you will find a bean and a giant apple with a worm. Kill the rats while taking care of the haystacks, then retrieve the giant needle to win and receive the fourth snapshot. Head to the chicken coop, then climb up the first vine to find a bean and then try to avoid the thorns on the second so you can hit the switch. Kill the pumpkins and grab the crate, then move it to the platforms near the blade, then jump on it and hit the switch. Kill the men and pumpkins, then hit the switch and retrieve the cookie. Use Donkey to open the gate and activate the Giant Bean challenge. Kill the rats to prevent them from eating the bean, thus receiving the second snapshot. Destroy the giant carrots and hit the cow near the gate by throwing cookies at the bees to attract them. So get ready to face the challenge related to the Egg Collection, in which you will have to use any of the characters and move it up and down, inside the blue circles, to get the eggs that the hens will throw at you. If you manage to bring home fifty within the allotted time, you will win the challenge and receive the first snapshot. Head to the cornfield to face the Chicken challenge. You will have to hit them until they have flown away. Kill all the pumpkins and hit the cow to open the gate. In the last field, don't forget to get on the platforms to retrieve the worms in the apples. The challenge will be won when you have hit all the chickens; the prize is the third snapshot. For the seventh, you will have to go back to the pond and use the cookies to get past the bees and collect the remaining apples with their worms.


This time, the Gingerbread Man was again replaced by Little Red Riding Hood. Destroy anything to blow out coins and collect the beans near the door and behind the counter. Kill the guards in the second room before retrieving the crystal ball and placing it where needed to get past the first group of rays. When everyone has gone through them, remove the sphere from its current place and place it on the second pedestal. Kill other guards and destroy the boxes with Donkey, in order to collect two more crystal balls to deactivate the rays. Collect the gear and the bean, then put the first on the door, then with Little Hood start throwing apples at the Fairy Godmother, jumping to avoid her spells. After the first round, the platform you are on will begin to move backwards. After the second you will have to make sure to jump over some boxes to break them or have the Fairy Godmother play your game. Defeat it to get the first snapshot. You will then find yourself in a round room full of potion bottles, and you will have to reach the top. Put Donkey on the wooden platform and Little Riding Hood on the switch on the ground to make the platform go up, then with Donkey destroy the case and approach the next switch. Get Shrek to go from the ground upstairs next to Donkey, then grab the gear and put it on top of the other one to make the next platform work. Get Puss in Boots as high as possible so that he can walk the ropes, then destroy the case and collect the potion to receive the third snapshot. The Fairy Godmother will return, to which you will have to throw boxes at her to make sure that she destroys them with her spells, thus receiving the second snapshot. Don't kill all the men in the next room, but run to the bottom to destroy the pot of potion, to open the door and get the fourth snapshot. In the next room you have to beat Prince Charming. Hit him until he's gone, sending his knights to fight for him. When you have killed them all, you will see him return, so hit him as long as you can. As soon as he escapes the second time, you will receive the fifth snapshot. In the other room, kill the four guards, retrieve the bean and use Shrek to put the gear on the door and open it. Then kill the next group of guards and proceed by eliminating them all. An animated sequence will start, after which you will have to escape from a pot that is rolling, avoiding flames, pipes and various obstacles. Complete this section to receive the sixth snapshot and finish the level.


In this level, instead of Shrek and Donkey there will be the Wolf and the Fairy. Proceed along the wall collecting the coins and avoiding the lights. Stop on the switches on the ground to make a target appear, which you will have to shoot with the Gingerbread Man. This will turn off the lights. At the bottom, have two characters stand on the switches at the same time, in order to open the gate. In the next area, before moving the ball, jump over the cages on either side to collect coins and a bean. Push or blow the ball away on the ground switch so that the gate drops, then kill the spiders. Using Wolf, blow the ball upward so that it hits the cage switch next to the lever so that you can shoot it. There are some rotten apples on the hanging cages to the right. Collect them because you might need them. Roll the ball down the slope to open the gate violently, then release the first prisoner in the corridor. Avoid the light and stand on the ground switch, waiting for a target to appear. Hit him, in order to chase away the guards who will continue to arrive until you do the operation. Have Wolf blow on the half-destroyed wall, in order to eliminate the two spider nests, collect a bean and kill the giant spider. Take out the other guards and other spiders as well before opening a cell door and releasing the second prisoner. Have two characters go up on the platforms at the bottom: when you jump on one, the other goes up too. Continue like this until the stairs are formed and stop. Then release the third prisoner, who is at the top of the staircase. Walk around the ledge and jump on the switch on the ground so that a large ball appears that could kill the guard for you. Go ahead and release the fourth prisoner. Climb the steps and jump onto the hanging cage to release the first Porkchop Brother and make a bridge. Push or blow the large ball across the bridge to kill the guard. If you try to hit her yourself, lots of other guards will arrive as soon as she sees you. Then jump over the cages at the bottom to collect some coins. Open the cage with the first blind mouse inside, then keep jumping on the platform until it gets stuck as before. Go up the steps, destroy the spiders' nest and kill the animals, then have one of the characters on the cage and jump with another on the platform, so that the first can pull the lever that will bring down the bridge. Destroy the other spider nest, kill its occupants and release the fifth prisoner, then go left, going down the stairs to avoid the guards. Use Wolf to blow the wall away, then destroy the spiders, including the giant one, and their nests, then collect the bean and coins. Go right, jump on the cage and reach the switch, then go down the stairs, push the ball up the slope on the switch on the ground, in order to release the second Porkchop Brother, receive the first snapshot and move the stairs. Destroy the spider nest and kill its occupants before rolling the ball down the slope and opening the gate. Go inside and destroy another nest with its spiders, then talk to Larry to buy some upgrades. Pull the lever to bring down the wall, then go back to where the pig was fighting a troll. Kill him as before, repelling the bombs he will throw at you, in order to receive the sixth instant. Then go up and release the second blind mouse. Jump into one of the hanging cages to collect a bean, then go under the guards to avoid being seen by them. Get two characters up on the ground switches and hit the target with the Gingerbread Man. Then jump over the cages and platform so you can reach the switch that turns off the light. Cross the platforms on the left, the ones near the door, to collect a bean and free the sixth prisoner, then climb the platforms to the right and stand on the switch on the ground to deactivate the beams. Free the seventh prisoner and the third blind mouse, receiving the second snapshot in return. Then enter the next room to destroy a nest and its spiders. Place a character on the ground switch to choose a cage and have another jump onto the platform to make it go up. Continue like this until a ladder has formed, then jump on the various cages, reach the switch and kill the giant spider that will suddenly appear, thus receiving the fifth snapshot. The last prisoner is right at the top of the stairs. Use the Gingerbread Man, and have him throw his candy cane at the door to get the third snapshot. Then take the Wolf and have him jump from cage to cage so that he can retrieve a key and win the seventh instant.


The Fairy will go to this level and its place will be taken again by our green hero, Shrek, on board Donkey. Use the latter to kick the door to kill the frogs and pull the lever. Then have the Gingerbread Man throw his candy cane at the orange frog on the ledge. Use Donkey to open the next two doors and kill everything behind them. Pull the lever to raise the platform on the left and lower the bridge. Get Puss in Boots up, so that he can walk the rope and stand on the platform until the cage in the distance has reached its maximum height. This way you will receive the first snapshot. In the next room, kill anyone and hit the TNT, so you can destroy the spider nests. Open the doors on the right and proceed, kill the spiders again, destroy their nests, and also eliminate the frogs, to bring down a wall and make a platform and an energy bottle appear. Jump onto the platform until the stairs are in place. Kill the spiders and use the Cat to run the rope and pull the lever to reveal a windmill. Use the Wolf to blow on the mill, which will bring down the bridge. Go through it and pull the lever to open the door. There will be more frogs on the way: ignore the darker ones, but kill the lighter ones. Go left, avoiding the piranhas, to pull a lever and collect a bean and a golden egg. Then go back to the door and destroy the crystals surrounding the platforms. Place a character on each platform and jump up until the cage releases the Short Fuse and gives you the second snapshot. Then head left and use Puss in Boots to walk the rope and pull the lever to spin the bridge. Cross it and jump to the platforms at the bottom to move the stairs closer to you. So go up and get ready to face the Stone Warriors. Killing the first won't be difficult: just keep hitting him until his energy gauge runs out. After eliminating it you will receive the fifth snapshot. In the next room, kill the spiders, then jump on the platforms to get the concrete bridge up, then take out the other arachnids on the bridge to drop the stairs. Climb the stairs to kill the frogs and jump to the platform to free Little Bird and receive the third snapshot. Head to the next platform, kill the frogs and collect a bean. On the next two platforms, there are other Stone Warriors. This time, however, wait a while to strike, as jumping on them could be fatal. Kill the frogs on the next platform to free Small Fry, receive the fourth snapshot and see the stairs move. The last Stone Warrior is much more difficult than the others. First get rid of the spider nests and their occupants, then wait for the Warrior to be vulnerable and attack him. Don't let him hit you, as his ax is lethal. It is then up to Shrek and Donkey to save Snow White from the Fairy Godmother, who will throw her down the mines on a cart.


Papa Bear will ask you to put out the 19 fires and to save the 26 citizens inside the houses that are burning. Then use the Wolf's breath to extinguish them. For the ones you won't be able to reach, and there will be a couple of them, use the hose next to the mirror. Then go back to Papa Bear to get the first snapshot. Kill all the knights in the next area, then head up to the left and use the Cat to climb the rope, then jump on the platform to get another one, wooden, on which the other characters will be. You will receive the second snapshot this way. On the first roof, pull the lever to pump some water into the hose, which you will need to use to hit the knights who are attacking the giant gingerbread man. Jump over the palm tree and hit the TNT to get the other one to cross. Use the Cat to climb the rope and hit the TNT again, then shoot the knights, then jump down to the last roof, take out other knights and wait for the big man to come and help you. Jump on his hand to bring you to the ground. Following the gnome's speech, you will receive the third snapshot. Head south and talk to the mirror. He will tell you that you have to clear the road to reach the castle, so aim for the road and start throwing the cookies, in order to destroy the carts, the knights, their catapults and everything else. You will thus receive both the fourth and the fifth instant. You will end up in the castle, inside which you will have to shoot the various balloons, so that they do not hit the giant man. You will need to add some energy after 60 seconds to receive the sixth snapshot.


In this last level there will be neither the Marzipan Man nor the Wolf, but Fiona will return. It all starts with a fight in which you have to kill all those who are enemies to move on to the next round. In the first round you will have to deal with the knights, in the second with men who throw potions, in the third with the trolls. When you have won all three rounds, you will receive the first snapshot. After that you will have to beat the Fairy Godmother. Avoid the blue circles on the ground, as she will cast her spells right inside them. Hit her when she pops out of her bubble. When her energy drops to about 2/3, then you will see her surrender for the first time. In this way, you will receive the second snapshot. Prince Charming will also return, accompanied by three trolls. Kill them in the same way as the previous ones and recover the potion bottles that the monsters will drop. The Prince will show up, but it won't be difficult to kill him. Eliminate the Fairy Godmother by behaving as before and, finally, you have finished the game.

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