The complete solution of Final Fantasy III DS

Altar Cave

Altar Cave
Enemies: Goblins, Blue Wasps, Carbuncle, Eye Fang

Be careful because you will start the game alone and you will be immediately in a dungeon. Don't spend too much time here gaining experience as your friends won't be there and you'll still have to level them too, the chances of premature death are high.
Collect the treasures along the way, drink the water on the second floor and continue on. Run if you want (by pressing A + B) but it is not strictly necessary. The Eye Fangs at this point in the game are very dangerous, it is better to run away than to face them. You will find here a Leather Shield, a Long Sword and a South Wind.
Eventually you will be in a small room, enter and after a few steps forward there will be a skit, at the end you will meet the Boss.

Boss: Land Turtle
HP: 120
Weakness: Ice
Gil : 500
EXP : 20

Since you are alone and at a rather low level I recommend using the South Wind. If you are well equipped the Turtle will do you a damage of 10 at a time. If you go below 40 heal yourself with a potion, eventually you will see that you will eliminate it.
After eliminating the Boss and enjoying the scene you will be transported out of the cave to the outside world. You can go back to the Cavern if you want but I advise against it until you are better equipped. If you really want you can find in the second part of the Dungeon a Bronze Knuckle, a Copper Ring and a Sleep.
Now you will be outside the enemies here will be Killer Bee, Wolves and Berserkers. Nothing complicated, go down to get to the city of Ur.

City of Ur

Go right up for an important scene and then visit the city and get all the objects you can, look in the houses and in the vases, the most common places. Go to the Mayor's house for some interesting explanations and then visit the magic shop, the armor shop and the weapons shop.
In the inn you can sleep and to save money instead of talking to the owner of the inn go directly to a bed and rest. Done everything you can safely leave the city.

Kazus city

Continue along the path until you meet her, talk to the person who will approach you as soon as you enter and enjoy the scene. There will be shops here but nothing interesting, go to the inn and talk to the guy at the bar in the first room, you can also use the bed to rest.
Enter the various buildings and take all the objects you find, if you use a passage between the trees in the lower left you can get a Mithril Helmet and a Zues Rage. Do not go to the mines which are located in the upper right.
Leave the city and take a few steps to the left to find a desert and an airship. Enter and go in front of the wheel, press A to enter. Fly left and slightly north to get to the Castle. Stand in front and drop down, then enter the castle.

Sasoon Castle

Walk to the castle doors and talk to the person in front of them to see a skit. Enter and remember that you will find various Zombie monsters, Dark Eye Red Wasps. They are ninth dead so use the White Wizard's Heal to heal you and do damage to them, the hero at this point in the game should be able to do 20 points of damage per hit.
Advance along the Dungeon and retrieve the following items Wight Slayer, Ice Spell, Bronze Knuckle, Holy Arrow, Phoenix Down. Advance into the dungeon until something happens and you have a skit. At the end of it all you can rest.

Cave Of The Seal

Cave Of The Seal

It is located in the north central area of ​​the outside world. The enemies you will find will be Mummy, Skeleton, Shadow, Laruwai, Curse Coin, Reverant. Here there will only be undead, try to keep your MPs here, when you have a lot of enemies use the potions heal to do them damage. Skeletons and shadows can use blinds and blind you so use eyedrop to heal yourself, mummies can use poison so hopefully you have a good supply of antidotes as well.
Advance into the Dungeon and talk to everyone you meet, grab the items and eventually you will meet the Boss.

Boss: Jinn
Cellphone : 650
Weakness: Ice
Gil : 1400
EXP : 50

Not very difficult, it has a not very powerful flame attack and the other attacks are similar to those found throughout the Dungeon. Use Southwind if you want to kill him pretty much right away (takes away 500 HP).
After the battle enjoy the scene and then go back to Sasoon Castle, look at another scene and leave the place, go back to the airship which is near the Cave of the Seal, now to continue you will have to go to Kazus.

Kazus city

Go into town and start another skit. You shop in the various shops, there are several things to buy if you have the money and then go to the inn and talk to the guy by the counter for another scene, as soon as you finish go to the blacksmith for a new scene and then leave town and enter the airship for yet another scene.
Eventually the airship will descend and you will be able to enter the mines which are located north-east of the city of Kazus.

Mithril Cave

Mithril Cave

This dungeon will not give you any problems if you have managed to get through the Cave of the Seal. The enemies are practically the same as in the Cave of the Seal, it is a short cave so use the spells of your wizards, the reappeared for this effort are a pious of mithril swords.
After you finish it, go back to the blacksmith's house which is near the cave. Take the potion from the basket and talk to the man inside and enjoy the scene.
Exit the airship and go into the mountains to the left of Kazus, another scene and then go south to the next town.

City of Canaan

Visit the city and take all the objects that you can find around them, when you enter a house the story will continue with a skit if you talk to the man in the bed, go shopping in the various shops and take the magic that you can always to serve.
At the end go to the Inn if you need to heal yourself (this time you will have to pay to be able to rest) and then go to the base of the mountain which is to the south. Watch the scene that will lead you to the next section.

The road to the top

The enemies you will find here are: Dive Eagle, Rukh, Rustbird, Firefly. Watch out for Rukhs who can petrify and Firefly's fire attacks. Many of the enemies are vulnerable to air attacks so use them to do more damage. For this Dungeon you should have a Warrior, a Monk, a White Mage and a Black Mage. This group should be the classic group to use on almost any occasion.
At the end there will be a skit and you will find yourself inside a small nest, to continue talk to the person above and then talk to the Boss.

Boss : Bahamut
HP: 65000
Weaknesses: None
Gil : ?
Exp : ?

You could also beat this Boss but the game is not worth the candle, fighting him or running away will lead to the same conclusion, only that by fighting you lose potions and time. After the battle, enjoy the battle and then you will be out.
The enemies you will find in this new part of the world will be: Basilisk, Killer Bee, Berserker, Werewolf. Nothing particularly difficult. As soon as you regain control, go to the forest if you want to heal yourself and then south before entering Tozas Village, remember that you must have the status minus to be able to enter.

City of Tozas

City of Tozas

Visit the city and the various shops, take the magic you need from the magic shop and then some bread from the baker who may be useful and finally go to the inn and rest if you need it. Here you will find a person in bed, give him the antidote and go to the passage that will reveal itself at the end of the skit. Once in the house, examine the room for some useful items and magic (Cure2 is indispensable). After this, continue on.

Hidden Street

Enemies: Lepurchaun, Darkface

In this dungeon the more wizards you have and the better you will be, you are small and only the magic will have a real effect. If you see yourself in trouble you can always escape. After exiting and reaching the Myraluka Valley you can continue towards the mountains to the north.

Viking base

Here you will find very useful new things: Viking Ax, Spark Dagger, Blizzara, Fira, Thundara, do not miss them absolutely (especially the spells). Go south and talk to the Viking for a skit and then to the inn to rest. Once this is done, continue to the Sanctuary of Neptune.

Sanctuary of Neptune

The first room is quite small, go ahead and enter the structure further ahead, you will remain in this form as long as you are in there. Enemies: Puti, Liliput, Poison Bat, Bloodworm, Wererat, watch out for enemy spells, use thunder and aero spells to deal massive damage to enemies. Examine the place well and find out everything possible because once you get out of here you will never be able to return.
Objects you can find here: Horned Armor, Horned Helmet, Serpent Sword, Burning Staff. At the end of the path another Boss to face.

Boss : Big Rat
HP: 950
Weaknesses: None major
Gil : 1500
EXP : 300

Use all your second level spells to take him out, the fire stick will serve the same purpose, after beating the Boss and exiting the Sanctuary return to the Viking Base and talk to the same Vochingo as the first time, after the dialogue exit and you will have unlocked a lot of world to visit. In fact, you can use the ship to travel around the world.
Marine Enemies: Sea Elemental, Killer Fish, Hermit, Sahuagin, Tangi. Tangi will sometimes sleep using the Glare attack.
Your next target will be on the lower left side of the world. Sail left to get there. In this new continent you will find these enemies: Lynx, Griffon, Paralayma, Hornet. Watch out for Paralayma and his paralyzing breath. First thing to do is go to Tokkle town.

Tokkle City

Tokkle City

There are three new and interesting items that you will find here, Ice Staff, 3Part Nunchuck, Kenpo Vest. After taking them you can safely leave the city and go to the lower left in the Village of the Ancients.

Village of the Ancients

First, talk to the boy next to the Chocobo to receive a Midget Bread, as soon as you receive it, dedicate yourself to shopping in the shops, the Light Staff is an obligatory choice and as magic the Sight must be bought, as armor the Headbands for the Monk and the Wizard Robe for each of your wizards. Get at least 10 Maiden Kisses and 10 Antidotes which you will need in the next Dungeon. After the visit, exit and return to the ship, go northwest to the other available land.
The enemies you will find here are Flyer, Gorone, Lizardman, Knocker. Watch out for Flyers that can put you to sleep. First you will need to go to Argas Castle, advance north to inside the small room and then read the next chapter.

Argas Castle

Advance into the Castle collecting all the items you encounter. Bombshard and Paralyzer will be very useful. Once you have everything here, exit and go north and then left, passing the forest and through the mountains to get to a cave.

Caverna in Gurgan

Another small dungeon to do, advance until you find the Gurgan, after the dialogue you can go to the Tower of Owen.

Owen's Tower

In this Dungeon you will find these enemies: Pygman, Putimage, Farjalug, Ohishuki. Watch out for Pygmen who can cast ice and poison spells. They will always leave the Maiden Kiss as an item so if you run out of this item stay on the first floor until you have your fill. The Ohishuki are particularly tough while the Putimage have a rather high level of magic (Blizzara). As a group to bring I recommend the classic one, a warrior and a strong monk can take down enemies with a single shot so the first line must be that, the wizards in the rear will do the rest.
The best item here will be the Salamander Sword, remember that in order to advance in the Dungeon you will need to be in frog form at some point. Immediately after passing you will have to take your status off with a Maiden Kiss or there will be trouble.
Collect all the items along the way and eventually you will face the Boss.

Boss: Medusa
HP: 3000
Weaknesses: Nothing
Gil : 2600
EXP : 420

As you can well understand the Boss will try in every way to turn you into stone but it is not a very powerful attack and will probably fail miserably. Watch out for his physical attacks and Thundara magic, they give pretty powerful lightning. He hit her with physical attacks that are pretty effective and soon he will fall.
After beating her enjoy the scene and then you will be teleported outside near your ship. Save to the east and follow the passage south until you find a town that is close to a mountain range.



Here you can get the keys from the key shop to unlock the chests, grab a couple and make the trip to Argas Castle if you want to open a couple of locked doors. If you feel like doing it, the objects behind the doors won't be very useful. Don't take spells here that aren't useful and go to the Inn to heal yourself.
Finished your shopping you can safely return to the Continent to the North-West and then go South to the small island and dock.

Dwarf cave

The first room is small, go through the door to continue. Visit the shops you will find, you will have to buy the Ice Helmet and various armor, even the Ice Shield will not be a bad buy. When all is finished, proceed to the next area.

Underground lake

The enemies you will find here will be: Bomb, Manticore, Merman, Boulder, Ruinwave, Seadevil. Watch out for the Boulders who can turn you to stone and the Bombs that can be lethal with their 500 damage self-destructing attack. They are all weak from the cold so take advantage of it. Advance down the simple dungeon until you get to yet another Boss.

Boss :Guzco
HP: 3500
Weaknesses: None
Gil : 3500
EXP : 576

He will use two hits per turn with physical attacks of 50-150 damage and a water attack that will heal him by 100 HP. He doesn't have many defenses but so just hit him hard and sooner or later he will fall. After the battle enjoy the scene and at the end either go back or use an exit spell to get out of the dungeon. Talk to the Dwarf again and then go to the right spot and press A. Look at the scene and then leave the place (go to the inn to rest first) and then use the ship to go to the upper left into the Cavern of Fire.

Cavern of Fire

Cavern of Fire

Here you will find two must-have items, the Ice Blade and the Sonic Kunckle. The enemies here will be Balloon, Red Mallow, Crocotta, Milmecoreo, Adamantai. Watch out for the enemies here who will be quite dangerous, the level will have risen and their damage points are normally around 100HP. The ice attack will be especially useful against the Adamantai. Also watch out for the lava that is found in many areas, stepping on it means losing 10HP about every two seconds.
At the end of the path you will find yourself in a small room, advance a few steps and watch the scene that will culminate in the next Boss.

Boss : Salamander
HP: 6000
Weakness: Ice
Gil : 3700
EXP : 686

Like the one before, this Boss will also make two attacks at a time and, not being stupid, he will almost always concentrate the attacks on a single character (almost certainly killing him). Use the ice defenses to avoid big damage and watch out for his breath of fire that will damage everyone a bit.
The attack strategy is based on magic. Blizzara will do more than 700HP of damage, use the white wizard and cast Heal on the whole group at each turn to prevent unpleasant surprises.
After the battle where you come out victorious, examine the crystal and walk on the symbol in the room before to exit the cave. Once all is done, go back to the Dwarf Cave, move forward and enjoy the scene. Talk to the guy one more time and finally talk to the Dwarf in the southern passage and then follow him.
Make the passage up to the main room of the cave and a Dwarf will give you the magic key that you will need to continue.

Tokkle and the Flying Castle

Finished your travels around the world, set sail for the continent in the southwest towards Tokkle. Enter the city and enjoy the scene, when everything is finished you should be inside the Flying Castle (it is located above the desert near Tokkle). The enemies you will find will be: Pharoh, Lemwraith, Daimon, Lamia, Headless Horsewoman. Pharon are undead while Lamias have an attack that can put you to sleep.
Here you can use the new classes, Knights and Schoolchildren are great replacements for healers and Geomancers can be a great replacement for Mages. I recommend you a group focused on wizards who are considerably more effective here.
The two things to get here are the King Sword and the Rune Bow. At the end of the Dungeon, face it with the Boss.

Boss : Hyne

HP: 4500
Weaknesses: Variable
Gil : 4300
EXP : 866

Be careful not to underestimate this Boss, the physical attacks tickle him so only the Black Mages will be truly effective here. You should have a Schoolboy who uses Scan to see the enemy's weakness, only then can you use the most effective magic. Attack him now with the most powerful spells.
If you have it use the North Wind which will take away a lot of HP but only at the beginning when it has not yet changed its status. After the battle, watch the scene and then go back to the ship anchored in Tokkle and sail north to Argas Castle. Go to the dining room and talk to everyone, one of them will give you some important information for the continuation of the story.
Go back to the city of Canaan which is at the top right of where you are now, enter the house which is at the top left and talk to the man who is standing near the door, another scene.
When you regain control of the characters, leave town and return to the ship. Press A to transform the ship into an airship, with this new vehicle you will be able to turn much more freely. Look at the strange thing flashing in the water.
Leave the Flying Continent and there will be a scene, at the end you will find yourself in a new area, look at the game map to orient yourself. First go to the castaway who is to the north, enter the wrecked ship near the small island. Here you can find the Zeus Rage and the Blood Sword. This last sword is really useful, use it now.
Talk to the man in the room for a scene and you will see that the woman in bed is sick so press A next to her to give her the antidote. Another scene and then you can leave the wrecked ship, fly right and a little north (or south) to find the next area.
When you are ready, drop the ship into the water near the large building you will see here and you should be able to get the Crystal in the northernmost room of the building. Here you can also heal yourself, when you are ready you can go to the cave to the north.

Water Cave

Water Cave

The enemies you will find here: Roeper, Twin Head, Venom Toad, Coctrice, Agaria. Venom Toads have a powerful poison attack but are weak to fire, Coctrice can petrify you so be very careful, Roeppers can paralyze you while Agaria are weak to thunder attacks. At the end of the Dungeon you will find yourself in front of a small room, go inside to deal with the Boss.

Boss : Kraken
HP: 8000
Weaknesses: Thunder
Gil : 5500
EXP : 1070

Once again, magic will be the master of this battle. Spells like Blizzaga will be able to take away up to 1000 points of damage while the special ones of Thunder of damage will do 1500 - 2000. He will be able to attack you with Blizzaga to the whole group and this for the Warriors who do not have strong magical defenses will be a big problem , it also has an attack that can blind you so watch out for that too and have the right countermeasures available. Always use the usual White Wizard technique to heal the party at every turn.
After beating the Boss there will be a cutscene, when you regain control of the character you will find yourself in a new world.


Do not leave the city or there will be serious trouble, if you really want you can find a Chocobo farm in the lower right of the city, inside the Chocobo Forest. Talk to the person immediately in front of you for one scene and then in the elder's home, talk to him for another scene.
Shop if you want, you will find useful things for the Viking and the Monk here, the battle ax is a must buy. A useful but expensive item is the Selene Bow. Once all is over, enter the Amur sewers to continue the game.

The Amur Sewers

The enemies you will find here will be: Streoper, Twinliger, Darkfoot, Poison Toad, Giant Spider. The only really tough ones are the Poison Toads that can poison you, the rest is usual routine.
In this dungeon you will find many useful items: Poison Dagger, Thor's Hammer, Power Ring, Cat Claws, Kaiser Fist. In the middle of the dungeon you will find a Mini Boss, there are four Poison Toads, be careful because they are quite dangerous.
At the end enter the room take a few steps forward and enjoy the scene, when everything is finished you will be ready to leave the city.

Outside world

The enemies you will find here will be:, Magician, Hellcan, Leucrotta, Vulcan. Be very careful of Magician who will use spells like Firara and the like, very dangerous and Puddings with a very high physical defense. Leucrotta can fall asleep while Vulcans have two attacks per turn. Don't go North of Amur for now, your characters may be wiped out in no time.
Go south along the line that goes from Amur to the south and follow the road that takes you to the mountains. During your walk you will find two Chocobo Forests, one at the bottom right of Amur and one south of the villa. The villa will be located east on a triangular island, you will have to go there now.

Villas in Goldor

Villas in Goldor

The enemies you will find here: Gold Eagle, Gold Bear, Gold Knight, Gold Warrior, Nitemare, Roaming Gold Coin. All the enemies with the Gold will be more resistant to magical attacks, watch out for the Gold Warriors who are particularly tough and the Gold Bear who can use Break making you lose a turn.
In this Dungeon you will find two particularly interesting objects: Shiny Sword and Dragon Claw. The warriors and the Knights here are not very suitable, better to use the Monks and the Thieves, as wizards the Geomancies are the best. At the end of the dungeon, as always, enter the small room and face the Boss.

Boss : Goldor
HP: 9000
Weaknesses: None
Gil : 9900
EXP : 1640

Any magic you attempt won't be very effective, the only one you might try will be Blizzaga. The Boss will use Blind and Mute as Default spells and this will confuse you a bit, protect yourself from these statuses before trying anything else. The physical attacks of the Boss are normal, you just need to heal yourself at every turn to solve the problems.
After the battle there will be the usual scene and at the end examine the objects and then exit and return to the ship. Like other times you will witness the opening of a new piece of the world. I recommend that you take a tour to get acquainted with this new area, if in your travels you encounter a place to the east surrounded by mountain stops, it is your place.
Once ready, fly from Amur to the south and then west.
Take a little excursion to Leprit and Dastar which are located here.

Leprit e Dastar

Go there and visit the various shops, you will find some very interesting objects even if to tell the truth a bit expensive. Loki Harp has to be taken while the rest depends on the money you have with you. Go to the inn to rest. When you think you are ready, go to Salonia Castle and enjoy the skit. Eventually leave the room and head to the southwestern part of the kingdom.

City of Salonia

Take a tour of the city, you can get a free Chocobo and if you enter the pub after a few steps you will be faced by four golden knights that you will have to defeat. Finally go to the central building and after seeing the scene you will have to go to the south east part of Salonia.
Enter the door to arrive in a kind of castle with monsters and treasures. Here are the monsters you will find: Needler, Sandworm, Magic Helcan, Sorcerer, Catoplebas. Eventually you will be in a room with six treasures that contain powerful armor and helmets.
Now go to the north east part of Salonia and here enter the shop and get the Thunder Spear and the Wind Spear, two very useful weapons for dragons. In this area you will also find the inn to rest and inside the inn an object shop. After this area, go to the last part the north west area.
Here too you will find an inn where you can rest and buy items, when you are ready for action go to the Castle of Salonia.

Salonia Castle

Salonia Castle

Change as many characters as possible into Dragons, remember to always keep a White Wizard with you to heal you and then enter the castle. Advance through the rooms until you are blocked by a Boss.

Boss: Guard
HP: 11000
Weakness: Wind
Gil : 10200
EXP : 2200

The Boss has two attacks, a single physical and a lightning-like 300 damage for the whole group. Use the dragon jump to take away about 2000 HP, use Ifrit to give him the final blow. After the battle there will be a skit and at the end you can explore the castle.
Here are the items you can find here: Rusted Armor, Golem Staff, Earth Bell, Dragon Hammer, Blizzard Book, Inferno Book, Illumina Book. Eventually the Armor shop and the Magic shop in Salonia will also be unlocked, take the Thundaga and Kill magic for your black mage while for the white mage curaga and life. In the gun shop you will find expensive but tremendously effective sticks, do not miss them, another magic shop will open in the southwest and you will find blizzaga magic.
When you're done shopping, go to the Airship and fly north. Go to the smallest Continent in the game, start in the small lower part, advance until there is a fork and then take the path north to get to a house.

House of Dorga

Enter the house and advance until a scene is triggered. Finally visit the magic shop and grab everything you can, they are all very useful spells and you will need them shortly. Take especially Haste which will prove to be one of your best weapons for the rest of the game. Also grab some items from the item shop if you need to and then cast the Mini spell on your entire party and enter the small door,

Cave of the Magic Circle

The enemies you will find here: Mage Flyer, Dark Knight, Devil Horse, Bull Man, Rock Gargoyle. Watch out for Mage Fliers for their high level of magic and their status changes. The other enemies have physical attacks and you'll take them out with a couple of hits.
This dungeon consists of three narrow corridors, at the end the final floor will show you a new skit and then exit the cave and continue to the right until you reach the village of Dorga.

Dorga village

All the people here will sell you spells, many you will already have, based on your money take the others, obligatory take at least one more Curaga. Important but not essential are Quake and Drain while Break2 will give an instant kill which can be very useful in some cases. After these purchases, I will have finished my visit to this continent.
Fly back to the Continent with Salonia and head south and after a short search you will end up in the Temple of Time.

Temple of Time

Temple of Time

The enemies here: You will say, Magic Chimera, King Lizard, Sea King, Behemoth, Pteragon, Dragon. The Magic Chimera are very tough with their Thunder attack that will hit the whole group, take them out as quickly as possible. The King Lizard and the Sea King are very strong and their shots will hurt a lot, the latter will also use Blizzaga which if used on one of your characters could eliminate it instantly.
Diral are not strong but it will take some time to eliminate them while the Pteragons are weak in the cold and a magician can eliminate them easily. Behemoth is strong and will be able to hit twice per turn and also the Dragons who will have a very strong fire attack in addition. Once the Dragon is eliminated you will receive 9000 Gil.
Bring a Thief surely and a Viking because his hammer will be very useful. Advance in the Dungeon and at the end you will find the Lute which is indispensable in order to advance in the game. As soon as you get it, go back and go north to the same Continent until you enter the Sanctuary of Unne.

Sanctuary of Unne

Go through the final post and enjoy the skit here.

Catacombs of Salonia

Enemies you will find here: Kyklops, Troll, Boss Troll, Fahan, Kenkos, Erator. Nothing complex with these monsters, use a lot of wizards in your party to make it easier for you as the monsters here are very vulnerable to magic. Eventually you will meet the Boss.

Boss: Odin
HP: 31000
Weaknesses: None
Gil : 16800
EXP : 5000

Odin has two attacks, the normal one which will not do much damage and a special attack which will hit the whole group and which he will remove depending on your level and your defenses (500-1200). It seems that he uses this devastating attack only when he is about to die, use the Viking or the Dragon to finish him off.
If you have a thief you can try the difficult task of stealing the Gungir Spear from him, it is very difficult to do so but it is one of the most powerful weapons in the whole game. After the battle enjoy the scene and then fly south and finally west to a triangular island, your next stop will be nearby.

Cave Under the Sea

Cave Under the Sea

Enemies here: Aegil, Dosmea, Kelpie, Olog-Halai, Killer Snail, Sea Witch, Peryton, Zombie Dragon, Eater, Death Claw. Here you can have the largest collection of experience of the entire game, you will level up at supersonic speed even if surviving will not be easy. Watch out for really tough eaters.
Take all the items you find in this dungeon that are really very useful and then exit and return to the central area of ​​the Continent of Salonia. Along the west coast look for a river and follow it until you find a cave, enter.

Ancient Ruins

The enemies you can find here: Pyralis, Zombie Dragon, Azrael, Eater, Balfrey, Haniel, Chronos, Azreal, Sirenos, Garb. Take all the objects and eliminate the monsters by experience, at the beginning there will be a scene and soon after you can explore the place and at the end you will find some shops to be able to shop. Be careful not to buy anything as you will have all the things that are here and the prices will be higher than usual.
Eventually you will receive the powerful new airship and need to fly east and then slightly south of the southeast part of the Continent. You will soon arrive at Bahamut's Cave.

Bahamut cave

The enemies you will find here: Pterosaur, Great Boros, Great Liger, Grenade, Lamia Queen. Watch out for the Great Boros and their petrifying blow and also watch out for the Lamia Queen who can use the often lethal confusion technique. Recommended group, Knight, Ninja, Devotee and a Summoner. Advance into the Dungeon and at the very end there will be the terrible Bahamut.

Boss : Bahamut
HP: 34000
Weaknesses: Wind
Gil : 16500
EXP : 5000

There are two ways to defeat him, the first will be to take his attacks until you have given Reflect to your whole party while the other is to use Odin's special power on your party. Remember that once you have removed a lot of HP from the beast, it will start attacking with very powerful blows, from 1000-1500 HP of damage each, if you have reflect the game will be done, otherwise it will be guiai.
After beating the Boss, go back to the ship and go to the Dorga Cave.

Dorga cave

Dorga cave

From where you were go to Salonia and reach the Ancient Ruins, use the passage between the mountains and eventually you will come to a house. Enter here and then enter the circle to get to the Dungeon. The enemies here will be: Peryton, Cyclops, Nemesis, Ogre, Humbaba. Humbaba and Peryton fear the wind while the Nemesis fire. Eventually enter the door to deal with two Bosses consecutively.

Boss: Dorga
HP: 22800
Weaknesses: None
Gil : 12000
EXP : 3400

This Boss has great physical attacks and also a lot of -aga spells that will hurt you a lot. When you have drained enough energy he will Flare a party member by wiping him out so be ready to revive him. At the end of the fight there will be the second battle.

Boss: Unne
HP: 21800
Weaknesses: None
Gil : 12600
EXP : 4000

The next battle will come soon and you will not have time to recover your health or heal your status, Unne will use Haste and Protect and it will be pains, Tornado is a very respectable offensive magic. It will not have super powerful attacks but it will be fast so take care with the White Wizard who will heal every turn automatically.
At the end of the battle, watch the scene and exit and fly northwest to engage in the final battle.

Labyrinth of the Ancients

Labyrinth of the Ancients

Enemies you will find here: Iron Claw, Thantos, Great Demon, Unne Clone, Dorga Clone, Bone Dragon, King Behemoth. Nothing to say, it will be tough and strong enemies, at the end of the first part there will be a Boss.

Boss : Titan
HP: 27000
Gil : 13500
EXP : 6900

Nothing to say, just magic attacks for this guy and you will take him out immediately.

Advance further and eventually you will be outside, advance further to find yourself at Sylix's Tower.

Sylx Tower

Sylx Tower

Enemies here:, Gormoee, Flame Devil, Platinal, QumQum, Red Dragon, Shinobi, Dungeon General, Grashara, Thor, Yellow Dragon, Dorga Clone. Watch out for the QumQum who use very powerful magic and the Thor who will paralyze with the blows. The Dragons are practically Bosses while the Grasharas use confusion in their hits. Advance along this very long dungeon and eventually you will be in a room and after the skit you will meet the Boss.

Boss : Zande
HP: 50000
Weaknesses: None
Gil : 25000
EXP : 8500

This guy will use all possible attacks without problems so you will not be able to defend yourself from one in particular, he will hit very hard and will have very powerful spells so at this point it is only your level that will make the difference. If you are high enough in level, you will take it out without a problem.
After the battle enjoy the scene and get ready for the next battle, after the scene walk forward to the next area.

Dark World Grand Finale

Dark World Grand Finale

The enemies of the final Dungeon: Ninja Leader, Kage, Queen Scylla, Thor, Garm, Jourgumand, Double Dragon, Hydra. Tosti obviously, the final group would be ideal to form it with two Ninja and two Wizards but now the game is done. Remember that the minimum level to face the Dungeon is 60.
At the end of the Dungeon, you are facing the Final Boss.

Boss : Boss Finale
HP: 120000
Weaknesses: None
Gil : 70000
EXP : 25000

Use Haste and then your most powerful techniques, use all the Elixirs you have, it's the end don't worry and after a long and grueling battle you will be able to win. Enjoy the final scene and congratulations on finishing the game.

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Labyrinth of the Ancients
Sylx Tower
Dark World Grand Finale

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