The complete solution of Leisure Suit Larry 7: Love for Sail

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The solution is based on the US version of the game, so there may be differences for the Spanish version.

Part 1

At the beginning of this new and, as always, Larry's nerd adventure you'll find yourself handcuffed to your bed, with a "fire" blazing on your feet. To free yourself you have to take the tweezers from the right bedside table and the hair bag from the left one. Remove the hairpin and fold it with the tweezers and finally you will have the key to open the cuffs. Continue to the glass door and select more and type break. On the balcony you will find the ticket for a cruise.
After the movie you are on a cruise ship and after the usual foolish you take the TMT card and the map. Open the map and choose cabin 0 the one on the bottom right and you will find yourself in a ... real crap cabin! Take the toilet paper and the bottle of silicone lubricant spray, the one near the toilet drain. Now using the map, head to the little sailor's tavern. From this point on, you will have to pass a series of tests, namely bowling, horseshoe throwing, cooking, best dress, sexual prowess and the game of dice.
The first we do is that of sexual prowess. Use the map to go to this room which is among the purple ones (the first at the top left), then use the TMT card on the lips. How scarce !! Now go to the pool where you will meet Dick, after the cutscene return your attention to Draw Baringmore. Talk to her about the clothes, the book and most of all about the giant erection. Then look at the magazine on the coffee table. Go to the library (use the map) and read the blue and green books there. Now you have to meet Victorian Principles.
Talk to her and then choose something else and write any word (nothing changes anyway). When Victorian is turned, take the glue (mucilage) and the yellow book (the first one). Now you have to do a good trick on her. From the yellow book you just picked up and choose to remove the cover and use the latter on Drew's book (the erotic adventures of Hercules) and ... damn you have just made an erotic book with a modest cover! But it's not over yet, in fact you have to make her read it, then talk to her again and choose something else and then the usual random word when she turns around place the book on the stack on the left (just go back to the shelves and then go back to Victorian and the book will be in the right place as if by magic). Ok go out and take a ride (just change location) and then return to the Victorian or better .... Vicky, you will notice a slight change! Talk to her about the weather and ... after the experience you find yourself in your room. Go back to the hot Vicky and talk to her about these sex topics, try it and lovemaster 2000, the first test is passed congratulations!
Now go back to Drew's pool and talk about all the missing topics, especially Anton Fokker. Then head to the promenade (using the map) and take the fire hose. Look for the pirate Peggy and talk to her about everything. Head towards the area reserved for the crew and pass the photocells without worries you will arrive at the security door. Now select it and choose other and type push. You have arrived at the area reserved for employees only. Look for the message of the loaded dice among the many pieces of paper stuck to the bulletin board, then take the big shot exclusor (that red object on the bulletin board) and the Kx branded jelly on the table. Try to open the locker, but not having the code will be impossible. Go back to Peggy's to ask for information. After speaking, go back to the restricted area and try to open the second locker on the bottom left. Nothing, the combination is still missing. Go back to Peggy for the combination.
Now you finally have the locker code exactly 38-24-36. This will open another room where you can talk to the waiter, nothing at all Xqwzts, especially about your porn photos and buy him one. Go back to Peggy's and ask her about the guy. Now you can question Xqwzts and find out that he needs a passport. Head to the lounge to talk to Commissioner Peter. You will need an identification document. To create it use glue + porn photo + tmt magnetic card. Give the ID to Peter and he will return your passport to you (to have it delivered to you you have to click on Peter and then "use" ID). Give your passport to Xqwzts and immediately after his lightning departure you will find a universal key hanging on the left. Grab it and use it with the armored door in the forward hold. You will find yourself in the forward hold. As soon as you enter, a monkey will throw Drew's clothes at you. Bring the clothes to the rightful owner. You will automatically find yourself in your cabin with Drew in the shower. Use the fire hose with the toilet and then choose flush.

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Part 2

Go out, take the usual stroll and then go back to get the mold at the bottom of the shower. Go to the aft deck and talk to the two folk singers, the Judds (mom and daughter). Make sure you are invited to their show. Now you need to retrieve the bulb for the heat lamp and a knife. Head to the restaurant and talk to the Chinese cook Wang (the meat slicer) and eat the Pork until he leaves. Then take the two items. Return to the little sailor's tavern and moving the mouse pointer down go to the small bar.
Ask the Johnson waiter for a giant boner, and while he's busy go through the door on the left. You are in the cabin of the Juggs here you have to exchange the blue bottle with the silicone lubricant and press the red button (the one in the library). Go out and at the bar take the drink you ordered and look at the reflector and replace the bulb with the heat bulb. Exit the tavern and take 4 steps then go back and enjoy the scene. You will find yourself in your cabin ... go back to the tavern and go up the stairs and take the flashing lights, then to the left the remote control. Head to the El Repicant sculpture garden and grab the dice that create the Venus toe.
Walk out for a while and then return to climb the scaffolding to get the screwdriver from the toolbox and to attach the flashing lights to the steel tip. Now head to the horseshoe contest, use the TMT card in the centaur's butt and use the remote, click on the pole and play. After winning, retrieve the card. Now you can refresh yourself and then go to the ship's restaurant and eat the mashed beans. Cabbages now that they will feel beautiful! Well put on some show and head to the casino and the table full of Larry select people and then fart ... everyone will flee. Try to play 3 times, but unfortunately you will lose, so replay and when the dealer gives you the dice, use the toilet paper and then give him the loaded dice. You will finally win. After a while Dewmi Moore will arrive and invite you to a game of strip dice.
Once in his room you have to play until he is wearing his bra (press control + c to see Dewmi's dice). Unfortunately in the most interesting moment of the game the girl will drug you. After the cutscene you will find yourself in your cabin so go to the kitchen and grab the page of the magazine wrapped around the rotten fish, the pot and the salt. Read the recipe and then go to the lower hold.

Part 3

Use the universal key to open the door and you will find yourself in front of nine Venezuelan marmots, use the pot on one of them. Go back to the tavern bar and order a lime juice and then go to the square and get the kumquats from the sheep-shaped dump tree (those are those fruits that hang right there ..... there). Now you can go back to the kitchen and use the marmot milk on cheesemaster 2000 (that strange object placed on the table), then the kumquats on the cheese.Hi Hi now you have to get hold of the orgasmic powder found in room 510, Dewmi's.
To find the powder, look on the table to the left. Now try sprinkling your Kumquat flan with this powder and join the cooking contest. Let the judges taste your work ... you will surely win! Go to the bridge and use the screwdriver with the fuses, and then connect them with your connecting wire. You will have just sent the sails opening and closing system into a tailspin. Use the stairs and climb the mainmast, wait for the sails to lift and tear them apart with the knife. After the cutscene and the measurements of yours ... you find yourself in your cabin, go to the ballroom, enter the double door on the right and talk to Jamie Lee Coitus who is sitting at the table.
Talk to her about everything and more then give her the fabric made from the sails. After the cutscene, go back to the ballroom and enter the door on the left (the one in the corner) after the cutscene, go to the area where the best dressed man is competing and unzip the mannequin and insert the TMT card. , you will also win this test. Well now you have to go back to the room of the ex-waiter Xqwzts. Use the screwdriver on the grate and you will arrive in a dark room, look for yourself (you in the center of the screen) and choose to undress. After the cutscene, you will be in the room with a woman in black, pick up the handkerchief that falls off her and wet it with the KZ underwear lubricant, then go to the upper aft hold and open the door with your universal key and you will find yourself behind the bowling alley. Spray the deodorant spray into the pin hopper (the metal door behind you). Go to the bowling alley and take the ball (first insert the TMT card in the walrus mouth) and grease it with the handkerchief. Now you can play disintegrate all the pins and thus win.

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Part 4

Go to the restaurant go to the bottom (screen with the moose-shaped mousse) and check the second chair from the left, you will find an insurance policy. Examine it and you will find that it is from Annette Boning. Now you can ask Commissioner Peter for information, use the phone in the column on the right (ask to speak to the Bonings twice). Now go back to talk to Peter and to get him away you have to ask him about your account. When he's gone look at his phone and then press the red button ... you'll find the Boning room number 1009.
To get to Annete's room you have to go to the amateur cabin (see map), open the glass door and enter the room. Continue to the bed and choose to undress. After the bad figure you will find yourself in your cabin. Use the map and return to the amateur cabin. Press the red button (bell) to the right of her, her Boning will come. Talk to her and finally show her the insurance policy. Unfortunately you will only receive a stock certificate from BoneCo Transportation ... of which you will be the boss now! Go to the captain's quarters, click on the door and then more and finally write, knock, talk and show her the stock certificate and .... congratulations, you have finished this exhilarating adventure!

I Dildo

Attention to completely finish the game you have to collect the Dildos which are those small objects with red and white stripes. You will need to collect all 32 of them to discover the bonus image. Here is a list of locations where to find them (some places contain more Dildos and above all they will have to be visited at different times to find all of them).

路 Swimming pool, behind the bushes both to the right and to the left

Cabin 0, behind the toilet, behind the bucket and behind the pipes on the left

路 Folk Singers' Room (Juggs), behind the straw

路 Walk behind a plant

路 Restaurant, inside the salad

Lovemaster 2000, in cabin 4

Atrium, left on the upper deck, above the library entrance and behind the right column

路 Room reserved for the crew, behind a table

路 Tavern, behind a chair

路 Tavern Bar, on Johnson's left

路 El Replicante statue garden, near the foot of a statue

路 Luggage hold, bottom left

路 Competition area for the best dressed man, next to the computer

路 Ballroom, behind the table on the right (at the bottom), behind the statue on the right and on the stage

路 Library, behind the clock

路 Bowling match, behind the hippo

路 Bridge, inside the cockpit

路 Horseshoe shooting competition, in the garden

Square, behind the sheep-shaped tree

路 Library, behind the pineapple

路 Cook, close to the sausages

路 Casino, near the blackjack tables

路 Speaking with the Chinese cook, a sausage on the right

路 Screen shot of .. (top left menu), in the hand of Bill O'Brien

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