The complete solution of Mario Kart DS


Mission 1-1

Objective: Drive through the five numbered doors in order!

Strategy: this first mission is very easy, since the circuit will be the classic 8. There will be five black doors that you will have to cross, a good distance between them and a line of boost mushrooms that you can collect before each door. It won't be difficult to get them all, so I don't think we need more details.

Mission 1-2

Objective: Collect all 15 coins!

Strategy: this is also simple, although it can be a little more complex to take all the coins in a single spin done at maximum speed. The coins will appear in groups of two (and one at the end), and are generally in a straight line. The only difficult part is the sharp turn after the third and fourth coins; do it slowly and the rest will turn out to be very trivial.

Mission 1-3

Objective: destroy all 10 crates with items!

Strategy: There are 10 crates in this mission, none of which are particularly difficult to reach, each containing a mushroom. The first pair of speakers is at the top of the circuit (make sure you use each mushroom as soon as you get it). The third crate is across the middle line of both circuits, while the fourth is up again, so be quick to hit her. The rest of the crates are in the upper portion of the circuit, so just follow your way through all the boost pads on the ground and use the mushrooms as soon as you have them.

Mission 1-4

Objective: Grab the star and use it to hit 5 Cheep Cheeps!

Strategy: While this mission is easy, it can be tricky to get a high rank due to the speed you get with the power of the star. All crates contain stars, so grab one and use the power to hit as many Cheep Cheep (fish) as you can before it runs out. If you need another star, just hit another chest. If you are good, you will be able to do it with only one star, avoiding going to maximum speed is the key to succeeding.

Mission 1-5

Objective: Drive through the 6 numbered doors in order!

Strategy: This time you will have to go through six doors. The first is directly in front of you in the center, while the remaining ones are located along the perimeter. Be careful when you turn as you could fall off the track! Drifting (power slide from now on) helps a lot, buying you time and helping you get through doors without experiencing a real slowdown.

Mission 1-6

Objective: Drive out of the building ... in reverse!

Strategy: very simple, since all you have to do is drive in reverse. There are no tight turns or obstacles to worry about, just press B and keep an eye on what's approaching using the map as a guide.

Mission 1-7

Objective: Collect all 20 coins!

Strategy: in this dirt circuit, you will have to collect 20 coins; luckily they are all in a straight line and grouped together. You can grab a triple mushroom from the crate near the start for three boosts to use whenever you want. Use one during the first straight, another during the first long turn, and the last in the empty area between the coins.

Mission 1-8

Goal: Make 4 turbo boost power slides in 1 lap!

Strategy: As Mario on the Mario Circuit, you will have to do 4 power slides in a single lap along the course. If you still don't know, you can use the power slide by pressing R while holding right / left and, of course, accelerate. when you start the drift, alternate between left and right to see blue and then red sparks. When red are released to boost. Do it four times, preferably in each corner, and that's it.

Level 1 Boss

Objective: Use the mushrooms to go up against the Big Bully and knock him out of the circuit!

Strategy: For the first boss fight, you will have to face Big Bully surrounded by three balloons. The boss will try to come at you, sending you back a bit. The goal is to knock him off the edge, so start guiding him to collect the triple mushroom from the crate. Afterwards, turn and run against him using the mushroom before hitting him, in order to push him backwards. Do this one more time or two if necessary and the boss will fall into the water defeated.


Mission 2-1

Objective: Break all 10 wooden crates and destroy them all!

Strategy: The first mission of the second level is not very difficult, unless you want to rank ***. The best approach I've found so far is the following: Break the first three crates normally, then head straight to the harbor to break the fourth. Head down the hill to the harbor and hit the bottom chest first, then turn quickly (without falling into the water) and smash the other chest nearby as you turn right to go back up the hill. Now do a power slide near the right fence and hit the next three crates in a long straight. Turn right and do another power slide through the opening in the right fence, cross the grass and hit the last crate.

Mission 2-2

Objective: Collect all 10 coins!

Strategy: Here we will return to a simpler circuit with only 10 easy-to-collect coins. The tricky part, if you look at the map, is that the first coin is behind you. So, as soon as the race starts, take the coin in reverse and immediately start accelerating forward. collect the first two sets of coins, then power slide and stay in the center of the track to collect the last three.

Mission 2-3

Objective: Drive through the 5 numbered doors in order!

Strategy: Here you will have five doors to go through in one turn. The first gate is easy to reach, just after the first bridge. After the bend, pick up the mushroom and cut through the grass to go through the second Door. Later there will be the third, skid across it to avoid ending up on the grass. stay to the right of the next straight, pick up the mushroom and go through the fourth door, making a quick left drift for this slightly tighter corner. There will now only be two mushrooms to be picked up before reaching the last Gate. After the first mushroom, move left to take the second one and get to the door a little faster.

Mission 2-4

Objective: destroy all 5 crates!

Strategy: we are in Luigi's palace, you will have to destroy the five crates that move along the path. Each crate will have a mushroom inside it. If you get the turbo boost early on (start pressing A just before the 2 fades), you will have no problem getting through the crates at speed. You will only have to use the mushroom turbo as soon as you get there, as they will help you keep the speed of the train.

Mission 2-5

Objective: Collect all 20 coins!

Strategy: Collecting all 20 coins you will need to complete the mission will not be difficult at all. You'll find them all lined up in a straight line along the beach, with no sharp turns to worry about. There is a boost-jump you will need to do to collect some coins, so be careful to line up well when you do. In addition to this, the mission will not present any difficulties.

Mission 2-6

Objective: Use the Bob-ombs to destroy all 5 Pokeys!

Strategy: This will probably be the first mission that is a bit more challenging. there are five Pokeys in a rather small playing field, and all crates contain Bob-ombs. The best approach here is to grab a bomb, aim straight at the Pokey and throw the bomb to destroy the evil status, then grab another bomb and repeat. It will take some patience to get it right and get a good rank at the same time, so don't worry if you can't do it in 10 seconds.

Mission 2-7

Objective: Drive through the 10 numbered doors in order!

Strategy: in Luigi's circuit we will have to go through 10 doors to complete the mission, but this time, due to the shape of the circuit, you will not take one door at a time while you are driving. The first door is in front of you, then after the boost stay left because there will be two doors coming up (the 2 on the left, the 7 on the right). collect the mushroom to use after the door, then stay on the right for the third door (the 3 on the right, the 7 on the left). Turn on the tight curve using the pad and you will find yourself on the ground. In the second pass, after the straight, alternate left and right to pass the next pair of goals. As soon as you reach the other side after the ninth door, use the turbo to reach the upper part and go through the last door (this is usually left out, so try not to miss it).

Mission 2-8

Objective: Make 6 turbo boost power-slides in 3 laps!

Strategy: We will have to complete the entire race by making a total of six power slides within the three laps. It is quite easy to do: just do a power slide in the two corners you will encounter on each lap. The crates contain stars for use during straights and also seem to help power slides in tighter heals without having to cut them too much. In any case, even if you don't use stars, it will still be easy to complete.

Level 2 Boss

Objective: Hit Eyerok's eye with the shells three times!

Strategy: The boss is made up of two massive hands with a blue eye on the palms. They will move around the area hitting the ground with fists (usually one hand and fist while the other is on the ground with the eye open for attack). There are crates throughout the room containing green shells. Grab a shell and head to the eye (check the map to figure out which of the two hands is vulnerable), then throw the shell. Take another shell, repeat it two more times and you win.


Mission 3-1

Objective: destroy all 5 crates!

Strategy: This is a rather boring mission to complete, due to the location: the Waluigi Pinball Area. There are five chests, although tossed around here is how it will happen to you, each containing a star. You will have to break them all. A good idea is to be patient, without looking for too much speed, and look at the map to go precisely against the speakers as soon as they are close. If you follow this plan you shouldn't get too beaten up here it is and you might even come out with a high rank.

Mission 3-2

Objective: Drive through the 5 numbered doors in order ... in reverse!

Strategy: Obviously, after a boring mission, neither will you get a much easier one. You will have to go through the five doors in reverse. Using the map this mission will be really trivial. The first two doors are lined up, but you will soon come to a crossroads. Keep going straight through the third door, turn left and you will come to the last two.

Mission 3-3

Objective: Collect all 15 coins while avoiding the Chain Chomp!

Strategy: Although it doesn't seem like it, after reading the objective, this mission will be very simple to complete. There will be a circle of coins going around the Chain Chomp, with a line of coins leading right into the circle from where you start. Just follow the line inside the circle and, when the loop starts, hold left squeeze as you accelerate and you should be able to pick them all up without a problem.

Mission 3-4

Objective: Reach the end before Yoshi!

Strategy: as Peach you will have to compete against Yoshi in a modified version of “Yoshi Falls”. You will only have one lap to beat him. Yoshi will get the boost just after the first door. the crates you will find will contain mushrooms and stars, things that will help you a lot as you cross the segment of the waterfall. Just be careful to watch the road so you don't end up in the wrong half of the track. Otherwise the mission will be simple and you shouldn't have any problems winning.

Mission 3-5

Objective: Drive through the 8 numbered doors in order!

Strategy: While it doesn't have a linear structure, it won't be difficult to complete in no time if you know what to do. in the back wall are his sets of pipes that act as teleporters (if you enter the one at the bottom right and me you will read from the one above and vice versa). Then go through the first door and enter the lower right pipe. For the next three doors run along the walkway above entering the tube at the end of the walkway. you will exit from the pipe side straight towards the fifth door. Go to the opposite side and turn inside to the sixth (enter from the left). Go up the ramp to the walkway and go through the seventh door. Now look at the ground and jump right through the last door to complete the mission.

Mission 3-6

Objective: Hit Monty Moles 5 times with the shells!

Strategy: From the starting point you will find three crates, each containing a shell. In front of you there will be several holes and, from each of them, a Monty Mole will come out. You will have to hit five to be able to win. The tactic is very simple: stand in front of a hole until it comes out and pull the shell at it, then grab another one and repeat. This will likely be one of those missions that will take a little longer, but practice will help you a lot in reaching a high rank.

Mission 3-7

Goal: Make 10 turbo boost power slides in 1 lap!

Strategy: You will have only one lap on the Shroom Ridge track, and in this lap you will have to do 10 power slides. it shouldn't be very difficult, as there are a lot of long turns where you can pull off two or three. Don't rush to do them all right away, there are a lot of curves you can use them in, so you shouldn't have too much trouble.

Mission 3-8

Objective: to collect all 20 coins!

Strategy: This collection mission is a bit complex as you will have to move through a series of rooms to collect them all. From the beginning go straight to get the first one (1), then turn left into the second room to get the next one (2). Follow the outer path to the next room and collect the coin (3) at the entrance. Quickly turn right and grab the coin (4) in the locked room, then fast reverse and turn around. Exit the door on the opposite side and cross the outer road again for another coin (5). Avoid the banana and turn inside this room to reach the next one (6). As you enter the next room go through the opening on the left to get this coin (7), you will be back on the outer road. Grab the coin in the corner (8) without falling (go slow), then go straight. Collect the coin (9) behind the banana and enter this room by moving clockwise around the central block to get two more coins (11). Exit the way you came in and take two more coins (13) on the outer road, doing the gymnasium around the banana lines. Turn the corner and enter the next room for another coin (14). Now enter the final room, turn quickly in a circle (but not too quickly, you don't want to miss them…) to get the final six coins (20).

Level 3 Boss

Objective: Reach the end before Goomboss!

Strategy: This race with Toad (a lightweight) against the Giant Goomba at Baby Park is pretty tough, but it's doable. You will have three laps to be able to beat him: he is clearly faster than you but don't be impressed. If you are behind him, he will stop to throw some very occasional goombas or mushrooms at you. (Contact with a Goomba deflates one of your balloons; lose all three of them and you will automatically fail). If you are in front of him, Goomboss will charge you along the way to recover. After each lap Goomboss will get even bigger, which means that he will throw more Goombas at you and, on the final lap, will jump to the middle of the track to take a shortcut. The key to winning is to do tight power slides at every corner. Not that you can't do it otherwise, but you don't drive normally throughout the race - stay to the right and do perfect power slides.


Mission 4-1

Objective: Reach the end before Donkey Kong!

Strategy: you will have to beat Donkey Kong as Wario on the Icy Mirror track. the first part in the snowman field can be tricky, but sliding and turning to avoid them will really help. if you get the boost for the slide shortly after starting, you will be on horseback. After a group of curves, where you don't have to slip, you will be on the edges of the area above a gray view (DK will take the shortcut over the snowy hill, don't follow it). Do a power slide on each curve of the regular track, collecting mushrooms and stars from the crates along the way. when you go down the hill, there will be a sharp turn to the right. Avoid other snowmen and enter the tunnel. Do one last power slide to the left and here is the end.

Mission 4-2

Objective: Eliminate 20 crabs!

Strategy: You will be on an island with lots of crabs scattered all over the place and your job is to destroy 20. In the center of the island there will be crates containing Bob-ombs and normal green shells, as well as variety. triple. The area surrounding the center will occasionally be submerged in waves, but that needn't worry you. the best method I have found is to use the triple shells and pull them towards the crabs. If you get a bomb throw it away as it will be useless to be able to complete this mission quickly. If you get the triple shells, spin them around you as you drive past three crabs, taking them out. Repeat and you will be done in a flash.

Mission 4-3

Objective: reach the end before the red Kart!

Strategy: This mission is extremely easy: you will have to beat the red kart by driving in traffic by the end of the first lap. Reach it using the power slides and use the mushrooms on the straight up. After half a lap the red kart will already eat your dust, keep it up and you will have won.

Mission 4-4

Objective: Drive through the 7 numbered doors in order!

Strategy: Go straight to the first door, then power slide on the curve. make sure you get a crate (they contain triple mushrooms). you'll see the next door up the hill, so use your boosts, one at a time, to go through the second and third doors. Head up the hill to the next one and cross the hilly straight, collecting your next set of triple mushrooms from a crate. Stay on the left of the pokey that you will find in the center of the track, but start turning right along with the curve, as the fifth door is in the inner portion of the curve. As soon as you have crossed it, use the boost again, always one at a time, to cross the hills and the last two doors.

Mission 4-5

Objective: Collect all 15 coins. If you get crushed by a Thwomp you will fail!

Strategy: This might seem complicated at first, but it's actually quite simple. The only thing you need to make sure is to start with the turbo boost. When the countdown says 2 and is about to wear off, start hitting A so that you have the boost at the start. Cross the first straight as the Thwomps approach (you won't hit them if you have the boost) to take the first eight coins. Turn quickly and line up on the other side. As soon as the Thwomps get off, start accelerating. If you have the right timing, you will take the last seven without problems.

Mission 4-6

Objective: Break all 10 crates while avoiding fake items!

Strategy In this mission on Choco Mountain you will have to cross 10 lines of crates. Only one chest in each line is real, the others are fake. To be able to distinguish them from the others, use the map! The real crates will appear as they are, while the fake ones will be shown to you as red squares. Follow the map and avoid the falling boulders. That's all.

Mission 4-7

Objective: Drive through the 10 doors!

Strategy: again in the Waluigi Pinball, you will have to go through 10 doors avoiding all the traps in this area. The best way is to take the central road first through the first two doors. As soon as you cross the second one in the center, follow the road to the right or left which will lead you along the perimeter of the area at the bottom. This will take you through four more doors. As you make your way back towards the first half of the circuit, follow the outer perimeter to get the last four doors.

Mission 4-8

Goal: Make 9 turbo boost power slides in 1 lap!

Strategy: This particular race will take place in Luigi's circuit, while it is raining and there are puddles along the track. Under these conditions, doing nine power slides along the run is really easy. By now you should have learned: do one at each corner and you will make it by the end of the lap. Don't try to rush through all nine right away, but if it helps you be faster, do it. Just remember to avoid puddles, as they will make you spin.

Level 4 Boss

Objective: Collect 50 coins while avoiding King Boo!

Strategy: This arena consists of a series of circular platforms with several groups of coins lined up around each platform. As for King Boo, he will flit around you for a while and then attack you from behind stealing 10 coins (of course if you have enough), the rest of the level will disappear temporarily. The simplest way to win is the following. Start with a turbo boost and go straight. Collect the first two coins then do a power slide clockwise to collect the others. Once you have collected all of the ones in this King Boo ring it should be ready to charge you. Then jump into the lava in the center for the cost of a balloon. This way not only should you have reset King Boo, but you will also have the kart placed in the right position for the next part. Once in place try to get a boost as you land and start moving. Turn right, collect all the coins in the ring by moving clockwise again with a power slide. Keep going around the ring and when all the coins are collected you should see a line with 3 of them moving off the ring. pick them up and throw yourself back into the lava in the center to reset King Boo and get you placed in the right position again. Once on the ground use the boost, accelerate and turn right. Collect everything again with the power slide clockwise and continue collecting the 3 coins in line. this time, instead of jumping into the lava, collect the choirs on the ring by doing a power slide counter-clockwise. picking up the last coin might get King Boo close to you in a worrying way, but if you've been quick enough, it shouldn't hit you.


Mission 5-1

Objective: Reach the end before the Chain Chomp!

Strategy: Since we are at the fifth level, you will need all the help you can get, so make sure you get the turbo boost from the beginning. Grab a chest of triple mushrooms and do a power slide on the first turn. At the top of the hill, use the first boost to cut through the grass and go up the second hill. Again a boost through the grass then head down the hill and enter the maze of bushes. Go as straight as you can while avoiding the other Chain Chomp. At the top of the next hill there will be some more grass to use the last boost to mow on. When you get to the circular bushes, take one of the paths that goes through the center to buy time. avoid the Monty Moles that will come out on the dirt part, then do a power slide through the last two corners before the finish line. Using this technique you shouldn't have any problems as the Chain Chomp will be left behind after the first hill if you do everything right.

Mission 5-2

Objective: Drive in reverse and collect the 15 coins! If you hit a snowman you will fail!

Strategy: Here, too, you will have a ridiculously easy mission, in which you have to drive in reverse surrounded by snowmen. You will have to go around a circular formation, with snowmen on both sides, and collect the coins around this track. you should have no problem getting rank *** on this circuit.

Mission 5-3

Objective: destroy all 5 crates!

Strategy: We will be in Koopa Beach 2 view, and the crates will all be hanging out above the deep water, where you cannot follow them. The most logical solution is to grab the first crate you can reach the train and go to the deepest part before three crates become unreachable.

Mission 5-4

Objective: Drive through all 10 numbered doors in order!

Strategy: Here you have to race around Bowser Castle through 10 doors in the right order. Skid the first door and continue the power slide to get on the boost pad on the left side and go through the second door. Power slide into the next corner as well and you'll go through the third, avoiding the Thwomp if it's down. In the first part of the jumps, if you take the boost pad on the left and move right through the fourth door, you will gain a lot of time. If you can turn tight enough, you can also take the right boost pad. In the second part with the jumps, stay in the center, then left to pass doors 5 and 6. When you reach the section with the grates, avoid jumping over the precipice that leads to door 7. Instead, go through the door and use the boost on the left , go around the jumps and reach door 8. Power slide to cross the corner and use the mini turbo to take door 9 and go straight to 10.

Mission 5-5

Objective: Complete 1 lap in the opposite direction within the time limit!

Strategy: For this mission at Mushroom Bridge you will have to complete a lap in reverse (not in reverse, I mean just turning "the wrong way"). The track is not difficult, the real challenge lies in avoiding the traffic that will come towards you. In addition, there will also be portions of the blocked road that will force you to drive into a narrow passage, all while dodging other cars. There will also be crates containing mushrooms, so use them wisely.

Mission 5-6

Objective: Collect all 18 coins!

Strategy: We are on a giant cake and we have to collect the 18 coins by passing 3 times on the center. It's not nearly as difficult as it sounds, but it will take a few tries to get carried away. At first go straight to the first coin and make a long turn around the cream decoration for the second. Make a sharp right turn to line up with the center, taking 3 more coins along the way. In the center you will jump on the cream and, if you line up well, take one of the coins above it. Once you land, go straight and turn tightly past the next decoration, then repeat the cycle. Do this three times and you will have all 18 coins.

Mission 5-7

Objective: Drive through all 8 numbered doors in order!

Strategy: Going through the doors on this icy and hilly level won't be a problem. Avoid the snowballs that come down from the hills. All the doors are easily accessible without having to use the power slides (and you will still get a ***), just don't get hit by a ball and you will do it.

Mission 5-8

Objective: Reach the end before Mario!

Strategy: in this race you will be in the shoes of Luigi against Mario! It won't be hard to beat him, especially if you take both items from the crates (triple mushroom and stars). Start with a turbo boost and you can get another one by sliding on Mario. Avoid the Goombas on the way up the hill and grab the first chest. If it's mushrooms, use the first two, and when you get to the piranha plant on the dirt, use the last one to cut through the earth as a shortcut. Grab the second crate and do a power slide on the next corner. If you have the star (as I did) use it while you are approaching the piranha plants along the way to easily pass them. If you have mushrooms, use them, but dodge the plants carefully. Power slide in the last two corners and you win.

Level 5 Boss

Objective: Hit the Big Bob-omb with 3 Bob-ombs!

Strategy: reaching a high rank with this boss is on the edge of banality. Initially there will be only one chest in the battlefield, take it and you will get a Bob-omb. Line up with the boss to throw it at him. When he gets up and throws another Bob-omb at you, he'll drop crates here and there. Grab to get another Bob-omb to throw at him and repeat until you hit him 3 times.


Mission 6-1

Objective: Drive in reverse through the rotating bridge! If you fall you are out!

Strategy: You will have to drive in reverse across the rotating bridge in Bowser Castle. It's easy, but it can be tricky as you'll have to balance to stay on deck. When it turns to the left, move the kart to move forward, but aiming towards the center, in order to maintain balance. Do the opposite when the rotation changes. The mission will end when you reach the other end of the bridge.

Mission 6-2

Objective: Grab the stars and run over 15 Rocky Wrenches!

Strategy: This mission isn't difficult, it's just boring to get a high rank. There are several crates scattered here and there, all containing stars, and several Rocky Wrenches that go in and out of the airship deck. You'll have to be quick to kill 15, with 20 seconds left to get a high rank, so spin as fast as you can while still holding a star to clear the bridge of those things. I can't give you a definitive path, I just advise you to use all the skills you have learned so far, including reverse, to be able to hit them quickly. Also, while you are invincible, it will be of great help to collect another star before the one you are using runs out.

Mission 6-3

Objective: Collect all 30 coins!

Strategy: We are on the SNES Choco Mountain course, and while it may sound easy, it may not be. go straight to get the first three coins, then use a mushroom to cut through the rocks and get three more. Slip around the corner and line up for the next three coins, then pick up another very easy set in front of you. Drift around the corner a little tighter, but quickly line up to catch the next three. Cross the mud pit and line up for the next three. The next part is the most boring, due to the rough terrain that will make you jump. Dodge the humps as you collect the next six coins, then drift tight around the last corner to collect the last three coins.

Mission 6-4

Objective: destroy all 10 crates!

Strategy: In this multilevel run, there will be 10 crates floating around, it seems, randomly, I will still try to give you the best path I have found. boost at the start and then follow the first crate in front of you as it turns the corner. At the corner go up the hill in the red zone. Go around it counterclockwise to grab the second crate as it comes towards you. Go straight across the bridge as the third chest moves over it, you will definitely get it. Climb up the hill to the top of the area from to get the fourth chest. Take the upper right bridge towards the green zone then turn right again to go up the bridge towards the blue zone. There will be a crate going around here, so you can easily grab it. Go to the blue area and go down the ramp to the second level taking the crates that will fall from the upper level and the one that goes around this area. Finally, go up the bridge that leads to the yellow area and take the last rotating chest. If you have done everything quickly and without getting too confused, you will get a high rank.

Mission 6-5

Objective: Drive through the 8 numbered doors in order!

Strategy: one thing you absolutely must know to be able to do this level: you will absolutely have to take the two crates that you will meet to have the triple mushrooms. Take the first one and do a power slide around the corner, then go through the first door. Line up on the ramp behind it and use a boost to make a jump and go through the second door. as soon as you get it use the second boost to cut through the small crevasses effortlessly. Power slide around the next bend then go straight to the open door. Once through, use the last boost to go up the ramp to reach the fourth door on the bridge. Slide into the next two corners then grab the lone box in the center of the track. Go through the fifth door using a boost, then do a power slide on the curve. Once this is done you will see another door quite close. Line up with her as you approach the crevasse, use a boost to pass it and then reach the sixth door. Once you land on the track on the other side, power slide to the left then use another boost to reach the seventh door. You just have to continue until the last one.

Mission 6-6

Goal: Make 14 turbo boost power slides in 1 lap!

Strategy: in this mission you will be in the role of Yoshi in the Yoshi Circuit and you will have to do 14 power slides in a single lap. this means that you will have to do one at each turn. It shouldn't be anything particularly difficult as all the pitfalls of running are not there and you will be able to tell when you are close to a "big" curve because you will see a small curve in the road just before you get there.

Mission 6-7

Objective: Collect all 40 coins!

Strategy: here you will have to collect 40 coins placed in the shape of a star above the face of a clock, complete with moving hands. The hour and minute hands are the only obstacles you will have to worry about, but be careful, if they hit you they will lose some coins. The best approach is to start with a turbo boost by going straight on the left or right row of coins to the far wall. At that point, turn around and come to the end of another line while the hands are not in the feet (use the map to check). You won't need to hurry too much, since rank *** is possible under 35 seconds, just avoid the hands.

Mission 6-8

Objective: to reach the end before Peach!

Strategy: This competition will take place in a "mirror" version of Peach Garden, which will make it a little more difficult. Start with a turbo boost, then make a sharp left. After the straight, take a power slide over the curve and follow the gravel while avoiding the Monty Moles. At the last corner of the off road part, do a power slide. In the next section, stay to the left and go around the perimeter of the circle, grabbing the crates. Skid around the corner ahead and head up the hill. If you have triple mushrooms, use your first boost to cut through the grass. Going down the hill to enter the maze you may have some problems as many of the roads that go through it are blocked. For the first two straights stay in the center then go left. Make sure you get the other item (if you have two more mushrooms, keep them for later). To avoid the Chain Chomp in the lower left corner of the maze, stay to the right. Slide around the narrow corner and climb the hill using your mushroom to cut through the grass again. Later use another boost to cross the grass when forced to do so. Cross the bridge, grab another item and power slide around the corner, then use a mushroom / star in this last portion of the circuit.

Level 6 Boss

Objective: Use your boost mushrooms to hit Chief Chilly and knock him out of the stage 3 times!

Strategy: for this boss you will be on a platform surrounded by water with some crates scattered here is there. Chief Chilly and a large ice ball that will charge at you trying to slam you into the water. All crates will count triple mushrooms, so grab one, line up with the boss then use all three mushrooms to send Chilly into the water. Be careful when using the boost - make sure you are still aligned with the boss, otherwise you will end up in the water. When Chief Chilly resurfaces, grab another triple mushroom and repeat. After you hit him in the water for the second time, Chief Chilly will try to jump when you start charging him with your boosts, try to use them as fast as possible to cheat him.


Mission 7-1

Objective: Make 6 turbo boost power slides in 1 lap!

Strategy: This race will take place on Rainbow Road, which means that you will have very little space in terms of where (like doing the power slides. Most of the view is made up of boost-pads and long straights, so every time you hit a corner you will have to do your best to come up with a power slide. do one shortly after the start around the first corner, then after the boost-pads do another while avoiding the wall above. After straight make another one on the right. hairpin you will come to a curved road: do a power-slide in the second and go left. Just before reaching the second hairpin is another good time to do a power-slide. Finally, as you approach the last large curve that leads at the finish, you can do the last power slide without any problems.

Mission 7-2

Objective: Reach the end before Bowser!

Strategy: Start with a turbo boost and stay to the right to avoid the barricades in the center. Dodge the Thwomps and grab a crate (they all contain mushrooms and stars of course), then do a power slide along the next two curves. In the rotating room, do a power slide around the area at the back, while being careful not to get hit by the flames or the Thwomps further down the hall. grab another chest and slide around the spiral tower; power slide when opening at the top. You will now be at the drawbridge: DON'T CLIMB ON IT! Instead, use a boost or a star and go down the platform to the ground below (by doing this you can keep moving forward if you fall, if you fall off the bridge you won't be able to). Boost through the grass and up the path, with a power slide around the corner. grab another crate and after the jump boost through the center of the moving platforms so you don't fall. Now power slide around the last copy of curves above the hill and the ride will be over.

Mission 7-3

Objective: Complete 2 laps within the time limit!

Strategy: You will have to complete two laps on the Tick Tock Clock track within 1 min and 30 seconds. It will be quite doable if you don't hit obstacles or fall off the track. All the crates of the level will count triple mushrooms, try to use them well during the climbs. When you get to the set of four rotating platforms, try to run in the same direction they rotate while holding you along the outer edge. It is quite risky, but it will buy you a lot of time if you can do it without falling.

Mission 7-4

Objective: Use the shells to defeat all 30 Goombas within the time limit!

Strategy: just like the other "kill enemies" missions you will only get triple or single green shells and you will have to quickly kill everything within the time limit. The same thing goes for this mission, but it will be a bit more difficult as you will have to follow the path and go through several checkpoints where there will be more crates and Goombas to kill. as soon as you start grab some shells and start shooting the Goombas within your range, then hurry up for more ammo. Repeat until this segment is cleaned up. Now move on to the next section where you will find more Goombas and shells. There is really no definitive strategy that you can give, aim well and do it fast if you want a high rank.

Mission 7-5

Objective: Collect all 20 coins!

Strategy: We will be at Wario Stadium and the coins are very easy to accept. Start with a turbo boost, do a power slide in the long curve and collect the first 2 coins you will see in this area. Again a power slide and then go straight before the hill and collect 3 more coins, plus another after landing. The next part will contain some southbound boost pads from the islets in the mud: you will need to grab them all to collect the coins above them (4 in total). Around the corner, line up on the straight once you get on the boost pad and collect the 3 coins as you fly through the circle of fire. Now line up for the next jump with 2 more coins to collect. later there will be 2 more coins in the innermost curve. For the final part, stay to the left and go straight over the two right boost pads to collect the remaining coins.

Mission 7-6

Objective: Drive through the 8 numbered doors in order!

Strategy: This is probably one of the most difficult mixes you will have to face, but it is doable to reach a rank *** (I did it after an infinite number of tests, now I can finally write how to do it!). the eight gates are located in a circle formation, but are alternated (1, 5, 2, 6, and so on). Despite what you may have heard, DO NOT USE THE POWER SLIDES! Rather, take a turbo boost in the beginning and you will notice that the touch screen will show you some light and dark lines. Go straight and as soon as you get to the clear line, jump and hit R as you accelerate and hit Right. If you got it right, you'll be able to slide around in circles without hitting the edges of the doors and get a *** easily.

Mission 7-7

Objective: Drive in reverse and collect all 12 coins! If you hit a burner you will fail!

Strategy: This is probably the only mission where using little gas and being patient will pay off with a high rank. you have to drive reverse through a maze of crates, then through an open area with 2 burners going back and forth (if they hit you you will automatically fail). Drop off the edge and slowly turn left for the first coin. Go around the corner slowly and grab the second coin on the other side, now go around again and pick up the other three as you cross the passage. Slowly take the corner ahead of you and discard along the way for three more coins. At the end of this stretch, take a long left turn and reach the coin in the clearing, which will take you to the most open area. Move quickly to get the two coins along the burners path, then pick up the last one ahead to complete the mission. if you haven't hit anything and it didn't take you two years to complete it, you will get a great rank.

Mission 7-8

Objective: Break all 10 crates while avoiding fake items!

Strategy: To be the last mission before the boss is rather difficult as you can see. To start, do a turbo boost from the beginning and a power slide at the first corner. Do the same for the second turn, this time avoiding the bananas. Stay on the right for the first real object (to check which ones are real use the map: the fake ones appear as red squares). Do another power slide on the long turn, then use a mushroom. After the second item (on the left), use the boost and avoid the bananas on the next corner. Grab the next two items from the right using one boost after another. After the fall, take the item on the left and do a power slide around the corner, then use the boost. Grab the fifth item and turn left around the wall (there will be a lot of bananas here so avoid using the boosts). Jump to the crevasse to the left (where the hole is smaller) and turn around to get the sixth item. Use a mushroom to cross the room and slide around the wall into the second. There will be a whole row of crates with fake items, trim around the curves and slow down if you need to to get the next item behind the column. stay on the right to get the next item. Use a mushroom and power slide around the curve, then go straight to the last item to complete the mission.

Level 7 Boss

Objective: Reach the end before Wiggler!

Strategy: Wiggler is very large and will have no problems with traffic, plus he moves much faster than we can. As if that weren't enough, this race consists of three laps, so be ready! You will only find crates containing stars around, so put them to good use (don't try to use them against Wiggler, they don't work). As you get up you will notice some small trucks, hit one of them while using the star you will get a mushroom that you can use (if you look at the touch screen you will also see a chest inside the truck). The best way to tackle this race is this: use the turbo boost at the start, use the first star, hit a truck and use the mushroom, grab the next crate with star and repeat. If all goes well, you shouldn't have any problem defeating him fairly. If you can't keep up with him, be careful: he is usually faster than you but on the third lap he will turn red and be even faster than before, plus he will also use the shortcut up the hill after the first tunnel. With the method mentioned above you won't have to use the shortcut, as you should have enough advantage to do it.


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Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
Level 5
Level 6
Level 7


Note: You will get a rating after completing each mission, which will range from *** up to E. Your rating will depend on how you perform in that particular mission (how fast you went, how often you hit walls or obstacles / enemies). Consequently, if you follow the strategies below for an entry, you should be able to rank *** in every level. however remember that it will also depend on your skill: there is no explanation that can make you reach *** if you have not yet reached the necessary skill.

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