The complete solution of New Super Mario Bros

Please note:

The solution is based on the US version of the game, so there may be differences for the Spanish version.


1-1: This level introduces you to the Mega Mushroom which allows you to run through the whole level without obstacles. But as soon as this runs out, you will go back to being Super Mario and you will be given lives based on how much you have destroyed. You will also see Star Coins, three per world. They are larger than normal coins, sometimes difficult to take. They allow you to access shops, sometimes to other levels, and to buy things once you beat the game. The first is easy to find, jump from the pipe onto the brick ledge to reach it. A little further up you will see a set of three brick ledges. Jump down on the second to reveal three invisible coin blocks. While on these blocks jump up and hit the block in the middle of the top three to reveal a bean stalk. Climb it. When in the sky jump through the ring to get the red coins. If you take all eight you will receive an item. Depending on your state the rewards are a mushroom, a flower or a life. After you get off. When you get down completely go a left, you will find a Star Coin. She's trapped under some bricks. To break them use the ground hitting technique. Go back until you find a pipe you can enter. You will find the second Star Coin in there, grab it and exit to the right. Head right and tap the flag stick to leave the world.
1-2: If you are Super Mario you can use the ground strike to find many hidden coins at the beginning of the world, including a treasure marked by two rows of bricks instead of one. Then use the spring loaded platform to go back up and get the first Star Coin in the top right. Proceed until you find the second one using the ground fist or a turtle shell if you are small. Past the sloping stump you will see three tubes. When the piranha plant is inside the first one, jump on it and enter. If you are not Blue Shell Mario you have to use the Koopa Troopa provided by breaking the bricks underneath to make it smaller and pass it through. On the other side is a question mark with a Mega Mushroom. Leave the pipe and go left. Go on up to another sloping stump. Stand to the left so it dives and run to the other side using the height to reach the ceiling, run up and you will find the third Star Coin. If the flag is red instead of black it means that you have found the secret exit of the level.
1-3: This level has springs that throw you up in the air and spin you when you jump off. Press A while standing on them to launch. The second will launch you at a purple mushroom with a thin stem. Land on it by turning to go higher and take the third Star Coin then follow the coin path to the right to reach the second one. The third coin is where the mushroom platforms move, wait on them to gain height then jump. After the red ring you are near the exit.
1-T: After the first Star Coin, reach a pipe that will launch you like a cannon. The dotted lines turn into coins by touching them, grab them and go to the door you saw on the way up. Grab the second Star Coin and jump to the empty space to your right. You will need the Blue Shell for the next room. Run using the slide that will break the bricks on the ground and block the red pipe that will take you to the alternate exit of the tower, arriving at World 5. Alternatively you can go down by taking the path on the left and find the third Star Coin. Continue until you see the green pipe which is another cannon. Use it to reach the double doors to Bowser Jr. To defeat him, you can jump on his head three times or hit him with fire.
1-4: After a while you will find a question mark with a mini mushroom, grab it. Take the narrow path to the left where Mario can only enter miniaturized. In this state he can also run on the surface of the water. For the third coin hit the wall on the right by jumping and pressing the direction you are looking at. Press A as the wall gives way. Then head right and grab the mushroom before the R-tube. Destroy the bricks with the ground move. Go into the bonus room through the pipe and to the right without taking any coins then hit the right of the two bricks next to the pipe to detect the switch. Use the coins that turn into bricks to reach the second Star Coin. After leaving the underground room, backtrack and run to Goombas until you are small. Run through the lower right corridor to reach the third Star Coin and find the mushroom above the hill. From here jump on the yellow tube to the right which leaves Goombas and jump on the flag.
1-5: Purple mushrooms are equipped with a spring to jump higher. Hold the jump button to get the first coin. Continue to the platform where you will find two coins below, then jump to the other one and the mushroom for the second Star Coin. A little further on there are other platforms, make sure to get to the pipe above you. Ride the swaying mushroom and grab the third Star Coin which is in the group of coins positioned like a mushroom. When the mushroom reaches the end of the road it jumps into the hole and returns to the world.
1-A: At first the screen will begin to unwind. Sharks will come in pairs but you can kill one with a fire bubble if you have the flower. When you find the switch attached to the ceiling, swim through the bubbles and grab the silver mounts. Then swim to the visible empty area where you find the Star Coin. There are invisible blocks to make it difficult for you to reach it. The second is in the tube right after. Another switch will provide silver coins. For the last Star Coin swim through the crevice if you are small otherwise stay to the right, then go up and go left, finally go up the pipe to the right and back to the dry land.
1-Boss: In the part where the spikes fall from the ceiling use the kick against the wall to get the first Star Coin. The other is near the lethal lava pool. Wait on a tall brick and when it falls near the lava another one will come out, jump over it, grab the coin and exit. On the rope after the second Star Coin jump with the maximum amplitude allowed by the rope. The screen will move slightly and you will see a tube. Line up and jump to find the third Star Coin. Return to the level through the same pipe and hit the double doors on the right to reach the boss lair. If you are Fire Mario shoot him down with fireballs otherwise jump to the ledge and jump to the right when he is at the top of the path, then hit the button at the end to take him under the bridge.


2-1: The coins are all in plain sight, avoid the Pokey and towards the end enter the bonus room with mini mario. In the final screen, hit the switch to create a bridge and jump to the flag.
2-2: Get a fire flower, hit Lakitu and climb the cloud to reach the first coin. Hit the ground for the second coin and continue to the yellow pipe with a taller green pipe next to it. Enter and let yourself be shot in the air to enter the tube you will hit. Use one of the pipes to collect the third star. Use the block next to the flag to get a bonus life.
2-3: At the point with the arrows pointing down, use the kick against the wall to find the first coin. Hit the ground to get through the trap door, tap the doors to open them then head left and go through the three hatches to reach the maze. Kill the carnivorous plants with the fireballs then go up to find the second coin. Reach the next screen by exiting the lower right corner, in the next room hit the question mark switch to raise the water level, swim up and hit the next switch to raise the water further then climb up. and exit to reach 2-A. The normal exit is to the right of the question block, in the next area there is a giant carnivorous plant to be killed with three fireballs. When the path jumps and goes right, take it and then go left. Grab the third coin, go left and jump up then jump right. Run to the edge to reach the alcove with the coin star. Look for the block with the exclamation mark to create a bridge of red blocks below you, the right arrow will lead you to the exit. Move the spring to the right of the pipe and jump to reveal a hidden coin block, use it to get a life from the flag.
2-A : Avoid the fish and get rid of it temporarily with a fireball, immediately after the first coin avoid the fish with the springs and press A to rotate on yourself. The second coin is under one of the platform trunks, soon after reach the Koopa and jump on it as you turn around to reach the yellow pipe. This will lead you to the third coin and an alternate exit which leads to a cannon for the fifth world. The normal exit instead opens a path to the second world castle.
2-4: Hit the question mark switch to raise the ground and collect a power up from the blocks. Advance and use the kick against the wall to get past the carnivorous plant guarding the star coin. Enter the left pipe in the underground level with mini mario to reach the secret exit. Continue to the normal exit, go right and hit the P switch to create a series of silver coins above you, collect them then enter the water and swim under the rock to reach a short red tube next to a more green one. tall. Enter the red pipe and go to the opposite side, the next pipe will take you back to the mainland. Don't hit the switch, instead go left to collect the coin and then hit the switch to create a hill that will allow you to exit the area. Get a fire flower to quickly get past the carnivorous plants, use the hill created by the switch before it disappears and forces you to retrace your steps. Collect the coin next to the hammer bros and go to the exit.
2-T : Reach the red ring, drop off the rope and spinning platforms to collect the lower right coin. Go back and when you are at the top of the platforms jump to the left, grab the wall to the left and jump on the walls four times to reach a door. Jump on the gold bricks and keep jumping as they move, jump on the platforms and then on the gold bricks again to reach the second coin. Jump up and left with a kick on the wall to reach the door leading to the exit. In the next room, hit the red and yellow brick, go left and jump from the spinning cube to the left. Jump to the wall and collect the third coin. Go back to the first rotating cubes, jump on them and enter the red pipe to reach Bowser jr, eliminate him by jumping on his head three times.
2-5: After the first coin, continue until you reach the area with the gray blocks. Don't collect the coins, in the middle of the row of bricks is a P switch, use it and follow the path to the left for the second coin. Continue to the right, eliminate the boomerang bros and after eliminating it, enter the quicksand and move to the right. Press A not to sink then jump in front of the gray bricks and head right to find a secret passage. Go down through the tunnel of gray bricks and go right to find the moving platforms, go up when you are under the coin jump to collect it. Go back to the gray blocks and reach the exit on the right.
2-6: Follow the moving platform and take out the carnivorous plants with the fireballs, all the coins are very easy to collect.
2-Boss : Wait for the spiked ball to destroy the bricks, then go ahead and hit the wall before falling into the pit. Kick the wall to the first star coin then exit. Once through the door you will find yourself in the desert, reach the second star jump on top of the bullet bill then use the rope over the spiked ball to reach the platform with the question marks. The one on the right contains a mini mushroom, collect it and continue through the small tunnel to reach the third coin. When you jump out and go right, hit the question mark switch, the ground will drop to reveal a door leading to the boss. From time to time the mummy will enter the ground and pop up again grown in height, if it is composed of three segments jump on its head while if there are five use the kick on the wall to reach it. Beware of bullets. If you have beaten her as a normal mario you will reach the third level while if you are mini mario you will pass to the fourth. Use the ground strike to damage the boss in this form.


3-1: After the first giant Cheep Cheep you will reach a group of three pipes. Enter the middle one to reach a room that contains the star coin. Just outside, swim right to find the second one. Once you hit the P switch, swim up and up to collect the third star. Just before the last pipe there is a red ring.
3-A : Near the beginning of the level there is a rather easy to reach red ring, after activating the flag in the middle of the level go down in the water after the bombs open a passage to collect the star coin. Stay on the water to collect the second star then dive in and go left of the block with the mini mushroom. Take it and enter the pipe on the right. Jump to the triple platform and continue to the right then into the pipe. Use mini mario's ability to run on water and then jump to collect the third coin. Once back on the level go right into the pipe.
3-2: Use the Koopa at the start to collect the bonus life from the otherwise unreachable brick. Halfway through the level, enter the yellow tube to collect the first coin. Use the pulleys to go up, follow the path up and grab the second coin. Soon after you will reach a mushroom platform that moves forward, enter the green pipe between the three, jump on the switch and use the spring to collect the silver coins. Pass the series of moving platforms to reach the secret exit to the 3-B world.
3-3: Get yourself a flower of fire, hit all the enemies until you reach a point where you can start moving down. When you get to a pipe that emits bubbles, go left to collect the first coin. Hit the switch and swim up, right and then down. Question mark switch temporarily disables currents, swim quickly to overcome them. After passing the red ring, go right towards the rising pipes and enter the third from the left. Go to the lower right corner and collect the second star then head up and exit the room. At the main level go up and to the right, the exit pipe is above you, go down through the currents to collect the third star. Swim up quickly to avoid dying and exit through the tube.
3-G : The switch on the right creates steps to go up to the right, enter the door and hit the block on the left. Go right, jump on the pumpkins to reach the coin then hit the switch, go up the steps and go left for the second coin. Hit the switch again and head right until you reach a brick with a question mark switch. Run quickly to the door that contained the first coin, if you reach it in time you will see another door next to it, inside you will find the red flag that will take you to the sixth world. For the normal exit after hitting the final switch, go up the steps and drop through the hole to reach the door. In the last room go left and up to a roulette block, grab the blue shell and go right to hit the question mark and make the steps appear. Go up and once you get to the top run through the door, break the bricks to reach the coin and exit.
3-B : The first coin seems impossible to reach, continue to the red pipe, enter and go left to the roulette block then go up the pipe to collect the coin. Go back to the small red tube and continue. The second coin is at the top, standing on the green pipe to the left of the two coin blocks under the coin star jump on the wall from the green pipe to the red pipe then the green pipe and on top of the red. The third coin is in an area full of carnivorous plants.
3-C : Let the platforms fall to collect the first coin then after you pass halfway level, eliminate the fish before diving into the water for the second coin. Once you hit the P switch upside down, run and use the silver coins as a guide to know when and where to jump. Reach the red pipe above a row of bricks, enter to drop directly on the third coin.
3-Boss : Avoid the spikes and collect the first coin, when the Whomps fall on their faces hit them with a ground attack. Go past the one under the coin then jump over the water and grab the rope, jump left and walk over the ceiling to the left to collect the coin. Go back to the rope and go right, the boss is a giant Cheep Cheep, jump on his head every time he comes out of the water and avoid the small fish.


4-1: Never touch the purple slime that lies at the bottom. Avoid the spiders rather than kill them as you will need weapons charges to get the first Coin Star.
You will quickly find a dinosaur. After getting the second Star Coin, wait until you reach the ledge with a question mark and the three bricks. Get to the top and jump in the middle to reveal the bean stump. Climb it and enter the tube to find an alternative exit. For the third Star Coin use the shell and kick it with it, immediately after is the exit.
4-2: Wall kick for the first Star Coin, then turn right at the end of the platform for the second and jump before sliding into the hole. After a ring of coins you will come to a stepped platform. Go to the purple mushroom after this, then left, let it swing a bit, jump up and hit the brick to reveal the bean stalk to the bonus area. Eventually jump onto the brick for another stalk that will take you to the third Star Coin. Exit the green tube.
4-3: You just have to swim being careful of eels and obstacles. The first two Stella coins are in sight. For the third one, find a? Switch, hit it and cut power to the tubes. Swim to the green one near the yellow and enter before the timer runs out. Swim left and down to the next room and the third Star Coin. Go back the same way you came from.
4-T: Go up and turn on electricity before entering the next room. The lava rises rapidly so you have to be on tiptoe. Climb the fence and knock on one of the doors to go to the back. Climb again and stay on the left for the first Star Coin. Up second between some electric black balls. There is a hole in the ceiling, if you are small you can take the third Star Coin. A red ring is before the last set of fences towards the double door. arrive at Bowser jr. Jump when he stops throwing shells, grab him and throw one at him. will be stunned, jump on it at that moment and repeat three times. if you have fireballs use them.
4-4: For the first Star Coin, slide on the wall opposite the coin and kick when you are in front of it. Proceed until you see a block, then up and hit one of the bricks to find a bean stalk that will make you climb. Head left on the blocks above Wiggler then kick the wall to reach the second Star Coin above. Advance until you see the third. Slide on the wall and kick on the mini pipes. To have a life hop on every green Koopa Troopa.
4-A: You will avoid the Goop killer mainly by turning around the vines. You will get the first Star Coin by jumping out. Next you'll see a wheel with a green Koopa Troopa on it. Jump to reach a screw above and twist to the pipe on the right. Enter to reach a cave where you have to jump over a brick rectangle and hit a switch to reach the second Star Coin. You will have a life if you chase one turtle from its shell and use it to take down the others. Leaving the quarry you will find three pipes, in the green there is the third Star Coin. Abandon through the longer pipe, then go to the one on the right, use the screw to climb the block and tap the flag.
4-G: Go into the first door and hit the switch? to have four blocks of coins. The second contains a power generator, get it before time runs out. At the main level, jump onto the platform and be taken to the next area. Once around the wall, head up and right to find the first Star Coin. Get on the platform. You will find Boo leaking air if you are in the back and catching it if you are in front. Wait for it to go limp, pass it, climb up and left to find the red switch! to access the door. Here, advance left to find another block! Wall kick for the second Star Coin, then down to the left and hit again, this time going to the pipe that leads up. If you don't have a Mini Mushroom, go up and out. Otherwise hit the switch! and go over the pipe. Wall kick, then right. Climb and kick the wall to reach a small passage that only mini Mario can cross. Before passing the wall-to-ceiling kick door for the third Star Coin.
4-5: Halfway through, use one of the two Bob-Ombs to blow away the wall holding the first Star Coin. The second is immediately after in a room above a yellow bridge. Hit the Bob-Omb from below to trigger it, jump when it sweeps blocks and grab the second Star Coin. Break the blocks containing the third Star Coin with the Bob-Omb or Fireballs. One of the blocks has to be blown straight away covering the pipe to enter. Inside, use the Bob-Ombs for the Star Coin in the center. You are at the exit.
4-6: First level for the first Star Coin. The fire flower is useful against piranhas. After passing them, climb onto the dinosaur, hit the switch to access the second Star Coin. wait for the red switch!. Jump on the dinosaur's head, wait for the passage and jump on the switch with your head. You can now go into the pipe on the right and take the third Star Coin. You will find the exit.
4-BOSS: cross the pendulums and reach the first Star Coin. It's easy to beat the early Thwomps but wait a bit on the raised ones before passing them. Avoid the tricky passage by kicking the purple walls against the wall. For the second Star Coin, break three lines before going down and get the second Star Coin. Wait to move for another drop to come. Jump on a pendulum and zoom out. Then you will be at the boss door. The boss gets big fast. When it starts charging, do you hit the switch? and a green platform will appear. By jumping on it it will rise allowing you to jump on Goomba's head. To take him down you have to use the ground punch and repeat three times. Take the key to the world 5.


5-1: Wait for the penguins to spit a snowball at Goombas. After you will find branches with hanging snow. They don't kill Mario but make him momentarily vulnerable. You will need to avoid snow blocks that inhibit your jumping and running skills but there are usually blocks above to avoid them. One of these leads to the first Star Coin. For the second Star Coin use the Koopa Troopa or the flying coin block. Kill the penguin on top, hit the block three times and with the pile coming out kick the wall to the top and jump for the third Star Coin. The exit is close.
5-2: The flower is against bats while the blue shell is needed for the spikes. At the Piranha Plant, break the bricks for the first Star Coin. Then you will find a yellow tube on top of a red one. ahead you will see a spring loaded platform under a Star Coin, use it to grab it while avoiding the spikes. Bring the spring to the yellow tube and jump on it and into it. You will find a coin that transforms into an enemy, follow it, jump it and reach the Star Coin. Return to the main level and find a block of ice with two spikes and a pipe in the siffitto with a piranha plant, it will take you to the secret exit.
5-A: Use the new mushroom platforms for the bonus red ring and the first Star Coin. Hit the! red to create a secure bridge. When the mushroom is taut, jump over the turtle and hit the brick to find the bean stalk. In the bonus area with the clouds, hit the P switch and jump the block to reach the second Star Coin. Return to the earth punch world in the center of the brick by holding down to bring out all the coins. As you advance there are other rewards including a life and the third Star Coin. jump on the mushroom, then right to hit the flag.
5-T: The big hassle here is jumping over the spiky balls that spin on the platform. After the Second Star Coin when you see the bricks in the wall on the right go up to the left as a giant ball is coming. Stay on the right, you will find the third Star Coin and you won't be stuck. After the room with the spiked balls, grab a power generator and jump over the double doors to fight Bowser jr. Jump on it or hit it with fireballs.
5-3: Slide down the hill. Hold down all the time to get a life by killing enough enemies. At the top of the ice hill, jump to the next ledge and to the right for the first Star Coin. Take the path ahead which contains the other Star Coins. You have to be at least super Mario to get the second one. It is in a brick cage after a small path. Defeat the horned animals by jumping on their heads, you will notice after the third Star Coin. Kick the wall, then down and jump up the last hill to the flag.
5-G: For the Boos you have to jump on it but some will serve you to open ways for you, you will see it letting one go on while you tread the wall for the first Star Coin. After a few flying steps you will see a door on the left. run and jump on it or use a Boo. For the second Wall Kick Star Coin before the ghosts arrive. If you don't make it in time, go out and try again. Exit the room, go up the stairs and to the right, then left when you see three bricks. Jump on top and jump on each one individually. It will reveal three blocks of coins that form a triangle. Climb to the top and lower when you are on the top one. Jump again to reveal a bean stalk and get to the door. Wait for Boo to hit the wall and head inside. The platform here stops for a second then sways when you get to the coins, stand in the center and jump to avoid falling. It will then start off like a rocket. Stand to the right and when you see an opening jump to the area where you will find the third Star Coin. Use the bean stalk to exit. this strange room takes you to the secret exit with a cannon to world 8. For a good position on the flag place the spring away from the question mark on the brick. Continue along the path of flying steps near the three bricks. There is another strange platform but without detours. Jump and exit the door.
5-B: For the first Star Coin, grab the shell, throw it towards the block on the left, run into the tunnel on the right and get the Star Coin. The second one is at the top, hit the switch, go back up the path above without falling on the coins. Continue to the right and when you see the guys on the low path make it back to find the third Star Coin near the hole. You have to wall kick for a good score on the flag, if you do it higher above the screen and to the left you will find a hidden area and you will need a blue Koopa shell to access. Buy one but don't wear it until you are close to the tube. The secret exit will show you a pipe on the map and lead you in front of the castle.
5-C: For the first Star Coin, use a Boos. For the second one you have to use a Buzzing Beetle and throw the shell on the coin to get it. After the chekpoint there is a row of four bricks with a longer row on top. Kill the ghost, jump on the four bricks and break the one directly above the one on the far right. Go back down and hit the brick you were on to reveal a bean stalk to go outside. Jump on the ghost and hit the P switch, then fish it over the blocks you can't break. When he punches them, grab the Star Coin and wait for the timer to run out. You will fall into a hole and find yourself at the end of the world. Touch the flag.
5-4: The yellows go down when Mario gets on it, the reds shoot. The first and second Star Coins are close but separated by a barrier that only mini Mario can pass. If you have a Mini Mushroom use it. Keep jumping on the red mushrooms before the third Star Coin. from here to the end there are no Bullet Bills.
5-BOSS: Comes with a Fiery Flower. The belts you see will bring you Piranha Plants. On the way you will see the first Star Coin. The enemies will get there fast, use a spring for the second Star Coin. After a block and a Piranha Plant that needs three fireballs to die you will see a block of coins with a hole in the ceiling to the right. Go to the ice and hit Dry Bones, then a big jump run to the top. From the jump and punch the wall towards the ceiling. Run right and drop into the belt, left to get the third Star Coin. The Boss is Petey Piranha. When he blows he will overwhelm you if you are nearby, keep jumping and let the ice block you otherwise the Boss will dominate you. When he hits the ice he falls to the ground, at that moment jump and use the ground punch, repeat three times.


In 6.1: When Mario leans against the wall he can walk and jump as usual and you can grab the floor by pressing down. The first coin can be picked up with a kick on the wall after the first section to go back to the wall. Climb further to collect the second star. Continue to the rotating cannon with three turrets, go up and collect the mini mushroom to access a bonus room where you can get a life. Go down to find the third star in the middle of a crossfire.
6-A : Eliminate Lakitu by jumping on his head and continuing to the back, jump inside to be thrown into the air and spin forward to collect the first coin. Drop to the ground and continue up to the two LAkitu, sink into quicksand to collect the second star. Run across the thin floor and drop down and go left to where the question mark block is. Run forward to the pipe and enter the yellow one to reach the third coin star. Exit and enter the green pipe next to the red one, it will bend right and shoot you past the Lakitu. Enter the pipe on the right, use the two invisible blocks above the mound to reach the waist at the top of the flag.
6-2: The first coin is next to the beginning, you will see a brick with a question mark and two coins above it, between the two there are two hidden blocks and the one on the right contains a bean stalk. Climb up and hit the brick to reveal a P switch, climb the question mark bricks to reach the two brick bridges and collect the star coin. Once you have fallen, go right up to the tallest pipes, don't enter the first one and enter the one on the right which will shoot you over a wall to the next area. Wait for the tide to rise and collect the coin. Halfway through the level, pass the roulette block and hit the block with the star. Enter the yellow pipe then jump on the logs to reach the highest point of the flag.
6-T1 : On the way, collect the first coin, reach the checkpoint and jump on the dry bones to reach a fire flower. In the next room enter as Super Mario, stand on the edge of the thin floor then climb up as soon as the spikes leave no space. Take the detour to collect the star. If you have a mini mushroom, use it before the double doors, wait for dry bone to the left and jump to its platform then jump to the right. Jump against the wall and hit yox and reach a pipe. Use the small size of mario to collect the same and go back. To defeat Bowser Jr. as a mini mario you have to hit him three times by jumping and pressing down.
6-3: Hit the bouncing block of coins and use it to jump and collect the coin. Enter the red pipe on the right and collect the coins that appear after collecting the red ring. Exit the red pipe, enter the two-space one on the right to collect the second coin, enter the pipe on the right and pass the carnivorous plants. Wait for the hopping enemy to climb the pipe you came out of then jump on it and go left to collect the third coin, use the kick on the wall between the two pipes to continue.
6-4: Use the kick against the wall to the right of the spinning trap to climb onto it and collect the coin. Continue to the exclamation point, hit it to create two blocks to the left and go up. Avoid the trap on the right by crouching in the corner then jump against the wall and climb onto the platform, once you reach the checkpoint kick against the wall on the left and find the second coin. Enter the red pipe on the right to reach a room to go back to the wall. at the fork go up to collect the third coin, once you exit take the green pipe on the right to end the level.
6-T2 : Climb until you reach two pipes, the one on the left will allow you to collect coins on the left while the one on the right will shoot you up. You can collect the second star coin if you are Super Mario, wait for the spikes to separate then crouch and jump to the bricks. Jump on the rope to collect the coin then use the cannon tube to reach the door. If you don't have a fire flower, wait for Bowser jr. you throw a turtle and send it back to hit him while he's stunned.
6-5: Get a fire flower, among the cheep cheeps is the first star. After the red ring there is a vortex, wait for it to stop and pass it. Hit the star block and run to collect all of the following and take out the enemies along the way. Enter the yellow tube to collect the second star, swim forward to the vortex, enter it for the third coin.
6-B : Enter the pipe on the right and get shot at the ice wall, use the red shell and bounce on the flying koopas to reach the rope. After the mushrooms get shot out of the pipe and head left, use the flying koopa to collect the star just beyond the cannon's range. Jump between a rope and the other then jump on the ice platform and drop down, once you have collected the third coin the wall in front will explode.
6-6: Climb up and go left, press down while in the air to drop to the ground and break the bricks. Use this move to collect the star behind the wall, hit the brick at the bottom to reveal a P switch that will clear your way. The second star is located above a chain chomp on the left next to the top of the level. After reaching halfway level, move down and launch yourself on the spring, go down and hit the red ring. Hit the ground near the Koopas to reach a spring, head right and hit the floor again. Jump and head right, use the red Koopa to hit the P switch then head right and use the right one to jump up, collect the coins and enter the pipe. Here you go up with the spring then slide on the walls jumping against each other when the coins alternate. The third star is located inside the room.
6-Boss : Use the turtle shell to collect the first coin then continue, the second is along the road. Halfway through the level jump over the thin moving stone slab then jump across the platforms until you see two slabs moving in and out. Run and jump to the top of the top one when it is at the lowest point then run off the screen to collect the third coin. Go down and avoid the small stone slabs, jump between the alternating platforms and reach the door for the boss. Jump on his head and avoid the shots fired by jumping, then climb to the top of the tank and jump back on his head to knock him out.


7-1: When you see the star below you wait for the platform you are on to fall onto a rail below, collect the coin then when you go back to the right jump on the cloud. Don't hit the flying block, climb on it instead and reach a pipe that will lead you to a room where you have to go from one rope to another to collect the star coin. Gather the waist up before you go out. Jump to the left side of the platform before reaching the flag then run right to get a life.
7-G : The orange question mark reveals five doors, enter the top left one and jump over the pumpkins to reach the first coin. Enter the top one and go left, hit the jelly floor four times to reach the second coin then wait to go back up. Hit the orange switch to reveal the door, now enter the lower right door. The hands above you point to an invisible block that moves back and forth, jump when it points towards you to reveal a block with a question mark switch. Jump and go to the two platforms on the right to reach the door at the top. To collect the star coin, hit the P and run right jumping across the platforms to reach the coin in an alcove next to the wall. Head down and to the right for the normal exit. For the alternate exit you must be mini mario, when you hit the P instead of going to the right go left and up until you reach a wall, jump while you are still far away and kick the wall by pressing the run button to get farther.
7-2: The platform moves up if you stand still and left or right depending on your position. You can also appear on the left side of the screen by exiting to the right and vice versa. As Super Mario you can break the bricks that protect the first coin, in the middle of the level hit the question mark on the left and continue up to the second coin. Throw a shell to pick it up. Climb the platform and take out the Koopas to collect the third star then use the two flying Koopas to reach the top of the flag.
7-3: Once inside the pipe, climb onto a board, the first star is after the pipe that shoots goombas, jump when the wiggler goes up and take out the boomerang bros before taking the coin. The next block contains a starman and immediately after it a star coin. Hit the top brick on the ground to make a bean stalk grow downwards, walk along it and jump to the right to collect the coin then climb up with the yellow pipe and hit the flag.
7-T : In the first large room there is a coin, in the next one move slowly and pick up the star coin on the right above the power up. Once you reach the exit wait to move inwards then take it as soon as all the pieces move away. Use shells or fireballs to take out Bowser jr.
7-4: Head right and up, the first two coins are in plain sight before the middle of the level. Once you have collected the third coin on the left there is a flying brick, if you are not mini mario go right and enter the pipe. Hit the block with the bean stalk and climb up then jump on the spring and reach the flag. Return with a mini mushroom and when you are above the flying brick use the mushroom and enter the space to the left. Jump left to enter the mini pipe which will lead you to the red flag.
7-5: Jump on the bullet bills to collect the first coin, to get the second you have to be mini mario, hit on the ground one of the four bom-ombs in front of the blocked mini pipe and kick them to make them land near the brick to make him jump. Go back to the right in the bonus room to get a mega mushroom inside a block with a question mark, go left and destroy everything then push the top tube that blocks the coin. Exit to the right, the third coin is located between five turrets, collect it during the break then continue and use two bomb-ombs to overcome the indestructible blocks. The normal flag is found after a giant banzai bill not far from the pipe with the stack of bricks above it.
7-6: Continue to the middle of the level, when you see two rows of five blocks take the mushroom from the fourth of the upper row if you are small then hit the third brick in the row. Hit the one directly below it and grow the bean stalk to the bonus area. Keep your balance while collecting coins including the star coin, the tube at the end of the area will lead you to a secret exit leading to world 7-7. Restart the level and continue from the middle level, go down and jump across the thin floor to find the second coin, continue and enter the first yellow pipe, ignore the coin blocks on the left and jump on the three flying koopas to reach the red pipe on the right. and get the third coin.
7-A : Inside the pipe maze, jump to the right of the purple platform to reveal three hidden bricks, enter the pipe in front of them to collect the first coin. Eliminate mini wiggler before continuing, in the next area climb the short pipe on the left to get a power up. The pipe on the right is a cannon, collect the coins and near the apex of the trajectory is a pipe on the left, kick against the wall to reach a hidden room with the second coin. Go back to the last room, jump to the blue platform and take the pipe on the left. Jump into the spaces between the purple platforms to reveal more coin blocks then use a koopa shell to get a life in the brick below. Go right from the mini pipe then up and left, jump on each vertical pipe then enter the last pipe then head right and hit the question mark. Head left as mini mario, wait for the carnivorous plant to retreat into the pipe then jump and kick the wall to reach the mini pipe which takes you to the third coin. Exit the pipe to the right and watch out for the carnivorous plants, once you go through it hit the block with your face three times then exit the level.
7-7: Use the rotating platforms to get the first coin then continue until you reach a rail, collect all the red coins. To get the second coin let the donut drop then jump as soon as you collect the star. The level starts to rise again, collect the third coin by running and jumping left then head right. When the screen moves to the left avoid picking up the coins, when you get to the rotating platforms jump high enough to reach them each time. At the end of the rail you will reach the flag.
7-Boss : The first coin is on the path of the moving platform, the second is immediately after halfway level, when you see it jump on the block and wait for the platform to go back before continuing. The last coin is located before the door, to collect it jump as soon as the last block of the platform falls. Stand on the right edge when it starts to fall then jump as soon as you hear the "bling" indicating that you have picked up the coin. Jump on the platforms and go right up to the black lakitu, jump on it as soon as it lands at you and when it comes back up avoid what it throws at you then jump on it two more times.


8-1: Continue to a question mark which contains a spring, take it to the next two blocks and jump. Enter the secret passage and collect the coin hidden in the clouds. After half level there are three cannons, jump to the second one to collect the coin above them. The third is not far away, wait for banzai bill to shoot, jump on it, pick up the coin then kick the wall and jump to the next one to reach the top of the cannon.
8-2: Hit the orange switch on the right and swim up. Do not enter the mini tube, raise the water level by hitting the question mark on the left, swim upwards and jump over the barrels to the normal sized tube. In the next room, pick up the power up then position yourself in the middle between the fourth and fifth blocks from the right, hit the ground and you will get the first coin. Exit the pipe on the right and hit the switch in the next area, to get the coin bounce on one of the two skimmers when the water is at the highest level, Enter the short pipe on the right, the final room contains a star coin in the upper right corner. Hit the switch to raise the water level, go up and exit to the left and enter the pipe to complete the level.
8-T : Immediately at the beginning there is the first coin, jump on the second slab when it moves left to pick it up, continue up to the giant slab that moves up to the wall, just above there is a very thin one, drop down and let yourself be pushed under the spikes To the right. Jump up and go left to the slab with the spikes above it, jump and crouch to be led to the left. Jump to the other side and pick up the coin and let the thin slab push you to the right. The last star is above the door, run and jump up and left from the doors to reveal two invisible blocks. Kick the wall at the top and reach the coin. Hit Bowjer jr. with the turtle shell or with fireballs to eliminate it.
8-3: There are no star coins until halfway level, at which point swim up and collect the power up then cross the thin floor. Escape the eel and use the tubes that shoot bubbles to gain space, hit the P and collect the silver coins, go down to the bottom and collect the first coin behind a rock. Soon after, go back up and break the bricks to collect the second star coin. Stay in the middle of the level until you see the third coin under the bricks and behind the wall, collect it as fast as possible to avoid the eel. Exit the green or red tube, the latter ensures a better position than the flag but is more difficult to reach.
8-4: Jump on the spiders to get the first coin, immediately after you will find the half level and a power up, pass the floating platforms to get the second one and continue. You need a mini mushroom for the third coin, go forward the raised rock in front of the flag, use the mushroom and return to the mini pipe. In the bonus room, pick up the starman from the question mark then run right and pick up a second one, jump into the small tunnel on the ceiling and run through the mini goombas to collect the star. Go back to the main part of the level through the same pipe and avoid the spiders until you reach the flag.
8-Boss : Hit the red block, it will change the position of the platforms by moving them to different rails. Grab the first coin, go through it and use the block to change rails. Hit it again to make a platform appear on the N-shaped rail, climb up and jump to the highest platform of the three just ahead. As soon as the platform changes direction after collecting the coin jump onto the platform with the red block but don't hit it. The next platform will be on the lower rail, climb it and jump on the rope to the mid-level point. Continue and climb to the platform just before the exit, crouch then jump to the three rotating platforms to the right. The third coin is at the end, wait until the third rotates vertically out of the lava enough to jump on it and collect the coin. Climb on the platform and go back to the door, jump across the thin floor and enter. First Bowser will throw three bones at you then he will move forward firing a fireball and after dodging it, stay very close to him because he will jump up, run under him and eliminate the bridge with the button on the right.
8-5: Don't stay too close to the rocks or you will eat magma. The first Coin Star is on a ledge. Secondly, throw a turtle shell inside. The third is after a series of rocks floating on the lava. Jump. Next is the pipe for the second level. Above the red pipe is a hidden block of coins and you will have a life.
8-6: For the first Star Coin, enter the first tube you see. It's a cannon that will shoot you at the top, go left. After there are springs, when you see the second Star Coin jump onto one, turn left and drop to the ground. Jump to avoid the lava, left and onto the next spring. The third Star Coin is to the right of the pipe and there is a small passage separating left and right where only little Mario can pass. After to the left and into the cannon. For the flag go left and jump from the top left by pressing right the whole time.
8-7: The first Star Coin is underneath the plump Sledge Bross, one that moves the ground when it jumps and leaves you motionless if you are on the ground. The best technique is to use the fireballs from the ledge on the left then run and get the Star Coin. Kill the Fire Brothers and Booomerang Bross to access the path to the second Star Coin. The third is immediately after. Slede Bross can break bricks with a hammer but you can fight him using ground punch, remember to let the key down after knocking down the first row of bricks or you will die.
8-8: For the first Star Coin, jump to the first row of bricks and reach the top. For the second you have to be little Mario. Keep going until you see a mini tube. Kill all the enemies and wait for the rocks to form a hole you can pass through, then transform into Mini Mario and enter, find the Star Coin. The third Star Coin is embedded in blocks of coins. The last estacle in the world is a rock bridge. if you are Mini Mario hit the first question mark before the rocks of the volcano do and take the mushroom. Run away quickly without falling into the holes.
8-T2: You need to ride another moving platform and grab the first Star Coin when it passes the way, then jump to the ledge. After a red ring there is a power-up for the second Star Coin. The third is where it was before, jump and go back.
8-Final: Run, pass the fireballs and enter the door of the second room. The ? turn the room 180 degrees, enter the new door. The bursts of fire are regular, avoid them. To the right, in the next door, you will find a giant Thwomp. Go through it and hit the second brick to reveal the? Switch. Use the power-up, jump and hit the switch and leave the door on the left to go back to the previous room. Go left, at the end there is another switch?, You will need it for the second Star Coin. After hitting it go right and up where the path forks. Go to the next room, up and to the right. Drop into the hole and grab the power-up above the wall then hit bricks until you find the switch? When the room rotates, go up to the top left for the Star Coin, then right to the door. If you hit the switch? than before, there will be a platform on your left. Without it, you won't be able to go upstairs and get the second Star Coin. Proceed to the door above. Take the power-up and take the right room, you recognize it because it does not buzz but pings at high frequency. When you see the fire jump and stay up until the next ping. Then jump halfway down and run. For the third Star Coin you must be at least Super Mario. Punch to the ground at the bricks in front then on the ledge in the upper right. Run left and crouch down to where the coin is then jump and continue left towards the giant door. Bowser jr. he throws his father's bones into a cauldron and he will have the father reborn. First take care of the child using the tortoise shell technique three times. While the father throws the fireballs wait for him to jump, run under him and hit the switch and you have brought peace to the Mushroom Kingdom.

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