The complete solution of Vampire: The Masquerade - Redemption

Please note:

The solution is based on the American version of the game, so there may be differences for the Spanish version.


PRAGUE: 1.1 That night in the convent

As soon as you regain knowledge you will have to immediately face two enemies, the Szlachta, but don't worry they are not very strong, you should get rid of them with three slashes. Killed the enemies you will collapse again. When you wake up, you will find Anezka in front of you; tell her that you are going to find the monsters that frightened her the next day.

1.2 The old city

Your goal is to go to the mines and kill everything that moves, but first get familiar with your new resting place, here you can save and stay a little quiet. When you are ready, talk to Anezka, then go out. Once outside, head to the Church and talk to the Archbishop. So go out and talk to the Knights of St John. Explore the city and memorize where the blacksmith, university and convent are located, they will come in handy later. Go to the tavern and talk to the manager, then get the healing medicine. Go around the tavern to find the blacksmith, talk to him who will give you some useful advice. You will have to choose whether to buy a shield or keep the money. Exit go straight and head towards the alley of gold, once there go to the Unorma shop. Talk to her and check her merchandise, it's all very expensive. Locate the eastern door, go there and talk to the old man, go out and talk to the guards, then enter the mine. Find the torch and head back to the convent to save your game, if something goes wrong, you won't have to put up with this whole thing again. Remember that if you want to heal your wounds, just talk to Anezka.

1.3 The silver mines

Think of this level as training. Equip the torch in the left hand and the sword in the right and try to recover as many objects as possible. Follow the path until you hear a scream, it's time to face a Szlachta again, but this time he can use a spell which makes him dangerous. Hit him, then run away, repeat the procedure until you get the better of him. Examine the body and get the medicine, continue to see another Szlachta feeding on a horse, kill him. Explore the mine, but there isn't much to find. Soon you will have to face a new type of monsters, rats so to speak special, fortunately they too are not very strong but be careful because they can surround you very quickly. Continue through the second level until you reach a stream that you cannot cross, enter the wooden building and click on the switch to activate the wheel, then get ready for the fight with the mini-boss of this level. The guy is strong, but the strategy doesn't change, hit and walk away. Beware of his special attack that will throw you into the air, if that happens be ready to hit him immediately with the sword. At the third level, collect everything you find on the street. Put the holy water in slots one and two and cure the rest. Continue until you get to the Cathedral where you will have to deal with Azhra the undead. Use holy water and if it doesn't die slice it well, then get the money back near her throne. Go back, you will be thanked by the Knights of St. John, go to the Cathedral to talk to Gaza, then go out and head to the tavern, talk to the manager and take the elixir. Talk to Anezka and save.

1.4 Nighttime

Direction blacksmith, kill the rats that infest the area, upgrade your equipment. Then go to the Magic Shop and sell any medicines and elixirs you have left over if you're short on cash. You have to patrol the streets of the convent and near the tavern. After killing some enemies, go back to the convent to find some Acolytes talking to each other, they were waiting for you. Throw yourself at them and finish them off, then enjoy the long cutscene.

1.5 The university

Now you are reborn, you are vampires and as such you can enjoy killing people by sucking their blood. You are also able to kill the Knights of St. John and other civilians, but be careful because each kill will cost you 5 to 10 humanity points, and too low a humanity level will prevent you from finishing the game (to see the end there at least 75 humanity points will be needed). Also, if your level drops to zero you will lose control over the character. If you kill some innocent while you are feeding on them you will lose points, which will not happen if you accidentally kill an enemy while you are sucking blood. Also pay attention to the character's frenzy level because when this reaches 100, our hero will lose control and attack everyone including allies. Get to know your new adventure companion Wilhelm, you will be immediately entrusted with a mission; you will have to go to the Colle Petrin monastery to retrieve a fragment of the Book of Nod. Once ready, go to the Monastery, you will find some monks that you can eat. When you are full, go inside, but first equip the neck guards that will prevent other vampires from sucking your blood and even your own companions can do it when they are in frenzy mode.

1.6 The Monastery

In the monastery you will get to know many nice monsters who will try to make you skin. Some you have already met them like the ghost mice, others are new like the Cappadocii, the Zombu the archer skeletons and others that I leave you the pleasure of discovering. Follow the path and hear what Wilhem has to say. Ignore the monks as killing them will drop your humanity level and get ready to face the first two Cossos. Kill them and click on the door to proceed, even here as soon as you enter you will have to face other enemies, make a clean sweep. Advance to the next area, more Capos await you and also a skeleton archer. Remember that you can't use skeletons to feed yourself because they are notorious for having no blood, so leave poor Hood for last in case you need fresh blood. A little further on, two rooms that you cannot enter at the moment, go to the open one, kill the rats and the capes, then collect the money. Pay attention to the corpse that will attack you, then bring your attention to the switch near the wall, click on it to discover the next area. Enter the new area, kill the enemies and press the lever, then go back and go down the stairs, then listen to what Wilhem has to tell you. There are a few enemies in the room that you need to take care of, then go left, until you get to the bridge, watch out for the enemy with the crossbow. Go ahead, you will be attacked by two ghouls, kill them and Wilhem will talk to you again. After listening to it, pay attention to the numerous enemies that await you, you will find two cappos, two skeletons (one of which armed with a bow) and the usual two rats, treat them properly. Watch out for the sand, the cappos come out of there. After cleaning up, click on the door to open it, a hood is waiting for you, fix it, go left and kill the skeleton. If you have a high level of dexterity, sometimes you will even be able to decapitate the skeleton. By moving the camera you will be able to identify enemies, precisely two cappos near the stairs and a topastro, also pay attention to the chest from there another cap will attack you. In the next room you will find in addition to the usual enemies also an important gold ring (+15 APP) near the altar. Go up the stairs and listen to what Wilhem has to tell you, once you are done kill the hood on the right. Go ahead, face two zombies and five cappadocii, hit the switch and go back. Go down the ramp and click to open the door. The usual enemies await you, but there is also a door for level 3, do not enter it yet. Turn around and spot the zombie near the altar, kill him and flip the switch. Collect the gold and enter the secret room to the left of the level 3 door. Inside the secret room, apart from the enemies you will find a new weapon the "Femur of Elder Tzimisce" very useful to defeat the boss, gold, a life and a spell, clean up of course, after which you go up to the level 3. You will be immediately confronted by three rats and a hood, on the right you will find the room of Mercury, but it is closed and guarded by a skeleton. Open the door, kill the enemies and don't touch the chest because it contains a trap. Go up the stairs, and advance to the next room. Once everyone is settled, advance to the column near the two gold pockets. There is a switch on the floor quite hidden, find it and click on it it will open another secret room. Enter it and arrange the enemies until you collect the bone key. Go back to Garinol's room and enter it. You will find the Cappadocian Diary and the "Lamia Skull", clear the room by killing the enemies. Read the newspaper, talk and collect the skull and go back to the room of Mercury where you will have to face him. The boss is really strong, equip Christof with the femur and have Wilhem use the "Claws of the Beast" and Toughness, then Send Wilhelm against Mercury and while the two are engaged in the fight, get behind the Cappadocio. Use Power and with a few hits of the Femur you should be right of the bastard. If instead Mercury were to use "Wind of Death" repeatedly, exit the room and return to the previous level, then return to where you left it, you should find it more likely to die. Once the boss is fixed, collect the fragment and read what it says, then open the chest to find an armor.

1.7 Hunting for the Golem

Head to the northern neighborhoods and talk to Mendel, the rabbi. Get ready to face the Golem, keep in mind that it has 300 HP points. To get over him quickly turn around and attack him when he is distracted. Once dead, collect the Shem, a parchment to take to Mendel, who will tell you that the Shem must be delivered to Garinol, head of the Prague Cappadocii. Go back to the monastery and talk to Garinol, a new ally will join the group, it is Serena. As a cappadocia you have access to very powerful attacks that will come in handy on more than one occasion. Don't underestimate her. Go back to Ecaterina then go to rest in your shelter and save.

1.8 The Josef tunnels

Unfortunately, during the day Christof will have strange premonitory dreams about the future of the pretty Anezka. Having regained control, go back to Ecaterina who will take you to the prince of prague. Obviously you can never rest assured and the reigning Ventrue, sensing your weakness, will give you a new mission to accomplish in exchange for information on Anezka. You will need to retrieve a sacred relic found in the Cathedral Crypt. To do this, however, you will have to go underground through dangerous tunnels. Head to where you fought the Golem to find the cemetery door a little further on. Proceeding along the tombstones you will find a small road that continues underground, and a little further on you will meet Josef the Nosferatu. The ugly guy wants a cup of the blood of an Elder to let you pass through his tunnels, go back to Ecaterina and get the blood, strangely you will find it ready. tunnel. These places are populated with rats and Nosferatu who will try to kill you, so before facing them, equip yourself well. Be careful because Nosferatu can make themselves invisible and summon rats. The first two levels, however, are quite simple, just be careful to collect the numerous objects left by the various enemies. At the third level you will have to face a puzzle, a labyrinth. To easily overcome the labyrinth you will have to read the various metal plates that are found at each crossroads; in fact they tell of the birth of the lineage of Cain and following in an orderly way the various indications you should not have difficulty in entering the right door from time to time. After clearing the maze, you will find yourself facing the boss of this level, the Spirit of King Vaclav. Being a ghost he is immune to normal weapons, to easily get over him use Power and Protean. After you are right about him, collect the gold and go up the stairs to find the Relic you need. Go back to the unpleasant prince to give him what he asked for.

1.9 Ardan the alchemist

Head towards the alley of gold, to face your new mission you must in fact go to the alchemist's shop. Enter the small shop and go down the stairs at the end of the room, if everything seems quiet you are wrong, get ready to face new memics, the hateful Tremere who also have elementals and homunculi at their service. It is important to note the circles on the ground with magical fire, when you find them enter them to receive a reward and if you are lucky you will find blood stones or blood pearls (they are an excellent reserve of energy), otherwise you will have to face a enemy, it's still worth a try. The first two levels as usual are very simple to deal with, just pay attention to the numerous Tremere as mentioned, and collect the various treasures from the chests. Keep your party together and advance to the third level. As soon as you go down the stairs you will have to face two Tremere and 12 homunculi so be very careful, then defeated these you will also have to deal with a Gargoyle. After making a clean sweep go and free Erik who is chained, listen to his story and eventually he too will join your party. Erik is a great buy, arm him heavily and he'll become one of your favorite characters, at least for the moment. The fourth level consists precisely in facing Ardan. Like all tremere he has many spells at his disposal but if you attack him with three characters at the same time he won't take long to die. Unfortunately you will discover that Anezka has been taken to Vienna. Once you kill Ardan you will be automatically teleported near the university, go back to Ecaterina immediately and talk to her. Even if she is against your trip, you will have to convince her that saving Anezka is important to you. After a long dialogue you will finally be able to leave for Vienna. Exit the university and head left, you should see the gate that will lead you directly to your destination.


VIENNA: 2.1 A new beginning

As soon as you arrive, head towards the deconsecrated church, look for the switch, use it and you will have your new refuge as long as you stay in Vienna. You can rest or collect items. The structure of Vienna is in concentric rings, full of passages all connected to each other. Try not to attack passersby, otherwise you will be harassed by the guards for the duration of your stay in the city. First, go out and explore the area in search of some typical local shop, such as the Order of Hermes or why not even the simple armory. Once you have made your purchases (constantly improving your party is essential), go to the Eastern Ringstrasse and look for the entrance to the "Green Frog Tavern". Enter and talk to one of the three ladies to be invited to Count Orsi's party to be held at their Sire's home. Then reach the Count's residence which is located on the opposite side of the city, in the Western Ringstrasse. Impossible not to notice the imposing construction. Take a look around to see how few people are there, only two apart from the three girls. Talk to one of the three again and the Count will make her appearance to obviously entrust you with a mission; you will have to kill the Lasombra Luther the Black in exchange for information on Anezka. Before embarking on this enterprise, however, go back to the refuge, refresh yourselves, get ready and save because for some time it will not be possible to do so.

2.2 Luther the Black

It is time to move towards the next goal; head to Inner Stradt and enter the only open window. After a short climb of the roofs, enter through the Astrological Clock inside the Cathedral of Santo Stefano. Be careful because as soon as you enter the sun will rise, which has always been the enemy of vampires and therefore also your enemy. In addition, you will have to face ghouls who are immune to the sun. To cross any areas in the sun, however, use Speed ​​or Strength, otherwise you will have a bad end. The first level is nothing difficult, just a few enemies to kill, and the usual items to collect. Only at the end you will find a puzzle with three levers to move to access the second level, move them in this order first the one in the center, then the left and finally the one on the right and you will see the door open. The second level does not present particular difficulties, only that you will really face several ghouls so be careful not to get surrounded, under penalty of a premature end. Advance always paying attention to the sun until you arrive in a particular room surrounded by mirrors, simply look at the mirror in front of you to notice a reflected wall with highlighted buttons to press, do it and you will have access to the third level. The third level is full of fierce enemies, but soon you will arrive in Luther the Black's room. In fact, up the stairs you will be confronted by two ghouls, after them you will find our friend's room. But a surprise awaits you; Luther rests on a silver cross and insistently asks to be killed! Obviously the choice is yours, you can either kill him or refuse to do it. If you don't kill him you will gain humanity, so if you have a low level of humanity, not killing him might be a good move. But be careful, because in this case Luther will open the roof by himself and be burned by the sun, so be ready to avoid the sun's rays. If, on the other hand, you want to put an end to his suffering, go up to the attic above and place two of your characters near the two levers, you will have to pull them together in order to make the Lasombra burn in the sun. Gather your group and get out of there, an unwelcome surprise awaits you in fact you will meet Count Orsi who as a just reward for your work will imprison you in the Base of the Teutonic Knights, the traitor has in fact decided to sell you as slaves.

2.3 The base of the Knights

Without being able to utter a word you will find yourself locked up in a cell; never mind, in fact, here you will find what is probably the most powerful weapon in the game, the Ainkurn sword. The guards are tough, and they won't get killed easily, so the ideal would be to have a good supply of blood with you and rely on your teammates as well; Serena for example using Mortis will help you a lot. Now, however, it is time to make Count Orsi pay the traitor. You will find yourself directly at the third level and to exit the fortress you will have to go up to the first, the enemies you will meet during your journey are the Teutonic Knights who are protected by an armor that prevents you from sucking their blood, moreover you must also keep I realize that Serena's firestorm doesn't kill them in one hit but simply weakens them. The weak point of the Knights, however, is their extreme slowness; use it in your favor to behead them mercilessly. Fortunately, this third level is also populated by some Tremere to which you can suck the blood to restore your Vitae; also collect various items in chests and barrels. At level two, the only thing to report is the clash with the Captain of the Teutonic Knights, but even here Speed ​​and Power will be enough to quickly get over him and after killing him finally pick up the famous sword. At the first level, faced with the usual mob of enemies, locate the exit and you will finally be free. Head to the magic shop and talk to Ormus who will direct you to the Haus de Hexe, a place where the Tremere reside. The place is located outside the city proper, to reach it go towards the Southern Ringstrasse, and when you arrive at the Haus you will notice it given the beauty of the place. Before venturing inside, however, go back to your refuge, rest, buy everything you need, save and when ready, return to the Tremere Chapel.

2.4 House de witch

Among the many types of vampires, the Tremere are certainly the most annoying ones; they are difficult to kill and also have powerful spells. However, as you have discovered, they are the ones who manage the slave trade, so you just have to face them. The purpose of the mission in the chapel is to save Anezka and to do this you will first have to try to get information from Etrius, the regent of the Vienna Chapel. His room, however, is protected by a magical seal and the only way to dissolve that seal is to recover the three hidden pieces from the Haus de Hexe, each one in one of the three rooms on the ground floor. The important thing is that every time you retrieve a piece of the seal you enter the teleporter located at the end of the room, you will in fact be taken directly in front of Etrius' room where the seal is located. However, the company will not be the simplest, given the power of the enemies you will face, in fact the Tremere dressed in green deserve particular attention, the "electric" ones to understand. Retrieve the three pieces of the seal you will finally gain access to the room of Etrius, which apparently seems empty. The best strategy is to go back to the shelter to save and refuel or buy the necessary, also remember to strip Erik of everything he has on, why it will soon be clear to you. When ready, return to Etrius's room, the mighty Tremere awaits you. Enter, pick up the book you find at the entrance and Etrius will make his entrance on the scene. Obviously he will try in every way to intimidate you, do not be impressed by his words, answer him in kind. After turning Erik into a Gargoyle, the fight begins. Use if you can the "ice prison" is useful on both Erik-Garguglia and Etrius. Heal often, and focus your attacks on Erik first. Once you have settled it, launch yourself towards the Tremere and if necessary also use Potenza. After having dealt him a lot of blows, the cunning vampire will change his strategy (if you can't kill them, make them friends) and will tell you that Anezka is in Prague in Visherad Castle, so pack your bags and go back to Prague!


3.1 Return to Prague, the old city

As soon as you return to Prague, head near the university and talk to Ecaterina, then as usual buy everything you need at the Unorma shop and once you have refueled, save. When you are ready, head to Visherad Castle, home of the Tzimisce. Tzimisce are tough enemies, they often use Power and also summon Szlachta. They are also able to use spells that amplify damage, and can quickly drive your character into a "frenzy" so pay close attention to them. A good strategy here would be to use Christof alone, arming him to the teeth (with the Ainkurn sword) so that if you get hit and go into a "frenzy" you won't harm any of your party members. Attention also to the warrior ghouls, you have already faced them and they are able with one shot to throw you into the air and greatly increase your level of frenzy. Once you enter the castle you will be immediately attacked by three Tzimisce, arrange them, go left to read important information then go right. Proceed to level three, here you will be immediately confronted by two Tzimisce and one Szlachta, arrange them and head left near the stairs to face three more Tzimisce. Once killed, stop to restore your health, a confrontation with a Vozhd of slightly disturbing proportions awaits you. It is very powerful and can even eat your companions, if you have the firestorm at level five do not hesitate to use it, in about seven hits you should be right of him. Now before you do anything, pick up anything and give it to Christof, then save. Enjoy the cut-scene, London is waiting for you!


LONDON: 4.1 Leopoldo Society

After watching the cut-scene you will be ready to enjoy London and its "Modern Nights". A few things have changed; First of all you do not know what happened to the members of your medieval coterie and as if that were not enough your personal effects are scattered all over the place. Ainkurn's sword should also be nearby, among other things in this era it will probably be even more useful than before, finally notice how you no longer have money on you but never mind. Another novelty are the weapons that clearly need adequate ammunition to work, however the weapons are not as deadly as one might imagine, we might as well deploy some healthy blows. In one way or another you ended up in Leopoldo's Society, the largest society of inquisitors in the world, and of course they decided to kill you. However, the first levels are nothing difficult, the enemies will not oppose you much resistance and more than anything else you will be able to become familiar with the new world that surrounds you. Two types of enemies that you will face immediately, the workers and the soldiers (those dressed in red) who are more dangerous as they are better armed. Soon you will arrive at level one, on the surface and when you reach a bookcase you will notice a book that you can press. You will find yourself facing Father Leo the boss of this level, using the sword of Ainkurn and True Faith he too will offer very little resistance. If you need to recover humanity there is a way to quickly end the battle; click on the strange apparatus to the right of Father Leo and Christof will climb on it.

4.2 West London

After having settled Leopold's Society and its inquisitors, go out to enjoy (so to speak) the London of today. Obviously, the fog and bad weather could not be missing but this is part of its charm, isn't it? After a few steps you should run into a guy who is demanding your money, enjoy the scene and after wearing something more modern, head to West London and look for the Tenebrae Club. Once in the club talk to Pink, and after a short discussion the nice guy will become your new travel companion. Go back to the streets and reach East London, you will have to look for Otto's van, in fact there is your new refuge for this era nearby, go there and save your game. Good Pink will explain the current situation to you, and he will tell you that you can buy everything you need in a shop near the port. You can safely equip both Pink and Christof and explore the area a bit. After wandering around for a while you will find that the only place where you can get some useful information is the Bordello which is in East London, so when you are ready this is where you will have to go. Once you arrive on the spot you will realize how lucky you have been; the brothel is in fact a perfect place to refuel, there are many people that you can "use" for your purposes. Inside the building you will meet Lily and after telling us about her you will offer to help her by going to speak with Lucretia, owner of the Brothel and head of the Setites. After Lily joins you too, go back to the shelter, equip her and save your game. Go back to the Brothel, you will have to penetrate inside the Temple of Set by pulling a lever that hides the entrance.

4.3 The Setite Temple

The setites are a group of Egyptian vampires, with them it is almost useless to use weapons so avoid equipping them, you run the risk of wasting ammunition. The Setite temple consists of four levels, at the end of which you will finally meet Lucretia. The first of the levels is very short; as soon as you enter you will be confronted by two Setites, take them out advanced kill three more and press the switch. Go on up to the second level. The advice is to explore the temple as much as possible in search of boxes and the usual switches to press. The only point to be addressed with some attention in the second level is the wooden bridge, however, it will be enough to avoid the fire that comes from the walls to escape unscathed from this trap. Quickly get through level three, just a few enemies to take down, business as usual. At level four you will finally meet Lucretia, and the dialogue will immediately take a turn for the worse. Of course, assert your reasons and tell the boss why you came; you want to help Lily and you also want information. Obviously you will have to beat Lucretia in a duel, too bad she can not die definitively, the sly has in fact hidden her heart elsewhere, and therefore your next mission will be precisely to find the heart of the vampire who is in the Tower of London, your next one. destination, but first go back to your shelter, refuel everything that can be useful, rest and save.

4.4 The Tower of London

The Tower is located just behind your refuge, to reach it continue over the bridge and you will find the entrance. The tower is a very difficult level, populated by monsters of all kinds such as small and large spiders and very annoying ghosts that you can damage only with the use of offensive disciplines. Pay attention to the spiders, the big ones in fact hide between the walls, the small ones come out of the eggs as soon as you approach, also their bite will poison you, but luckily they are not so resistant. During your journey you will also encounter very powerful ghosts, be careful not to underestimate them, they could put you in serious difficulty. However, open your way through the four levels that make up the tower, they are very short and populated with enemies, until you reach the very top where the heart of Lucretia is well guarded. Your next destination is again the brothel to supply blood and everything you need, however at the exit of the tower you will have to face an enemy so it is advisable to save first.

4.5 Back to the Temple of Set

Sell ​​all unused things to Otto before continuing. You will immediately continue from level four and soon you will have to face Lucretia again, thanks to your new conquest. Lucretia is a really tough enemy, in addition to stealing your blood she can also summon vipers, and she herself will transform into a giant viper. After you dump all your arsenal on her and take her out, she will lose her heart and it will be up to you to make the decision, which will influence the ending of the game; if you have followed the path of the good then by destroying the heart you will gain humanity. Made your choice, go back to your shelter. You will soon discover that you can find information on what you are looking for in New York, so you have to look for a ride to the big apple. Head to the port and look for the ship "Santa Magdalena", get on board, fix the first poor enemies and make yourself comfortable, we're off to NY!


NEW YORK: 5.1 The arrival in the Big Apple

The first thing you will notice once you arrive in NY is the great rap music; get off the ship and talk to agent Thorne who, believing you are informants, will give you some information that will be useful later on. Continuing you will meet a tramp who will tell you about strange and catastrophic events ignore her and go ahead, it's time to warm your hands a little further in fact you will come across three Nosferatu. After defeating them, you will make the acquaintance of a new character who will join your cause, Samuel the Nosferatu. Talk to Samuel to find out a lot of interesting things and after learning about the New York situation it will be clear to you that the only way to enter the Giovanni's den is to enter the FBI computer and steal the access codes to the den of the damned. vampires. Obviously there is a but; the computer is in the sewers and beyond that let alone if an old vampire like you knows what the computer is, but since there is a solution to everything Samuel obviously knows a hacker who can do for you. Continue a little further to find the stairs outside a building, climb them to find the apartment of Dev / Null our new hacker friend. Of course, his apartment will also be your refuge for your entire stay in New York. After a short discussion the good Dev / Null will tell you that to steal the codes he needs you to place a transmitter on the FBI PC. If you need to refuel you can click on the taxi, it will take you to a shop on the other side of town. I recommend that you also go to the nearby gun shop and buy as much as your money allows, in fact this is a very dangerous city populated by very hard-to-die enemies.

5.2 The Sewers

After arming your characters, click on the sewer manhole to enter. Inside the nice sewers ready to make your skin you will find ghost spiders, mice, alligators and of course the Nosferatu who, as always, will try to surprise you by making themselves invisible. As usual, the first two levels will see you busy with all the enemies, the advice is as always to carefully explore each room in search of interesting objects, in fact you can find powerful flamethrowers in the sewers. Pay attention to the high tension areas because they cause a lot of damage and immediately lead the character to a frenzy. When you reach the third level, things get a little complicated; the enemies are slightly more powerful and you will have to face some alligators that are not very dangerous, but they will become if you get bitten, their bite in fact will poison you. After transforming the reptiles into precious gift leather goods, advance to the fourth level, but not before returning to your refuge and having recharged yourself with all that is useful and obviously saved. As always, at the fourth level, the battle with the boss the Prince of Darkness awaits you. Any attempt to avoid physical confrontation will be useless so prepare your weapons, you fight! The Prince is not a very tough enemy, he will try to distract you by summoning rats which obviously he will not be able to. Fill it with blows and advance to finally find the FBI pc, place the Dev / Null transmitter. Take the elevator located near the computer to find yourself in nothing less than Manhattan, look for a taxi and hop on it to return to the port area and then to your Dev / Null shelter to get the coveted access codes.

5.3 The Giovanni refuge

Go back to where you met the tramp, the Giovanni's refuge is there. From here on, things get considerably complicated, the Giovanni are in fact the most powerful clan in the game as well as being Italian vampires. These are enemies armed to the teeth and also very resistant so before venturing into their territory, arm yourself and supply yourself fully. The first two levels flow quite smoothly, however, you just have to get rid of a lot of enemies. The only noteworthy meeting you will do with agent Thorne, the one you met as soon as you landed in New York, remember? Once you reach the third level you will immediately have to face seven johns. After defeating them, before advancing and talking to the boss, I recommend that you remove all equipment from Pink, why it will be clear to you in a moment. Enter to meet Alessandro Giovanni the boss. I don't want to spoil the surprise, at the end of the discussion he will still make his reappearance in the modern Wilhem era! Equip it fully because now your new goal is to take revenge on Count Orsi the scoundrel who had set a trap for you in Vienna.

5.4 South Barclay

Exit the Giovanni depot and take the cab, it will take you to downtown NY. Head to the South Barclay lobby, then talk to Fred to understand a little more and take the elevator up. Collect the bloody palette. Head outside, pop over to the New Moon to buy some useful items then head to the South Barclay warehouse. Watch the scene and get ready to fight two Ventrue that will attack you soon after. Once the enemies have been fixed, retrieve the painting and return to the shelter to save the game.

5.5 The bear factory

The Orsi factory is a beautiful place, no doubt about it, luckily at least the enemies are not that strong, and you have already faced most of them, in fact they are Ventrue, Tzimisce Szlachtas and ghosts. various. With your power you should be able to get to bear level four in no time. Take your righteous revenge, then ride the elevator down to run into Bears' three daughters. After talking to them you will discover the truth, the dreaded Vukodlak has awakened in the Cathedral of Flesh and that is where you are headed.

5.6 The Cathedral of Meat

To access the final location of the game, go back towards the center of New York, near the church you should see a torn wire mesh and near the ruins, look carefully to find a door that leads to the Cathedral. The Cathedral does not present very big difficulties, you will have to face ghosts and Tzimisce, only to access the next level you will have to face a Vozhd from time to time. Save often until you get to Vukodlak's presence. Everything that happens now depends on how you played and your level of humanity, the game in fact has multiple endings. The best option would be to arrive at the end with a medium level of humanity in order to have a dialogue with Vukodlak and then be able to choose one of the three conclusions of this beautiful game.

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