The Complete Walkthrough of Silent Hill 4: The Room

Please note:

The solution is based on the American version of the game, so there may be differences for the Spanish version.

General advice

So, here are some tips to follow to live happier (so to speak) in the fantastic room of Silent Hill 4:
- Explore all the rooms without forgetting even the most hidden corners.
- Avoid fighting unnecessarily (for example against ghosts or some swarms of wasps. If you can dodge the fights so as not to lose too much energy.
- In the second part of the game, you will no longer be able to heal yourself in your apartment. It would be appropriate to keep as many medkits as possible in the first part, just to recharge you can use the apartment.
- Absolutely do not waste sacred candles! You will need them at the end of the game.
- Go back often to your little house to deposit the useless objects that you carry with you in the box, also because you cannot abandon them.


Examine your bedroom. Go to the other room. Examine the wall on the small desk. Explore the room again until a cutscene starts. You are back in your room. Look out the window. Go back to the other room. Read the note under the bookcase. Enter the bathroom and examine everything. Go back to the main room, open the refrigerator. There's some chocolate and a bottle of wine. The chocolate will serve you later. Go to the front door. After the cutscene and after the loud noise, go to the bathroom. Take the tube from the hole. Go through the hole and get to the bottom.

The Metropolitan

Walk up to the woman. After the cutscene, continue along the same road until you pass the bathrooms. After the cutscene, kill the dogs with the hose. Remember to crush them with your heel when you have them stretched out. Otherwise they will soon return to the charge. Enter both bathrooms. There is a hole in the women's bathroom. Continue to the main corridor. Kill the enemies and remember the revolving gate. Go back to the ladies room and slip into the hole. The table with the face on it is out of place. Examine it, take the gun, read the note and examine the hole. After the cutscene you will hear the phone ring. Go and answer. Go back to the hall. Look through the hole in the front door. Return to the hole in the bathroom and enter it. You will return to the last hole you came back from (this will be the case throughout the game). Return to the corridor and take the coin from the statue. Go to the revolving gate leading to the Lynch Street line and use the coin on it to pass. After the filmed sequence, go on dodging the ghosts (you can't kill them anyway and make them pass out it's not convenient that they recover too quickly). Cynthia is practically imprisoned on the train. Examine the vending machine. It says "18" on it. Go to the head car of the train. Press the red button on the right. Go back to Cynthia. Enter the carriage where Cynthia was trapped. Examine the toy box. Get to the other side of the train by moving between the wagons. You are now on the other platform. Walk to the hole. Come in if you need treatment. Go down the stairs. Go ahead to the closed door. Examine it to open it. Go back and take the fork you went through before. Get to the end. Take care of the dogs. Pick up the 9 iron (it's a golf club). Notice that a lever is missing from the control room. Go back to your apartment. Examine the various changes and regain energy. Go back into the hole. Get on the elevator. After the many enemies are eliminated, take the stairs and, after the cutscene, examine the plate on the door. Enter the door and remember the number you will see. You are back in your room. Examine the window for another filmed sequence. Examine the changes in the apartment as usual. Take the milk chocolate and place the plate in the box. Go to the bathroom and slip into the hole.

The forest

Notice the well on the right. Don't worry about the writings you will find around, you can't read them for now. In the area with the hole (remember this) go to the door at the end. You will get to know the nice wasps. Kill them and kill the ones in the next room. Examine the machine to read two notes. Go to the next room. Talk to the guy, kill the enemies in the next rooms. Read the note on the door then enter it. There are three doors that lead to as many paths. You will have to explore them all. Let's proceed clockwise. In the first path you will have to notice the trees with the roots in the shape of hands, the hole in the last area and the iron 6. Go back when you have explored everything. In the second path you will find a little boy with whom you will have to talk, a violated tomb on which you will have to read a number and a closed door. Go back. In the third path you will find a view of the Toluca lake (pay attention to it) a hole in the wall. Go back. You'll find the guy you talked to at the beginning of the Forest. He will tell you that he is thirsty. Give him the chocolate. He will give you a spade. Read the writing on the spade. Go to the trees with the roots in the shape of hands. Use the spade on the roots. You will get a key that does not allow you to enter the house. Do not worry. Go to the hole in this same area. Back in your room, put the key in the chest. Go back to the hole. Enter the house and enter the hole in it. Take the key from the chest. Go back into the hole and now you have the key inside the house! Open the closed door. Go right and read the note in the library and examine the broken lock. Now go left. Read the diary. The door is now open. Take the plate above it and enter. A filmed sequence will start. Write down the number. You have returned to your apartment. The intercom rings. Go to the front door for a cutscene. When you have done all the normal duties, go back to the hole in the bathroom.

The prison

Welcome to the circular prison! Examine the rooms on this floor to read three notes, collect some ammo, and kill some monsters. Exit through the only door in the corridor leading out. There are two doors and a hole in this spot. The door on the left is closed. Take the other. Get to the end of the corridor avoiding the monsters that come out of the wall. Go around the new room. Enter the door and examine the broken generator. Exit and go back to the other room. Kill the annoying wasps. Examine the sign for a key that opens the locked door in the hole room at the top of the stairs. Go there. You are now outside. Go to the second floor of the circular prison. Examine all the cells to find a diary and note on the wall. Gunpowder is useless, so leave it alone. Exit the floor. Go up to the third floor. Enter and examine the new circular rooms. Don't jump into the holes in the floor but remember where they are. Take out the new enemy (the two-headed brute). Take note of the room with the hole in the floor where there is also a bloody bed. Find the two notes, grab some ammo and head back outside. Keep going up. At the top of the building you will find a locked door with a strange symbol on it and a knob. Turn it to power the building. Go back to the third floor. Read the two new notes found in the now open rooms. Time to jump into a hole. Open the map. Compare the third floor with the other floors. Notice which hole corresponds to the only closed door on the first floor. Jump inside to get to the base. You are in the room with the showers. Exit, unlock the door that leads to the corridor with the stairs you passed previously, go back inside and go up the stairs. You have to line up the rooms with the bloody beds. Look in the portholes and locate them all. Line up the rooms on the second and third floors with that on the first. Go back to the third floor of the circular prison. Throw yourself in the hole corresponding to the still unexplored part of the floor (look at the map to find out which one it is). You have arrived at the kitchen. Unlock the door. Take the plate, examine the door, use the combination found on the third floor. If you're told it's too dark, you probably haven't lined up the bloody beds correctly. Do it. Back in the apartment, recharge and arrange your stuff. Go back to the usual hole.

The mall

You will start in a corridor. Continue killing the new enemies until the ghost impaled with the sword. He takes the key from his hand and then the sword. Use the key to exit the room. Go up the stairs. Look for the baseball bat at the sporting goods store (it's a great weapon). Go to the pet shop. Kill dogs and wasps. Take the key from the shelf next to "Food and Accessories". Exit, go down the stairs. Examine the room. Go back to the sporting goods store. Use the key with the door closed. Go ahead to the elevator. Go to the top floor. Avoid the ghosts. Take the spade and the other sword. Return to the elevator. Go back to the basement. Follow the corridor to the stairs. Go up. Take the "U" corridor and continue to the end as the doors are all closed. Enter the last door. Go down the stairs, go to the corner door. Take the stairs until you get to the ax on the coffee table. Read the note at the bar. To find the answer to the question, you have to go back to your apartment. Use the hole. Look through the keyhole to read the strange message. Look at the sign outside the window. Remember the last 4 digits. Go back to the bar and use them to open the door. Obviously enter it. Go up the stairs avoiding the ghosts. Take the plate on the door. Come in. A movie will play. Make a note of the number. You have returned to your apartment. Listen to the radio. Look out the window. In short: look at all the news as you usually do. When you are done go back to your beloved hole in the bathroom and enter it.

The flats

You are in your condominium. Outside your room. We will only describe the rooms where there are elements that make the adventure continue. You, however, explore them all. Enter room 301. Read the diary and grab the red paper by looking through the pornographic material. Enter the other room. Take the two keys with the red photo and read the newspaper. Go back to the corridor. Place the piece of red paper under room 302 (yours). Leave the corridor. On the stairs you will meet a man. Don't take the doll he offers you. At the end of the stairs, open the letterbox with the appropriate key. Take the corridor to the east. Open room 105. Take the keys to the apartment and the two pieces of red paper. Read the note. Go read the diary located in the bedroom. Go out. Go to room 106. Examine the phone and dial the number written on it. Go to the east wing of the ground floor. In room 102, open the refrigerator and examine its contents for more red paper. If you want, you can go back to room 302 to leave the other pieces of red paper under the door. In room 101, read the note in the bookcase. Go to the second floor in the west wing. In room 205, examine the box on the table. Go to the east wing. In room 203, examine the bloodstained shirt to find another sheet of red paper. In room 202 you answer the phone and look at the various paintings (interesting, right?). Go to the third floor carefully avoiding taking the doll on the stairs which alone causes problems. Note that the key to room 303 is missing and that your room is always well locked. Put the last few pieces of red paper under the door and enter the hole in the first room you visited. In your apartment, read all the pieces of red paper under the door. The key to room 303 has appeared in your bedroom (located between the bed and the window). Go through the hole, open it and watch the filmed sequence noting the usual number. You will find yourself in your apartment. Take yet another note under the door and the talisman near it. Do the usual things. Look out the window. And go to the bathroom for ... nothing, the hole is gone. Go to the room with the washing machine. Look at the symbol that is right on the washing machine. Use the talisman on it. Three cavities will appear in the wall very similar to the plates you collected. Guess what you need to do? Go get the plates and use them in the following order: the orange plate at the top, the purple plate at the bottom, the pink one on the left and the yellow one on the right. Ta dan! Here is a nice new hole ready to use! Enter it!

The hospital

Dealing with wasps just starting a level is certainly not a pleasure. Take them out. Go back to the place where you awakened. You will meet the nurses. I'm not quite like Candy Candy apparently. Return to the main hall. Head north for a cutscene. Go to the office past the emergency room. Take the paper cutter from the desk. Enter the other door to find yourself in the reception. Look at the screen. Read the note on the desk in front of this. Exit using the other door. Go to the warehouse and get the cruet. If you want to explore the other rooms to find some useful items. Go back to the main hall. Enter the door next to the elevator and go up the stairs. When you get to the second floor, call the elevator. Watch out for wheelchairs trying to take you out and get ready for the next section where the rooms are ... random. Given the impossibility of giving precise indications, we limit ourselves to telling you what you absolutely must look for in the rooms: a key that opens the only closed room where you will find your new adventure companion. For the rest, pay attention to a particular room (really hilarious) and examine the others for bullets, medical kits and other useful items. Go back to the main room avoiding your friend being killed. Go to the hole in the laundry room and go back to the apartment. Here you will notice four changes: your friend is not following you, your fan has collapsed, there are three notes in the bookcase, and finally, there is a note under the door with a key attached. Once all the usual tasks have been done, go back to the hole. After the cutscene, go to the elevator. You will notice that there is a grate. Use the key you got in the apartment to open it. Kill the nurses, read the note by the door and enter it. In the next (very nice) scenario you just have to go to the end and open the door.

The Metro (revisited)

Here you are again in the subway. When you reach the two doors, open the one on the right. You will find yourself in a place that you should know well. Go back to your apartment using the hole in the ladies' bathroom. Go get the subway tokens that you should have kept in the cashier. Beware that your home doesn't seem to heal you anymore. Read the note under the door to find out why. Take the other bag to retrieve a toy key. Do not go near the infested areas as you will suffer damage. Go back to the subway. Go to the line for Lynch Street, go down the stairs, cross the train and arrive at the place where the toy box is located. Open it with the toy key to get a dirty coin. Now try to drop your friend at some point where she can't follow you and come back to pick her up when the way is clear, otherwise she will needlessly take risks. Obviously, leave it in a safe place. Go back to your apartment. Clean the coin in the kitchen sink. Go back to the subway and use the coin in the vending machine to get the crime scene key. It will be useful to open the door where you found the plate. If you have abandoned it, go back to get your friend and head towards the aforementioned door. Entered inside take the knob of the train. Go to Lynch Street and get to the top of the train. Use the knob to make the train move which will reveal an exit. Go inside, kill the new enemy after the cutscene and go all the way up the stairs to get to a door. Enter it.

The Forest (revisited)

You will start in the cemetery. Go get the unlit torch in the corner where the other torches are. You can use it to see dark areas. If you want, you can go back to your apartment and use the laundry oil on it to make the flames last longer. Go back to the forest. Knock out the guy following you. It's especially annoying when there are other enemies to beat. Another thing: the writings that you cannot read (remember) are very legible to your friend. So if you want to know more about this area let them read them. Go to the house with the lit torch in your hand (you can light it using the fire of the other torches). Light up the well you find on the road. You will find a doll head. In the house you will discover a doll that needs its pieces. You have already found the head. It's time to walk the paths to find the others. Go to the north-west area without forgetting to collect the chain, an excellent weapon for your partner. As soon as you enter you will find the well. But the flashlight will be off. Go to the last area of ​​this path where there is a lit torch that is right for you. Turn on your flashlight and go back to the well to get the doll's right leg. Don't forget the medallion found on the tomb! Go back to the doll, attach the new piece to it and go northeast. Here you will find two wells. The first is in the second area while the torch to light yours is in the third. Here you will find the left arm. Continue to the seventh area where you will find another torch. Don't turn on your anchor. Go to the eighth zone (where the well is), clean it up, go back to the seventh, light the torch, go back to the well and take the right arm of the doll. Go back to the doll. Attach the new pieces and take the path to the southeast. You will find both the lit torch and the well in the fourth area. Take the left leg of the doll, go back to the house and attach it to the doll. After the cutscene, go down the stairs and read the book on the altar. Use the medallion on the door and here you are again on the ladder where you have to go down to the nth door to enter.

The Prison (revisited)

And here you are again at the prison! Go down and back into the circular corridors that need to be explored again. Since we start from the top we start with the third floor. Beware of the rooms with a hole and a bloody bed attached. Grab some useful items and head to the basement. At most, jump into one of the holes so you can leave your friend alone and safe. Go to the kitchen, take the prisoner's shirt. Explore to collect some weapons. Go back to your apartment (you know where the holes to do it are), go to the bathroom, "wash" the shirt in the blood and read what is written on it. Go back to the prison. Go to the second floor. Look in the rooms: the old diary and the sword of obedience under one of the beds. Now go to the first floor. Here, too, proceed with the exploration and collect some objects by noticing the many closed doors. Go to the base, a video sequence will start. The ghost is your target: you have to get the key from him! He is certainly not an easy opponent, if you have used a silver bullet to bring him down with a blow and then impale him with the sword. Take the key. If you have left it go and get your friend and go back to the basement without using the stairs because as you know the moron is not able to use them. She will have to fight. Arrive at the ghost, take the sword, go to the closed door, kill the six twins and go to the door at the back. Usual stairs, usual door at the bottom to open.

The Shopping Center (revisited)

After the cutscene, grab the diary to get your next goal (weird is it?). Enter the elevator and go to the top floor. Go to the top of the mall. Head to the sports shop where you will notice that a ball is missing from the basket of volleyballs (a tongue twister). Take the candles on the counter. Exit through the door near the hole. Get to the other door, go through the empty corridor and come to the only door available. Keep going up to the door at the top. Enter it, put the candles on the cake and take the stuffed cat (but what beautiful puzzles!). Go out through the door at the end of the corridor. If you want you can continue up to collect some useful items. Otherwise go back to the sports shop, from here enter the north door, go to the pet shop. Put the stuffed cat in the cage. Go outside and go down the stairs. You have arrived in the office from where you will have to return to the initial area of ​​the map (where you arrived). Go back to the elevator and take the ladder that goes down. At the bottom you will find a billiard ball. Go back up, you will find yourself in the "U" corridor. Go to the hall, after the cutscene continue on your way. In the next area you will find a volleyball ball between the boxes. Continue down the stairs and enter the door at the end. Go down the stairs again and enter the only working door. You are in the bar. Take the note from the bar and place the billiard ball on the billiard table. Now the door is open but you need your friend. Go get it. Go back to the sports shop, put the ball in the basket. You will hear a bell ringing. You have to go to the office under the pet shop. Go there the way you know well. Enter the door with the clock. Follow the road to find yourself in the U-shaped corridor and arrive at the bar. To get the door combination you have to call the old number that you could see from your apartment (the one on the sign). Obviously, go back to the house. Doing so will give you the new number. You are interested in the last four digits. Insert them into the door that opens (and what else was it supposed to do?). Go down the stairs, enter the door, watch the cutscene, go to the door on the other side. Now you have to kill the only real monster in the room. Easy. Hit them one at a time until you notice that the blow inflicted damages all the other monsters. That is your killed prey which you will get the door open. Enter it. Usual stairs to go down, usual door to open ...

The Apartments (revisited)

We are almost at the end of the game and we are in our apartment. In third person. Examine the table and read the two books. Enter your room and read the red notes. With that done, go back to the main room, go to the door, watch the cutscene for your next objective. Take the pickaxe of hope from the wall and enter the bathroom hole. You are now in the apartment in first person. Examine the body and take the key. Return to the apartment in the third person and exit using the key on the front door. After the cutscene you will be reunited with your partner. Here we are again to explore all the rooms! Obviously, do this to find various useful items. You get to room 105. You will find it closed by six chains. This means that six keys must be found. Go to the east wing. Examine the body. After the dialogue go to room 104. at the end of the room you will find another body. You will find the third body in room 103, the fourth in 102 and the fifth in 101, in the cage. The sixth and last body will be found at the end of the corridor of the east wing. Return to room 105. Enter by opening the chains. You will find a red box in the library. After the cutscene, exit the room for another cutscene. Look at the drawing on the floor, go to room 201 to get to 303 and 304. Clear these rooms back to yours via room 201. Eliminate the spirits in your room using the remaining candles if you have any. Saved at the end of the disinfestation operation. When you are done enter the crack in your wall and prepare for the final confrontation.

The Final Battle

For the best fight it would be best to have two or three healing items with you, the revolver, some ammo, a melee weapon and the contents of the red box. When you are ready jump into the hole in the center of the room (you can also explore it but there is nothing there anyway). Use the contents of the red box on the giant monster, this will weaken it. Now you have to take each of the spears held by the statues and throw them at him. If you have space in your inventory, you can keep more than one at the same time. Whenever you hit the monster it will freeze. Use his defiance to collect more spears. Once you hit him with all the spears, the being will become normal. Time to use the gun. Fill it with lead as fast as you can. When you have killed him the game will end.

The ending will depend on various factors:

Living woman, room cleansed of spirits: Good +
Living woman, room with the spirits still: Good
Dead woman, room cleared of spirits: Evil +
Dead woman, room full of spirits: Evil

Video of the solution - First part

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