The list of Kanto Cup levels in Pokémon Go - The best Pokémon - November 2021

The Kanto Cup is back to close Shuffle Season in Pokémon Go. If you're looking to experiment in the Kanto Cup, now is the time to do it and you can have some fun with your Pokémon teams. The Kanto Cup still has some competition. The battles will take place from 9 to 22 November. These are some of the best Pokémon from the Kanto Cup and the general list of levels for these battles. You can only use Pokémon that don't exceed that maximum CP of 1.500.

Kanto Cup Tier List

List of main levels

These are some of the best main Pokémon you can use in the Kanto Cup. A main Pokémon is the first one you use in your line and is typically a reasonable tank or bulky Pokémon with high defenses and stamina.

These are the Pokémon you want to use for prolonged fights. Those in category C and D are not the worst options, but better roles are needed in the Kanto Cup. It is best to use a Pokémon with high defense and stamina, such as Lickitung and Snorlax. These are both Normal-type Pokémon, weak only to Fighting-types.

Change list of levels

These Pokémon are the safe choices in Pokémon Go. They don't have many weaknesses and when you use them in battle, it is quite reliable that they win. Most of the Pokémon on this list or in this role on your Pokémon Go team should be a reliable backup when an opponent attempts to tackle your first Pokémon.

You want to switch to these Pokémon quickly enough in your battle to make sure your main Pokémon doesn't take too much damage. The lead will be quite cumbersome, but a Switch Pokémon will be able to counter or protect it.

List of levels closest

These Pokémon are the best you want to use as the final choice in your roster. They will be the last line of defense and should be able to survive long enough to ensure you win the fight.

You want your latest Pokémon to be a safe choice to survive most of the battles you use it in. Since he is the final choice in your lineup, you need to hold him for as long as possible until you have no other choice. The latest picks in this category aren't terrible, but they're not ideal, compared to those in levels S, A and B.

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