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Throughout the Metal Slug series it has always been the strange machines and means that you can find in the game to be the master. Tanks, Turrets, Navs and so on and so forth to create the incredible world of Metal Slug. This guide will describe these particular means in all versions of the game. Read on below to be able to win this wonderful series of games!

Check the Slugs

These will not be the normal controls in the game, they will be the controls you will use for the various Slugs.

Enter ... Exit

To enter from a Slug, simply jump when you read the word "IN", to exit from the Slug instead you will have to hold down the down direction and the jump button.

I Vulcan

Vulcans are Machine Turrets with 360 degree circular motion and are located on a portion of the Slug. Some have powerful bullets and some less, allowing you more or less firepower. They fire blue bullets, easy to see.


To control the Vulcans, press right to move them in that direction and do the same for the other directions. Press Fire to shoot, you will not be able to hold the button down but you will have to press it several times manually to increase the effect.

Bullet Types

Vulcans can fire infinite shots and can use different types of projectiles which will be reported later with the vehicle type.

Machine guns

If the Slugs don't have Vulcans, they will have machine guns.


You can move back and forth and jump. When you move, the Vulcan will do the same. Tank-type vehicles will not be able to move the gun around, this will be an advantage at times, while at other times it will not.

Cannons, Missiles and ... Grenades?

When you are in or on a slug, you can hit with the cannon to use a deadly attack. On an animal, you can only throw grenades, to throw them will work the same method as when you are on the ground, press the grenade button.

The Attack of the Slug

In Metal Slug 1, 2, X, and 3, press Fire and Jump to make a Super Attack. In 4, 5, 6, hit alternative attack to do this. In any case your vehicle will go forward destroying everything in its path and will explode at the end of the screen doing a lot of damage. It will be an extra weapon against end-of-level bosses when your Slug is nearly destroyed.

Care and Damage

Unfortunately, many Slugs do not last long. Three Blows (more or less) and it will be their end. To heal the Slugs you will need to take the gas canisters scattered around the level.

List of Vehicles


Slug Name - Obvious isn't it?
Main Features - A description of his abilities
Type of Bullets - What will your main weapon be?
Cannon Type - Description of the Cannon
Pros - Why use this Slug
Cons - Why let it go
Rating - From 1 to 5, from awful to absolutely worth taking
Extra - Extra Information
Locations - Where you can find the Slug in the various games of the series

Metal Slug 3

There are a lot of unique Slugs here.

Slug Mariner

The only Slug capable of going underwater and its control is very similar to the Helicopter Slug but slightly worse. It has special flying bullets that Vulcans use frequently.

Flying bullets arc downward when fired and are very useful. Cannon fire fires submarine Torpedoes.

Pros / Cons

+ Great use of flying bullets
+ Good Torpedoes

-The control is not the best
-It is only found three times
-The power of fire will not solve certain intricate situations

Rating: 3.9 / 5
Get it as soon as you can.


Metal Slug 3

Mission 1 - After destroying the wreck, crawl under the stairs.
Mission 3 - You will be able to enter the hole in the first wall. Follow the two Sailors.

Metal Slug 5

Mission 4 - You will enter Automatically when you finish the part on the ground.

Slugnoid R-Type

Nothing to say, just a Red Slugnoid. Whichever direction you choose, the Vulcans will go in the opposite direction. The Cannon is an Iron Lizard, useful for Boss combat.

No new information here.

Pros / Cons

+ It's Red
+ Cannon and Vulcan are useful against Boss battle
+ There will be two if there is a companion with you

- Stay slow
- Slug Attack not always useful
-No useful changes

Rating: 3 / 5
Not very useful but there will be two if you play double.


Mission 1 - Take any path that does not have the boat. When you get to the bridge, you will find your Slugnoid. Later there will be another one for player 2.

Slug Elephants

The Elephant will appear only once and I think it is impossible to see him in the next series, difficult to find space for him. This particular Slug will have two special attacks to eliminate the zombies, beware that since you can't jump obviously, if he press that button you will get off the beast.

Vulcans are normal. You can throw grenades but the best thing is to let the Elephant eat:

Chilli - Flame Strikes will come here.
Battery - You will be able to fire laser shots.

Each of the two is very powerful.

Pros / Cons

+ Other players will still be able to stand on top of the Elephant!
+ Good effects for his guns
+ Quite useful against enemies

-When it is Zombified, you will not be able to use it
-The Vulcans could have been better
- He can't jump

Rating: 3 / 5
It lacks appearance and leap but fire and electricity are two very useful weapons for your cause.


Mission 2 - Take the alternate path after the helicopter and go down destroying the left wall. After battling yetis, you will find the elephant in the ice. Use your knife to free him and ride this beast of nature.

Ostrich slug

The ostrich will be another unique Slug and like the Slugnoid R-Type, there will be two if you play with two players. With this Slug you will be able to jump very high and you will also go very fast. The weak points are the unprotected driver and that it will take time to turn around.

Normal Vulcans and Grenades, simple but effective weapons.

Pros / Cons

+ Happy Jumping
+ Good Speed

-It turns slowly
-It is vulnerable to enemies

Rating: 2.5 / 5
A little difficult and frustrating to drive but the places where you will find it will be full of very long jumps!


Mission 3 - At the second wall, wait for a hole to appear. Enter it and you will be on an alternative path. Eventually you will come to the Ostrich.

Armor level

The first Slug Armor ever introduced in the series. Sometimes useful, often one more problem. Its main gun will be exchangeable with some weapons that you will find on foot. You can't turn it and you can only shoot up or right, you can still double jump.

The cannon fire shoots forward and to the right only. Quite useless to tell the truth. The main weapon is the Heavy Machine Gun or the Flame Lance, depending on where you find it. Watch out, the main gun can run out!

Pros / Cons

+ Useful sometimes
+ Very good double jump
+ You will not be able to turn around

-Sometimes terrible
-Guns and Cannons are frustrating
-You will not be able to use any Yellow-type weapons

Rating: 3 / 5
Rare, sometimes junk but always get one.


Mission 3 - Do not take the path of the Ostrich and at the end you will see a Morden Soldier in an LV. Kill him in order to get the Slug. Remember that if you don't grab it immediately another enemy soldier will come and steal it from you so be careful.

Player 2 - Before the main player arrives, there will be one without a problem for the second player.

Final Mission - After a few screens when you have the Slugnoid, there will be an LV for you. The appearance depends on how many players are playing.

Slug Driller

A great Slug that will be particularly useful in the situation where you find it! You will have the Vulcans as usual and in keeping with its name, you will have a Drill. Large enough and useful for taking out the enemies that will arrive soon after. You can't jump but you can extend the drill in any direction.

The drill extension that will destroy anything in its path will be your lethal weapon in this Slug. Vulcans are boring by comparison.

Pros / Cons

+ Drill = Destruction!
+ Excellent extension height
+ Beautiful on the outside

-No weapons from behind
-Lack of Character
- He can't jump

Rating: 4 / 5
One of the best Slugs, the drill is great!


Mission 4 - Take the low pass. Use the box to go further down and after some worms and crabs, you will find the Slug Driller. Kill the crabs first and then get ready with the Drill for the super huge monsters.

Slug Helicopter

The opposite of the Airplane Slug, the helicopter will be difficult to control but with great power. If you can get along well with a Mariner, you can easily cope with this one too. Bombs are powerful but descend too fast. Powerful Slug.

The bombs are difficult, they are powerful but they go down too fast. Vulcans use rolling projectiles and have a 360 degree range.

Pros / Cons

+ Great Vulcan
+ Powerful Bombs
+ Beautiful

-Hard to Control
-Bombs too fast

Rating: 3.9 / 5
Not as good as an airplane but still a very good vehicle.


Before the Final Mission, make your choice.

Final Mission - Random if you lose your Slug.

Astro Slug / Rebel Astro

A small spaceship that has rockets to go into space. No Vulcan but a hideous weapon in its place. The luck is that if you take any weapon it will adapt to your vehicle on the two large weapons on the sides. You will have a lot of different weapons so don't worry unless you get hit as you will lose a sidearm and have to get another weapon.
You can also take the Vulcans for the Astro, from the opposite directions of course.

As mentioned before, the weapons you have or take will determine the Fire. The cannons launch two torpedoes even if you are not underwater ...

Pros / Cons

+ Great adaptation to Weapons
+ Good Torpedoes
+ Additional Vulcan Coupons

- Loses weapon if hit
-You can't take another one

Rating: 3.5 / 5
Do everything out of your Astro when hit. You are warned.


Final Mission - After the kidnapping, your new character will board a rocket. When you are in space, you (and potential player 2) will be in your Astro.

Vulcan - When you enter the Mothership, some enemies will leave the Vulcans for you.

Metal Slug

Metal Slug SV-001

The traditional Metal Slug Tank, capable of slithering like a slug and devastating firepower.

When you press down, the Slug will lower allowing you to exit but you can throw grenades instead of using the cannon, which you will normally use. Speaking of the cannon, you won't be able to rotate it around so the directions will be the same as for the Slug. Anyone can hit you when the Slug can't move, remember that.

The Vulcans fire straight at the Blue shells while the cannon will fire arc shells, something you could take advantage of.

Pros / Cons

+ Often used
+ Jump Well
+ Happy Slug

- Can only take three hits
-The Cannon may not be too good
-Morden Trooper can jump on it and put explosives

Rating: 4 / 5
Despite the misfortune that it is destroyed after three hits, it should always be taken.


Metal Slug - The Slug can appear twice if the first is destroyed or not caught in the same Mission, but if it reappears it won't be too far from the first place you could get it. These second Slugs are obviously not explained.

Mission 1 - Near the place where you skinned the fish.
Mission 2 - After the stairs, after the Miniboss.
Mission 3 - Somewhere after the building was destroyed.
Mission 4 - At the beginning of the level, use the TNT as a ladder.
Mission 5 - After a few houses, go up and take the Slug.
Final Mission - Exit the Turret, climb the first TNT and take the Slug.

Metal Slug 2 - There are new Slugs here, including the old Tank.

Mission 4 - Somewhere near the end.
Mission 5 - In the Boss area.
Final Mission - When you fight the Mothership, a casual Slug generator can give you this as well.

Metal Slug X - A remake of 2, but with more Slugs of this type.

Mission 1 - Destroy the back of the Truck near the Camel Slug. You can choose.
Mission 4 - Same place.
Mission 5 - Destroy the vehicle at the beginning to find a Slug. Final Mission - Same but with a Weapon Bonus.

Metal Slug 3 - Barely recognizable and you will rarely get it given the huge amount of Slug here.

Final Mission
1. It will drop randomly when you fight the Clones in the first section as soon as you see them.
2. You will automatically jump into the Tank and you will need it to beat Rootmarks, the Final Boss.

Metal Slug 4 - Slightly more Slug of this type here.

Mission 2 - Somewhere in the second section of the level. Final Mission - Get it in the Third Section of the level, you can't use it to beat Allen.

Metal Slug 5 - Still hold on in this version!

Mission 1 - Take the path up and then head down just past the enemies with the rocket launcher.

Mission 2 - In the middle of the first section of the level.

Metal Slug 6 - Only one here.

Mission 1 - When that huge walking thing goes far away, it will leave this Slug for you. Destroy the casing to be able to use it.

Metal Slug 4

This game has few vehicles but all good ones.


Usually an enemy weapon, there will be one you can use. She will be the one who will fire all the missiles. It looks great but it really isn't, you'll soon see something with Vulcans that can take you out very quickly. It will have a maneuverable jump given the rockets on the bottom.

The cannon fire has lethal missiles that subside a second after being launched. You can lower the cannon if you hold down n low. The missiles are truly exceptional but they cannot rapidly fire. Vulcans are the same old boring Vulcans.

Pros / Cons

+ Powerful missiles
+ Low Cannon

-Very small invunerability after damage
-Can be destroyed easily
-May be too difficult for novice players

Rating: 2 / 5
This Slug can be useful if you memorize the places of the enemies.


Mission 2 - Near the start, you will find a Green Bradley attacking you. Hit it along with the two nearby machine guns and after taking out the pilot you can use the Bradley.

Metallic Raven

Another enemy vehicle you can grab, this one will appear more often than the sad Bradley if you have an enemy playing with you. It will be blue and quite powerful, when the driver is dead, jump up to turn with a pair of Vulcans on either side.
Like the Metal Slug, you can duck to lower the vehicle and throw grenades. The defense in front will give you 50% of the energy if hit and you will have the jets to jump.

The Cannon fires a powerful shot when used. Vulcans are always the same.

Pros / Cons

+ Better than the Bradley
+ You will have a Protection in front of you
+ Good evaluation

-No Powerful Armor
- The guns are pretty pathetic

Rating: 3.9 / 5
Great middle to end. Good attack, excellent defense ... to try!


Mission 2 - If Player 2 is in the game, a Blue Metallic Raven will appear right after the Bradley. Do the same thing you did for him to get it.

Mission 5 - After the Fork Lift there will be a Metallic Raven. Kill the enemy driver and use him.

Fork Lift

Yes you will find it in Metal Slug 4. Not very powerful but it can easily destroy the Tanks with its very strong forks. Jump to increase the extension as with the Slug Driller.

The Cannon will be the teeth of the medium, you can take the enemy vehicles to destroy them while the actual weapons are the ones you have with you.

Pros / Cons

+ Hitting with the Lifter is fun and does good damage
+ Can have a good elevation

-Using your own weapon will not be the best
- He needs the machine guns on it.

Rating: 3 / 5
Fun push the first few times but you will have to do damage, this is your aim.


Mission 5 - Do not take the alternate path and continue until you find the empty Fork Lift and a Metallic Raven soon after.

Crawler Slug

A robotic version of one of the mutants you found in Metal Slug 2. As with the Camel, it will have Vulcans and good jumping ability but will be very low and slow and be careful not to get hit as you won't have protection.

Normal Grenades and Vulcans

Pros / Cons

+ Hall upstairs
+ Staying low sometimes serves ...

-... but it is often a pain
-Very slow
-Few weapons

Rating: 1.9 / 5
Too slow and terrible, stay on the Camel if you can.


Mission 4 - Near the start and near the big tank.

Metal Slug 5

Only three Slugs but they are one of a kind.

Slug Gunner

Think of a Metal Slug Tank mixed with a Transformer. You will have this new car. The Gunner has two modes, a Robot mode like LV Armor and a Tank mode that you can enter.

The Robot form will have a small machine gun and a sword to slice through enemies. It moves slowly but will be able to strike first. It can also jump while staying in the air.

Tank mode will not be able to move direction but when it gets into Tank position it will remain that direction all the time. Similar to the first Metal Slug but will not be able to jump. Instead, you can get out with ease.

The cannon is the same as the normal Metal Slug. The main weapon is machine guns that fire diagonally.

Pros / Cons

+ Effective and Lethal
+ Better than LV Armor
+ Two types of Slug Attack!

- He can be vulnerable
- Slow movements

Rating: 4.6 / 5
Not immortal but lethal this one.


Mission 1 - Take the passage below. First, destroy the chest to find the Gunner. Use it for a short period of fun or keep it to destroy the Black Hound.

Mission 3 - After taking the alternate paths, you will see a guy on his Machine. You just have to destroy it to reveal the Slug Gunner. Use it to destroy the other robots.


It looks like an ancient car but with machine guns. Use it for an automatic scrolling part in the Final Mission, this machine can jump high, launch missiles and have good Vulcans. Don't get out of here if you can.

The Cannon fires in "Fat" Mode at enemies. Vulcans will use spinning shells.

Pros / Cons

+ Nice to see
+ Jump high

-In a difficult situation
-Power of fire not high

Rating: 2 / 5
Nothing good here, look elsewhere.


Final Mission - Essential for the first part of the mission. You will have to use it so make the best of a bad situation.

Spider Slug

Used underground, this Spider doesn't look like anything special but that's what you'll get there so let's figure out what it does. Hit jump to lower / raise the Slug and the two Vulcans here are good. The Cannon is a harpoon.

The harpoon is lethal but only if the enemy is on the right. Vulcans are like those of Slugnoid, very efficient.

Pros / Cons

+ Great harpoon
+ Vulcan coupons

-Changing the height of the shell is not the best
-It is used for a short period of time

Rating: 3.7 / 5
It is used very little but remains a great Slug.


Second part of the level, after the enemies with the missile launcher.

Metal Slug 6

Some new types of Slugs in this latest version but much better Moth's abilities in Slugs.

Donkey Slug + Cannon Trailer

At first it will seem like a clone of the Camel only slower but after a couple of minutes you will see that its cannon is very, very useful. Vulcans are powerful but jumping will be problematic as you won't be able to jump very high.

Pros / Cons

+ Vulcan coupons
+ Good for saving prisoners
+ Decent cannon

-A clone of the Camel
-His Slug Attack does no damage
-Turning around will be tragic given the slowness

Rating: 3.5 / 5
The cart is a good thing but because of it you won't be able to go fast.


Mission 2 - The Donkey will be found after beating the aliens when you have the Flamethrower and the cart with the cannon will be found after beating the UFOs.

Gunner Prototype

Yes, a Gunner prototype. No Shield, No Transformation but he has a pair of Vulcans that with the Vulcan Fix that Tarma can use on each vehicle (a special ability of him) will make him very useful. Rather fast and responsive, he jumps high and well. No Super Jump though.

Vulcans are great with the Vulcan Fix. Cannons tend to spin faster than normal.

Pros / Cons

+ Faster and more agile than his older brother
+ Vulcan Fix allows excellent power
+ Upper Jump

-No Shield
- Bad situation when you find it
- It could be lethal for you

Rating: 3.9 / 5
A Good Slug but a bad spot where SNK has placed it in this game.


Mission 3 - Before the Boss you will have to take the alternative path and make two long and big jumps to find it at the end of the section.

Driller V2

Although the name is not officially known, this is version 2 of the excellent Driller Slug. Whichever direction you go, the Drill will appear there to clear the area of ​​any enemies that might want to take your skin. As if that weren't enough, you'll have Vulcans firing in the opposite direction making this a lethal war machine.

Vulcans are useless unless you have Tarma. The cannon will place a mine in the direction of the Vulcan.

Pros / Cons

+ Excellent with Tarma
+ Powerful the Drill

- Little useful without Moth
-The Vulcans are very little thing

Rating: 2.4 / 5
Rating that doubles with Tarma. Otherwise the Vulcans will be useless.

Slug Bonus

More Slugs you can Catch


Games: Metal Slug 2, X, 3

For the Metal Slug Tank, the Cannon type will change. He will no longer make arc shots go but will put them straight. More powerful but sometimes ineffective. There will be the possibility to change again but it will be difficult to find it.

Rating: 3.3 / 5
SNK puts these things in strategic places so take them without hesitation. Remember the change of direction when you take it.

Vulcan Upgrades

Game: Metal Slug 3

For the Astro Slug, add Vulcan on the back. Whichever direction you go, they will go in the opposite direction. Great thing because you will need a rear protection but remember that it will only take one hit to lose them forever. You can find a couple more later but remember that you will have to hold out inside the Astro for a long period of time.

Rating: 4 / 5
Powerful, good and has your back.

Petrol can

Games: Everyone

Petrol cans are life for the Slug. They regain a third of their energy which means they can take a second hit without being destroyed. If you don't need to be treated or are on foot, they'll give you 1000 miserable points.

Rating: 5 / 5
Energy recovery is vital. Finding one at the right time will be the difference between winning and losing.

Metal Slug 6: Moth and the Slugs

When you play Metal Slug 6 with him, Tarma can only be really useful in the old days to make use of his special abilities. These are:

50% Strength for Vulcans

Vulcan Fix - Hold fire to be able to use rapid fire instead of continuously pressing

You will only lose 1/6 of the Slug's Duration if you are hit by a bullet or grenade.

Metal Slug 5: Metal Slug come Nemici

I guess you don't know the narrative thread of Metal Slug 5 ... if you read it below.

Black Hound: Found in Mission 1, taking the low, left pass and fighting this Mini Boss that is unique. Black Hound has a missile launcher attached and can use lasers. In the Metal Slug Advance version, missiles replace Vulcans.

Giant Metal Slug: The Boss of Mission 1. He is red and has wheels so he will most likely try to run over you.

Enemy Slug: The fight with the Mini Boss from Mission 2, Area 2. Another one will appear in the fourth mission. They will be blue and their intelligence will not be too advanced.

Metal Slug 2

Slug Camel

The first animal used as a slug, one of the best for many people. The driver will not be protected but the Vulcans are powerful and fast and jump very well as well.

Vulcan shots come in pairs of two, but in version X and 3, they will also fire powerful spinning shells. You will have no cannon so you can use grenades.

Pros / Cons

+ Fast
+ Jump very high
+ Vulcan coupons

-No Protection
-Weak Slug Attack
-It can only throw one grenade at a time.

Rating: 3.5 / 5
Not a bad Slug but it is completely missing in the new versions of the game.


Metal Slug 2

Mission 1 - In the middle of the level.

Metal Slug X

Mission 1 - Same thing but you can choose.

Metal Slug 3

Mission 4 - At the beginning of the level.

the slugnoid

An unusual Slug, but one of the best. This Slug is totally dependent on the Vulcans it will have to destroy everything which can be a problem since when it takes damage, a Vulcan will die and this will give you a lot of problems. The Cannon does its job as good jumping ability.

Vulcan Fire is nothing special. Simple vanilla bullets. The cannon will be able to vary its projectiles and this depends on Slugnoid to Slugnoid.

A "Fat" Mode Iron Lizard Bullets.
A Cannon Bullets that release firepower similar to a Fire Bomb.

Pros / Cons

+ Great Jump
+ Vulcan fire can give a very good amount of bullets after pressing Fire
+ The Cannon will come in handy in the situation you find yourself in

Vulcan bullets could have been better
-Slug attack not always useful
Vulcan removal can cause problems

Rating: 3 / 5
Good at times but terrible in critical situations.


Metal Slug 2 - Slugnoid is born here!

Mission 2 - Near the Boss. Great use of this Slug here, useful attack and great cannon.

Metal Slug X - Pochi Slugnoid.

Mission 2 - The same.
Mission 5 - The Mutant Zone. There will even be 3! Flame Launcher Cannon.

Metal Slug 3 - One Slugnoid here and at the end ...

Final Mission - When you escape, you can find it along with the Rebel Armor. It will have the Iron Lizard Cannon.

Metal Slug 4 - Again only one for this type of Slug.

Mission 3 - Take the path below, kill the Yeti and go to the next area. You'll find the Slugnoid with the Iron Lizard Cannon. He will be wasted here.

Flying Slug

The airplane version of the Slugs, really well done and aesthetically beautiful to look at. Nothing to say about this vehicle, perhaps the only thing is the Vulcans that move up to 90 degrees.

Vulcans fire small bullets but remain perfectly lethal. Missiles are fast and do a lot of damage.

Pros / Cons

+ Easy control compared to Slug Helicopter
+ Good Missiles
+ Parachute the character if it is destroyed in inhabited areas

-Vulcan irritating at times
-You will not be able to move Vulcans 360 degrees
-Small delay with missiles

Rating: 4.3 / 5
Probably the best Air Slug in the whole series.


Metal Slug 2 / X

Mission 3 - After all the battles on top of the train, there will be a Slug surrounded by the Morden Troopers. Eliminate them all. In version X there will be an R-Type right next to it. You can choose.

Metal Slug 3

Final Pre-Mission - Before the mission begins, you can choose between the Air Slug and the Helicopter Slug.

Metal Slug 5

Mission 2 - Near the end, you can use it to take out the Boss. There will be two if the second player is playing.

Metal Slug 6

Mission 4 - At the end of the Golden Gate Bridge, clear the Section.

Metal Slug X

Metal Slug R-Type

The Tank but this times better than all the others. The color is golden, fast and jumps high. One of the best vehicles in the whole series.

Vulcan and Cannons remain the same.

Pros / Cons

+ Big Jump
+ Good speed
+ Outwardly great

-No Armor increase
Uncontrollable High Jump
- Nothing wrong with this Slug!

Rating: 4.6 / 5
It would look great with better armor but it remains a great choice.


Metal Slug X

Mission 3 - With the Air Slug.

Metal Slug 3

Mission 1 - If you choose the path with the boat, you will have to use it for the Boss. Stand back with the Vulcans aiming in the opposite direction, doing a lot of damage.

Metal Slug 6

Final Mission - Brainwash the Character to eliminate the thing that controls him / her. She / he will order a Metal Slug R Tank for you to kill the Boss.

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