The Night of the Rabbit walkthrough

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The solution is based on the American version of the game, so there may be differences from the Spanish one.

Chapter 1 - A day of summer vacation

After being introduced to a strange and bizarre rabbit, a black creature and a lot of fog, we will meet Jeremiah, an aspiring wizard on an ordinary day of vacation who will transform a normal hike in a forest to collect some blackberries, in a journey through an unknown world. Start by talking to the strange figure three times until all dialogue options are exhausted; after that you can leave the area full of fog; once in front of the house, interact with the radio and talk through it, select any dialogue option; once you have used the contraption, collect the basket on the window; now open your inventory and analyze the object just collected, you just need to interact with it to break it; Now put the pieces back together and give the newly repaired basket to your mother. Then approach the vegetable garden, pick a carrot from the ground; now interact with the plant on the left of the screen to get a book, a coin with a hole in the center and the firecracker; you just have to go in the direction indicated with question marks to find yourself at the intersection of the forest; as soon as you arrive on the spot, pick up the can of cola from the ground and keep moving in the direction indicated by the question marks to reach the thick of the forest itself. Approach the piece of chalk to the right of the screen just above the stream and pick it up; then look for and take the stick, then return to the intersection (the area you have just left); from here use the stick with the acorns on the tree right above your head, drop them and collect three; now go to the far right of the screen to reach a new area. Once in the place full of junk, use the stick on the blackberry bush to get a dog rose, then use the piece of wood again on the cobwebs then on the blackberries; pick the fruits and you will already find them in a basket; now check your surroundings carefully to find an "even tastier" blackberry, pick it up and put it in the basket together with the other blackberries; now collect more berries to get even more, finally return home. Once at the door of the house, an intermission scene will begin, during which you will lose your precious basket of blackberries; interact with the mailbox twice to get a mysterious letter; open the inventory and read it carefully, you will learn how to make a carrot flame; then return to the area of ​​the deepest forest where you found the chalk, here use the chalk with the oddly shaped rock; a cute squirrel will immediately appear and leave something strange next to a mushroom, pick it up to find out that it is a piece of bark; now use the chalk again on the flat stone nearby, then use it also on the round stone to obtain chalk dust; then open the inventory and use the powder just obtained with the firecracker to create a mixture of powders, then insert the mixture just obtained in the can of cola, at this point also add the piece of tree bark, now insert inside it the acorns and finally the carrot; go, together with the strange object just created, to the crossroads of the forest; place the object in the center of the area, then use the book on it, abracadabra! As if by magic a mysterious trunk will appear, collect the poster to create a tear inside the trunk, pull the tear to reveal a magic wand; pick up the newly revealed item and use it on the hat; you will bring up the Marquis de Hoto who will ask you three different questions during the dialogue, answer as you like. The bizarre Marquis will lead you back into the depths of the forest; then open the inventory and use the coin with the hole, talk to the Marquis and answer "a portal tree?" "What is a portal tree?"

Chapter 2 - Journey to Mousewood

The protagonist is now determined to become a magician's apprentice under the directives of the Marquis de Hoto, a bizarre rabbit with several memory deficiencies; you will soon discover that the coin with the hole has magical properties, it can be used to highlight points of interest on the screen, or to solve some of the many puzzles present in the game; to use this fantastic magical artifact, press the space bar or open the inventory and directly select the coin itself. As soon as you arrive in the magical world populated by strange animals, go and talk to the stocky rodent who carries an umbrella; after a few seconds a little mouse with a green backpack on his shoulders will appear; go immediately and talk to him, he will inform you that someone is following him; use your coin with the magic hole to find out who it is, the little mouse will give you a nice magic book as a reward; shortly after the Marquis will join you to take you to the town hall of the city. After the conversation, talk to the Marquis and select the dialogue option "what exactly should I do now?", He will give you the invitation to the magic festival, a magic stamp, and a seeker spell; now select the dialogue option "then I'll go back to my work" and return to the city center. Enter the bar; take a look at the barrel full of cakes, Anja, the owner of the restaurant will join you, talk to her and select the dialogue option "Duties to order blue juice, and pastry ingredients for the festival"; at this point use the bell on the table to receive a sugar-free lollipop and a dry cake, leave the room and go to the city center. Pass the path that looks like a ramp to reach the road that leads to the city walls; chat with the stocky rodent carrying the umbrella, he will tell you his name, Spitzweg, and you will find that the Hedgehog Brothers are building a boat for him, then exit the area and reach the center again. Reach the path just to the left of the screen and reach the path to the tree roots; when you reach your destination, interact with the rake to collect it, use the barrel to get a tap, then move on the path just below the barrel to reach the edge of the city. Once in the new area, use the sugar-free lollipop on the hive to get a honey-covered lollipop, interact with the wooden board to collect a stake; now have a chat with both bizarre Riccio Brothers; take out your magic coin with the hole and you will see the Greenhat gnome that will immediately escape through the exit marked in red, follow him through the tunnel that will lead you to the back of the town hall; once arrived at its destination the gnome will run away again; have a chat with Mr. Churchmouse and select the dialogue options "I'm sorry but I don't have enough money ..." to receive the coin with a hole attached to a string, then return to the path beyond the roots of the tree. Once at your destination, the Greenhat gnome will make an appearance, but as usual he will flee immediately, use the rake on the circular stone, head back to the edge of the city to see the gnome again on the run, go through the tunnel again to the back of the town hall, then again in the path beyond the roots of the tree; this time the gnome will leave behind some stolen objects, collect them, then check the circular stone on which you used the rake previously, after that, the protagonist of the game will put the rake in his place, since he will no longer need it; return to the edge of the city where the Riccio brothers are located. The gnome is still busy on his escape, but now you can stop him, use the picket on the small hole in the wall on the left side of the screen, then follow the gnome through the usual path, the tunnel, the back of the town hall, the path beyond the roots and finally the edge of the city; the fugitive will bang his head against your trap and will go to hide in a nearby pumpkin, interact with the bizarre vegetable to be able to collect the gnome's cobalt and the silver sugar spoon; chat with the Riccio Brothers and give them back the stolen tools, in this way they can finish the Spitzweg boat; then return to him and inform him that the boat still needs a rudder, an anchor and before he can sail, the catfish will need to leave the river; now from the city center exit the gate then take the stone path through the fields. You will meet Humbert, another bizarre creature of Mousewood, unfortunately he will not turn out to be friendly right away, and he will ask you for a fee to cross the bridge he guards; Give him the honey covered lollipop, then continue your way past the bridge and the path through the fields. Once at your destination you will come across a rather strange scene, the owl Ursula is annoyed by a riotous crow and you will have to help her; pick up the shoelace from the old boat, then use the object just picked up on the antenna to get a grapple, use the dry cake on the radio to break it, the crow, at this point, will move to eat the crumbs of the freshly made cake in pieces; finally use the grapple on the radio antenna to remove the annoying bird. Go back to the center of the area, a mouse will appear and will give you a leaf, go back to Ursula and collect it together with the raven's feather; interact with the Marsh Marigold to get a shiny yellow item; then use the hole coin attached to the string with the juice dispenser (don't do this at home) to get a blue juice can and a label; exit the area in the direction that suits you best and return immediately.

Once you reach the area with the fish-shaped statue, use the magic coin on it to collect the fish scale, continue west through the path through Mousewood, you will find yourself in front of the city gate, you will decide to open it to create a shortcut which will surely come in handy in the future. The time has come to deal with Plato's correspondence, so go back to the center, give the purple package to the young squirrel named Edith, he will give you a leaf; enter the bar and give the scented letter to the mole sitting at the table, he will give you a mug with a lot of writing, wait until he has read his correspondence then pick up the empty scented envelope; then use the leaf that the squirrel gave you on the valerian to be able to buy it, then ring the bell on the table to call Anja the owner of the restaurant; when she appears give her the leaf that she gave you the mouse after saving Ursula, she will reply that violin lessons are just what she needs for little Humbert. Approach the cheese and use the nail on it to get a piece of cheese, then leave the room and head inside the town hall to deliver Ursula to Conrad the owl; Now go to the path behind the town hall and deliver the heavy package to Mr. Churchmous, unfortunately you will not receive anything in exchange for your valuable service; then go to the city edge and use the letter that seems magical with the strange letterbox, even in this case you will not receive anything in return. Now that all Plato frog correspondence has been delivered, you can take care of the Spitzweg boat, join him in the path to the city walls, use the grapple on the boat to create an anchor, the silver sugar spoon to create a rudder, then feed the catfish valerian to stun it; you will get on the boat together with Spitzweg and start sailing south; you will soon be stopped again by Humbert who will ask you for yet another tax, luckily Anja will appear to help you and take the little kitten to his first violin lesson; continue to follow the course of the stream until you enter the depths of the forest; Spitzweg will get off the boat and give you some white Indian pepper as a thank you, once you are left alone continue the navigation following the current of the stream that goes down. Unfortunately the boat will end up in a waterfall, only the grapple and the spoon will remain as a memory of the beautiful sailed; pick up the shiny nail from the ground then use the tap on the giant beet; then approach the window of the house and use the grapple on it to create a hole, help yourself with the nail you have just collected to remove the glass and gain access to the inside of the dwarf's house. You will meet the sick dwarf Steinberg, and after a short chat he will fall into a deep sleep, talk to him again to wake him up and he will inform you that only Anja, the owner of the bar will be able to help him, then collect the key from the table and go out the front door ; open the locked gate with the key you just collected; return to Anja's club by crossing the path to the west in the forest, then from the fields always to the west and finally to the north through the city gate. Once in the room, do not waste time and ring the bell on the counter, as soon as Anja appears, talk to her and select the dialogue option "one of the dwarves is sick"; you will start an intermission scene inside the dwarf's house, you will receive a medical prescription and you will find yourself back in the bar, check the prescription and you will discover with pleasure that you already have all three necessary ingredients, then ring the bell on the counter again, deliver the prescribed items to the owner of the bar who will give you the complete medicine and what is left of the white Indian pepper; go back to the sick dwarf's house, use the blue juice can with the mug given to you by the mole, then pour the medicine into the liquid, then pour it into the silver sugar spoon then make Steinberg drink it; once your dwarf friend is feeling better, he will open the passage for you to tunnel number 47 which will be a useful shortcut to the bar. Once you find yourself in Anja's room, use the mug with the coffee machine, return to the dwarf's house using the new shortcut in tunnel number 47, then exit the front door. Continue west until you meet Plato, use the hot coffee on the iced bicycle, now the cute postman frog will be able to deliver your invitations, open the inventory and insert the invitation to the festival with the open envelope, use then the shiny nail on the envelope to seal it; apply the magic stamp to multiply the invitations and give it all to Plato; the latter will give you a button to be able to call him whenever you need, through one of the golden trumpets, in this way you can travel quickly in every area of ​​Mousewood. Let us take you to the center, then go to the town hall and talk to the Marquis, who will let you enter the apprentices' room; interact with the half arch to obtain a half sphere, also interact with the second half arch to collect a metal piece; use the cobalt of the gnome on the glass tube to collect the metal sphere, finally use the sphere you have just collected with the strange machine, the latter will be activated by releasing a deck of cards and a strange figure that will give you a ghost key; returning to the town hall the Marquis will inform you to visit the wizard of Mousewood to start your training, go outside and reach the edge of the city where the Riccio Brothers are; use the ghost key on the strange door and go through the passage in the glass to enter the giant's house.

Chapter 3 - The four tree portals

After awakening the giant, aka the Wizard of Mousewood, your magical training will begin; you will receive the exciting book, which will allow you to turn day into night and vice versa; Mousewood has several differences depending on the time of day in which we visit it, and from now on different puzzles will require the use of this particular; you will also be given the map of the stars, used at the cold water bridge to see where all four tree portals are located; and if that wasn't enough, now you can enjoy a small card minigame with which you can challenge every inhabitant of the city. Leave the Magician's house and head downtown, go talk to Mr. Churchmouse and select the dialogue option "Is your child a wizard too?" I do not believe it! ", You will thus attend the magical show of little Junior, after which you will have to ask if you can borrow the walnut; at this point select the dialogue option" Do you want some tricks? I'll make some for you! " you will then receive a pen and a blank sheet of paper, now you just have to end the conversation by selecting the dialogue option "That's enough! I must go". Go outside the city gate, then go out towards the forest intersection where you will notice a rather suspicious company talking around a fire, go past and continue into the forest; waiting for you will find the Marquis and the Magician who will open a portal in the tree and lead you home. You will find yourself in front of a pole with a woodpecker, use the stick on the pole to start talking to the bird, you will have several dialogue options, double select an answer starting with "Pock" and you will make the woodpecker fly away; now continue west and reach your home. In front of the door of the house, check the barrel then kick it to release a cricket; at this point go to the area in the thick of the forest from the stream, you will find a huge frog that if it sleeps, pour over the rest of the Indian white pepper given to you by Anja, it will sneeze making all the sparrows fly away; use Plato's button on the huge reptile, then select the dialogue options "I'm Jerry Hazelnut, the great wizard!", "the flow of time?" and finally "the whisper of the rocks?"; at this point, the frog will teach you the very first spell, the whisper of the rock, which will allow you to chat with any statue on which a face is carved; at this point the Marquis will lead you back to Mousewood. Open your inventory and use the "whisper of the rock" spell with the strange crystal statue, the Marquis will then explain that the next spell will be taught to you by the Gnome you chased in the previous chapter; then go back to the city gate, take out the exciting book and let the night fall, go east towards the bridge and pass through until you reach the fields. Once you arrive in the area where you saved Ursula, place the heat-resistant container on the fire and insert the piece of hard cheese inside, season everything with the Indian white pepper, pick up the fragrant and tasty berries nearby; then go in front of the house of the dwarf, use the tap previously applied on the turnip with the mug to get some juice; take out the book and make the day rise; then go through tunnel number 47 and go to the bar. Once in the room, wait for the mouse wearing a backpack to go outside, then use the part of the clock with the key above the table; doing so you will find the back door of the bar open during the night; Now ring the bell on the counter and wait for Anja to show up, give her the turnip juice and in return she'll give you a list of ingredients for the hare family birthday cake; luckily for you, and if you have followed this solution carefully, you already have all the necessary ingredients, give Anja the chocolate, the sweet red berries and the can of milk, leave the restaurant and head downtown, from here continue towards the path beyond the roots of the tree where the hares live. Immediately take out your magnificent magic coin with the hole to be able to see the gnome who is tapping the bowl full of dirty dishes; then interact with his clothes to steal them, the poor gnome will offer you to take you to his kingdom, inside the tree behind the town hall, just to get his clothes back; since the cake will not be ready for a day, use the book to bring down the night and make the day rise immediately; then return to the bar to find your cake ready and hot; pick it up and go to the path beyond the roots of the tree where the hares are, take out the book again and let the night fall. Give the excellent cake to the owner of the garden; at this point Mr. Hare will allow you to join the festivities where you will be given a trophy; chat with good Jonathan, who will try to tell you a few lines but forgetting the ending of each one, take out the blank sheet of paper and the pen and start transcribing the lines in half; Once this is done, collect one of the luminous walnuts inside the barrel, then return to the bar through the back door in the garden where you are and fill the mug with coffee using the machine, once you have filled up, add the liquid valerian. Quickly exit the room to reach the garden, from here go to the center, exit the city and reach the walls; if you take too long to walk this route, the coffee will become cold and therefore unusable, you can always go back to the bar, empty the mug into the tap and repeat the process again. Once you are in front of the walls, deliver the coffee with the valerian to the fusilier mouse who will fall into a deep sleep, interact with the cannon to turn it towards the top of the tree above the city; insert the luminous nut collected at the party inside the fire mouth, in doing so you will illuminate the top of the tree.

Use the magic coin with the hole again to make the gnome appear; talk to him and you will find that he wants something shiny; now pick up the old flag and go out through the door you entered through; use the trophy earned at the hare festival with the tower window, then place the old flag on the chalice, a rainbow will appear, then enter the tower again via the left side. Interact with the rainbow, you will get the new spell, the green growth, this ability will allow you to make the rain fall to help the surrounding vegetation to grow faster, go back to the outside of the tower and you will find an open portal, leave it like this the world of the gnome. Go back into the town hall and then into the path behind it, from here you reach the forest area with the radio station; when you reach your destination, make the sun rise using the book, hand over the half lines to Ludwig who will complete them for you, now go downtown. Let the night fall, then use the jokes with Mr. Churchmouse, you will get some success and the mouse, remarkably amused, will hand you an absorbent nut; then return to the area of ​​the forest where the radio is located, take out the book and let the sun rise, use the absorbent nut with the flooded path, then perform the spell of "green growth" to allow the tree to grow and drain the nearby creek, you will automatically find yourself in the swamp. Exit the forest and reach the fields to the path to Mousewood, let the night fall with the book, approach the postman frog Plato and perform the spell of "green growth" on the wheat field with the green light, a fox will appear and will flee immediately in the woods; follow the animal across the fields, then to the swamp; you will reach some statues, use the "whisper of the rock" spell on the statue that was not present the first time you visited this area to see the fox go through a tree portal, follow it. Once you reach your destination, take out your magic coin with the hole to notice a bell inside a bush, interact with the small metal object to receive the golden bell; now approach the second fox statue on the left and perform the "whisper of the rock" spell then ring the golden bell on the large wooden statue, this way you can pass through the gate and start a new scene of interlude. You will find yourself in front of a strange figure named Kitsune (the owner of the golden bell), have a chat and select the dialogue options "this is probably a useless question, but what are you? A human or a fox? "," But I am a human, not a fox ", then select any answer related to someone you have made happy in the past; Kitsune will offer to teach you the spell to make people truly happy; move on then from the gate and re-enter the garden. Once inside the garden, use the frog button on the pond to make a curious frog appear, use the button on the reptile again then return to the front gate; you will automatically talk to Kitsune who will teach you the spell "fox cunning", then return to the forest. When you reach the forest, take out your exciting book to let the night fall, then use the parachute on the clay pot with the soil inside; then perform the spell of "green growth"; go through the portal that the Moth Priestess will have opened for you, be careful as this is a point of no return in the game, the world will have changed when you go back, so make sure you have finished each side mission before going through it. You will find yourself in a snow-covered mountain area, head west along the path towards the open sea; interact with the cloth on the crates to move them to the side and find a basket of luminous laces from which you will collect one; also pull the second sheet on the screen to discover a battery, insert the light string and connect the socket to the Christmas tree; finally head to the frozen slope.

Chapter 4 - Jeremiah Hazelnut, the Lizard Hunter

Having learned the fourth and final spell, you will find yourself at home again, you will soon discover that terrible things have happened in your absence; only by helping the Wizard of Mousewood kidnapped by the Lizard Hunter can you save your friends and family. You will find yourself in front of a leaf left by the Marquis and some itchy dust; return to your cottage via the path south out of the forest then west; use the spell "whisper of the rock" on the statue of the dwarf, you will sit full of despair; do not waste time and perform the "glimmer of hope" spell to cheer yourself up, then return to the tree portal you just exited from. Look towards the old path and you will open a portal to return to Mousewood; when you reach your destination, go to the Magician's house near the Riccio brothers; look towards the shelf where the magician himself was bottled, you will be transported to them, pick up the monocle with the help of the box; then use the nail on the small bag to be able to collect the grain of corn, use the grain just collected on the opening from which the sun filters, then feed the beam with the monocle, the shelf will collapse forever freeing the magician who will deliver you three bottles exile. The time has finally come to catch some Mephistopheles lizards; go downtown, the first of the lizards is trying to sell some bottles of elixir to Mr. Hare, use one of the bottles of exile with the rack behind the ugly lizard; you will start a dialogue, where you will convince the crook to open the bottle to be captured. Go to the town hall, you will find the second lizard inside it, perform the spell "fox cunning" on the masked lizard, start talking to it and select the dialogue options "Sure, where should I sign?", "Sure! No bird would flee on one wing. I want a new contract! ", Finally" the price of nuts and barrels has collapsed "the lizard will flee to the nearby armor; use the itchy dust on it then follow the lizard in the path behind the town hall; when you arrive you will not see anyone, so extract your magic coin with the hole to find out where the reptile is hidden and talk to him, finally use the bottle of exile. Go to the pond inside the swamp, where the mole Ludwig has opened a new radio station; together with him you will meet a new lizard intent on predicting the future; after the cutscene, talk to the masked lizard and select the following dialogue options, "Can you tell me something about your own future?", the mole will ask for a new ball and this time the white one will win, look at the scene from interlude then pick up the root; talk to the lizard again and select the same dialogue option you selected earlier, while it is dancing use the cute flower to distract the crook, then insert the root inside the drum, and when the lizard tries to insert its sphere into the inside the drum, it will bounce away; go and collect it and open your inventory, apply the label of the can on the sphere just collected; talk to the masked lizard again, and when she starts dancing interact with the flower again to distract her again, immediately use the sphere with the label on the drum; select the "Can you tell me something about your own future?" then deliver the bottle of exile and trap the third and final lizard. Return to the Wizard of Mousewood, give him the bottles of exile with the three lizards inside, you will be transported to a closet; once inside, move all the coats to reveal a lock, then open the door to find yourself inside your room; use the sliding door to push aside the carpet with the track of the cars to the side, open the hatch to find a box, open it to find your coat. You will find yourself in the apprentice room, use the leaf left by the Marquis on the metal piece at the base of the tree to receive a sound object; you will then be transported to the tree near the dwarf's house; use the item you just got on the hole in front of you. Now you need to visit all four stone statues around Mousewood; remember that you can call Plato to instantly reach any place; start by going to the temple of the moths, use the sound object with the crystal statue, it will split leaving some amber, then it will mend itself; exit the temple and go west to the swamp from the world portal of Kitsune; use the sound object on the crystal statue in the swamp, collect the amber here too; go to the path behind the town hall where the portal to the world of the gnome is located, use the sound object on the crystal statue and collect the amber; finally go to the path of the tree where the portal that leads to your home world is and use the sound object on the crystal statue inside the forest to collect the fourth and last amber you need; then return to the tree in front of the dwarf's house.

Chapter 5 - The showdown

Jerry has managed to cross the fifth and last portal, he will have to make his way to Zaroff and find a way to stop him at all costs! Unfortunately Zaroff is a great and dangerous wizard, and even his minions could reveal some very bad surprises. You will find yourself in the same foggy area where you first met the Marquis de Hoto; exit the area by taking whatever direction you prefer, the clear path, the unknown path, the path to light or the path to white, you will always return to the same place; then go through the same path four times, Jerry himself will suggest that the Marquis or the Wizard of Mousewood could hear you; use the first spell learned "the seeker of advice"; the magician will appear and offer you his guidance. When the Wizard is gone, a giant crow will join you, chat with the mysterious bird and select the following dialogue option, "What kind of place is this?", The crow will bring up a stone wheel, then select the dialogue option "I'll keep trying my luck". Use the stone wheel to bring up the new paths, the bonfire, the cannon, old acquaintance, the sunken city and the lighthouse; interact with the cannon to collect black powder; return to the stone wheel and use it again to bring up a second set of paths, the rust door, the stone with a mark, the suitcase, the monkfish and the nets with acorns; interact with the net to collect three acorns, use the long brush with syrup on the rust door to get a dwarf root; then use the Indian white pepper on the stone with the brand, open the inventory and mix the pepper with the black powder; use the stone wheel again to bring up the first group of paths. Open the inventory again and use the mixture of powders obtained previously with the mug, then use the wooden bark always on the mug and finally insert the acorns and the dwarf root into it; use the mixture of objects just obtained in the center of the intersection, you will draw a circle with the mug in the center; interact with the bonfire to collect a lapillus and use it on the circle just drawn; you will bring up a mysterious masked man, talk to him and use all three dialogue options, he will give the power to see the right way to your magic coin with hole.

Open the inventory and select the magic coin, hold it in front of each of the available paths, when you find yourself in front of the right one, the coin will shine with purple light in an intense way; you will therefore have to extract the coin every time you enter some new screen, however the right way will be, the path to the light, the clear path, the path of light, towards white, you will find yourself in front of the first tree. Look at the great Zaroff, you will join him on stage, select any dialogue option when you have the opportunity to speak, you will be transported to the bizarre theater of the evil wizard. Chat with the frog who will drop chestnuts from the treetops, collect one, then move the fake rocks and find a button, press it to turn on all the lights on the left side of the stage and reveal a voice tube, talk to the inside of the latter and bizarre tool to turn on all the lights on the frog, hand him the fake chestnut and use Plato's button on Plato himself, he will give you a hand to move the nail from the stage, you will then receive the nail and you can move towards the next scene. Use the iron nail on the crack in the background to find a lever and a round button; pull the lever until it is in the median position, use the round button to let the grass come out, lower the lever to the low position and use the round button again, in doing so you will distract the gnome; use his hat to wake him up and make him create a rainbow. Now you will be able to reach the tree with the nail, use it and extract the nail finally reach the next stage. As soon as you reach your destination, use the sound object with the bell, Kitsune will appear on which you will have to use its golden bell twice, in this way you can reach the next stage. Interact with the Christmas tree to get a string of lights, collect the candy cane and combine it with the string of Christmas lights; then use the bizarre fishing rod you just made from the ocean to extract a cable that you will attach to the nearby wind machine, control it and blow the poster away behind you; Then use the nail in your inventory to extract the last nail from the tree. The time has come for the reckoning, you will have to use all four spells learned in your adventure together with the four nails just recovered from the first tree to defeat the evil wizard Zaroff (if you want to avoid the last fight, you can always jump it by clicking on the "x" in the upper right corner of the screen). Check the spell that your opponent is using and select the one among yours that has the same color, the first time you do it, you will have to open the inventory to select the spells and nails, then you will have a shortcut on the screen; for example, if Zaroff uses a red spell, you must use the "fox cunning" spell and quickly select the nail of the appropriate color to use on the floating sphere; in this way you will defend yourself from attacks and Zaroff will lose that spell; continue with this process until your opponent has lost all the spells available to him!




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