The Runaway Solution - A Road Adventure

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The solution is based on the US version of the game. There may be divergences with the Spanish version.

Wake me up before I die - part 1

Not being able to go out through the main door, the only way to access the warehouse is from the outside, via the cornice: go out through the window. In the warehouse you will find a blank medical file, which comes out of the archive at the top right and above this a vademecum. Take the mannequin's head. Examine the shelves on the left and grab two pillows, the spray can and a syringe.
Go back to Gina. By rummaging in her bag again, you will find a wig to associate with the mannequin's head and use on the empty bed, together with the sheet and pillows, to simulate the presence of another patient. To complete the work, you will have to create a fake medical file for the fake patient and exchange it with the one on Gina's bed: to do this, take some alcohol with the syringe and then use it on the empty marker. Now you can associate it with the blank medical file to fill it in, after which, swap it with Gina's. To continue the adventure, you will have to leave the room momentarily: go to the bathroom and a cutscene will start. It seems that Gina was right: Mafia hit men are on her trail and have no good intentions at all.
For now we have saved her life, but Gina is sleeping like a log and we absolutely have to get her out of here. Consult the vademecum to find out about the pills that have been given to her and you will find that only a cold shower can awaken her. I need to do it on purpose, the shower in the bathroom doesn't work ... how to get her some water? Use the spray with the fire detector on the ceiling of the room and you will achieve your goal.

The strange crucifix - 1st part

Like it or not, we are now entangled up to our necks in this bad business and we just have to find out what secret the old crucifix of Gina's father hides. Exhaust all topics of conversation with Dr. Susan Olivaw. After that, she examines the shelf on the left and swaps one of the Mayan artifacts for the crucifix, which will be cleaned before the other items. Go to the right side of the workshop and take the brush on one of the shelves and the colorless paint from the briefcase.

The Runaway Solution - A Road Adventure

The strange crucifix - 2st part

Exit the restoration workshop and head to the ground floor. Here, talk to Willy until you get his business card: it seems that, in addition to dedicating himself to maintenance and cleaning in the museum, he has a much more profitable business ... After receiving a strange phone call, he will in fact go to the analysis laboratory. Pop into the Mayan art exhibit in the next room and, upon your return, you'll find Willy lounging in his chair again. You have to devise a way to extract the access code to the laboratory: go upstairs and put some paint on the keys for entering the numerical combination. Then, use the phone at the far right to call Willy's cell phone, which you have the number on your business card. Time to take another spin at the Maya exhibit! When Willy is out of the way, he goes back to the door of the analysis laboratory and uses the talcum brush on the keyboard: in this way, the keys pressed for entering the code will be highlighted. At this point, you need to go back to their correct order to get the combination (8137). Inside the lab, he grabs the key that glows on the left. You will not be able to open the case in which the ancient mask is located, due to the voice recognition security system, but to continue in the game you will have to try it anyway, by pressing the button.
Go into Clive's office and take the books from the desk: you will discover a hole in the table. Insert the key you just found and a secret compartment will open. You can only take the tape recorder. Close it all and head to the restoration workshop. Here use the tape recorder on Dr. Olivaw and have her say her name. He goes back to the isothermal case in the analysis laboratory and uses the recorder on the opening button: surprise, it's empty! To the far right of the laboratory are a ladle and a liquid nitrogen bottle: to recharge the battery of the recorder, insert it into the ladle and then immerse the latter inside the cylinder. Put the battery back in the recorder. Now nothing will stop you from getting your hands on that mask! To detach the gemstone from the mask, use the strange Mayan object that you replaced with the crucifix in the restoration workshop.
Go back to the doctor and tamper with her laser, placing the ruby ​​in it: when she uses it, Doctor Olivaw will destroy the artifact she has been working on for too long, causing a nervous breakdown. She would serve her a good coffee: pay another visit to the Mayan exhibit and this time she examines the bowls at the foot of the central statue, which contain coffee beans. Pick them up and show them to Willy. Go back to the restoration workshop and use the lathe on the doctor's desk near the door to grind the coffee. Bring it to Willy, who will still refuse to refuel the car. Examine the waste bin in the hallway, to the right of the soda machine, under the fire extinguisher - you'll find an empty bottle of the brand of coffee usually used in the museum. Fill it with your "Mayan blend" and give it to Willy. Now you can finally make coffee for the doctor! Bring him a cup and he'll start working on the crucifix. When it's done, examine it with the analyzer's scanner and enjoy the following exciting video ...

The great escape - part 1

Spy through the crack in the door on the left and you'll see Gina struggling with angry mobsters. There is no time to waste: you have to find a way to get out of here and save your skin and the girl. Take a look around and collect the bellows next to the broken safe, the cleaning liquid on the shelf next to the phone, the chamois cloth and finally the knob of the coat hanger on the far right. He pours some detergent on the towel and wipe the window on the right. Now he examines the freezer: he unplugs it and opens the lid for the ice to melt. Open the freezer load and, after relieving it, you can finally move it, uncovering a trap door on the floor of the shack. He uses the crowbar near the freezer to crack the lock on the hatch and spin off.

The Runaway Solution - A Road Adventure

The great escape - part 2

After you get to know the cute drag queens, rummage through the basket outside the bus and you'll find a sagging basketball. Go browse inside the bus and pick up a lipstick and pair of sunglasses on the center shelf. At the bottom left, there is a table vacuum cleaner. Join Carla in the back of the bus and exhaust all available conversation subjects. Use the vacuum cleaner on the grate to retrieve the fallen tablet and take the needle and thread attached to the left boots. Using them on the basketball, you can fix it and then inflate it with the bellows.
Leave the bus and head to the right. From the area map, go to the airplane graveyard. Grab the cartridge belt and helmet near the cockpit. The machine gun is unusable, without a lube, and besides, there are no bullets. Go back to the shack where Gina is being held captive and take the bucket under the platform. Head to the central point of the map, where there is a shed: you will discover a helicopter that could be useful for the escape, but which unfortunately is guarded by a thug. Try to drug him, putting the tablet in his can of beer: nothing to do, we need a diversion. Go talk to Lula in front of the bus and give her the basketball: you will find out something interesting about her past and you can count on her help to entertain the energetic while you "fix" the beer. When the geezer is down, get hold of the jar of peanut butter. Grab the bike in front of the hangar and a pedal will drop. Pick it up, of course.

The Runaway Solution - A Road Adventure

The great escape - part 3

Now explore the area at the top right of the area map: enter the old train car, examine the bucket and take the screw inside it. Combine the latter with the wooden knob to create a handcrafted awl. Use the crowbar with one of the barrels in the center for peanuts. Place the bucket under the gunpowder barrel, marked "XXX", and pierce it with the newly constructed awl. At this point, we can produce equally artisanal bullets, combining the gunpowder with the lipstick and then putting it back in the cartridge case. To fill it up, all we have to do is go back to the bus and use all the drag queens' lipsticks. This alternative idea never even occurred to cosmetic advertisers!
Once on the bus, use the motorcycle pedal to replace the lost door handle. When closed, the doors of the bus will reveal a pocket that holds the fridge key. Take advantage of it now and get some butter back into the fridge. Knead it with the peanuts inside the WWII helmet and you'll get some peanut butter (but I don't recommend trying this at home, because you won't get the same result!). To mix the ingredients well, go to the mafia shack and place the helmet on the freezer, so as to expose it to the sun's rays. Okay, but what do we do with peanut butter now? Do you remember the story told by Rocco? Go to the abandoned train car and on the left you will notice a closed tool shed, behind which you can glimpse a huge anthill: if it is true that the fearsome giant ants of the area are fond of peanut butter, we will just sprinkle the door of the shed. with it and let nature take its course! Collect the explosives.
Go to the oil well and dip your sunglasses in the oil slick to darken the lenses. Use the explosive on the well to place it behind the large rock. Our escape plan is almost ready. Go back to the drag queens and look at Mariola for a moment: as soon as she places her glasses on the hood of the bus, replace them with the darkened ones and, wearing them, she will convince herself that she has reached the desired level of tan, finally releasing her tanning oil. she! Go to the airplane graveyard and lubricate the machine gun with solar oil. Insert the cartridge belt with the explosive lipsticks and go back to your accomplices to explain the plan to them ...

Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind - 1st part

This Gina seems to have a marked propensity for getting into trouble and now we'll have to investigate the mysterious crucifix on our own! After the enlightening conversation with the old Indian chief, head to the hotel and get all the information you can about the legendary Hopi village and the past of the place from Sushi. Go to the bank to find the map of the mine the young heiress told us about. Take the stapler and stamp from the shelf. Head to the sheriff's office: collect the logs and examine the cell on the left, complete with a corpse. Go back to the hotel and ask Sushi about the dead. The sheriff died in the train derailment, and if he really had the key to the cell, he's next to the old locomotive we should find it. We will also discover that the bank safe should be in the basement, for which there is currently no access, so we will have to let it go.

The Runaway Solution - A Road Adventure

Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind - 2st part

Go to the abandoned mine, southwest on the map, where Gina fell and collect the oil can. Examine the entrance to the mine, blocked by a large boulder. He goes back to town and enters the saloon, which is right in front of the hotel. Get the vase under the stairs and the shears in the closet. Go to the second floor and talk to Saturn, without leaving out any conversation topics. Examine the room carefully and then ask Saturn if you can take some water from his personal supply - use the oil can to do this. Go to the balcony to the left and pick up that kind of planer hidden by the door. Leave the saloon and on the way use the shears to sever the wagon strap in the way between the hotel and the sheriff's office. Then make your way to the derailed train locomotive and pour the oiler water into the tank. You will have to repeat this operation five times to fill it! Then go into the train cabin and put the logs in the boiler. Examine all the commands carefully to try to understand how they work.
Head to the north-east area of ​​the map, the crater, where you'll find the mad scientist Joshua. Talk to us and try to help him with his strange contraption. He examines the bike on the right, uses the strap on the rear wheel and, in order to use it, connects the ends with the stapler. Discuss your idea with Joshua and then walk away to get him to work. Upon your return, he will ask you for a key number 10 to remove the wheel. Go begging for her from Saturn at the saloon and you'll be delighted to discover that she is the only one missing among her tools on the wall. Talk to him about it and Saturn will throw it at you with a little too much energy, causing it to fly out the window. Exit the saloon and examine the trough in front of the door - that's where the wrench is. Go back to Saturn's balcony and knock the pot down so that it falls into the trough as well. Finally you can go down and collect the key.
Take her to Joshua in the crater. Get away and go back to him immediately to see the progress of the work, which has not happened: now he lacks gasoline! If you think you have it from Saturn, you are wrong: this time he wants something in return to sell the tank he has in the laboratory, in this case, a work of art of your creation. Go to Mama Dorita and collect the stone next to the well. While you're at it, have a chat with Before you leave, take the terra cotta bowl next to the ladder to the left. He goes back to Saturn's laboratory and tries to trim the stone by passing it off as an artistic work: he will tell you that something is missing to make it perfect. He smoothes it with the planer and try again. Ridaglie! Combine it with the amber fragment and this time you have created a masterpiece. Take the Saturn gasoline, the bottle and the dispensers: you will have to mix a liter of water with 40 cc of its concentrated gasoline.

The Runaway Solution - A Road Adventure

Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind - 3st part

Use the bottle on Saturn's tank to fill it with water. Pour some petrol into the 50cc dispenser, then empty it into the 30cc dispenser and you will have 20cc left in the 50cc dispenser. You should now have 30cc of petrol in the 20cc dispenser. Fill the 50cc dispenser again and pour the contents into the 30cc one which, being already partially full, will contain only another 20cc. By doing this, you will have 30cc left in the 50 dispenser and you will have the right amount of mixture to dilute in the liter of water. The same result can also be obtained starting from the 30cc dispenser and following a reverse procedure to that described. Go back to the crater, use the gas on the bike and discuss with Joshua. The machine finally starts up but to use it you need to enter the right combination of notes using the appropriate keyboard. The sound code is made up of 10 unique notes, placed in sequence: C, G, E, B, A (C, G, E, B, A). After Joshua's close encounter, grab his telepathic helmet from the center of the crater and the torch and rope from his tent.

The Runaway Solution - A Road Adventure

Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind - 4st part

Pay a visit to Saturn's laboratory. Act on the lever of the wooden platform on which the paint bucket is located, in the center of the room and you will find out against your will that it is a kind of catapult. Go to the bank to see where the bucket landed and then return to Saturn. Offer him the telepathic helmet to solve his inspiration problem. Collect the blowtorch and examine the sculpture raised by the crane. Taking advantage of Saturn's absence, he uses the crane and moves the sculpture onto the catapult. Snap the catapult and launch the sculpture towards the bank: this will open a passage to the basement. Get to the bank immediately. Go to the basement and try to open the safe. Consult Sushi at the hotel to find out if they can help you with the combination: it will reveal that it consists of three digits and that for the first one you have to turn the knob to the right - still too little to hope to hit the other numbers at random!
Enter the saloon and rummage through the tool shed again - you'll find dried tobacco leaves there. Go to the derailed train locomotive and enter the cabin: light a fire in the boiler with the blowtorch and turn the valve to increase the pressure. Release some steam by flipping the central lever, and then exit the cabin to collect the cell key (it's hidden at the bottom, towards the base of the screen). Enter the sheriff's office and use the key to open the cell. Search the doctor's bag and you'll find a stethoscope and menthol liniment. Now you have everything a skilled burglar needs: go back to the basement of the bank and use the stethoscope with the safe. Start turning the knob to the right, until you find the first digit (85), turn it to the left to find the second (29) and right again for the third (54). Inside the safe you will finally find the map of the old mine!
Too bad the mine entrance is blocked, but we could try offering chewing tobacco to to solve our little problem, just like Saturn does when he wants to move large boulders to use in his artwork. We have the tobacco leaves, now you have to chop them: to do this, improvise a mortar, using the bank stamp with the terra cotta bowl, then combine the dried leaves and the menthol liniment. All that remains is to go to, at Mama Dorita's house. Give chewing tobacco to and ask if it can help you. Time to delve into the bowels of the old mine ...

The sacred crypt - 1st part

Once you get out of the mine unscathed, pick up the plank from the ground and the ice ax that was under it. Examine the corpse at the tunnel entrance and borrow a bone. Combine the bone with the ice ax to assemble a makeshift crowbar, with which you can pull out the nail driven into the wood of the mine entrance. Use the nail on the edge of the precipice and attach the rope to lower yourself down. Here you will find Gina desperate, with a broken leg. Discuss with her what to do and then approach the statue on the far right. Grab the pipe ax from the ground and return to the old abandoned Hopi village: head to the houses on the left and enter the last one. To get close to the rope, go up the stairs and take the door on the left; go upstairs and enter the last door on the left, then the one on the right. Going up again, you will find yourself within reach of the rope, which you can cut with the pipe ax. Go back down and retrieve the piece of rope to splint Gina's leg. Now go have a look around for the sacred crypt.

The Runaway Solution - A Road Adventure

The sacred crypt - 2st part

There is only one destination that can be visited on the map: cross the valley and you will arrive at the entrance to the crypt. Try inserting the crucifix key into the statue's mouth. To clear the clogged crevice, collect branches from the bush on the left and stick them into the statue's mouth. You will now be able to use the key and access the interior. After getting his finger in formalin, he goes back to Gina. She breaks the plank with the pipe ax and tie it to the broken leg with the rope. It's best to take Gina to someone who can assist her properly ...

The Indian, the nun and the finger - 1st part

Exhaust all topics of conversation with Mama Dorita and offer yourself as a medium. After looking you in the eye, she will tell you that you are not ready yet. Also talk to Gina, asking permission from the healer or She goes back to town and head to the saloon. Here you will meet Sushi's second friend, Rutger, an expert in gardening and "travel": he is the right man for us! In exchange for his favors, offer him the pipe ax and Rutger will prepare you a little something to smoke, but it will not be enough to convince Mama Dorita, who will fail you at the "eye test" again. Go back to consult the expert Rutger, who will inform you about the hallucinogenic plants used by the Hopi to go into trance. This is the same bush at the entrance to the crypt that you pulled a branch from. In order to use the pods, you will need something very sharp.
Go to the sheriff's office and search the doctor's bag again for a scalpel. Try using it on the berries, but you won't be able to peel them off. Go to the hotel and talk to Sushi for a while. Approach the fireplace on the ground floor, take the poker on the right and heat the scalpel over the fire. You will then be able to extract the berries from the pods. Bring them to Rutger in the saloon and enjoy his concoction. Go find Mama Dorita, follow her instructions and finally you can invoke the spirit of Gina's "father". After you find out the whole truth about Johnny the Indian, have a chat with Sushi at the hotel.

The Runaway Solution - A Road Adventure

The Indian, the nun and the finger - 2st part

Ask Saturn about the caravan and hit the road right away. Force the door of the caravan with the poker and go inside to have a look. Examine the nun's robe and the inside of the pocket in the door: you'll find a bank brochure. Go to the hotel to show it to Sushi, who will take care of the rest. Leave Douglasville momentarily, then return to the hotel: follow Sushi's instructions and go to recover the nun's dress in Johnny's caravan. Go see Gina at Mama Dorita's and tell her about the plan. She enters the cabin of the derailed locomotive and let the steam out again: the sheriff's star will jump out too. Go to and convince him to become the new sheriff of Douglasville: he will take care of fixing Gustav and Feodor.
Go to the sheriff's office and have a few words with the mobsters. Take the bag with the items seized from the two and take it to Sushi at the hotel. Try to work out a plan with her: talk to her about cinema, Woody Allen, and in particular her film "Mysterious Murder in Manhattan". Use the MP3 recorder to record first the voices of Gustav and Feodor in the cell and then that of Gina from Mama Dorita. Deliver the recordings to Sushi and enjoy the Sandretti brothers' defeat!

Wake me up before I die - part 2

Here we are! The most logical thing to do, for the moment, is to stay next to Gina and try to understand if what she has told us is true. First of all, go to the bathroom and retrieve the alcohol bottle over the sink and the marker in the bin. On the nightstand next to Gina are a blister of pills and a cracked plastic cup, which might come in handy, as well as the sheet on the empty bed. Dig into Gina's bag and you'll find some matches: by examining them, you'll discover that they come from the same place the girl told us about. Look at the map on the bathroom door: one of the rooms next to Gina's is used as a warehouse.

Video of the solution - 1st part

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