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The solution is based on the American version of the game, so there may be differences for the Spanish version.


Get out of the garage and immediately go talk to about Fuego, the mechanic, asking him when it will cost you to repair your car. He will tell you that it is not a question of money, but of respect, that he wants to be treated not as a mere mechanic, but as a human being. After talking to him, shake his hand to make friends with him. Thanks to this, the repair will only cost you §500. He will advise you to go for a ride to Curio Shoppe, while he fixes your car, and once there, to have a chat with Mambo Loa, the woman behind the cash register. After the objective list appears, leave the garage and go left. There should be three cars and behind the tires of one of them will be an object that gives off a blue light, a secret that will be very useful to you later. Then also approach the red car, the farthest one, look to the right of the cactus to find another secret, then head towards the building with the red door in 50s style. There should be two people, Bella Goth, dressed in red, and Mambo Loa, behind the tape recorder. Go to the bathroom right away, grab the secret item from the opposite side of the sink, then go out and talk to Mambo Loa. Answer his questions, related to your aspirations, fears and desires, then take the secret object located to the right of the recorder. Go immediately and fulfill one of your wishes, in order to get the Sanity Meter to platinum level, then go back to the woman. When she asks, go talk to Bella to extract a secret from her, then go back to her. At some point, the woman will start talking about love, inviting you to flirt with Bella or with Deputy Duncan, who is outside. Choose who you prefer, obviously depending on the sex of the Sim and the sexual inclinations you want to give them, then go back to Mambo. Go behind the counter to buy something, maybe some ice cream, then after the woman asks you for food, eat whatever you have in your inventory. At this point, after the last short speech, you can leave the shop and head towards the garage. Go behind the building and take the cell phone which is located in front of the garage ruins. Talk to Dr. Dominic Newlow, because it is precisely because of his mistake that both the garage and your car are gone. The man needs a new assistant, and he wants you to do the job. Then go back to the Curio Shoppe, talk to Bella and ask her if she has a place you can stay. The woman will want to sell you her house for an absurd price of §900000. It will take a little, however, to make him go down and make her accept what little you have in your wallet. At this point, however, you still lack a means of transport. After the conversation with Bella is over, go to Mambo Loa and sell her all your secrets so you can get some cash, then go out. Look to the right to see Deputy Duncan and his car and head behind it, get the secret in the bushes, then talk to the man. Ask him if he can give you a lift to tell you that he is without donuts and that, of course, he would like to have some. Then go back to the Curio Shoppe, go behind the counter and talk to Mambo again, trying to intimidate her this time. You will discover that the woman hides the donuts in the garbage can located in the bathroom. Go to that place immediately, then, take the donuts in the basket, then go back outside and give them to Duncan in exchange for the ride.


Take the §800 from Duncan, have a chat with him, listen to his suggestions (going to visit the various neighbors is great), then get out of the car and run into the house. You will be immediately greeted by your maid, Emily Emory, with a scream. Tell her you're the new owner of the mansion to get a weird comment. Then enter the room on the right to understand what the problem was with the house, why it was sold to you at such a low price. Because it is haunted by ghosts, which are also found in the next room. Go back to Emily and tell her what you saw, to get a less than surprised reaction from her. The woman will tell you that there are three ghosts in the house, but the third is hidden, and that the ghosts won't leave until they finish doing what they are there for. She will tell you about Dennis, a ghost who lives in the Music Room, about how he died and the fact that he never had a burial worthy of the name. Your mission, therefore, will be to rid the house of ghosts, starting with Dennis. Keep talking to Emily, however, to tell you where the third ghost is, then go out the front door and go right, near the fountain, to find a secret object. Then approach the bushes on the left, then head in the same direction to find another object behind a tree. To find the third secret, go through the graveyard and advance to the next open area. After taking the latter, run to the deputy sheriff's car, then go left and continue until you see a house with a part of the wall that emits a purple light. There should be another secret in the bushes. At this point, go talk to Duncan, who will explain that he is having problems and that he needs help. He will tell you that the street sweeper is gone and that he believes the Beaker family is to blame. Change the subject and talk about the dead / ghost issue to earn a secret. Duncan will tell you that if you want to earn some money, you have to try to put the dead back into their graves, as they wake up and roam the neighborhood every night.


Proceed to the house that emits a red light, that of your neighbors, the Beakers. These people hate you. As soon as you set foot on their property, a message will alert you to the fact that they were the ones who kidnapped the street sweeper. Immediately go to one of the back rooms, the one on the right, and make Logic go up to level 2 by reading one of the volumes on the bookcase. After that, try to tamper with the keypad located outside the library, next to the kitchen. After tampering with it, Loki or Circe will come to you to scold you. So go talk to the other co-tenant, the one who hasn't told you anything. Circe thinks Loki is hiding from her that they could cost a lot of money, while Loki thinks Circe's marriage is in trouble. To solve Circe's problem, head to the bedroom, get the secret in their wardrobe, then hide and wait for Loki to arrive. The Sim, four to four, will get their hands on the wardrobe. After he exits, go see what he was doing, grab the item inside and take it to Circe. Prepare to be used, though, as the woman will have no intention of leaving. Do not accept her offer, instead, try to intimidate her, to make her confess that she is having an affair outside of marriage. At this point, go back to the keypad, tamper with it, then go to rescue the sweeper and, while you're at it, also take the secret object that is in the room where he is imprisoned. After that, before you go to find the Dentes, take some time to earn some Simoleans, develop your skills, pick up the Sanity Meter, or buy useful items.


After you've been home to rest, go take a tour of the Dentes, who live in the building to the left of yours, the one that gives off a blue light. Go inside and talk to Hazel Tooth, who will explain that she needs help doing some things and tell you to go have a chat with her boyfriend, Roland, about those jobs. Go to the backyard first, perl, to find a secret object to the right of the fence, then go to Roland. Ask him about how he and Hazel met to tell you he needs help preparing for their wedding. Then tell him that the girl told you that there was work to be done to let him explain what it is: plant garlic seeds in the garden, clean the bathroom and make hot dogs. To clean the bathroom, just head to that room and make everything shiny like a mirror. While cleaning the sink, you will find a ring in the drain. Get it, clean up the rest too, retrieve the secret near the bathtub and then go to Roland and tell him what you found. As for the preparation of hot dogs, go and watch the Yummy Channel on any television, in order to learn the skills of cooking. Then head to the fridge, open it, get the sandwich that hasn't been cooked yet and the note to the police, then go cook it and bring it to Roland. After that, run to the gas station and buy some garlic seeds and a road map. Then go back to the Dentes' house, go to the courtyard and take a look at the object, behind the pool, which looks like a gas cylinder. These are the remains of Dennis the ghost. After you find them, head to the area of ​​the garden where you will have to plant the seeds, the one to the right of the courtyard entrance. Garlic should be planted on the left side of the soil. Get the pacemaker in the middle of the earth, then go to the other side and bury Dennis there. Go back to Roland to tell him you did everything, then go to Hazel and tell her about the things you found while you were doing your work. After her explanation, far from truthful, accuse her and intimidate her to make her confess. After a while, she will tell you about when she happens to "lose her mind" and wake up later with her dead husband by her side. Advise her to tell Roland. The woman, however, does not intend to tell him because she fears that the other Sim will leave her. So you go and tell Roland, to let Hazel teach you something special. After that, go back to your house and talk to Emily, who will tell you that Dennis is no longer at home (you must have buried him) and that you need to take care of the depressed ghost in the bedroom. He will explain his story, telling you that he was killed by Loki Beaker during an experiment and that his ex-girlfriend, Annie, works as a waitress at Deadtree's Nightowl.


Leave your house and go to Dr. Newlow's house, the one on the right, which glows purple. Come in, go into his study and talk to him. Tell him that you are ready to work for him to earn some money. Give him five of the secret items you've found so far to get some cash. Talk to him about the bonus to see him flee suddenly, unnoticed. Then approach the bookcase next to the window and inspect it to find that it is actually a hidden door. Try to open it to be greeted by its antagonist, Doctor Dominion. Listen to what he has to tell you, obey every request from him, then go and retrieve the secret items behind his desk and the floor you will see before you leave.

Once you exit Dr. Dominion's house, go right to proceed towards the Rossum house, the one that gives off an orange light. Enter it and talk to Isaac, who will explain that you are leaving and need to find a friend for his wife. This will not be a difficult task. Go to Roberta, chat with her first, then talk about her, to drive her crazy and explain that she is actually a robot, programmed to do everything Isaac tells her, which she doesn't want to do. Keep talking to find out that Doctor Newlow (Dominion) has a program called liberator.exe that would help her get back to normal. Then proceed to Newlow's house, put your hands on the computer in his secret room to retrieve the program and go back to Roberta. When she asks you for a Simolean, give it to her immediately, to see her happy and content to finally be free. Then go to the invention room and take a look in the closet to find a secret. When Isaac returns home, have a chat with him about intelligence to hear the phone ring shortly after. Answer it to become a slave to the green crystal again. Go back to the invention room and use the green machine to create a cow, then grab it and pull the string that comes out of that kind of generator to the right of the cow factory. Then go to Roberta's, give her her items, then go back to Doctor Dominion, who will remind you of the order to follow. Talk to Roberta again and tell her the phrase relating to milk, in order to make her run away from home, then talk to Isaac and explain to him that you were controlled by Doctor Dominion and that he is the one who has Roberta. The man will tell you to go to Deadtree to find the robot or what's left of it. At this point, go home, save and rest, then exit again to go to Deadtree.


To go to Deadtree, you will have to proceed on the Paradise Palace road and then go right, as going the other way you will reach the gas station. Once in Deadtree you will receive a call from Isaac, who will explain how to use the tracker. Go through the first two buildings on the right, then go around the auction to find a secret. After that, keep going until you find a barn on the right and a couple of benches on the left, and take a look behind the tree on the right to find yet another secret object.

First, proceed on the road until you see a merchant, behind which you should find a chest. Open the lock to find Roberta's torso. After that, turn around so that you have Deadtree's exit behind you and proceed to the Nightowl Saloon which should be right in front of your eyes instead. Go inside, turn left, grab the table leg (which is really a leg), then go to the ladies' room to find a secret item. Exit the room and approach the counter, the one where the old guy is serving a drink, to find another secret. At this point, exit the saloon and proceed towards the Deadtree exit which leads to Paradise Place, stopping at the church and then entering it. Go past the benches, then go left first and then right, to end up in the cemetery, where you have to be very careful not to get noticed by the zombies. Take Roberta's arm, then go to the tombs on the far left. Collect the secret object alongside, dig where possible, then exit the cemetery and church. Cross the street and enter the library, grab the secret item and try to pull your arm off the deal that looks like a plate. You will not succeed immediately, you will be forced to put your hands on the computer next to it and then take it away. Do this, then exit and head back to the Nightowl, but don't enter this time. Talk to the guy dressed in a white cloak, who is none other than Hazel's ex-boyfriend Roland, who's selling cult-related information. Sign up, buy one and read it, then enter the building next to the bar, the one with the cow on the door. As soon as you are inside, proceed to the guy next to the door, who you will have to answer questions to get a chance to enter. The answers are these: "Always stay with the herd. The stray cow falls into the thicket.", "Always keep your eyes on the cow in front of you. Attention yields obedience.", "Always look to the future. The path behind you is strewn with manure. "," Always be warry ... the enemy tips the cow who sleeps. ". After you have answered everything, you can enter and head to the cow statue, then turn right. Grab the leg, then return to Isaac and bring her the remains of his beloved robot to complete the mission.


You need to go to the Meeting House, which is on the opposite side of the Old Library. Pass the benches, go left and then immediately right, then proceeding towards the part of the cemetery on the far left, dig, recover what you need, then exit the Meeting House and go to the Nightowl Bar. Talk to the half-undressed girl with the pigtails, which should be Annie. Ask her if the item you just took from her reminds her of anything to make her explain that it belonged to her boyfriend. Keep talking to complete the mission smoothly, later returning home to enjoy your bedroom, finally free from ghosts. Don't forget to talk to Emily to express your happiness to her.

To begin this mission, talk to the old man from the bar, the one serving drinks at the counter. He will introduce himself as Hoot and say that Annie is his little sister. Keep talking to him to tell him about the Nightbeast and how he is scaring most of his patrons. He wants you to get rid of it, but above all, he wants to know who it really is. After he tells you how to make a particular machine, go out and buy the necessary parts from the peddler on the street, talking to her first. After that, build your Taser and wait for the Nightbeast to attack you. You will understand that this is about to happen when the music gets louder and tense. You will notice that the Nightbeast has pigtails and is wearing shorts, just like Annie. Who is it then? Own the girl, so use the Taser on her to make her transform and make her angry. Annie will explain to you about what happens to her every now and then and you will have to tell him that you will pay for lessons to keep her calm, which will bring her back to normal. Pay her as soon as she becomes human again, then talk to Hoot, who will offer you a bottle of cider and some money in exchange.


Talk to Pita, the street peddler, right away, who will tell you that she is the sister of the street sweeper you rescued and that her family once owned most of the land in the town of Strangetown, but now the only thing they own. is the cart he uses to sell. The woman will tell you that there is a woman who is trying to scam them, Ophelia, who is in the Meeting House that Pita's father built with her hands. You will then have to go to that place, become friends with Ophelia and then ask her where is the supposed will of her that she claims to have. Immediately reach the Meeting House, once inside go right, pass the curtain and take the secret object near the bed. Then go chat with Ophelia, who she will tell you has found her will after a strange dark force told her to do so. Exit the building and proceed to the Old Library on the opposite side. Enter, turn right twice, then head to the desk, turn left, stop by the candlestick, then go left again. Grab the will from the bookcase that fell and head to Pita, then talk to her to find out that Ophelia is actually the owner of the Meeting House. The woman will not be happy, but she will ask you for another favor. You will need to recover part of her family's inheritance from a grave, so go to the cemetery immediately and check all the graves until you find one to dig into. Do it, grab what you need, then go back to Pita to get the reward.

Start by proceeding to the Old Library, which is, as you know, on the opposite side from the Meeting House. Once inside, talk to the guy wielding a weird contraption, Lincoln Broadstreet, a reporter who can't stand being this fat. After complaining a bit to you, he will ask you to retrieve some secrets from him and want to shovel mud on one particular person, Virginya Feng, the red-haired girl who spends a lot of time at the Nightowl Bar. First, go to the Meeting House and take a look at the tombs on the far right, to find that her tombstone actually dates back to the late 1800s. At this point, go back to the library and tell Lincoln, to start looking for news about her (as you need the Logic skill, if it is not developed, try to level it up). After you find an old photo of her, show it to Lincoln, who tells you to ask a couple of street vendors for information. Talk to Pita, then go in search of a guy dressed in green, her brother Gimi. Intimidate him to get the information out of him, then talk to him to tell you that he sold plasma to the woman. Go back to the library and tell Lincoln, who will ask you to befriend Virginya. Interact with her a couple of times to get bitten on the neck and sadly become vampires too. Rush to the gas station right away and talk to Mambo Loa to get a cure. After that, run back to Deadtree to buy two pieces of garlic and two bags of plasma, then find a workbench to make the antidote and give it to both yourself and her. Mission accomplished.


Talk to the guy dressed in a white cloak, who is none other than Hazel's ex-boyfriend Roland, who's selling cult-related information. Sign up, buy one and read it, then enter the building next to the bar, the one with the cow on the door. As soon as you are inside, proceed to the guy next to the door, who you will have to answer questions to get a chance to enter. The answers are these: "Always stay with the herd. The stray cow falls into the thicket.", "Always keep your eyes on the cow in front of you. Attention yields obedience.", "Always look to the future. The path behind you is strewn with manure. "," Always be warry ... the enemy tips the cow who sleeps. ". Answer correctly to enter, then proceed into the room, get the cow droppings, then go left, to find a secret object near the barn doors. So go talk to Sinjin Balani or the guy who isn't wearing the strange cloak. You will need to do three things to enter the brotherhood: Retrieve a copy of the Bovinomicon, get a sponsorship and learn the ritual. As for the first task, go and buy the book in the building's shop and while you're at it, grab the secret item behind the counter as well. For the second objective, go to the woman dressed in brown and chat until your relationship score with her reaches 4. Then, for the third objective, ask her to let you learn the ritual. After learning this, go to the cow statue and execute it. Talk to Sinjin again to stop him from suspecting you and to tell you that he needs your help to summon the mighty Beezlebeef. You will have to do three things again: create the Cowporri, produce a new statue and preside over a ceremony. For Cowporri, go buy some Smart Milk and some Cow Doody, then go find a workbench. Prepare the food, then approach the idol and move it to the candlestick on the far left. For the new statue, go to Isaac Rossum and use the cow factory to produce one, then go back and give it to Sinjin. As for the ceremony, instead, carry out the ritual and choose Beezlebeef. After doing all this, Doctor Dominion will suddenly appear and steal the mighty Beezlebeef. At this point, go talk to Sinjin to explain how they brainwashed him. You'll need to go hunting for Dominion, as well as prepare for a new job at Division 47.


Proceed on the road you came from, following it to the end. You should come right in front of Lazlo Curious. Talk to him, then head to the flying saucer that crashed on the gate and look left to find a secret. After that, proceed to the barracks to track down another secret object, right next to a Hummer.

Head to the barracks and talk to the guy dressed as a general, the one who also wears a green beret. He will tell you that there is a job available, but that he will only give it to a person of his liking. Then put in the queue the intention to become friends with him and bring the relationship score above quota 2 to be given the only place left, that of the keeper. You will have three tasks, to fix the computer on the base, to clean the bathrooms and to throw away the garbage in the laboratory. For the first one, go out of the General's office and fix the computer that is there, then go to talk to the guy who is beating the cashier, the one who is very reminiscent of Rambo, and try to calm him down, while recovering the secret located behind. the desk. Then go to the bathroom, clean all the toilets and mop the floor. To complete the third task, exit the barracks and enter the laboratory, taking everything you find in the white rooms. Once you have completed this last task as well, go to the General and tell him that you have done what he asked you, thus ending the mission.

Go talk to the alien in the barracks, named Johnny Smith and he's a teenager, eager to escape Division 47. He'll need a fake ID and the ability to bypass Tank Grunt's computer-controlled base security system. , the one you just fixed. You will obviously have to help him escape to complete the mission. Then go to the computer and press the buttons related to the skills you have. As soon as you have completed all the objectives, go tell Johnny to make him escape to Deadtree.


Tank Grunt has suspicions about the aliens living in Division 47, especially Mr. Smith. He believes the alien is hiding something and wants you to find out. Start by making friends with Smith's wife, Jenny. The woman is in the base of her and is recognizable by her blonde hair with ponytail, green shirt and blue pants. You will need to bring her relationship to her score above 4, and then start talking to her about her husband. The woman will tell you that Smith goes out every night looking for the flying saucer and that she is worried about the trouble it could get them into. She will also want you to find out what the man is doing. Wait for midnight, then exit and face Smith near the wreckage. Intimidate him to tell you that Jenny wasn't his first wife and that a friend of his was bringing him a photo album, but he was killed by the army. You will need to retrieve it, so go to the lab and head to the door in front of you. Go through the corridor, take the secret object on the way, then intimidate the man in black to get the code for the secret floor. Use it on the keypad next to the door and go down, exit the elevator and then turn the corner to the right to retrieve another secret. Go back and open the safe to find the album, then cross the corridor and enter the first door on the right to find another secret in the middle of the curtains. Then go out and take the album to Smith in the lab to complete the mission.

Talk to the black-clad guy in the lab. His name is Pascal Curious and he will tell you that, according to him, the Men in Black have kidnapped his son and that Lazlo or Vidcund may have helped them to make him disappear. Ask all possible questions to Pascal, then go to Vidcund and intimidate him to make him confess. The man will explain that he needed money to search for him and that the men in black would help him, but only if he kidnapped Pascal's son. Just tell Pascal to have a new goal assigned to you. Reach the secret floor, cross the corridor and go left to find Tycho in a niche. Pick it up and bring it back to the father to complete the mission.

After receiving the call from Isaac, raise the Sanity Meter to platinum level, complete all urgencies and develop your skills to the maximum. The second phone call from the man will let you know of a password, 'or4ngut4n', found in the midst of Dr. Dominion's things. Reach the secret floor of Division 47, cross the corridor and enter the door with the keypad. Interface with the computer on the right and enter the code, then ask to activate the teleport. Pass the ID test, take the machine on the left, then use it as the Taser to teleport to the "Monument". Save, then, within two minutes, try to get your hands on the computer that uses Roberta's head as a control system, to remove the magnet from Beelzebeef's stomach and to defeat Doctor Dominion. You will have two minutes, not a second more, after which the evil mad scientist will take control of your PSP and exit the game. Complete the objectives within two minutes to enjoy the final sequence.

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