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    The Sims 2: Free Time - Cheats

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    The version of the game for which the trick is reported is the American one, there may be differences with different versions or in case of patches or updates


    The terrible bugs with annoying noise when you pound them. There are 10, with different colors.

    The Dapper Pinstripe Beetle
    A long cockroach of blue and white colors

    The Polka Beetle
    A round beetle with a yellow shell and black dots

    The Couch Potato Beetle
    A small cockroach with long gray legs

    The Gentleman Beetle
    Another small beetle with an orange shell and black dots

    The Jack Beetle
    Similar to Potato, it is small and gray

    The Prancer Beetle
    Oval beetle with a green shell, red belly and black dots

    The Tri-Horn Greeves Beetle
    A large cockroach with a large underside and a black shell

    The Ringo Beetle
    Small completely green cockroach

    The Mock Ladybug Beetle
    It resembles a ladybug with a red and white shell full of black dots

    The Green Bottle Beetle
    A long green-shelled beetle with stripes of a different green


    From the caterpillar they turn into beautiful butterflies, easy to take apart from the Socialus, really difficult.

    The Jelly Butterfly
    Red and purple butterfly with 4 yellow dots

    The Peanut Butterfly
    A mixture of red and orange with 6 yellow dots

    The Empress Butterfly
    Butterfly full of yellow and purple and orange specks

    The Blue Featherwing Butterfly
    A bright and electric light blue, not very realistic

    The Margarina Butterfly
    A black butterfly with green and white highlights

    The Mademe Butterfly
    A three-striped butterfly, two in strong pink with white stripes in the middle

    The Vampire Butterfly
    A purple butterfly with a shiny coat and 4 white dots

    The Pygmalion Butterfly
    A mix of pink and white, this butterfly is full of white flecks

    The Copper Pot Butterfly
    A completely yellow butterfly with black edges

    The Socialus Butterfly
    A mixture of green and white, dotted with yellow and very difficult to capture


    The deadliest of the three types of insects in the game, spiders will always be 10 and very easy to catch.

    The Striped Spindler Spider
    A spider with a metallic gray and yellow body and very thin red-striped legs

    The Grey Widow Spider
    Similar to the Black Widow, this spider has thin legs and is completely gray

    The Paratrooper Spider
    This spider has short brown legs and a shiny black body

    The Mock Spider
    This spider has a small gray and purple body with long, thin legs

    The Itsius Bitsius Spider
    Large spider with a white body and black legs

    The Hot Dog Spider
    Tall spider with a red body at the top and green at the bottom, with orange legs

    The Queen Charlotte Spider
    A rather strange spider with a small black body and purple legs

    The Huntsperson Spider
    With a green body with red stripes and black legs, this spider has the particularity of having pincer-shaped hind legs

    The Single-Fanged Betsy Spider
    A small spider with a completely orange body with black stripes on its legs

    The Teddy Bear Spider
    The largest of the spiders with an orange body with black dots

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