The Sims: All Out Complete Walkthrough

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If your dream has always been to have a career, have a family, children and why not a strange job, The Sims: All Out is just for you. Guide your Sim through the milestones in their life, from leaving home to falling in love, getting married and having children!


There's no place like home, that's how the game begins. Here you will have to deal with your mother, and there will be few things you can do, let's say that it is the classic tutorial to become familiar with the various game controls. The only character in the house is your mother, with whom you can do various things, such as compliment her, talk to her, entertain her and so on. Malcom will immediately steal your only vehicle and that is the scooter. It's time to start building your career. The objectives are:

- Activate double speed -
Hold down the R1 button to speed up the tempo. Very useful function during the game. $ 50 as a reward.

- Eat your fill '-
Enter the house using the appropriate command, mom will cook something for you, since your cooking skills are not yet very high. When mom is done cooking, highlight the food and grab a plate. Wait until your sim has finished eating, and once you have eaten half a meal, you will have reached the goal. $ 50 as a reward.

- Use the bathroom -
Just use the bathroom to get some water. The maid will be available as a reward.

- Find a way to have fun -
Simple enough, highlight the TV and press the X button. Select "watch TV" and the sim will get comfortable enjoying his favorite show. After the fun level has risen a bit, you will have reached the goal. $ 50 as a reward.

- Browse the newspaper to find a job -
If you stay here without completing this goal, your mother will soon tell you to read the paper to get a job. Go out, highlight the newspaper, press the X button and choose "find a job". You can then choose the career for your digital alter-ego to undertake. Keep in mind that this choice will affect the next level. As a reward you will receive the super scooter.

Depending on your chosen career, you will unlock two new locations, Dudley's shack or Mimi's house. Before moving on, however, it is good to keep in mind that your home is a great place to quickly pick up your skills, so if you want to do it. It's just a suggestion but it could make your life a lot easier later in the game. Also don't worry about your chosen job, at the moment you won't be fired, also because the bus will never arrive here. Have you chosen your profession? Well then let's start with ...


Did you choose your career as a gangster, mad scientist, or paramilitary? Well you will find yourself living with Dudley Landgrabb. It is a small house, and for a change Malcolm will steal a couple of things including a beautiful pinball machine. The goals here are:

- Satisfy your need to socialize -
The main reason for this goal is simple, to raise your level of socialization. Highlight Dudley and press the X, then talk to him. Repeat the same thing until you have achieved the goal. $ 50 as a reward.

- Learn more about Dudley -
To complete this objective as well, keep talking to Dudley. Keep talking to him until you reach 35 interaction points with Dudley (press the directional cross to the right to see how many points you are at). It is best to continue until you become friends with him. It will help you a lot either to burp or to talk to him. By reaching this goal as a reward you will unlock a very useful new social option, pull the finger, try it!

- Get a point in the kitchen -
Knowing how to cook is important, to get skill points in the cooking skill, look for the bookshelf before Dudley's room, highlight it, press X and choose to read the cookbook. Do this until the sim gets the cooking point. $ 200 as a reward.

- Invite mom to your new home -
Near the kitchen there is the telephone, highlight it and use it to call your mother and invite her to see what top ... er, what nice apartment you moved into. Obviously choose "invite" and your mother will gladly accept to visit you, but only after her favorite soap opera 'ends'! Once you reach this goal, you will be rewarded with the new social option "criticize the house".

- Put everything in order -
Once you get here, as you will notice, everything is dirty, so it will be your job to tidy up a bit. Select the piles of dirt and clean everything, or more simply call a maid on the phone and hire her. An object we say "useful" as a reward for your cleaning.

- Visit Mimi and have her pull your finger -
Of course, before you can achieve this, make sure you have the social "pull the finger" option that comes with getting to know Dudley better. To go to Mimi, highlight the scooter and select "Mimi's House". Talk to Mimi, then choose the "pull the finger" social option and enjoy the skit. As a reward, you will receive a chair. Once you are here you might try to befriend Mimi right away so that you can clear the way later when interacting with Mimi.


Choosing your career as an actor or a victim of fashion, you will find yourself here after leaving your home. The only inhabitant is Mimi Landgrabb. Great place to stay for your favorite sim to "grow" skills. The main objectives here are:

- Satisfy your need to socialize -
Just like in Dudley's shack, talk to Mimi to socialize with her. $ 50 as a reward.

- Learn more about Mimi -
If you became friends with Mimi when you were with Dudley, this goal will already be achieved by the time you arrive at Mimi's house. Otherwise, highlight Mimi and talk to her until relationship points are down to 35. To make things a little easier try to become friends with her now, bearing in mind that she likes jokes and dances. As a reward, you will have a new social option, sign language.

- Get a point in the kitchen -
This goal should also be achieved by now, if you have played Dudley's Shack first. If so, do not worry, highlight the bookcase near the TV and select "study cooking" and the friendly sim will sit down to read the book carefully. When the blue bar above his head fills up, you have reached the goal of earning a skill point in the kitchen! As a reward, you will get $ 200.

- Invite mom to your new home -
To invite your mother, look for the phone, it is near the kitchen. Highlight it, choose your mother's house and tell her about her, inviting her to visit you. Try not to call her at night or at strange times otherwise she won't come. If she refuses to come, don't worry and call her the next day. Once she gets home you will have completed the objective. You don't need to thank her, but if you want to do it. As a reward you will get a new social option, giving money.

- Visit Dudley and use sign language on him -
First, you must have obtained the social option of sign language before you can achieve this. So highlight your only means of transport outside and choose to visit Dudley. Go to him and talk to him, using your new ability to complete the objective. Talk to him often so that the relationship points you have with him go up, so that you don't have to call him often on the phone to hear how he is or visit him frequently. The reward will be a household item.

- Repair all broken things -
By carefully observing the house you will notice that some things are broken, such as the espresso machine near the kitchen. If your electronic and mechanical knowledge is low, fixing everything will be a bit difficult for you, and above all it will take forever to do it. If you have studied hard at Dudley's hut it is better for you, otherwise you have a small problem that can be easily solved. Select the usual library and study every day when you are free, or even in moments of leisure in order to raise your skills. Try to reach the third or fourth level (no less than the second level anyway), then go and fix everything. Beware that other things may have broken during your study period so take a look around, especially the dishwasher or the bulbs break frequently. As a reward the fixer will be available as a service over the phone!

After completing all the objectives, there will be nothing else to do here, just stay if you want to upgrade your beloved sim's skills, otherwise it's time to move!


Finally a nice place where you can do some various improvements. The hosts are obviously the Goths, Mortimer and Bella. Initially you will witness helplessly the usual thefts of the damned Malcom, then you will get busy. As mentioned before, here you can and should make improvements to various environments, such as the kitchen. For example, buy a new refrigerator, to replace the old one, or a food processor. You can also change the bathroom, buying a better one, or the bathtub for example. You can also buy a TV or a Hellagraphix if you want to go big. If you need to earn skill points in order to get some promotions, do it quietly and you have plenty of time. The objectives that must be achieved here are:

- Become friends with Bella and Mortimer -
This is simple, you just need to actually become friends with just one of them. If you want, you could also become friends with both of them, but it is not necessary for the purpose of the goal. Once the relationship points reach 50, you have completed this part. Remember that they are playful types and love to dance. The new social options that you will get as a reward are: kissing hands and criticizing friends.

- Check another sim by pressing L2 or R2 -
By pressing one of the two buttons you will change the control of the sim, you can only control one sim at a time, also according to the sex of your sim. From now on you will have to control two sims at the same time. As a reward, a new social option tells a story.

- Buy at least $ 1000 worth of Goth Upgrades -
As mentioned before, there are many expenses to be faced here. To achieve this you will have to spend at least 1000 dollars. Especially improve the kitchen, actually things to buy cost more than $ 1000 so you shouldn't have any problems completing this part. As a reward, you will unlock the table for séances.

- Exorcise the ghost with a séance -
Obviously, to complete this objective, you must first have unlocked the table. After you have bought it and placed it in your home, wait until night falls (you don't want to have a séance during the day!). Then select table, press X and choose to contact the spirits. To pass the goal you will have to repeat the session twice, so it will take at least two days. As a reward, you will get a decorative skeleton.

- Retrieve the fern stolen from the Goths -
Head to your vehicle, select it and go to Dudley's shack. Behind you should notice a disused vehicle, what you are looking for is there. Highlight the area and select the fern, it should be possible to steal it. After that, go back to the Goths and the objective will be complete. The reward will be a new means of transport!

As usual, once you have completed all the objectives you can devote some time to yourself. You can make new friends by inviting them and talking to them, it will surely help you in the future. If you have chosen the career of an actor, and then that of a horror film actor, as a reward you will receive a synthesizer which is very useful to quickly increase the creativity points.


You will meet Artie Fischl & Charity Grant. There are several things to do here. First of all, improve the bathroom immediately, by selling the shower and maybe buying a bathtub, or if you intend to enlarge everything you might not even sell the shower. You should also buy a TV, stereo or something that allows sims to have fun because there is nothing fun out there. Also buy the food processor or whatever helps you cook. The bed would also need a sprucing up, so if you have the extra money, you know where to invest it. Finally, hiring a waitress wouldn't be a bad idea, as the place is still big. It is also very important to buy the guitar once it is unlocked. Goals to achieve:

- Become friends with Artie or Charity -
Talk to them until your relationship points go up to 50. Befriend them both to get two rewards, namely two new social options, pretending and telling lies.

- Check another sim by pressing L2 or R2 -
By pressing one of the two buttons you will change the control of the sim, you can only control one sim at a time, also according to the sex of your sim. From now on you will have to control two sims at the same time. As a reward a new social option ... fun!

- Buy at least $ 1000 worth of studio upgrades -
Buying a television, a shower, upgrading the kitchen and a sofa should be enough to overcome this goal. As a reward you will unlock a guitar, buy it!

- Organize a large exhibition -
In reality, to overcome this objective you will not need works of art, which among other things you can even remove to make more space in the house. To overcome this obstacle you will have two possibilities. The fastest is to use the unlocked guitar first. Organize a party, invite friends and once the sims join you and start playing the guitar, the sims will have a lot of fun (you will have a 30% chance that Malcom will show up too). The important thing is to have a large room, if you need to free it from everything you don't need including paintings. The other way of reaching the goal is a little more complex. Buy a video game console and place it in the room on the left, also buy a large sofa to put in front of the console.

If necessary, make room in the usual way, removing everything. Place something artistic in front of the entrance to the room, then pick up the phone and organize the party (preferably during the day, the police will not come to interrupt everything). Use the other sim in the kitchen and have him prepare some food. Tidy up the house and call the maid if necessary. Repair anything that is possibly broken, and save. Once the party starts, play the video game and once the guests arrive, select them one by one and let them play with you. When five guests have joined you, you will have exceeded the goal!

- Visit Mimi and see if she's okay -
People, Mimi's house is a real mess, dirty, messy and so on and so forth. Before facing this goal it is important that your comfort and energy levels are very high, so equip yourself. As soon as you are ready, go to your vehicle and make your way to Mimi's house. You will notice as said before that everything is in disorder, garbage is everywhere first clean everything. If you hired the waitress, she'll be here around 10 in the morning. Don't leave before you've cleaned everything or the dirt will reappear. Once everything is fixed, you will have passed the goal. But be careful because often the garbage is covered by chairs and tables, and maybe you can't see it, so also leave some empty space in the house so as not to have too much difficulty in identifying the piles of garbage. Take this opportunity to talk to Mimi and get your relationship points up.

Once you have completed your goals, keep in mind that there is no better place than this to start new friends, so you can do it easily if you want. You can also take advantage of the study to improve your skills.


As you can see, something is missing here! First, enlarge the empty room and buy some beds to place here. To make things easier then it is useful to move the kitchen near the pool, where there is the wall. Sell ​​the old TV and buy a new one, also buy a sofa to be more comfortable. If you want, buy a stereo too. If you want, you could also make the best of the kitchen. And now the goals:

- Become friends with Goldie and Max -
As usual you will have to increase the relationship points to 50 to pass the goal. If you become friends with both of them, you will receive two rewards and can save your bed money, as well as sleep with them. Two new social options for you as a reward.

- Check another sim by pressing L2 or R2 -
By pressing one of the two buttons you will change the control of the sim, you can only control one sim at a time, also according to the sex of your sim. Here, too, you will control two sims. Another fun social option as a reward.

- Buy at least $ 1000 worth of gym upgrades -
Buying the beds, and redoing the bathroom should be enough, be careful not to waste too much money. Reward I would say .. useful!

- Get four Sims to join the Toane gym -
If you are lucky, this goal can be really easy, if you are not it could be complex to accomplish. Before starting the goal it is better to save. The main way to overcome this obstacle is to organize a party. Remember that to convince a sim to join the Toane it is necessary to have at least 90 relationship points with him and to use the social option "ask to join the gym" on him. Keep in mind that you don't necessarily have to convince the four sims at once, you can do it at different times, the important thing is that you do it through a party. And remember, you obviously can't ask the gym owners to join! First of all, therefore, take care of your social relations with friends, visiting them or inviting them to you, talking to each other in order to raise the relationship points. The best time to organize the party is between 07:00 am and midnight. While the guests are arriving, have the other sim cook something to eat. Then take a dip in the pool and ask the guests near you to take a bath with you. When they are tired, some will go out and even have food, go to them and ask them to join the gym. Do this also with other friends who may have remained inside the pool. Repeat the operation until you have achieved your goal. But be careful not to skip the job too many times, under penalty of dismissal!

- Go to Dudley's and party -
Go find your old friend Dudley at his shack, the friend is throwing a party. The goal is to have at least 5 relationship points with each guest. Since you won't have a lot of time to complete this part, be quick, try to talk to whoever is close to you. If you arrive at Dudley's during the day, you will have more time to spend with the guests and therefore more chances to hit the target. Once you have socialized with everyone you will have made it!


Finally you have arrived at home caliente, here for the first time you will also have the goal of getting married, yes, you got it right, it's time to start a family! As usual the damned Malcom will steal the bed and the bathtub, so the first thing to do is to buy a nice big bed to place wherever you want, and of course either a shower or a bathtub since that Malcolm stinker has stolen the only available tub. If you have enough money, you can also try to build an extra room, or buy the sonic shower to be placed clearly in the bathroom. The kitchen is in good condition but you can upgrade the fridge and dishwasher if you wish. Also try to buy a TV or a stereo, since there is very little fun besides the swimming pool. The objectives to be achieved are:

- Buy at least $ 1500 worth of upgrades for Casa Caliente -
This first goal is really easy, to reach it buy some extra bed, fix the bathroom and maybe buy some funny object like TV or stereo and you should have done it.

- Invite your sweetheart -
If during your stay in the Toane gym you fell in love with Randy or Paisley this objective will already be completed when you arrive here. Otherwise, you'll have to get busy. If you have any "special" relationships (someone who has a heart bar of more than 70 points), invite them to your home. The goal will be completed when someone you love (and who loves you) comes to visit you.

- To get married -
First of all, it is important to note that to get married you need to have the appropriate social option. Another important point is that you will not be able to marry all the sims, those met in the various houses are excluded from the list, such as Dudley, Mimi, Mona, Bing, Mortimer, Bella and so on, these sims in fact will always reject your eventual proposal. of marriage. An aspect not to be underestimated is the mood of your sim and that of whoever receives the proposal; always try to ask during a happy period of your sim. It is also important to have a well-kept and well-furnished house in order to attract those you want to catch. Once you arrive at Casa Caliente, you can visit Free Streets and in all probability you will find the sim to marry there. First of all, obviously go to see him often, talk to him, joke about him trying to get to know him / her. If you don't like the people of the neighborhood, you can always create the sim of your dreams, and he / she will automatically go and stay in Free Streets where you can visit him whenever you want! Then there are some actions you will have to take to get married. First of all you will have to have all the sim bars to the maximum. Get up early in the morning, go to the bathroom and wash yourself, call the sim of your dreams, prepare breakfast or some food, say hello to her / or once she arrives at your place, eat together, watch TV together, if necessary go back to the bathroom, watch the TV until the end together, let him / her go to the bathroom, call him / her and give him / her a gift and then a kiss, finally make the fateful proposal, and if the answer is yes ... congratulations you are married! Otherwise .. try again!

- Succeed with two sims at the same party -
This could be a difficult goal to achieve. To be successful, you need to keep a couple of things in mind. First of all, if there is a sim in the same room who feels something for you, clearly kissing another sim, he / she will become jealous of the sim being kissed. Another thing to keep in mind is that the sim you are going to try it with must be in a good mood, and since you can control the mood of Randy and Paisley you can first put them in a good mood and then try us sure of success. So first start a relationship with both of you by bringing the relationship points to around 100. Organize the party and have a sim cook for you. So go to a secluded place (bathroom or bedroom will do) and call one of the sims. Once the sim of your interest has arrived, close the doors, so as not to let anyone into the room. Talk a little then use the social option to "give it a try". If you are successful, two greens will appear on the sim's head. Exit or let out the sim just "used" and repeat the operation with the second sim to complete the objective, mandrilli! As a reward, you get the social option "romantic kiss" in return.

- Visit Studio 8 and ...-
To pass this goal you will need to have a lot of creativity points. If you don't have them, work on them until you reach at least level 7 or 8, and only after doing so go to studio 8. Once you reach your destination, one of the residents will tell you about the objective. Well, do you remember that easel next to the kitchen? Go there and start painting. If your basics of painting are good Artie will enjoy the work while also giving you the reward, otherwise you will have to study a little more painting.

- Find a neighbor who knows about candlesticks -
To complete this objective you will need to have the romantic kiss among the social options and as mentioned before this option is unlocked by overcoming the objective of being successful with two sims at the same party. After you have the option available, head to the Goth manor and use the romantic kiss with Bella or Mortimer as appropriate. If that doesn't work, talk to the residents to increase your confidence level with them. Do this until you have reached the goal and as a reward you will have a candlestick.

After completing the goals, you may only be left with the marriage goals. If you haven't done it before, create a sim, it will automatically go to live on Free Street. From there, start the courtship by following the advice that you will find in the wedding objective.


This is what you call a bad place! There are so many things to do and improve here that it's best to get to work right away. First of all, think about improving the kitchen environment, and above all about moving the refrigerator located in the back of the kitchen. Buy a good dishwasher, and all the appliances you think you need, everything is really missing here! If you want you can also sell the old refrigerator and buy a new one, also buy new beds, and if you have moved even a few more beds.

To save some money, the old advice always applies, and that is to be friends with both residents who in this case are Bing Bling and Mona Lott. It might also be a good idea to build an extra room, where you can put the beds for example. Also buy the mini-bar and place it in front of the kitchen, you will need it to complete the objectives you have to achieve here. If you wanted to, you could also fix the bathroom by buying a new shower, building another room and adding a tub. However, the place is quite large, so you can afford to put whatever you want, such as a table where you can eat. Eventually you hire a cleaning maid. Targets:

- Purchase at least $ 1500 in club upgrades -
With all there is to buy here, this lens doesn't really need an explanation does it?

- Invite your sweetheart -
If you are married obviously this goal will already be reached, otherwise as usual invite someone "special" (someone who has the heart bar at more than 70 points) to your home. The goal will be completed when someone you love (and who loves you) comes to visit you.

- To get married -
If you are not married yet, follow the guide found in the "Casa Caliente" level.

- Organize a mega party -
First, complete the goal of spending some money to improve the club. Thus by unlocking the dance floor, necessary to reach this goal. Buy it and place it in front of the DJ booth, which is where it was before Malcolm stole it. Have your sim interact with the station until his creativity level rises to at least level 8. The purpose of this goal is to organize a party and have at least five people dance in the ballroom. To achieve this goal you also need someone who has a high level of creativity so that he can mix the records in an interesting way, to capture the sims you have invited with dance fever. You don't have to be the DJ, you can also have someone else do it. However, it is easier if you are the one mixing, for the obvious reason that you will have total control of the situation. To organize the mega party don't go to work, have a sim prepare the drinks in the mini-bar, have the other sim cook, and use your sim to organize the party by calling everyone on the phone. So take your sim to the DJ booth (or whoever has a high level of creativity), the sim that was cooking to dance on the dance floor, and as soon as the guests arrive highlight them and then select to join them. A couple of them should start dancing, but if by chance there are only four of them dancing, ask one of the residents to join you so that you can overcome that goal as well.

- Find out what's going on at the Toane gym -
First of all, of course, you must have unlocked that level. First you will need to have at least 10 as body skills. If you are not at that level, start working on your pimp physique! To pass this goal, however, you just need to get to level 8. Once this is done, go to Toane and there you will be, let's say, challenged. If you are okay with the training, do what they ask for three times and you will leave them speechless!

- Show some Club Rubb moves at Studio 8 -
In order to overcome this obstacle you will need a social interaction, the break dance. To get it you will have to become friends with Bing Bling. To do this, socialize with him, talk to him, even play jokes on him. Once you become acquainted you will have the social option available. Then go to Studio 8 and talk to Artie or Charity, then use the break dance option in front of them to complete this part as well.

After having achieved all the objectives, if you are married, make your spouse progress in the career, and above all let them level up in the various characteristics, in fact their improvements will be of great help to you a little further on.


Obviously first, if you are married, buy an extra bed for your sweetheart. Transform the laboratory into a comfortable home. You can sell as many computers as there are as long as you only buy one expensive new computer. Upgrade your kitchen department by buying a new refrigerator and stove or whatever helps you in the kitchen. Especially improve the bathroom by buying new showers and new sanitary ware. Hire the waitress now, the place is really big and keeping it clean is not easy. Also call the fixer. The objectives are:

- Buy $ 1500 worth of lab upgrades -
As always, buy what's best for your life and not necessarily for the lab. In this case it is necessary to buy the bed, the TV, the bathrooms, some kitchen equipment in short, everything you need to live decently. You shouldn't find it very difficult to spend the amount in question.

- Invite your sweetheart -
If you are married obviously this goal will already be reached, otherwise as usual invite someone "special" (someone who has the heart bar at more than 70 points) to your home. The goal will be completed when someone you love (and who loves you) comes to visit you.

- To get married -
See more on.

- Show your "rockets" at the party -
Your mechanical skills obviously affect the type of rocket you build. To pass the goal you must have at least 10 in mechanical ability. If you are not at that level you will build another type of rocket that will not let you pass the level. When you build the required rockets using the work table (the right rockets are red and yellow and you have to build five) throw a party and when the party starts fire up the rockets and fly them to the sky. Note that you will have to try to fire the five rockets one after the other at once or else it is likely that the sims will not be satisfied with the show.

- Find out where the spores come from -
Return to the Goth Manor. Look for giant ferns similar to the one you stole from Dudley's shack. Steal it and you will be fine.

- Go to Studio 8 and make him change his mind about scientists -
After passing the mission of the rockets, where you have earned the new social option "hypnotize" go to study 8 and use your new powers to overcome this goal as well.


Initially, you may want to buy better beds than there are. There is also a small TV, buy a better one. The bathroom also needs some improvement, as well as the kitchen. Buy a refrigerator and stove to help you cook. Although this place is not exactly "luxury" it will be just fine for a short stay of a couple of days. The objectives to be achieved are:

- Buy $ 2000 Octagon Upgrades -
By simply upgrading your bathroom, kitchen and buying new beds, you will reach this goal in no time.

- To get married -
Here too, if you are not married yet, read a few lines above.

- Having a baby and making him grow up -
Having a baby is certainly easier than getting married. To have a child first of all, obviously the two sims must be married, and above all they must both be in a great mood, possibly with good statistics. Kiss your wife until a message appears asking you if you really want to have a baby. After about 10-20 sim-days you will become parents! Obviously you will also have to take care of your child, so when for example he cries, just sing something or feed him to make him stop.

- Mission: Eliminate Senator Landgrabb -
There are several ways to complete this mission, let's see together the easiest and fastest. First, get the promotion to Mad Scientist to get Miss Gyrotic, the robot as a reward. She'll do the "dirty" work for you, let's see how. First, raise your logic skill level up to program the robot in "defense" mode. Call Malcom and invite him to you, when he arrives greet him and let him in. Quickly go to the robot and program it in defense mode. The robot will go to Malcom, and hit him a couple of times, until Malcom asks you for mercy and gives you some money, at which point the objective is complete. Note that if you have acted in a way that makes Malcolm hate you in the course of the game, completing this objective could be very difficult, in this case it is best to tackle the Tinsel Bluffs level first, and then come here.

- Mission: Find and Eliminate Hackers -
Go back to the Shiny Things lab and find the computer located near the entrance. Click on the computer and steal it.

- Mission: Find and silence the pacifist militants -
Before tackling this goal make sure you have at least 7 as your body level, if you are not there, do some abdominals to sculpt your body sim. Head to the Rubb Club (you will have to unlock it first of course), here you will find the perfect machine to quickly raise the physical level of your sim, it is located near the bathroom. After training, approach Bing or Mona and attack them, and after winning the "fight" you will have overcome this obstacle as well. Do not exaggerate but their friendship will come in handy again!

- Find and destroy biological weapons -
Head to the Goth Manor. Did you notice that strange affair in the back of the Manor? Highlight it and destroy it to complete this part.
After completing the objectives, the thing to do is to try to make friends with Malcolm again. In fact, making him your worst enemy will hinder you a lot during the following missions.


Damn what a place! Everything here is excessive, and if you want to live there you will really have to roll up your sleeves because there is so much work to do here! First, build a wall to better define the sleeping area and kitchen area, otherwise you run the risk of your sim being woken up by the noise of the TV. Buy some new beds and a console right away, there is really nothing here to entertain your poor digital alter-ego. Buy some garbage cans and scatter them all over the place. Buy a refrigerator, and equip the kitchen to make it a real kitchen, at the moment it isn't. If you wish, you could also enlarge the kitchen area, and build new bathrooms. You should place one near your bedroom and the other in the opposite area. Also buy a comfortable sofa and place it in front of the console and you should be done. Targets:

- Buy $ 2000 Pixel Acres Upgrades -
With all the work to be done here, it will take you very little to achieve this goal, buy the beds, the kitchen tools and build a new room and you will be good to go.

- To get married -
Same as above.

- Having a baby and making him grow up -
Same as above.

- Framing Malcolm and having him arrested for obscene acts -
Here too, there are several ways to accomplish this mission. First, you need to be at least creative level 9. Once you are there, you can sing a particular song that causes everyone around you to take off their clothes.

Buy a synthesizer and place it near the entrance where the phone is. So invite Malcom to your home, obviously if you are friends you have more chances to accept the invitation. Once he arrives, start playing the song and he will take off his clothes and one of the residents will reply that they took them, then a policeman will come and arrest Malcom. (The hypnotic song will unlock after you reach the Goth objective).

- Seduce someone at Casa Caliente -
Engage in a love affair with someone at Casa Caliente. The important thing is that your sim's mood is excellent and that you have an empty bladder (yes, because otherwise the sim cannot "relax"). Go to the carpet and choose to relax. Then select either Randy or Paisley and ask him / her to join you. The sim chosen will come and if everything goes smoothly you will start kissing and the goal will be achieved.

- Find someone interested in Chase's secret formula -
First of all, you will have to become friends with Chase, only in this way will you unlock the new social option necessary to complete this objective. Once you are friends and have the social option, head to the Shiny Things labs and talk to either Vaughn or Makino.

- Find out what "kind" of problem the Goths have -
To access this mission, you must have completed the one of Chase's secret formula. Go to the Goth Manor, and check your creativity level. You need to be level 8-10 to complete this part. Head over to the synthesizer and play the song that makes people strip. This mission is important because from now on you can reach the goal of framing Malcom by playing the hypnotic song.


Finally a luxury place! There is very little to do here; do not touch the kitchen there is no need. Buy extra beds if you are married and have children. If you want, you could also enlarge the bedroom and buy a plasma TV or some video games. Goals to achieve:

- Buy $ 2000 of Home Improvement -
Buy the plasma TV and an extra bed.

- To get married -
Same as above.

- Having a baby and making him grow up -
Same as above.

- Get Malcolm to sign you for his movie -
If you are friends with Malcolm, achieving this goal will be much easier. So first, make sure you're friends with Malcolm, and if your sim is a woman you can also fall in love with him. Make sure you have a Hellagraphix in the house, then throw a party and obviously invite Malcolm, while the other sim will prepare food as usual. Play your sim with the video game. Invite Malcolm not too late, otherwise his stay will be shorter, so plan the party during the day. Anyway, once the party starts, click on Malcolm and select the command to join you. He will play the video game and in all likelihood you will finish first. Go to the kitchen to eat something. Malcolm will follow you to eat too. After having a chat with him, ask him to let you make that famous movie. If he shakes your hand, congratulations, the part is yours!

- Find where you can play billiards -
Simple goal. Head to Club Rubb, to your old friend Bing Bling. Once here, look for billiards, click on it and start playing, then select Bing and ask him to join you. To complete this objective you will need to have a good physical level, so if you are limp, try to improve!

- Finding a good script for a Sci-Fi movie -
Um, a science fiction movie .. Let's see, but yeah, go to the Shiny Things labs. But make sure you're in a good mood. Once you get there, look for the brain in the jar, it is in the main laboratory. Approach and steal the script.

- Make your way to the gym -
Go to the Toane gym and once you reach your destination select one of the residents and attack them. It is not necessary to win the fight to overcome the objective, but it is strongly advised to do so, to avoid letting your mood drop too low.
After you've completed all the goals, maybe it's time to have a baby, if you don't have one yet. In fact, the little one will serve you for the last level.


This place is really tough. He practically has it all, improving something will be difficult. But let's go in order. The first suggestion is to break down the wall near the entrance, since every time you have to go to work or greet someone at the door your sim will do a complete tour of the mansion, with a great waste of time, and sometimes you will lose even the bus to work because of that! If you still don't want to break the wall, be careful to be early to catch the bus otherwise you risk losing it.

- To get married -
Same as above.

- Having a baby and making him grow up -
Same as above.

- Improving the home -
Before making any move, think carefully. You can buy the most expensive TV there is, or upgrade the bathroom. Also buy some fun thing to put around, decorate the house to your taste and spend $ 20.000 and the goal will be completed. You can also buy the dance floor.

- Send your child to school and get them all A's -
This objective might seem easy, and indeed it is, but it is very demanding. To get through this part, you will need to send your child to school regularly and always have him study when he is at home. If you make him miss even one day of school, he will lose grades. So buy either a bookstore or a PC and place them at home, you will need them in case the child misses the bus to school, in which case you will make up for lost time there. So make sure that your child goes to school every day, and that he is in a great mood. You can increase the level of the child by selecting the command to study for school, at night he can also increase by two levels.
- Complete all seven careers to see your dreams come true -
Every time you complete a career, you will be rewarded with a little dwarf (once activated it will dance too!) That will position itself outside the house, finish all seven careers to see the final cutscene. Congratulations you have finished the game!

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