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The fever of .hack, the new Bandai RPG that simulates an MMRPG on PlayStation 2 has also arrived in Spain. And we, to make your life easier, have prepared an exhaustive complete strategic guide. A quick walkthrough through all the game sections plus hints and tips to find all the most powerful weapons and reveal many other secrets. Enjoy your reading and have a good trip to the world of .hack!

Guide to Dungeons

Bursting Passed Over Aqua Field
As the first dungeon of the game and your first experience in The World, you will find your friend Orca next to you, with his glittering level 50. Take advantage of it by attacking the enemies and then letting him defeat them, to earn the first precious points. experience. Follow the Orca tutorial, then enter the dungeon. On the first floor you reach the first fork, turn right and you will find yourself in front of a dead end. Go back to the fork and take the other direction up to the lower floor. There follow the corridor up to three streets that will lead you, taking the central one, to the Statue that marks the end of the dungeon. Exit the room, and watch the long cutscene that will take you back to your desktop.

You'll find yourself in the inbox with a couple of rather creepy emails, then Kite will post a message in The World forum.

Mac Anu
Here you will meet BlackRose. After she is gone, review the Chaos Gate to see her return and ask you to join her to the next dungeon. Level 7? Do not be afraid.

Hidden Forbidden Holy Ground

Little to do in this new dungeon, a huge cathedral where things will get more intricate. Here you will get the Data Leak and get to know Balmung.
## 3,18 ##

Strange new posts on The World forum, including a thread that will trigger the Goblin Tag mini-game (see below). You will also get two emails, from Helba and from BlackRose. Re-enter The World.

Mac Anu

Look for the cat-woman in town: you will meet Mia, who for some reason can see your bracelet, and her companion Elk, always looking for Aromatic Herbs.


Go back to the desktop and browse the forum: you will find some new addresses to visit.

Expansive Haunted Sea of Sand

Enter the dungeon and you will meet an Admin. Ignore it and move on. The first floor is not particularly complex: defeat the monsters and go down to the second floor. More monsters to beat in this new floor, at the crossroads continue east and go down the new flight of stairs. On the third floor you will find yourself in front of a door, at the base of which a slight purple mist rises: it means that a boss is waiting for you on the other side.

Boss: He {dhu & __ er (Headhunter)
PF: 250
The first boss of the game is pretty simple: hit him until you are allowed to use Data Leak, then weaken him and defeat him permanently, as you would any other enemy.

After the fight you will meet Mistral, who will give you her address: from this moment, you can insert her in your party. You will now be led back to Mac Anu.

Mac Anu

You will meet Piros. He will ask you to help him save a friend and will wait for you in the next dungeon.

Indiscreet Gluttonous Pilgrimage

Enter the dungeon and explore it until you meet Piros. Continue to the second floor, remembering to pay close attention to the monsters: some are the same as the boss you just fought, so if you are not at least level 7 you could encounter a lot of difficulties. On the third floor you will have to face a simple mini-boss and after defeating him Piros will give you his address and you can add him to your party.

Mac Anu

An icon will indicate that you have received mail, so go back to your desktop and read your emails. One of these will tell you that you have won a contest and you will receive the Book of the Law which is supposed to empower you but which, if used, will give an error. You will know more in Mutation. You will now receive a new email from Mia, asking you to meet her at a new address.

Boundless Corrupted Fort Walls

Things get more serious: you'll have to reach the top floor of the dungeon alone. Be very careful and use the various magic on parchment if you can, trying to reach the third floor of the dungeon, where you will meet Mia. Now, go to the lower level, the fourth, and get ready for a new boss.

Boss: __ed^|} (Red Wyrm)

PF: 850
Make the most of your attack skills and scrolls by trying to stay beyond this beast's attack range as he prepares to launch his special shots. Wait for the signal, use Data Leak and defeat it.

Mac Anu

You will be automatically brought back to Mac Anu and will receive Mia and Elk's addresses. The first will also explain how to use portal hacking in the next dungeon.

Closed Oblivious Twin Hills

As usual, make your way up to the second floor of the dungeon, defeating the various monsters with the help of Mia and Elk. Get ready for a new boss.

Boss: *tone^t (Stone Turtle)
PF: 1090
At first you will only have to focus all of Mia and Kite's physical attacks on the boss, as the enemy seems to resist all spells and scrolls, but once you have performed the Data Leak repeatedly order Elk to use his spells of Wood element to destroy it as fast as possible.

Mac Anu

Back in Mac Anu you will receive a new email. Go back to the desktop, read the emails, browse the forum, and return to The World. You will see Balmung and Helba, and then you will have to go back to the desktop. The new BlackRose email will allow you to reach the Theta server, but before doing so you can recruit a new character, Natsume, by reaching the next dungeon, which you can only face with Piros and Mistral.

Raging Passionate Melody

Enter the dungeon and talk to Natsume, looking for the Sharp Spiral but too scared to proceed through the maze. Needless to say, it's up to you to explore this area, reaching the Statue on the third floor and retrieving the Sharp Spiral from the chest. At this point, you can either donate the weapon to Natsume and receive her address (and therefore the ability to include it in your party) or keep it for yourself and lose this optional group member. Whichever you choose, log into the Theta server now.

Dun Loireag

Explore the new city. You will notice that it will be possible to raise a Grunty by feeding it some items that you will find in the dungeons, but we will deal with this in another section of this guide. For now, talk to BlackRose, add her to the party and continue into the new dungeon, where the mysterious Aura is rumored to have been spotted.

Quiet Eternal White Devil

This dungeon is actually a big waste of time. Make your way through the enemies (which, you will notice, are much stronger than those faced so far, but not yet so much to worry you) up to the third floor, where instead of the Statue you will find nothing but a dead end. Now re-enter the Delta server.

Mac Anu

You will witness a bizarre sequence starring Mia and Elk, then the second will ask you to accompany him to a dungeon.

Plenteous Smiling Hypha

Things get more difficult, and this dungeon is definitely long and difficult, also because as a company you will only have Elk, who however will prove to be a Spiritual with controfiocchi. Reach the third floor and get ready to face a boss, beyond the usual purple mist.

Boss Fight: Ki / er S ^ & asker (Killer Snaker)
PF: 1330
For this opponent you will have to implement a good strategy of attack and defense. Use the command to order the party to heal for Elk to help you, healing your wounds and clearing out anomalous statuses, while striking the enemy with all your skills and spells. Whenever possible, use Data Leak and then command the party to use all of his fighting techniques, so that Elk unloads all of his devastating magic on Killer Snaker.
## 27,28 ##
Once the boss is defeated, return to the desktop, read the emails and the forum, and then return to The World to witness a funny discussion between Mia and Piros. In the next dungeon it will be the second to accompany you forcibly, so choose a third character to balance the team, perhaps a Spiritual.

Putrid Hot-blooded Scaffold

Enter the dungeon and make your way through the monsters to the fourth floor and the Statue. Then go back to the second floor and follow the tracks that will lead you to the cure for the sneaky trick Mia did on Piros.

Hideous Destroyer's Far Thunder

This dungeon, reported on the forum, appears to hold the Kotetsu sword. In the dungeon you will meet Sanjuro, then you will have to reach the Statue on the third floor, open the chest and retrieve the Kotetsu sword. Give it to Sanjuro (exactly as you did with Natsume) to receive his address and a very useful Book of Tolerance. Now re-enter the Theta server and go to the next dungeon.
Soft Solitary Tri Pansy

In the dungeon, you meet someone who will force you to take a love letter to a certain Gardenia. Continuing in the dungeon you meet this bizarre character several times, but from time to time it will escape, forcing you to chase it. On the fourth floor you meet her again, engaged in a fight with an enemy: give her a hand and you will receive her address. Now you will have to reach another dungeon but ...

Cursed Despaired Paradise

... as you will notice you will have to hack the Portal, only you are missing the Virus Core Q in order to complete it. Then go back to the desktop, reply to Mistral's e-mail, then come back and find her discussing with Apeiron. Eventually the Spiritual will ask you to accompany her to a new dungeon.

Collapsed Momentary Spiral

This area is also protected, but you will have no difficulty hacking the Portal to access it. Enter the dungeon (which as you will notice is buggy) and reach the third floor, where you will have to face a boss.

Boss: W*dSto^k (Thousand Trees)
Command Mistral to attack this simple boss with his special techniques, and try to use especially those of the Earth element. Once you use Data Leak, you will get the Virus Core Q you were looking for.

Cursed Despaired Paradise

This time you will be able to enter. Locate the dungeon, and go to the third floor, where you will find Harald's Note and Epitaph 00. Now go back to town, invite Gardenia to the party and another character, possibly a Spiritual, to give you a hand in the next dungeon.

Beautiful Someone's Treasure Gem

Simply go to the third floor, the Statue, take the desired Book from Gardenia and return to the desktop. Read the emails and the forum, and in the latter you will find the post of an Orca friend who is waiting for him in a new dungeon.
## 29,33 ##
Bursting Passed Over Aqua Field

In the new area you will meet Bob who will tell you about a certain Linda and give you an item. Now you will have to look for this Linda in a new dungeon.

Buried Pagan Fiery Sands

Reach the second floor, locate Linda, talk to her and you will be taken back to Dun Loireag. Now it's the turn of a new dungeon.

Lonely Silent Great Seal

This new area requires 1 O, 1 C and 4 B to hack the Portal. If you don't have them, follow the instructions Helba emailed you to collect them, then proceed to the area and dungeon. On the third floor you will find another creepy white room and you will get another Epitaph fragment. Go back to the desktop and you will find an e-mail from BlackRose suggesting a new location.

Great Distant Fertile Land

Reach the Statue on the third floor, then go back and you will meet a certain Meg and an Administrator, engaged in a strange conversation. Exit, go back to the desktop and read the forum, then check out the emails and news. Return to The World main screen, but wait a few moments before entering the game to receive a new undecipherable email from Aura and another with the address of the next (and last) dungeon.

Chosen Hopeless Nothingness

You will have to face this dungeon by force with BlackRose and a third character of your choice. We recommend adding Mistral to your party, whose healing spells will be indispensable. Make sure you are around level 25 and have roughly the same level of equipment as well as a good amount of healing items, then enter the new area. Make your way through the monsters in the dungeon to the fifth floor, then power up before crossing the threshold of the boss room.

Boss: Skeith
PF: 4500
This fight will be really long and difficult, so select the priority use of healing spells for the whole party: you will have to spend the entire fight healing yourself after each Skeith attack, since the damage it will inflict on you will be enormous and that almost You certainly can't survive two attacks in a row without healing yourself. Additionally, you'll be surprised that Skeith can also use Data Leak, which will inflict virtually every possible anomalous status imaginable on the victim. Also, if you see him rise from the ground, run away as far as possible and prepare items to bring back whoever dies with the next attack, which will be truly lethal. After you perform the Data Leak on him, the situation will not change much but Skeith will be considerably weakened: use one character to attack relentlessly with you and order the other to continue healing you when necessary. Hold on, and once Skeith is defeated you will see a short closing sequence and the credits.

Now what?

It's not over yet. After the credits, you will be asked to save the game. Do this, and you will see new emails, news and posts to read. You will receive the address of a new dungeon, as well as that of the last Goblin to face, if you have already defeated all the others (see below). For now, let's worry about the extra dungeon.

Hideous Someone's Giant

For a start, consider that the boss at the end of this dungeon is insensitive to magic, so taking a Spiritual with you might be the wrong choice, unless you intend to use it for healing purposes only. If not, a great party to tackle this area is yourself, BlackRose, and Piros or Sanjuro. The boss is on the second floor, reach him and get ready for a terrible battle.

Boss: Parasite Dragon
PF: 9999
Despite the huge amount of HP, this enemy is not that powerful. If you have brought a Spiritual with you, make sure he stays clear of the fight and proceeds to heal you and the other fighter continuously; if, on the other hand, you have brought two warriors with you, make sure that at least one of the two passes the fight to alternate between healing spells and fighting techniques, while you and the third partner hit the opponent hard. Beware of the breath of the Parasite Dragon, extremely harmful, which will certainly hit at least one member of the party: if you see, in this specific case, that the Dragon is aiming Kite, turn around him until he points in a different direction than the one in which your companions are found. In short, sacrifice yourselves for the common good. At the end of the fight, use the Data Leak to give up the experience points and get, however, the very rare Hyakkidouran weapon.


At some point in the game you will be given the opportunity to face Goblins. You can face them one at a time and only with Kite, unlocking the next battle from time to time. By beating each Goblin you will receive a piece of equipment, and once you have defeated the last of the creatures, wearing all the pieces of equipment received, you can summon a Goblin who will attack the enemy. Here are the Goblins and the areas in which to find them.

Goblin: Stehoney
Address: Delta - Detestable Golden Sunny Demon
Level: 5
PF: 190
Bring on this first Goblin after reading the announcement on the forum. Once in the marked area, you will immediately find yourself fighting with the Goblin, who will start running in a circle: your goal is to simply defeat him, perhaps using an Amulet of Speed.

Goblin: Johue
Address: Delta - Detestable Golden Messenger
Level: 10
PF: 330
This Goblin will also collapse immediately under your blows, following the simple strategy of the previous fight.

Goblin: Damage
Address: Delta - Detestable Golden Scent
Level: 15
PF: 470
Still a pretty easy fight, always use the same strategy to defeat this Goblin too.

Goblin: Albert
Address: Delta - Detestable Golden New Truth
Level: 25
PF: 750
Once again, use the Amulets of Speed ​​if you get into trouble with this Goblin.

Goblin: Martina
Address: Delta - Detestable Golden Gate
Level: 30
PF: 890
Things are getting more difficult now. It will only be possible to enter this battle after completing the game. In fact, the Goblin is very fast and in addition he uses some skills to regenerate his HP and increase his speed. If you don't want to wait until Mutation is released to defeat him in the next volume of .hack // after increasing your power, here's how you can do it: buy as many items that can recharge your HP, then equip a weapon with the Staccato technique or any other skill capable of inflicting multiple hits. So, do not use any magic or Amulet of Speed ​​(otherwise Martina will cast the spell to regenerate her HP), chase Martina, intercept her and use your combat technique as many times as you can. The battle will be long and frustrating, but with a little patience you can do it.


Once you reach the Theta server, you will be able to breed a Grunty. To do this, talk to the manager of the ranch and feed the Grunty puppy kept there with the special items that you can find in the dungeons and in the open areas. By feeding the Grunty with different combinations of items, you can evolve it into various forms, more and more funny, and exchange objects and weapons with the final one as if it were a normal game character. Furthermore, the Grunty is not only for this: after having raised your first Grunty until the final evolution (when its size, that is, it reaches 30), you will get a Flute that will allow you to call the Grunty in an open area and ride it, avoiding enemies and moving faster. Here's how to get the various Grunties.

Nobile lands
Feed your Grunty 15 Golden Eggs. A curiosity: the Grunty speaks French, but if you set the audio on the Japanese track, you will recognize among its absurd jokes some names such as Fersen and Marie Antoinette ... Exactly, the Grunty is exactly the verse to the famous (Lady, in Japan known as Versailles no Bara) by Ryoko Ikeda!

Iron Grunty
To get this armored Grunty, feed the puppy with 4 Apples and 3 Cacti first and then with all the Golden Eggs necessary for evolution.

Pois Grunty
To get this Grunty, feed the puppy with 4 Apples, 3 Cacti, 1 Immature Egg and then with all the Golden Eggs necessary for evolution.


In many open areas you will find a location marked on the map with a strange blue icon. Approach and you will find a pool of water, into which you can throw a piece of equipment or a weapon. Once this is done, a sprite will jump out of the pool and ask you if you have lost a Silver Ax or a Golden Ax. You can choose to receive one or the other, but if you answer that you have not lost either of them, the sprite will give you a new item, which can be the enhanced or weakened version of the one you had thrown, depending on the element. area, time of day and other particular factors. If by any chance the item you threw into the pool is too powerful for the sprite, you will receive it back along with a Silver Ax and a Golden Ax. To be precise, in areas of level 24 or below you will meet the blue Monsieur, while in areas of level 25 or above you will meet the red Grandpa.


Every 10 times you perform the Data Leak, you will receive a special item called the Ryu Book. There are 8 of them, and each book will read your save data, unlocking various secrets and extras at each particular milestone. With each volume of .hack // you will reach a limit of extras that each Book can generate, but by importing the save from episode to episode you will get back the extras already unlocked and you will be able to discover new ones. Here is a list of the Books and the requirements to unlock their secrets.

Libro Ryu I
This book records the number of areas you visit and your hours of play. It is capable of unlocking 8 extras.

1. 10 areas visited
2. 20 areas visited
3. 30 areas visited
4. 40 areas visited
5. 50 areas visited
6. 5:00:00 to play
7. 10:00:00 to play
8. 15:00:00 to play

Ryu II book
This book records the number of magical portals in open areas and dungeons. It is capable of unlocking 10 extras.

1. 50 portals open
2. 100 portals open
3. 150 portals open
4. 200 portals open
5. 300 portals open
6. 400 portals open
7. 5 dungeons in which you have opened all the portals
8. 10 dungeons in which you have opened all the portals
9. 10 dungeons in which you have opened all the portals
10. 15 dungeons in which you have opened all the portals

Book of Ryu III
This book records the names of the players encountered. It is capable of unlocking 3 extras.

1. 20 registered names
2. 5 exchanges made
3. 10 exchanges made

Libro Ryu IV
This book records the monsters you have encountered. It is able to unlock 2 extras.

1. 50 Monsters encountered
2. 80 Monsters encountered

Libro Ryu V
This book records the level of affection of your companions and the value of the gifts you have given them. It is able to unlock 2 extras.

1. 20,000 GP in gifts
2. 50,000 GP in gifts

Book Ryu VI
This book records the treasures of the dungeons. It is capable of unlocking 8 extras.

1. 50 open chests
2. 150 open chests
3. 300 open chests
4. 50 boxes, vases, skeletons, etc ... destroyed
5. 100 boxes, vases, skeletons, etc ... destroyed
6. 200 boxes, vases, skeletons, etc ... destroyed
7. 5 open Statue chests
8. 15 open Statue chests

Book of Ryu VII
This book records the visits to the Sources and the symbols. It is capable of unlocking 8 extras.

1. 5 visit to Mr.
2. 10 visit to Mr.
3 visit Grandpa
4 visit Grandpa
5. 5 symbols activated
6. 10 symbols activated
7. 20 symbols activated
8. 30 symbols activated

Book of Ryu VIII
This book records your Grunties. It is able to unlock 2 extras.

1. 50 Grunty foods collected
2. All Grunty foods collected.

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