The Walkthrough of Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5)

Please note:

The solution is based on the US version for PlayStation 3 of the game, so there may be differences in the Spanish version and / or for other platforms.


Approach the guard, then aim at the nearby hostages to make them proceed to the closet. Detonate the explosives in the area, then move forward to get the reward. After the cutscene, take control of T by killing the guard visible below with a headshot. Continuing to the end of the corridor, use the nearby crates as cover. Proceed to the outside, get rid of the cops by staying behind the nearby pillars, moving along the road to the vehicle on the left. Continue to the end of the road, then turning right and hitting all the cops in the area.

Franklin & Lamar

Follow Lamar, choosing one of the two cars to your liking. Keep following Lammar, until he enters the parking lot. The police will then arrive in the area: exit the parking lot and accelerate along the road, dodging the oncoming cars. Try to stay outside the "Wanted" area, so that you are no longer sought after. Return the car to the seller. You will have to travel to Franklin's house, parking the car in his garage to complete the mission.


Proceed towards Simeon, following the checkpoints and then park your car on the street. Go over the fence, follow Lamar to the end of the road. Open the garage on the right. Pick up the weapon from the ground, starting to take out the gang members one by one. As soon as the car crashes into the wall, shoot at the diesel fuel tracks, thus freeing yourself of the remaining opponents and running back to your car.
So start chasing the motorcyclist again; when / if you manage to reach it, try to proceed in parallel so as to activate the Special automatically. You will get his bike, and you can bring it back to the car wash to complete the mission.


Go back to Simeon, he will tell you that he needs another vehicle. Proceed to the checkpoint, climbing over the fence. Activate silent mode and approach the gardener, hitting him from behind. Enter the nearby house from its back. Climb into the car, then onto the roof and enter the window. Go down the stairs, turn left and enter the nearby garage, arriving at the car. Go back to Simeon, project yourself beyond the glass to get to the shop. Defeat Simon during the next fight, trying to avoid being hit by him.


Return to Franklin, proceeding to Michael's house. Talk to him near the back garden. Jump in the car and proceed to the checkpoint. Once in the area, you can locate a truck with a boat on it: quickly start moving towards it. Try to reach Jimmy as soon as possible, traveling immediately under him; if you succeed within 10 seconds, you will be able to complete the mission. Proceed to Los Santos to repair the car, then bring Jimmy back to Michael's house.

Marriage Counseling

Using Franklin, go back to Michael for the umpteenth time, locating a large mess inside the house. Follow the car, proceeding along the tracks and stopping the car in the area. So returning home, you will notice how the men of Madrazo are chasing you. Switch to using Franklin, killing everyone present but instead saving the driver's life so that he can take you home and you can complete the mission. You can then go visit Friedlander and observe the intermission scene.

Friend Request

Go find Lester (by locating the corresponding "L" visible on the map). He will tell you about his intentions, which is to invade the "Life Invader" buildings. You will first have to dress like a nerd; therefore stop near the "Suburban Outfitter" shop, going to buy some jeans and a t-shirt. Proceed to Lifeinvader's office, talking to the programmer and following him to his office. Remove the movies from his PC, then proceed to the nearby office that you will see marked on the map. So go home, watch TV and activate the right channel where you can see Jay Norris talking about marketing. As soon as he takes out his smartphone, take yours and enter the contacts, thus calling Jay.

Good Husband

Talk to Amanda, she will tell you that she is in danger and you will have to agree to help her. Proceed to the police car marked on the mini-map by jumping inside. The three-star level will then be activated. Proceed on it while keeping an eye on the map to avoid the oncoming cops. The stairs will then begin to flash; wait a few seconds for them to vanish completely. Take Amanda home, leaving the police car in the area.

Casing the Jewel Stone

Before returning to Lester to proceed to the next mission, go buy a jacket near Michael's residence area. Proceed to the checkpoint and enter the jewelry store called Vangelico. Go inside, look at the area to the left and take a photo of the keypad. Turn right, take a photo of the shaft. So examine the nearby ceiling, locating a video camera, taking a picture of it too.
Then exit the shop, proceeding straight until you find an entrance to the roof. Go up the stairs, proceed along two ladders, then continue to the extreme edge of the roof. Climb yet another ladder, arriving at the top of the last of the series of roofs. From here, you can take a picture of the ventilation system. Then return to your vehicle, reaching Lester's residence.


Use Franklin and proceed to his home area to begin the mission. Follow Lamar into the van, proceeding to the checkpoint. After the cutscene, chase the biker until he pops out, then start chasing him again on foot. After a few jumps, you will crash into a fence and quickly pass it until you reach some tracks. Then take control of Chop, maintaining his perspective for 10 seconds. So take Franklin back in your hand, starting to open the train carriages. Locate the third carriage; after a short intermission scene, you will find yourself in front of the motorcyclist; capture him, then return to Franklin's house, park the car near the nearby parking lot to complete the mission.

Long Stretch

Using Franklin, you proceed home to activate the mission - it consists of three sub-phases. During the first of them, proceed to the indicated checkpoint and buy a Shotgun, as well as some ammo and a piece of armor. Then proceed towards the interior of the building, observing the intermission scene. Proceed through the room above, positioning yourself behind the nearby cover, killing your gang members using the shotgun. Try to kill as many of them as possible by trying to hit them in the head. When you reach the following corridor, locate the HP repair kit; you will locate a second near the final warehouse area (next to the double doors). So get rid of the last remaining gang members, and proceed to the outside.
So quickly run to the ladder closest to you. Follow Stretch and Lamar until you reach the road; steal a car, then run away from the police; we recommend using the mini-map to understand exactly the direction in which to proceed.

Little girl

Travel quickly to the beach, selecting one of the motorcycles in the area; so quickly throw yourself forward, trying to stay on the bike without falling, to the final area. When you have reached the end of the competition, swim to the boat as fast as possible. When you go to fight the shark, proceed quickly to the sewers indicated on the small map. So go back to the beach.

Bugstars Equipment

Quickly proceed to the "H" to the south. Once in the building, proceed along the area to the right and activate silent mode by holding the left analog stick. Therefore, KO the person located behind the van, stealing the associated vehicle; We therefore recommend that you park your vehicle near Lester's home area.

Gas Grenades

Locate the second H and follow the van. Shoot towards the back doors, aiming for total mission completion. So take possession of the truck, avoiding interacting with the cops. Return to Lester to complete the mission.

Jewel Store Job

Having recovered the necessary equipment, proceed to the jewelry store. Then go back to the raised area near the roof, throwing a gas grenade towards the inside of the ventilation system. So take the jewels using Michael. Therefore, recover all the "breakable" crates in the area within 50 seconds. Back outside, start following your group mates, using your bike and proceeding along the sewers. Once outside, destroy the police cars using your truck. After you pass the cops, you need to go back to the main checkpoint.

Mr Philipps

Using Trevor, proceed to the checkpoint indicated on the map, starting the chase. Eliminate the two bikers, shooting quickly at them, following the truck. When the truck stops, a quick shooting will begin: quickly throw yourself towards the fastest cover, starting to eliminate the winners motorcyclists with headshots (we recommend shooting towards the gas cans, to make them explode). When the bikers start to flee, take them out quickly. Proceed to Ortega, trying to throw him into the river, killing him and returning to Trevor's house after leaving Ron.

Video - Blaine County

Trevor Philipps Industries

Proceed to the bar, clearly "marked" by the letter concerning the mission, visible on the map. So take your companions to the laboratory. After the ensuing cutscenes, a shootout will begin. Jump behind the nearest cover, freeing yourself of the Aztecs, one by one.
Follow the instructions of the camp, dodging the blows of the enemies. Accept the larger weapon provided by the camp, then proceed inward again, locating it on the roof on the opposite side. Grab the grenade launcher he will give you, then use it immediately to destroy the six vehicles in the area. Then go down the stairs, throwing another grenade towards the entrance, then proceed towards the outside and pulverize the vehicles containing Ortega's men. Meanwhile, grab the HP kit from the nearby corner.

Nervous Ron

First get a sniper rifle from the area called "Ammunation", along with a silencer. Proceed to the elevated area, then try to "cover" Ron while you hit the guards around. After killing the first guard just below the watchtower, also shoot at the lights to avoid the guard near the jeep. So also eliminate the pilot of the helicopter. After it is destroyed, proceed towards Ron, killing the bikers in the immediate vicinity.
So place yourself on the wing of the plane, getting rid of the bikers visible immediately below. So take control of the plane, paying attention to the bridges you will find along the way. There will therefore remain only one thing to do: return to the landing area; to land, we recommend aligning the aircraft perpendicular to the ground.

Friends Reunited

Proceed to Trevor's house to begin the mission. Continue to the trailer, taking out the sniper rifle. Shoot the first guard in front of you; after a while, two bikers will arrive on the scene - if you want, it will be possible to ignore them, but we recommend instead to shoot them in the head to maximize your score. Place all the necessary bombs, also destroy the various caravans in the area. You will then need to proceed to Los Santos and observe the following cutscene.

Crystal maze

After talking to Cheng, proceed to O'Neil's farm and climb to the top. Start eliminating opponents with headshots. Once inside the farm, throw yourself behind the nearest cover and then turn left, thus freeing yourself of the subjects in the adjacent room, taking the HP kit from the nearby dressing room. Therefore, always continue forward, descending the stairs that proceed from the same initial room. Kill the last subject, thus taking the tank of diesel. Pour some diesel fuel along the line that will be indicated on the map, then fire to cause the explosion.

Friends Reunited

Proceed to Trevor's house to begin the mission. Continue to the trailer, taking out the sniper rifle. Shoot the first guard in front of you; shortly thereafter, two bikers will arrive on the scene - if you want, you can ignore them, but we recommend shooting their heads instead to maximize your score. Place all the necessary bombs, also destroy the various caravans in the area. You will then need to proceed to Los Santos, and observe the following cutscene.

Fame or Shame

Proceed to Michael's room, then proceed to the "Fame and Shame" studio to observe the cutscene. So, chase Lazlow outward, jumping into the ghost truck. A chase will then begin; try to keep the caravan hooked, even jumping on it to maximize your speed. Try to keep also in the immediate vicinity of Lazlow, so as to complete the mission completely.

Dead Man Walking

Proceed to FIB, and then briefly start a conversation. After waking up, proceed behind the nearby FIB agent and KO him. Examine the two bodies in the other room, then quickly proceed to the corridor in front of you, taking out the nearby agents and retrieving the HP kit. Go up the stairs, clear the room in front. Collect HP's kit in the warehouse room. Grab a car and proceed to the outside of this play area. Once this is done, meet with Franklin to complete the mission.

Did Somebody Say Yoga?

Using Michael, go home to begin the mission. You will therefore have to complete three "yoga" type moves before you can proceed. After doing the yoga poses, return to Jimmy's room and proceed to the checkpoint visible on the map. So go back to Michael's house, quickly stealing a car from the surrounding area.

Three's Company

Using Michael, proceed to the FIB headquarters to meet Dave. After the cutscene, proceed to the checkpoint to meet Trevor and Franklin. You will now have to take the helicopter to one of the "tallest" buildings in the entire city. Once he reaches the "right" area, Michael will be able to descend automatically. Then go down further, jumping forward until you reach the interrogation room.
So move on to use Franklin and eliminate the agents in the area. When the game advises you, switch to using Michael to kill the remaining agents. So go back to using Franklin to finish the first helicopter; kill the pilot with headshots, then switch to using Michael again and destroy the three remaining helicopters to complete the mission.

Hood Safari

Proceed to the Franklin house, where Lamar and Trevor will arrive. After the cutscene, proceed to the inside of the van and proceed forward. Position yourself behind walls and cars, proceeding along the streets and focusing on hitting opponents in the head.
As soon as the cops arrive, quickly proceed along the alley on the left, arriving at a sewer channel. Get on one of the "flying" ships and then follow Lamar. After you are separated, you will have to try to quickly escape from the cops. The simplest way to do this is to proceed along the water zone, near the coast - at some point the helicopter will decide to stop. Try to stay well away from the police boats, so as to be sure you will not be spotted.

By the Book

Once you regain control of Trevor, you will be called by Michael. Moving on to control him, Trevor will automatically catch up with him. After the cutscene, project yourself to the first target. You will therefore have to torture Mr. K-in general, to complete the mission successfully, you simply have to make sure that he does not have a heart attack while carrying out all four possible tortures. Using Michael, you will therefore have to travel to the house of your "target". So locate the man (compulsive smoker) with the beard, near the lower part of the level, next to the TV. After that, you'll need to take K to the airport to complete the mission.

Scouting the Port

Return to Trevor's "base" area to begin the mission. Project towards the harbor, following Floyd towards the container. Pick up the two containers near the area exactly opposite to where you are now, then get on the nearby crane and enter his cabin, using the ladder to reach your colleague. Your goal in this area will be to position the crane exactly on top of the containers. Having hooked the containers, move the crane to the opposite side, releasing the container onto the truck. Repeat the procedure for the second container. You will then need to take a photograph of the forward area of ​​the ship, the guard and the rear of the ship, and then send those photos to Ron. Then go down, making the truck proceed towards the checkpoint, avoiding causing the container to fall.

Trash Truck

Proceed to the east-north-east section of the city to find this mission; you will find yourself in front of a garbage truck. Proceed up the hill along the highway, waiting until the "wanted" level goes to zero.

Boiler Suits

The mission simply requires you to proceed to Ammu-Nation, the play area exactly in the center of the city, and collect three fragments of the boiler. Repeat the process in 30 seconds, then exit the shop to fully complete the mission.


You will have to buy three masks here; to be able to complete the level definitively, you will have to buy the masks within 20 seconds (and they must be white hockey masks).

Merryweather Heist

Proceed to Trevor's area of ​​residence, freeing yourself of the two subjects inside the nearby frigates. So using Michael, move around the ship, placing the bombs in the areas indicated on the map (try not to be seen, hitting opponents with headshots, when / if possible).
Having placed the first three bombs, move towards the entrance of the ship, then go up the stairs. Michael will take care of the last of the series of bombs, destroying it alone. Therefore, taking advantage of Franklin, you will have to hit all the enemies around you with the sniper rifle; we also recommend focusing on the enemy helicopter. So quickly project yourself towards the checkpoint, making the submarine "go down" thanks to the electronic controls. Then proceed to the opposite side of the harbor, thus completing the window.

Blitz Play

Having completed the preparations for the FIB, return to the original area to begin the mission indicated as H. You will first have to block the road with the garbage car, thus placing a bomb on its back.
Several policemen will therefore arrive in the area, causing the automatic activation of the "Wanted" level of level 4. So go undercover together with Franklin, starting to eliminate the police officers. When the game prompts you to change characters, do so.
When the cops have been eliminated enough, jump on the garbage truck using Franklin, proceed to the escape vehicle and destroy the truck. So using Michael, proceed to your new contact to complete the mission.

Mr Richards

Taking advantage of Michael, proceed towards the S which indicates the presence of Solomon. Continue to the checkpoint, go through the fence, then continue up the ladder on the left and up to the roof, past the workers and KO'd them before they can raise the alarm. At the top, KO Rocco and proceed to the inside of the helicopter.
Try to go up as much as possible, and then go down quickly, repeating the procedure a few times and then returning to your studio. Return to Solomon to complete the mission.

I Fought the Law

Meet Devin to get the mission. Using Franklin, you will have to go straight to the checkpoint near the gas station, where you will have to try to beat two youngsters. Proceed forward, past the two trucks and buses. After completing your progress, you will move on to using the police officers in the area - Michael and Trevor. Follow Trevor through the tunnel to be sure to complete the level 100%. After the cutscene, return to the city to complete the mission.

Eye in the Sky

Having met Devin, you will be able to activate the mission. During the first phase, you'll use Trevor's helicopter to locate the target. Listen to the three conversations, start moving forward, until you reach the Z-Type. At the building, activate the heat sensors and locate the boy inside the car on the left. Using Franklin, return Z-Type to Devin. So go ahead to maximize the problem.


Go visit Martin Madrazo to start the mission. Using Michael, proceed to the van using the special shotgun. You will therefore have to hit the airplane three times; to do this, you will have to try to aim towards the red square, through which the shots will therefore be "moved" towards the airplane. When the plane falls to the ground, follow it using Trevor. Having recovered the necessary files, you will have to try to move the truck in such a way that it is far from the observatory, then going to destroy everything. So return to Trevor to understand what is happening.

Vice Assassination

Proceed to the checkpoint, get out of the vehicle and run up the hill, locating the prostitute with your sniper rifle. Wait for the guy in the car with the roof open to approach you, and immediately hit him in the head. Jump in the car and leave quickly.

Deep Inside

Use Franklin to meet Devin so he can go steal another exclusive car. You will therefore have to proceed inside the film studio, and KO the actor in the area. Pick up the car, then try to get out of the office, proceeding to the doctor. So try to use the "eject" button that will be made available now.

Bus Assassination

After receiving the call from Lester, proceed to the bus and introduce yourself as the driver at subsequent stops. After your target arrives on the scene, we recommend that you hit it by shooting it in a "simple" way, without trying to remain silent. So run away to quickly get rid of the two "wanted" stars.

Minor Turbulence

Using Franklin, proceed to the area marked M to complete a mission with Trevor. So using Trevor, proceed towards the plane and project yourself towards the nearby jet, trying to stay along the lowest part of the ground so as not to be visualized. When you get close enough, try to gain some altitude and then project yourself towards the rear of the jet. Once inside, kill everyone present (including the pilot) and then return the jet to the checkpoint. After the short cutscene, you'll need to quickly jump from the jet to complete the objective.

Paleto Score

Proceed to B to continue your main story. Get the bus forward first, picking up Lester. Proceed to the bank, then move to the opposite side, firing at the alarm. Approach the gas station, analyzing the response speed. After completing this objective, you will have to bring Michael back to the meth production laboratory.

Military Hardware

First of all it will be necessary to recover objects for the military siege. Grab a good car, then proceed quickly to the military convoy called "H". After the intersection, park the car in the left lane; so make sure that the convoy approaches. Then shoot the driver of the military vehicle, trying to hit him in the head. Repeat the same procedure with the neighboring soldiers. Get behind the car; when the soldiers are gone, you will need to fit into the military truck and park it in the space slightly ahead.


Proceed to Trevor's home area to begin the mission. Jump on the truck, after which the whole scene will switch to visualizing Franklin, who is chasing the subjects trying to get revenge on Trevor. After the chase, walk over to the vehicle, so that the whole scene goes back to "dealing" with Trevor.
Get the helicopter to move towards the checkpoint so Michael pulls out the sniper rifle. Activate and deactivate night and standard views by pressing the right button. Try to kill the subjects in the area with headshots. You will need to first aim at the character on the left of the forest, then at the next one near the forest, on the right.
You will then move on to using Franklin again, who will therefore have to reach the last resident subject in the area. Once there, take the sniper rifle and shoot him in the head. So land the helicopter, returning to the helipad to complete the mission.

Palette Score - 2

Proceed to Trevor's residence, then continue to the bank and leave Franklin down. Once in the area, continue inside and kick the door. Destroy all the vehicles in the area, also getting rid of the incoming soldiers.
Once you regain control of Trevor, make your way to your party. When the tank arrives in the area, continue to the building on the opposite side of the road. Once inside, quickly kill all the soldiers in the area - your armor should be able to take enough damage before exploding.


Return to Trevor to begin the mission. Jump on the bike still using Trevor, starting to chase the train. While using the bike, jump onto the train itself and then walk along the elevated path. So move to the front of the play area, letting Trevor proceed inward.
So taking advantage of Michael, proceed to the bridge and move towards the orange container. Select a sticky bomb and throw it at the nearby doors. So try to fend off the "Merryweather" opponents as they try to hit Michael. So grab your sniper rifle, switching to use thermal vision to get rid of the four snipers on top of the bridge. Then switch to using the assault rifle again, repelling the incoming helicopter. When all present have been eliminated, jump into the boat. Quickly get rid of the jeeps and helicopter, then proceed to the checkpoint near the beach a little further.

Monkey Business

Use the boat to reach the checkpoint by diving into the water. Travel further towards the "railing", then hold the object for cutting in your hand and use it near the small green buttons. Swim to the end of the tunnel, thus exiting the water area.
Eliminate the scientists then, using the stun shots. With the gas recovered, switch to using the assault rifle. Move forward along the corridors, throw yourself behind one of the sides of the wall, shooting at the enemies from the immediate surroundings (we recommend aiming for the head).
At the last corridor, go through the double doors near the monkeys, and then hide behind the box immediately after turning the corner, and free yourself from those present. Once outside again, tell Trevor to line up the helicopter on top of the container. So fly to the checkpoint, dropping everything on the nearby truck. You will then have to lead Trevor to the checkpoint.

Hang Ten

Using Trevor, return to your hideout to begin the mission. Then proceed to the strip club within four minutes, so as to reach a level of completion equal to 100%.

Surveying the Score

Proceed to the Trevor strip club. He then proceeds to the Union deposit, examining the two receipts of the bank. Proceed to the helicopter, and then fly to the city. You will locate the convoy shortly thereafter; proceed in its direction.
After the next tunnel, follow the following road, then pass the red-white building and proceed towards the construction zone, so that Lester can start making the video. So switch back to using Michael, making Franklin go home.

Bury the Hatchet

Activate Michael and proceed to his house to begin the initial and main mission. After the cutscene, get transported to the airport and then to the next state, locating the next map.
Then continue towards the cemetery, where you can meet Trevor. During the next fight, throw yourself behind one of the tombstones to get some cover. In this way you will be positioned higher than the enemies. Having eliminated them, proceed further to your car. Get rid of opponents with headshots. Once this is done, fly back to the air zone, landing by pressing the left analog stick.

Pack Man

Use Franklin to proceed to Devin. In the area, you will have to take care of delivering the stolen vehicles. Having placed the last car on the truck, you need to start moving forward. After completing most of the distance (approximately 70-80%), you will be contacted by the police. After contact with Franklin, you can get rid of him in speed, then go to meet Molly near the checkpoint, completing the mission.

Fresh Meat

Go back to the old Franklin house; we recommend taking a fast car to be able to reach the area as quickly as possible. You will therefore notice how Michael was arrested by Cheng's men. Select the app that Lester will provide you to understand where Michael is.
Next to the garage doors you will notice a ladder; go up this ladder to get to a courtyard. Get rid of the men in the area, proceeding inward and starting a shooting. Keep going further to reach Michael - throw a gun at him to start the shooting. You will therefore have to quickly return to Michael's house.

Ballad of Rocco

Using Michael, go visit Solomon to begin the mission. Get into the car nearby, starting to run after Rocco. When you get close enough, try to squeeze him towards the wall. So go back to the study to complete the mission.

Cleaning the Bureau

Make your way to Lester's factory; after the cutscene, continue to the checkpoint and examine the paintings with the various licenses. When the janitor leaves, follow him from a distance of ten meters and follow him into his apartment on the first floor. Proceed inward, then leave after the cutscene. Return to Lester's home area to complete the mission.

Reuniting the Family

Use Michael to proceed home and begin the mission. All you have to do is proceed from A to B; first, make your way to Amanda to trigger an intermission scene. Proceed to the tattoo parlor. So, continue on to Officer Friedlander. So go home.

Architect's Plans

Meet with Lester to get information on the details of the mission. Upon reaching the construction area, silently follow the architect, moving along the right area of ​​the construction area, paying attention to the ravine. Return to the main road, exactly in the center of the construction zone, to avoid being seen by the two workers in the area.
Let yourself be carried up by the elevator, waiting for the architect to complete his conversation with the workers. Then follow him inwards, knocking him out from behind his back. Pick up the briefcase and exit the construction area.

Doting Dad

Start driving using Michael; you will soon be called by Tracey. After the mission, grab Tracey and have him point out the guy who has a crush on her; kill him and bring Tracey home.

Fire truck

After the message from Lester, call 911 and steal the truck after he arrives. Escape the cops and take the truck back to Lester's factory.

Legal Trouble

Use Michael and go back to Solomon to start the mission. Chase Molly until the cops arrive. After the first police car crashes into the gas truck, pay attention to the next incoming subject; try to keep some distance while Molly destroys half of the airport.
Follow Molly inside, picking up the film. You will now have to try to get rid of the three "wanted" stars: an easy way to do this is to position yourself in the nearby airplane and fly away quickly.

Raid Office

Visit Lester's factory to begin the mission. Proceed to the FIB building and go inside. Get carried away by the elevator, and start cleaning the floor. Place the explosive in the locker, then continue to the next corridor. Also clean the floor here, placing the second explosive in the bathroom. Exit the building.
Using Franklin, proceed to the FIB building and enter inside. Go up the stairs, blow up the doors and use the bomb to get the rescue drive. Proceed along the building; using Franklin, kill the FIB agents and then return to the area. Drop down the elevator shaft, then exit the building and destroy the fire truck.


Dave will call you shortly after the last mission ends. After meeting, you will go to view an intermission scene; keep straight ahead, taking out your opponents with headshots. At the courtyard, talk to Trevor. Carry on using Michael, protecting Dave from the fire. Switch back to using Trevor, getting rid of nearby enemies. So go away using Michael; you will be stopped by the helicopter. Grab a sufficiently powerful weapon and get rid of the subject in the area, then proceed to the checkpoint to meet Trevor again.

Lamar Down

Proceed home to "activate" the mission. Proceed to the area where Lamar was, repositioning your characters towards the three elevated points. A shooting will then begin; throw yourself behind the nearest cover using Franklin, trying to kill those present with headshots, preferably using your sniper rifle.
Once in Lamar, talk to him and then return to the cars. Several enemies will approach Michael, so you will have to eliminate them in speed. Back at the car, have Lamar go home to complete the mission.


When you reach the area indicated on the map, go and buy a suit, thus being taken to the area where the film begins. You must come to the area, listen to him. Then proceed towards home, entering the area. Kill the two security characters with a headshot, then go down the stairs.
Proceed along the garden, always trying to stay undercover. Then move to the front garden, rejecting the following security subjects that will arrive. Take out your grenade launcher and shoot at the jeep. Go up the stairs to complete the mission.


Proceed to the Trevor strip club; we therefore recommend choosing path A. You will need a police van. Proceed to the area indicated on the map, go through the main entrance, then the cops. Go through the fence, then hit the officer coming out of the building.
After the cutscene, you will be prompted to "discard" the three-star wanted level. One way to do this is to walk down the sewer tunnels.

Tre Missioni - Pillbox Hill/Rockford Hills/Mission Row

Your goal will be to retrieve the car near Pillbox Hill. Examine your e-mails on your smartphone, so as to understand exactly the position of the machine on your map, together with a photograph.

The Big One

Proceed to Trevor's residence area to begin the mission. Then transport the truck to the checkpoint inside the tunnel, then move in the opposite direction. Shoot at the guards as they exit their vehicles.
Enter the next vehicle, proceed to Union Depository and retrieve the gold from the safe. So move forward, until Franklin appears. His goal will therefore be to allow your group to move forward along the city, by activating and deactivating the traffic lights. Try to keep the lights green for Michael, and red for Merryweather.
After the shooting, stay behind the closest cover and swap your characters. So use your assault rifle to be able to make at least 20 headshots. Having completely cleared the play area of ​​the enemy presence, start following your teammates. Having reached the following tunnel, proceed forward to the truck, making a final escape from the cops. You will therefore have to return to Michael's house.

Third Way

Before starting the mission, it is advisable to buy some heavy armor fragments. We therefore recommend traveling to Lester's area of ​​residence, in order to discuss the evolution of the situation. Proceed to the factory indicated on the map, entering it to observe the cutscene.
So quickly eliminate the subjects of the FIB and Merryweather, one by one, "swapping" the characters when asked. When Lamar requests Franklin's help, go up the stairs and proceed to the opposite side of the walkway. Turn left, go up the stairs, thus starting to take out the enemies around and using your grenade launcher to destroy the vehicles. After the area in the area has been completely cleared, move on to using Trevor.
Proceed outward with Trevor, fending off the next wave of enemies using the "sacred" grenade launcher, especially on incoming helicopters. You will therefore have to complete four final objectives: first, kill Cheng using Franklin, preferably using sticky bombs.
So, you'll have to pulverize Stretch using Michael, trying to avoid getting too close to the parked vehicle - instead, it will be preferable to get out of your car, take out the grenade launcher and fire repeatedly. So escape the play area using your car.
You will therefore have to assassinate Steve Haines thanks to Trevor's help - Steve is inside the moving wheel - we recommend positioning yourself on his left side to be able to hit the enemy with maximum effectiveness, preferably in the head. So jump into your car to immediately run away.
You will therefore have to kidnap Devin from his house where he lives with Trevor. Quickly hit the guards with your assault rifle, then approach the pool. Devin is in the trunk, get close to activate the final cutscene!

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