The Walkthrough of The Wolf Among Us - Episode 5: Cry Wolf

The chapel

You will find yourself inside the hidden "lair" of the Crooked Man, all his assistants will be placed at his sides waiting for you. Before starting the discussion, the Crooked Man will offer you some space to sit down. You will then be asked why Bigby is in the area - you can choose one of the three options freely, as you are not yet sure if the Crooked Man is really to blame.
The Crooked Man will therefore go to admit that one of his employees is responsible for one of the killers. You can therefore choose whether to ask for explanations directly, or select the "I know" option to try and guess. The "right" choice is to tell the Crooked Man that the killer was Georgie. He will therefore remember your answer. Finally, the Crooked Man will reveal that Georgie was the killer. Bigby will now have a chance to speak and you can ask the same questions to the enemy. Unfortunately, he will not speak so easily, you will have to wait until the Crooked Man offers to send Georgie away along with Bigby.
Unfortunately, Georgie will not be convinced and will reveal that the real instigator of the killing is the Crooked Man. During the next conversation, you will witness a fight with Bloody Mary. The whole group of enemies will quickly approach Bigby. Try to choose your targets carefully, attacking at maximum speed. Quickly click "Jersey Devil" or "Dum Brother", then dodge sideways as the silver revolver hits you. Press the "use" key repeatedly to avoid the hits, until Bigby goes to hit Georgie with his own knife.
The Crooked Man will therefore go on the run, followed by Bloody Mary. Georgie will follow them both after being stabbed. She will remain in the Jersey Devil area only. Hit him one last time, then make your way to the next chapter.

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Out in the Open

During this stage, Georgie will try to escape with Vivian's help. Bigby will disagree, so he will completely transform to try to stop Georgie's car.
Quickly click on his machine, then press in sequence (and as fast as possible) the keys that will appear on the screen. The bumper will break immediately and this will be followed by one of the most interesting moments in history: locate the timer in the lower portion of the screen. Observe everything listed on the screen to quickly proceed through the busy area, trying to locate the killer. After making your way between two buses and turning left, you will reach a road with three "tracks" on the right. Fast forward, then interact with the "up" key to jump. Move along the next street, passing through the apartment complex and quickly reaching the roof. Press forward / up repeatedly to dodge the cars moving along the highway.
Jump down to reach the cars, arriving at Georgie's four doors rather than interacting with the Crooked Man's limo.
Move to the roof of the car, hitting the front window first, then examining the interior area and heading towards the street, then proceeding along the alley.
Follow the subjects in the area, especially Wolf. Try to remain sufficiently "still", running first to the left and then to the right. Georgie will therefore return to his club. After a quick change of clothes from George, you'll have to deal directly with the killer to figure out what exactly happened.


Before entering, Bigby will have to quickly examine the car and the blood on the ground. Do this, then proceed inwards, thus reaching the corridor. Here you can decide to position yourself outside and listen to the next conversation. We recommend waiting a few moments to understand what Vivian and Georgie are saying to each other.

Vivian will therefore try to defend Georgie. So ask why she is protecting him. She will tell you that she also has the tape and therefore she should hate it. After a short conversation, you will be told that Faith and the other victims in the area were trying to escape. Georgie will therefore admit that it was the Crooked Man who gave the order to take care of the problem. Keep asking questions until Georgie reveals why Vivian is part of the project.
After the conversation, you will understand that the only way to free Nerissa is to remove Vivian's tape. After Georgie's offer, he will admit that he is not completely serious.
After the further intermission scene with Vivian as the protagonist, the magic will automatically be "deactivated", but in this way another witness will be missing. Unfortunately, Georgie will not join your group either.
Georgie will then tell you that the Crooked Man took refuge in an old foundry near the river. At this point Bigby will have some indications on how to proceed. Georgie will remain a potentially problematic witness, however. You can therefore decide whether to kill him, or let him slowly die. Whatever your choice, Bigby will make his way to the metalworking shop to directly confront his target.

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Face to Face

Exit the Metalworks, locating the limo parked in the area, examining it, and then quickly proceed inside. The machine is a clear sign of the Crooked Man's presence within the next play area. You will also notice how the door is locked. Press the "use" button repeatedly to open the lock and proceed inwards.
Proceed along the corridor, making your way along the walkways visible to the left (after you open the door), arriving at the main floor of the factory. Examine the torture area as well as the photos on the wall. Make your way to the back office. You can almost immediately hear Bloody Mary's screams, so be prepared for a fight during the next stages.
Once inside the small office, continue to the final part of the path. Examine the work table where the Crooked Man created silver bullets. Bloody Mary will then appear behind Bigby, asking him to attack. Avoid selecting the "hit" option immediately. Instead, wait a few moments, as she will tend to "open" her guard practically automatically and you can inflict a quick punch. A long fight will then begin.
After the first punch, he'll knock Bigby to the ground. Dodge to the left, so quickly try to punch again. Your opponent will suddenly disappear. You will now be given the option to search both up and down. We recommend that you carefully examine the elevated area. After a short time, Bloody Mary will return to show her "true" shape. So try to hit it quickly; unfortunately, you won't be able to do this in the early stages, as the enemy will turn out to be faster than you. So throw yourself towards Bigby's back and repeatedly press the keys that appear on the screen, until both of your characters fall towards the floor below.
Bigby will therefore transform into a species of animal, but fortunately Mary will have something to use, namely her ability to multiply. The opponents will therefore go to surround Wolf, now try to quickly select your target and attack immediately. As seen before, you will be able to survive several attacks before being KO'd, so we simply recommend trying it on repeat.
The great army of copies will then approach Bigby, surround him and throw him to the ground. He repeatedly hits the "use" button, so Bigby goes to reveal his "final" transformation. This is the last form of him, as a wolf. He repeatedly hit Bloody Mary, thus following the directions that will appear on the screen. Sadly, Bigby won't want to give up in any way.
Then hit the clones visible on the ground, waiting for the moment when Bigby begins to roar. As soon as he dives towards you, click the last Bloody Mary left to finally complete the battle, and face it directly with the Crooked Man waiting for you in the office just after the stairs. Bigby will get dressed and proceed inside. You will now notice how the Crooked Man has remained in the area waiting for you, with a revolver loaded with silver bullets.
You can then start a conversation with the great crime boss. In reality, all you have to do is make a specific decision, which is to take him with you, or kill him directly in the area. In case you have previously promised not to harm anyone, we recommend that you leave him alive; vice versa, you can kill him without problems. In case you decide to kill him, you will take the Crooked Man's body with you and you will have to defend yourself in front of the crowd.

On fairness

Whatever your final decision is, everything Bigby said will be scrutinized by the community. Try to pay attention to your answers at this stage, as the rest of the game will be heavily influenced by them.
One part of the subjects will ask for justice, while the other will simply ask for mercy. We advise against groped the "double game", or try to make friends both "parties". In case you have brought the Crooked Man with you while he is alive, you will almost certainly be congratulated by Snow as the crowd demands punishment.
As soon as Snow accuses the Crooked Man of committing murder, he will explain that Georgie is the real instigator. You can then choose to defend your position, saying that the Crooked Man gave the true order. However, avoid "hiding" your true opinion, it would do no good. We recommend that you allow the Crooked Man to speak. After he has finished his initial argument, we recommend that you begin by explaining that Georgie had no say in the matter.
The Crooked Man will therefore say that his main aid took place inside his lair, and his men attacked only as a matter of loyalty. You must therefore say that the Crooked Man expects loyalty from all the people present in the city.
At some point, the conversation will change and the Crooked Man will start defending himself by talking about Greenleaf. In this case, a piece of advice we gave you earlier will come in handy, namely avoid razing his tree to the ground - only in this case Greenleaf will help your character and Snow.

So continue with the defense of Snow, until the whole city begins to "fight" the Crooked Man. You must therefore promise to do better, trying to fight all the weaknesses that had led you to the Crooked Man trap. During his defense, The Crooked Man will therefore try to change the perspective of the narrative - he will say that if he is really responsible for the events connected to Georgie, then Snow will be responsible for all of Bigby's actions. You will therefore have to defend yourself from the accusations in the best possible way.
After the next (and unconvincing) argument from the accuser, you will have to bring into question Nerissa, who will begin to tell her opinion. Nerissa was one of the slaves who had been completely "mute" by the presence of the pink ribbon around their neck. Thankfully, the magic has now been undone thanks to Vivian's sacrifice. During the next few moments, it will be made clear that both Snow and the crowd are completely certain of the Crooked Man's guilt, especially after Nerissa's quick explanation. After a short discussion, the whole group will grant Wolf the authority to inflict punishment.
Whatever your choice, the Crooked Man will not leave without a fight - repeatedly press the "use" button to be able to repel his shots, you will therefore have to make a choice between killing him by hitting him on the head, throwing him in the well, or putting him in the cell . We recommend that you prefer the cell, as it is the only "reversible" option - the only one that would allow you to release him in case there were any doubts about his true guilt.

The Life of a Good-for-Nothing

Greenleaf will stop nearby on the next day to show you his new crow. Flycatcher will join the sheriff to try to go down the stairs with Bigby, but we do not recommend agreeing, it would be more appropriate to go and locate Snow's office directly.
So go to the office, noting the presence of a long line. Listen to the conversation that Snow will have as the main participant. Select the "Can we talk" option to unlock a new part of the storybook. Go down the stairs with Bigby.
After the next cutscene, we recommend trying to calm Toad's son down. As soon as Junior asks Bigby to bring Snow a gift, we recommend accepting before the couple leave. There will therefore remain only one person you can talk to, namely Nerissa.
After the conversation with Nerissa, you will have to try to get more information about her story which is not convincing (in fact it was George who gave her the information, not the Crooked Man). When Nerissa leaves, she will tell you that you are not that bad.
As also said by Faith, Bigby will therefore have a deja-vu regarding the first meeting with Nerissa. So enjoy the final scene!

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