The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - The Witcher Contract Guide

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The guide is based on the American version of the game, so there may be differences with the Spanish one.

White Orchard

The Devil of the Well

In addition to the griffin that you will have to hunt during the main storyline, the Devil of the Well will be your real and first Witcher contract of the entire game. In the main village in Bianco Orutteto, you can find this contract on the bulletin board, collect the paper and activate the mission to get the indicator.

Go talk about the contract with Odolan, you can find the man in his house on the west side of the village. There is an abandoned well in the city, the current state of affairs being caused by a diabolical witch haunting the surrounding area. Once you hear the story of the beast, you get a better bargaining condition by betting on 27 coins.

Reach the abandoned house complex indicated on your map. Try to arrive by noon and find the specter itself before your eyes. You will discover, therefore, that the Devil of the Well is a Day Ghost and the only way to get rid of her permanently is to understand what binds her to this place. The three houses will be indicated on your map, go to the one on the left and use the Witcher senses to find the remains of a corpse, a diary and drag marks. Read the diary to find out why the specter haunts the area.

The book will talk about a bracelet which is the object that binds the ghost to the place. Approach the well, you will probably be attacked a second time, fight until the enemy disappears. Examine the well itself to find a hanging body, probably the girl who has now become the ghost. Jump inside the well and swim to the bottom of the water to find the bracelet. Climb on the ledge and go through another part of the cave. From where you are, swim underwater to leave the underground area and emerge near the abandoned village. Go back to the well and get ready to summon the ghost.

Before burning the corpse and bracelet, select the Yrden sign to make the following fight much easier, also make sure you have some moon dust bombs and anti ghost ointment with you. Burn the corpse and start the fight.

Immediately throw the Yrden sign and try to lure the monster into the circle of signs, this will give it physical shape and your hits will deal more damage. Once it has received several hits, the enemy will blind you and create three copies of itself, check the ground to see the streaks of dust and know in advance where they will appear. Eliminate the colonists to make the real enemy appear again. In no time (also use the moon dust bombs if necessary) you will be able to overcome this ghostly enemy.

Return to Odolan, the man will tell you that the money for the contract was the dowry to marry his daughter. You can take the money or refuse to receive an amethyst and have a chance to talk to Tomira the alchemist for more rewards and more details about the girl who became the Devil of the Well.


jenny del bosco

A ghost is haunting a village and the locals want to get rid of this entity quickly. Talk to the commoners to find out more and gather more details about the contract, then go to the location indicated by the in-game mini-map to investigate. You will soon find footprints on the ground and a torn dress, follow the track until you reach a bloody crime scene where you will also find a knife and a letter, collect the objects and read the contents of the sheet.

It seems that two lovers have met the wrong man. Return to the village to find out where the children are hiding, reach the place and if it is day meditate until sunset before approaching the bonfire. As with the previous contract at Bianco Frutteto, here too you will have to deal with a ghost, but this time it will be nocturnal.

First of all, sprinkle your blade with the anti ghost ointment. At the start of the fight immediately throw the Yrden sign and lure the enemy into the circle of signs, in case the circle disappears prematurely, also throw a moon dust bomb. You will give a physical form to the ghost that will take your damage in total.

Once the opponent has taken enough damage, he will blind you to split into three copies, check the ground to see where they will appear and try to get rid of them as quickly as possible and prevent the ghost from regaining life. Continue this process until you defeat Jenny, then return to the village to get the agreed reward.

The missing brother

You will get this contract relatively early in the game from the bulletin board outside the Tavern at the intersection. The mission will require you to be at least level 33 to complete successfully, this implies that you will be forced to follow it near the end of the main storyline.

Once you have the contract, talk to Bruno inside the tavern, convince him to make you pay at least another 44 crowns. Activate the mission and follow the marker to the mines. Outside the area, use your Witcher senses to examine the corpse on the ground and follow the monster tracks that will lead you inside the mine itself. Keep following the tracks to find yourself in front of some monster eggs that will hatch in front of you. You will get a secondary objective which will result in the destruction of all the eggs using the appropriate sign.

When you find yourself in front of a thick bloodstain, you can examine it to understand that your enemy is an Arachas, an insect monster on which to use the appropriate ointment. If you want to complete the secondary objective of this mission as well, you will need to make sure you destroy all the eggs before meeting the main boss.

The name of this particular Arachas is Harrisi and unlike other enemies of this same type, he will be able to spit poison at you. Once this deadly enemy is defeated, collect his remains from his corpse and return to Bruno to claim your reward.

Mysterious traces

Talk to the man who gave you the contract and discuss the reward for getting at least another 30 crowns. Activate the mission and follow the marker on the game map to reach the place and examine it with your Witcher senses.

You will soon come across several wolf corpses that have been killed by the monster you are looking for, continue using your senses to find and follow the path taken by the monster after the slaughter. When you lose track, examine a nearby tree to find a mark left by your target and reveal an unmistakable scent trail to follow. Soon the smell will end on the corpse of a monster, in front of a climb that you will not be able to walk and you will be forced to look for an entrance to the cave that is located near this area.

Once inside the cave, examine the other monster corpse and the surrounding area to figure out what kind of enemy you will be facing. Also check the mouth of the slain monster to find some hair inside.

Your target is a demon and you will need to create a lure to lure it out into the open. Use your alchemical knowledge to create the bait, equip it and go outside to spread it on the points indicated by the game map. Go back inside the cave and wait for your enemy.

Use the appropriate ointment and make sure you avoid his fillers by quickly overcoming him. Once the demon is defeated, return to the man who gave you the mission to get your reward.

The Phantom of the Trade Route

Once you have the contract, go to the area indicated on the map to examine the cart. Reach the nearby cave to find your enemy is a Royal Wyvern. Use the right ointment and try to hit the enemy when he is in flight to make him collapse to the ground and be able to deal several and lethal blows to his body.

Once the enemy is eliminated, two men who survived the attack will join you to talk to you. They will tell you that they fled as soon as the Wyvern attacked and that they hid inside the cave. Return to the refugee who gave you the contract to get your coveted reward.

The screamer

A large beast of unknown entity is terrorizing the people of Crow's Nest. Start by talking to Chet who will reveal that the terrifying beast has killed every person who tried to eliminate it, so the task is not to be taken lightly. The base reward for this contract is 235 coins, but if you need the money you can raise it up to 270.

You will discover that the monster's latest victim also had a son who Chet took into his custody. The child witnessed the death of his father. You can find little Symko (this is the name of the deceased man's son) behind the house you are inside. The boy is still very shaken by what happened and if you have increased the Axii sign you can calm him down.

Head to the attack site, just east of Crow's Nest. The corpse of the man is now gone, but that of the dog is not, look for clues with your Witcher senses and start following the footprints that lead north along the moat, you will reach a cave and Geralt himself will reveal the identity of the monster, a Cockatrice.

As with all Dragonoids, the Cokatrice will also be vulnerable to the appropriate ointment and cluster bombs, in case you don't have these two things, try to get the recipes or use some potion during the fight.

Once ready, enter the cave and look for the beast's hideout. Throw a bomb (not a cluster bomb) at it to send your target out into the open. Chase the beast to a nearby field and north, wait for it to land and start the fight. The battle itself will be very similar to the one against the griffin, the Screamer will alternate wing slashes on her side with powerful blows with her beak. So try to stay on your side or back for as long as necessary

The Cokatrice will be able to take flight and literally collapse on you, dodge the landing or try to hit the enemy with the crossbow to make it go down and take the opportunity to land several shots in complete safety. Even the Aard sign can stun her for a few seconds.

Once you have emerged victorious from the battle, cut off the monster's head and return to Crow's Nest to claim your reward (or leave the money to Chet to allow Symko to have a better life).

The thing in the swamp

A strange creature in the Swamp of the Hunchback is terrorizing a nearby village. Go to the man who posted the contract at the swamp itself. You will be told about a strange fog that kidnaps people and never lets them go. Bargain your reward for up to 339 crowns, and once that's done, head into the swamp to find the mysterious mist.

Follow the marker on the map until you bump into some Drowners along the way. You will reach the frightening fog fairly quickly. Once inside, Geralt will start coughing, but don't worry about losing his life. When you find the shed inside the fog, you will recover the lost oxygen. Collect the items in the place and look for an illusory rock blocking the entrance to a cave, use Keira Metz's medallion and enter.

You will come across a Foglet, take it out quickly and cover your silver weapon with anti necrophage ointment. Keep going until you meet the contract's main enemy, Ignis Fatuus. The enemy can be a pretty tough fight, especially if you haven't reached the recommended mission level (12) yet. His hits will deal a high dose of damage, so try to dodge the attacks and make sure you have the Quen sign active often. The enemy cannot leave the foggy area, so you can retreat to regain some life with a Swallow potion.

During the fight, Ignis Fatuss will often disappear in the fog, always keep an eye on the area to see a cloud denser than the others, inside which the enemy will be hiding and trying to attack you by surprise. Some minor level 0 enemies will be summoned to distract you, hit them once to get rid of them. Wait for the main enemy to reveal his true form again to dodge the attack and hit him in turn, follow this iter until you emerge victorious from the clash, in case you also use the storm potion.

Cut off the head of Ignus Fatuus and return to the man who gave you the mission. If you have asked for more money as a reward, the man will tell you that he does not have all of them, however he will promise to deliver them to you after a week. Wait for seven days to pass, then go back to the man to get all your money down to the last crown.

The happy widow

Go to the bulletin board in Lindenvale and pick up the Monster Contract in the Graveyard. Immediately go to the spot indicated on the map and talk to the undertaker. The man will tell you that someone digs the graves in the cemetery and a boy is reported missing. You can increase the reward up to 265 crowns.

Once you reach the cemetery, you will notice five wild dogs, take them out and use your Witcher senses to examine the tomb. Head to the right of the structure and examine the other tomb, this one in particular will give you a scent trail to follow to a nearby abandoned house. Once inside the structure, examine the utensils, the cauldron and the skull, collect the latter object and return to the cemetery.

Once there, enter the stone structure and place the skull on the altar. A graveyard witch will appear. Use the Yrden symbol to slow her down and drink the Lightning Potion to deal more damage with each attack.

Always dodge opponent attacks and try not to get hit by ranged hits, so try to parry when the witch is about to hit you with her tongue to cut it clean. Once you have emerged victorious from the battle, return to the gravedigger to get your reward.

The mystery of the Byways murders

You can get this contract at the notice board in Oreton, a village in the west of Velen. The contract will be called "Missing Soldiers". Talk to the commander, then travel to Byways further south. Once in place you will have to eliminate 5 ghouls which are also the most complicated part of the mission itself. Once you have emerged victorious from this first battle, talk to the commoners and follow some clues to reach the catacombs below the village.

Once underground, you will have to clash with Sarasti, a very powerful vampire but a relatively easy fight, in fact, by continuing to attack the enemy with fast attacks, you will make him stagger giving him no chance to respond or counterattack. The enemy has very little life and will soon be history. Return to the common people to collect your well-deserved reward.

The Forest Beast

Once this mission is completed, you will get the letter of permission that will grant you access to Novigrad. A local commander will tell you that some convoys were destroyed on the road. Get on your trusty Rutilia and go to the place to investigate properly. Once at the crime scene, take out the Alghouls and use your Witcher senses to examine the evidence on the ground and find out what happened. Inspect the open crates, corpses and blood, then follow the trail to find that the culprit is not a monster but a group of rebel Scoia'tael.

At this point in the mission you will find yourself faced with two choices.

Fighting the Elves: Kill all the elves by fighting to the best of your ability, then cut a squirrel tail off one of the dead bodies and report to the commander for the reward.

Talk to the rebel leader: the girl will promise to stop with the attacks on human convoys and you will promise her to lie with the commander, you will get a small elven reward, but you will have to give up the letter that would allow you to reach Novigrad.

Once you have made your decision, return to the commander to finish the mission.


An elusive thief

The quest can be found on the bulletin board at the Hierarch's Square in Novigrad. Make your way to the market square during the day and talk to the merchant who posted the ad. Follow the red footprints on the ground using the Witcher senses, you will soon reach a house, inside which you can collect a letter to read in your inventory.

Follow the clue trail again until you encounter a Doppler who will take on your shape and start attacking you. Once defeated, you can decide whether to let go of the creature or eliminate it. If you let it go (recommended) you will receive lots of coins and a diagram. Return to the merchant to talk to him and finish the mission.

Deadly delight

Talk to the guard to negotiate on your reward, you can increase the money up to 255 crowns. Once all this is done, go to the doctor and examine the corpses. Talk to the man about specific clues about the bodies just examined, then go to the murder scene.

Use your Witcher senses to notice some particular hoof prints on the ground, follow them until you reach the "Lame Kate" and enter the main door. Talk to the owner of the place who will not want to add a word about the murder of the guards. Get the man to talk with one of the methods that the game will propose to you to discover that the killer is a succubus.

Reach the neighboring house indicated on the game map and go up to the room on the second floor. Have a chat with the attractive demon and decide to spare her or kill her. Regardless of which choice you make, you will still have proof of her death. Return to the guard who posted the contract to receive your reward.

Doors slammed

You can find this contract on the notice board at the Hierarch's Square in Novigrad. Go to the tavern near the bulletin board itself and talk to the man upstairs to be directed to a mansion in the town. Once inside the palace, go to the basement to meet Therazane, a huge elemental.

The enemy will be remarkably powerful and able to take you out with two hits, so make sure you always have the Quen sign active. The basic strategy for winning the battle is to hit the enemy with one or two powerful attacks, then immediately dodge and retreat to a safe distance. You will miss the enemy easily and if not, you will still have the Quen sign for protection.

Once you understand the opponent's attack pattern, the fight will become much easier and you can also help yourself by placing a circle of Yrden signs to slow down the enemy further. When you have dealt enough hits, the elemental will put itself in a defensive position and each subsequent attack will inflict damage on you. Once you have emerged victorious from the battle, return to the client to receive your hefty reward.

The Lord of the Forest

Talk to the half man named Brean to start the mission. You can increase the reward by at least 40 crowns. Once the chat is over, talk to the lone survivor as well. Reach Brean's shed, once there, use your Witcher senses to look for clues on the lumberjack cart. Along the way you will encounter some Nekkers to eliminate.

When you find the chariot, scan the site with your senses to find two clusters of bloodstains, footprints and a claw on a rock. Once these clues have been found, your senses will allow you to follow the trail of footprints that will lead you to the corpse of a dwarf. From the clues gathered about the corpse, Geralt will understand that the enemy is a Leshen.

Sprinkle your blade with the anti ancestral ointment and follow the marker on the map to the totem to be destroyed. The enemy will reveal itself immediately and you will only have to eliminate it. Once you have emerged victorious from the battle, return to the half man to receive your reward.

the Phantom of the beekeeper

Reach the point marked by the marker on the map to meet a family of halflings, the bees in their field are terrified by the presence of what is believed to be the Beekeeper's Ghost.

After talking to them, follow one of these to the frozen wasp nest, examine it and use your senses to follow the tracks of the monster, you will soon reach a pond that you will have to cross, on the opposite bank the tracks will resume and you can continue following them . You will come across some Drowners to defeat.

Once you have defeated the enemies, search your senses nearby for more footprints that will lead you to a house under construction with a locked cellar. Try to open the door to get a half man who will give you the key of his own free will. Once inside you will encounter a wild hunt mastiff who will immediately flee into the field.

Climb on your trusty Rutilia and start following the monster to hit it with your slashes, wait for it to stop to face you, then get off the horse and finish it. Collect evidence of the kill and return to the half-man leader to get your reward.

The Creature of the Oxenfurt Forest

You will be able to tackle this mission at level 35, this implies that you will be able to finish it towards the end of the main storyline. Pick up the announcement from the Oxenfurt bulletin board, then go talk to mercenary Hans to get more details and increase the agreed reward. Head to the site of the attack and examine the surroundings with the Witcher senses, near the center of the area indicated on the map, you will find a corpse, a bloodstain and a little further north the pieces of another body.

Follow the blood trail to clash with a pack of wolves. Keep following the tracks to the last bloodstain to hear the sound of some crows. Continue along the area indicated by the map until you reach the crows' nest and other corpse remains. Examine the body to find the mercenary contract to read immediately and which will allow you to receive more money at the end of the mission.

Meditate until night for the Opnicus Arcigyphon to join you, then sprinkle your blade with anti-hybrid ointment. Once you have emerged victorious from the battle, go back to Hans and tell him that you have read the mercenary contract to receive several more crowns.

The Lady in White

Talk to the widow to start the mission and increase the reward amount. Make your way to the spot indicated on the map, then use your Witcher senses to find some corpses. After carefully examining two or three bodies, Geralt will conclude that the Lady in White is a diurnal spectrum. Near the corpses you will find some traces that will lead you to a collapsed tower.

Keep following the blood trail to reach a cell with another corpse inside. Return to the widow to have some ghost-related items delivered to you, receive a knife. Cover your blade with anti-ghost ointment and return to the camp, where you found the corpses. Once the ghost is summoned, use the Yrden sign and moon dust bombs as usual to get it into physical form.

Once you've defeated the enemy, go back to the widow to claim your reward.

The Drunk of Oxenfurt

Talk to the person who will give you the mission to find out more details about it and increase the reward by at least another 25 crowns. Go talk to the witness of the assault who will be drunk and mad quickly. Go talk to the doctor to show you the bodies of the victims, checking the signs Geralt will conclude that it is undoubtedly a vampire.

Reach the last place, where the monster was seen to find, thanks to the Witcher senses, a bracelet. Enter the tavern and get drunk to lure the Katakan into the open. Once Geralt is on "level", start walking the streets surrounding the venue and sing some obscene ditty. The Vampire will show up calmly and you will have to face him drunk, so pay close attention to the distorted view. Once you have dealt enough damage to the enemy, they will flee far away.

Follow the monster's trail to a small house which you can enter by climbing a ladder and going upstairs. You will no longer be drunk but the fight will take place in a very confined environment that will complicate your life in the dodging phase, it is therefore advisable to always keep the Quen sign active. Once you have eliminated the Katakan, collect the trophy and return to the person who entrusted you with the mission to get your coveted reward.

Skeligge Islands

The Dragon

You can get this contract from the notice board at the village of Fyresdal. Talk to the village elder to get more information on what is assumed to be a dragon. Go to the victim's mother and ask her to let you examine the corpses, Geralt will discover that there is no sign of fire on the bodies, which is very unusual for a victim of a dragon.

Make your way to the attack site and use your Witcher senses to examine the cow's corpse and follow the trail of blood to a dead dog that was dropped from a considerable height. You will notice the nest of a forked tail nearby. Return to the village elder to have a sheep delivered to you to use as bait.

Try to lead the poor sheep to the nest trying to behave like a sheepdog, approach it coming from the opposite side from which you want it to move. Once close enough to the nest, the forked tail will fly towards you. Once the monster is defeated, go back to the elder and be sure to tell him that the beast was definitely a dragon, otherwise you will receive half of the agreed sum.

The Groom arrives

You can retrieve this contract from the notice board in the village of Svorlag. Go over to Kevan and get him to tell you more about the mission, then convince him to raise the amount for the contract. Go talk to Britt, the woman will give you more information about the monster, then walk towards the cave that has just been pointed out to you.

Once there, Geralt will understand that there are necrophages involved and, inside the cave, you will have to deal with several drowners. Unfortunately, the monsters you just eliminated cannot be the same beast you are looking for and Geralt will understand that it is a Siren.

Follow the tracks using your Witcher senses until you reach some sort of sanctuary, examine it to understand that the beast is an Ekhidna named Melusine. Kill the other drowners in the area next to the shrine and climb up until you reach the opening in the cave. Once outside, sprinkle your blade with anti-hybrid ointment and approach the corpse of Nils to start the fight. Try to hit the enemy in flight with your crossbow, then use all the time at your disposal to rage with your most powerful attacks. Once the Siren is defeated, collect the trophy and return to Kevan to receive your reward.

Muire D'yaeblen

You can get this contract from the notice board in Kaer Trolde. Go talk to Bjorg for more information and to increase the reward. Join the other witness and have him tell you more about the beast. Reach the point of attack indicated on the game map and, once there, use the senses of the Witcher to reach the corpse of a man. Eliminate the drowners that will attack you and start following the scent that will lead you into an underwater cave.

Continue your search always using your senses, eliminate the other enemies and examine the surrounding area to find some clues that will suggest to Geralt that he is dealing with a water witch. This type of monster has a keen sense of smell and will never come out of hiding unless you manage to disguise your scent. Collect drowner pheromones and use them to bring the witch Abaya out into the open.

Eliminate the enemy exactly as you did previously for the graveyard witch and, once you have emerged victorious from the fight (just watch out for the minor enemies that will come out from time to time), collect the trophy and reach Bjorg to get your reward.

The strange beast

You can start this contract in Larvik, a village east of Lofoten. Talk to Thorleif to get some information on the monster to kill and increase your final reward. Join the warriors of the village and let them tell you something too.

Go to the ambush site marked on your map and examine the area with the Witcher senses. You will find a corpse by the wagon along with some blood, on the opposite side of the road there will be another large bloodstain and some footprints to follow up to a cave. Once inside, take out the poison gas using the Igni sign, take out the Nekkers and head to the main tunnel area to meet the monster leader, Hagumban. This enemy will only be a little stronger than the other Nekkers, and when he has taken enough damage, he will hide to summon lesser enemies that you must take out before facing him again.

Once you have taken out the main enemy, collect the trophy and return to Thorleif to receive your reward.

The Phantom of Eldberg

Thanks to this contract, you will start the quests "Stranger in a Strange Land" and "The Cave of Dreams". The contract can be collected on the Arinbjorn notice board. Go to Jorun and get them to tell you more about the monster to face, then increase the reward by at least 41 crowns.

Reach the point indicated on the game map up to a lighthouse, you will be attacked by different ghosts. Once you have killed the enemies you will meet the only survivor, as well as the lighthouse keeper who will give you the key. Head outside and investigate the surrounding area. You will notice some marks on the lighthouse itself and Gerallt will determine that it is a curse. Enter the lighthouse and look for the letter which will reveal that the cause of the curse is the keeper himself.

Sprinkle your blade with Spectrum Ointment and go to Mikkjal to get him to turn on the lighthouse light. You will have to clash with the Penitent, a ghost that you cannot harm until the light of the beacon itself is lit. Use the Yrden Sign to give the enemy a physical form and the Quen Sign to defend against his powerful blows. Once you've defeated the main enemy, collect the trophy and decide what to do with the lighthouse keeper. Return to Jorund to receive your reward.

Upon exiting the tavern you will be forced to kill some men, their father will accuse you of murder and will take you before Lugos to be judged.



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