What is the best starter Pokémon in Sword and Shield?

Playing Pokémon is simple, but sometimes you want to challenge yourself by choosing an appetizer that has a disadvantage with most gyms, or make a breeze by making a safer choice. For example, if you play Pokémon Red and choose Charmander, it's considered difficult difficulty due to having to deal with its two weaknesses, the Rock and Water-types, in the first two gym battles. Bulbasaur is a simpler choice as it does not have this disadvantage in the beginning, which makes Squirtle the normal difficulty of the game.

The Campaign Sword and Shield is simple, but there are many ways to determine which is the best appetizer to choose. Even with exclusive gym leaders, we will go through each starter and point out how they will turn out well from the beginning to the end of the game's main story.

What is the best starter Pokémon in Sword and Shield?


If you play, the Chimp Pokémon will have two type advantages over two of the eight leaders of the Spada gym, which includes the leader of the water gym Nessa and the leader of the climbing wall Gordie. Shield only gives you a type advantage, with Nessa being the only one to be featured in both games, and Gordie's mother, Melony, taking place as the leader of the ice gym. Pokémon Shield will give you a moderate challenge as Kabu and Melony are the only ones who have a type advantage against you.

Since Grookey will ultimately remain a pure weed type once he evolves into Thwackey and then Rillaboom, choosing him will provide a constant challenge. Whenever you face champion Leon, he will have both Cinderella and Charizard on his team, so having a Water or Rock-type Pokémon on your team will help you take care of business, especially when the latter starts in Gigantamax.


So far, Sobble has a type disadvantage against Milo and is neutral against Nessa. It will take her until the third gym battle to face the Fire-type gym leader Kabu. Unlike the other two starters, Sobble will instead have two type advantages in one game, but she will only have one disadvantage in another. Sword is a great choice for Sobble as a starter, but it's also a great option in Shield if you don't want to face a lot of downsides.

Once battled with Leon, the evolution of Sobble Inteleon can take care of Rhypherior and Charizard, and with a Fire-type Pokémon, you can take care of Rillaboom and Aegislash. An Ice, Fairy, or Dragon-type Pokémon can also face Dragapult and Haxorus, similar to Scorbunny's situation.

Final verdict

Overall, is the best starter to choose Pokémon Sword and Shield? While your starter will have type weaknesses for at least a couple of gym leader battles, you'll be able to encounter Pokémon like Rookidee for Milo, Yamper for Nessa, and Chewtle for Kabu to help you get cover for your starting types.

If you want an easy start, then Scorbunny is a great choice, as you'll be ready to go against Milo. Grookey is a good choice if you want a tough league match against Leon, and Sobble is the perfect middle ground for a tough start but constant challenge throughout the game.

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