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    What is the Evolve 10 Pokémon reward in Pokemon Go?

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    As part of December's Pokémon GO Research Activity, an ongoing evolving event gives you the chance to get your hands on some Pokémon you may not have. One of the research tasks of the Evolution Event is to evolve 10 Pokémon, and when you do, you'll get a Burmy.

    Burmy can be the Plant, Sandy, or Trash version of the Pokémon. Burmy is usually influenced by their surroundings when it comes to his shape, so there's a good chance you can get a shape that may not spawn near you usually. Once you get your hands on Burmy, you can evolve them into Wormadan or Mothim.

    That's not all you can get from the Evolution event, and some of the rewards are very good indeed. Below you can find a complete list of Evolution Event research rewards:

    • Evolve a reward of Feebas: 3 rare candies
    • Evolve an Onix - Scyther
    • Evolve 5 Pokémon - 1.000 Stardust
    • Evolve 10 Pokémon – Burmy (Plant, Sandy o Trash)
    • Use an item to evolve a Pokémon reward: Clamperl
    • Catch 5 Onix - Metal coat
    • Capture 5 Porygon - Up-Grade
    • Capture 10 Horsea Bounty - Dragon Scale
    • Catch 10 rewards of Poliwag or Slowpoke - King's Rock
    • Capture 10 Sunkern Reward - Sunstone
    • Hatch 7 uova premium – Sinnoh Stone
    • Win 5 Raid Rewards - Magnetic, Glacial or Mossy Bait
    • Win 3 times against the Team Go Rocket Leaders - Unova Stone award

    Some of the prizes are items of great value, and the Sinnoh Stone and Unova Stone are a must if you're planning on doing more evolutions.

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