What is the maximum weapon level of Modern Warfare?

With tons of weapon customization options available in this year's Modern Warfare, some players are wondering what the maximum weapon level is. In case you're unfamiliar, when you level up your weapon, you will unlock new scopes, attachments, perks, and more. If you are trying to level up a weapon completely, then you are wondering what is the maximum level of the weapon in Modern Warfare?

What is the maximum weapon level of Modern Warfare?

If you've been playing any of Modern Warfare's online modes in the past few weeks, you're likely familiar with weapon levels. Otherwise, essentially, you can level up your weapons to earn new unlocks along the way. For example, when you reach a certain level, you may unlock a new perk that you can use with that level. So, at what point will you have run out of a weapon?

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The maximum weapon level in Modern Warfare is technically 100, but you will stop earning rewards at level 70. So once you reach level 70, you will have unlocked everything there is for that weapon and the rest of the levels will simply be to brag. Maximizing your favorite Modern Warfare weapon won't be an easy task and will take some time, but it sure can be done.

As you earn new unlocks, you will be able to equip them with your weapons. Each weapon can contain a total of five different items, with no more than one per category. So you won't be able to assign two perks to the same weapon, but instead you'll have to assign one perk, one scope, and then three more unlocks from different categories. As you level up your weapon to the highest level, you will unlock several accessories that you can add to your weapon to help you become the best Modern Warfare player online.

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