Will Pokémon Sword and Shield get any DLC?

Despite much controversy prior to the games' release, Pokémon Sword and Shield sold over six million copies during its launch over the weekend, making the games a hit so far. The question now, though, is whether or not Pokémon Sword and Shield will get any kind of DLC.

Many video games these days offer DLC to add more content to the main game for a lower price, and while it can be tiring to have to pay more money for content blocked by the main game, it's a surefire way to support both the community and the game developers and to explore new features that may have been excluded from the scope of the original game.

Game Freak is one of the few developers that hasn't released DLC in any of its major Pokémon Games. The only updates in the past have been bug patches and glitches. And while there are datamines of Pokémon like Bulbasaur and Squirtle encoded in the games, they are obtainable, at least for now. This is likely due to the ability to transfer them from Pokémon Come On, Pikachu! and Come on, Eevee! to Sword and Shield with Pokémon Home.

For now, if in Sword or Shield the player was already supposed to complete the Pokédex and finish the game's main story, there's not much else to do but join the Battle Tower, explore the wilderness, and do the little post-story. game with the mascots of the games and catch them.

Game Freak has not confirmed or denied the possibility of DLC. It has confirmed that the National Dex will not be returning Sword and Shield, but at the moment we will have to wait and see what the future holds for these games.

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