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    Zoo Tycoon: Dinosaur Digs - Cheats

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    More money
    Press Shift + 4 to get more money

    Insert these codes instead of the name of the visitors:

    Alfred H
    We will be attacked by birds of prey

    Russell C
    the cages deteriorate quickly

    Zeta Dogs
    Visitors get sick

    Enable all scenarios

    Lou Catanzaro
    Instantly complete animal research

    Adam Levesque
    Instantly complete some animal research

    Andrew Binder
    Enable all buildings for animals

    John Wheeler
    Enable all cages

    Hank Howie
    Complete staff research programs

    Steve Serafino
    Complete animal health research programs

    Ron Propst
    Complete dinosaur research programs

    Dinosaur eggs grow fast

    Unlock all dinosaurs

    Cretaceous Corral
    Unlock the Triceratops

    Unicorns will appear in the animal menu

    Increases the chances of a visitor entering the zoo

    Double visitor donations

    Copralite Corner
    Turn dinosaur droppings into rocks

    Super Croc

    Mr. Blue
    Visitors and buildings turn blue

    Mr. Blonde
    Visitors and buildings turn yellow

    Mr. White
    Visitors and buildings turn white

    Mr. Brown
    Visitors and buildings turn brown

    Mr. Orange
    Visitors and buildings turn orange

    Mr. Pink
    Visitors and buildings turn pink

    Change the name of some workers to activate the following tricks:

    Renaming a scientist - Dr. Scholl
    All scientists walk fast

    Renaming a scientist - Dr. Frankenstein
    Increases the chance of an egg hatching

    Rename one of the guides - Rosalie
    Zeroes the wages of all guides

    Rename a Male Worker - Bob V
    Repair all the cages

    Renaming a Male Worker - George W
    Removes dirt

    Renaming a Male Worker - The Rock
    Destroy all buildings

    Renaming a female guard - Susan Kittleson
    Double the effectiveness of your marketing operations

    Rename a Male Guard - Chuck Frizelle
    Double the effectiveness of your marketing operations

    Rename a Reindeer Handler - Comet
    Removes all dinosaurs


    Name a visitor Akiyama
    All scenarios

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