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    All costumed Pokémon in Pokémon Go

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    There are hundreds of Pokémon to catch in Pokémon Go, and special events are constantly available on the mobile game. Some of these special events give you access to exclusive Pokémon in costumes that you can catch. For a while, some of them may evolve into their final form with the costume, but Niantic has moved away from this, reducing the value of Pokémon Costume in general. But they still appear quite often, and some even have the option of being sparkly. These are all of the costumed Pokémon that you can find in Pokémon Go.

    • Pikachu 5th anniversary
    • Armored Mewtwo
    • Pichu ash hat
    • Pikachu Ash Hat
    • Raichu ash hat
    • Croagunk baseball cap
    • Smoochum bow
    • Charizard Pikachu Hat
    • Aperture Bulbasaur
    • Clone Charmander
    • Aperture of Pikachu
    • Squirtle clone
    • Pikachu detective hat
    • Detective hat Raichu
    • Pikachu explorer
    • festive pichu
    • Festive Pikachu
    • festive raichu
    • Blissey flower crown
    • Buneary flower crown
    • Chansey flower crown
    • Wreath of Eevee flowers
    • Espeon flower crown
    • Flareon flower crown
    • Glaceon flower crown
    • Happiny flower crown
    • Jolteon flower crown
    • Flower crown leaf
    • Wreath of flowers Pichu
    • Wreath of Pikachu flowers
    • Wreath of Raichu flowers
    • Sylveon flower crown
    • Corona at fiori Togepi
    • Umbrella with flower crown
    • Vaporeon flower crown
    • Pikachu volante
    • Pikachu Hat Fragment
    • Raichu Fragment
    • Costume di Halloween Bulbasaur
    • Charmander Halloween costume
    • Squirtle Halloween costume
    • Cubchoo of the holidays
    • Delibird of the holidays
    • Festive Pikachu
    • festive stanler
    • Maglia Kariyuushi Pikachu
    • Pikachu free
    • Litwick-costume Sableye
    • Lucario Pikachu hat
    • Mega Banette Gengar
    • Meloetta Flygon hat
    • Meloetta ha Galarian Ponyta
    • Meloetta ha Galarian Zigzagoon
    • Meloetta ha Gardevoir
    • Meloetta Pikachu hat
    • Mimikyu Pikachu
    • Slowbro New Year's glasses
    • Slowpoke New Year's glasses
    • New Year's hat Pichu
    • Pikachu New Years Hat
    • New Year's hat Raichu
    • Pichu party hat
    • Pikachu party hat
    • Raichu party hat
    • Raticate party hat
    • Wobbuffet party hat
    • The party has Wurmple
    • Pikachu Bulbasaur visor
    • Visor Pikachu Charmander
    • Pikachu Squirtle visor
    • Pop Star Pikachu
    • Rayquaza Pikachu hat
    • Bulbasaur red party hat
    • Charmander red party hat
    • Eevee red party hat
    • Gengar red party hat
    • Nidorino red party hat
    • Pikachu red party hat
    • Squirtle Red Party Hat
    • Rock Star Pikachu
    • Pikachu Safari Hat
    • Spring pickaxe
    • Pikachu Straw Hat
    • Pichu summer hat
    • Pikachu summer hat
    • Raichu summer hat
    • Blastoise sunglasses
    • Squirtle sunglasses
    • Wartortle sunglasses
    • Kirlia cylinder and throttle
    • Shinx top hat
    • Umbreon Pikachu Hat
    • Pichu winter hat
    • Pikachu winter hat
    • Raichu winter hat
    • Pichu witch hat
    • Pikachu witch hat
    • Raichu witch hat
    • Cap del Mondo Pikachu
    • Cap of the world Raichu

    More costumed Pokémon are added to Pokémon Go every year. We will update this guide with more choices as they are released.

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