What to do for Pokémon GO's Hatchathon 2020

What to do for Pokémon GO's Hatchathon 2020

Pokémon GO returns with an event at the start of the year: Hatchathon 2020. Trainers in the game now have more motivation than ever to start the year faster and place those eggs in incubators to hatch them. Here's what you need to know about the event.

To do

The event runs from January 2nd starting at 13pm PST through January 00 at 16pm PST. During the time period, you receive double the Candy Candy and Stardust rewards after hatching an egg.

Your overall goal is to reach 50km before the end of the event to receive:

  • 50.000 stardust
  • 15 rare candies
  • A Unova stone

You want to constantly put eggs in incubators while walking Pokémon GO active. Eggs have special rewards and have Pokémon with a unique appearance available within them.

Exclusive items

The eggs it hatches during Hatchathon 2020 have a chance to produce a unique Pokémon with a unique look for the new year.

  • The 2km eggs can contain a Pichu or Wurmple with a party hat
  • The 7km eggs can hold a Pichu with a party hat

In addition to these items, you have the option to purchase a couple of 2020 specs from the Style Shop. You can collect them for 160 PokéCoins in the "Glasses" section.

pokemon event

As you walk, you may notice a two-star raid on gyms. These locations also have event-exclusive Pokémon, such as Raticate and Wobbuffet wearing a party hat. You and your friends can work together to try and take them down during the event.

Be careful as you may spot an exclusive Pikachu in the wild who is also wearing a party hat. You'll have to wander around to locate them, so check out areas where you'll generally find electric-type Pokémon, such as industrial buildings, colleges, and drier climates.

Additionally, all Party Hat Pokémon (Pichu, Wurmple, Wobbuffet, Raticate, and Pikachu) all have Shiny versions. If you are lucky to find one of the savages, be sure to run after them when you see them.

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