All Poffin recipes in Pokémon Shiny Diamond and Shiny Pearl

Poffin are a great gift to give to your Pokémon if you want to reward them for their hard work. You'll also need to feed them to your Pokémon that you want to participate in Show Races, increasing the chances of them winning. There are multiple flavors of Poffin you can make and there is a complicated process you need to go through to make them. Here's what you need to know about all the Poffin recipes in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Brilliant Pearl.

The type of Poffin your Pokémon like will depend on that Pokémon's nature. You will need to make sure you are feeding them the correct Poffin to increase their luster. These are all Poffin recipes. Do not use two identical berries. You'll do Poffin a foul if you do.

  • Amaro: Lum Berry
  • Bitter Dry: Ganlon Berry
  • Bitter Sour: Jaboca Berry
  • Spicy Amara: Jaboca Berry and Petaya Berry
  • Bitter sweet: ganlon berry and custard berry
  • Dry: orange berries
  • Dry bitter: Hondew berry or Passho berry
  • Dry Sour: Kelpsy Berry o Apicot Berry
  • Dry Spicy: Apicot Berry and Engima Berry
  • Dry dessert: Micle Berry and Pecha Berry
  • Sour: Iapapa Berry
  • Sour Bitter: Colbur Berry e Aguav Berry
  • Sour Dry: Yache Berry
  • Spicy Sour: Rowap Berry and Coba Berry, or just a Belue Berry
  • Sour Sweet: bacche di Payapa o bacche di Salac
  • Spicy: Cheri berry or a Leppa Berry or a Figy Berry
  • Spicy bitter: Pomeg Berry
  • Spicy Dry: rowan berries and coba berries
  • Spicy Sour: Nomel Berry
  • Spicy dessert: Goose Berry, or a Qualot berry, or a Lansat berry
  • Dessert: Perism Berry or Mago Berry
  • Sweet Bitter: Watmel Berry or Magost Berry or Custap Berry
  • Dry dessert: Kasib Berry and Wiki Berry
  • Bittersweet: Watmel Berry and a Bebia Berry
  • Spicy dessert: Shuca Berry or Liechi Berry
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