All Special Evolution Pokemon in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

    All Special Evolution Pokemon in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

    In Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Brilliant Pearl, you will encounter several Pokémon that require a specific item or move to transform into their final evolution. It can be difficult to remember all these specific requirements. In this guide, we will share and list all the special evolution Pokémon that you can find in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Brilliant Pearl.

    These are all Pokémon that require a specific Evolution step.

    • Aipom in Ambipom with double hit
    • Azurill in Marill with great friendship
    • Bonsly in Sudowoodo with mimicry
    • Budew in Roserade with great friendship, day
    • Buneary in Lopunny with great friendship
    • Chansey in Blissey with great friendship
    • Cingling in Chimecho with great friendship, night
    • Clamperl in Gorebyss holding Deep Sea Scale, swap
    • Clamperl in Huntail mentre tiene Deep Sea Tooth, scambio
    • Clefairy in Clefable with a Moonstone
    • Cleffa in Clefairy with great friendship
    • Dusclops in Dusknoir holding Reaper Cloth, swap
    • Eevee in un Glaceon con Ice Rock o Ice Stone
    • Eevee in Espeon with great friendship, day
    • Eevee in Flareon with a Firestone
    • Eevee in Jolteon with a Thunder Stone
    • Enter Leafon with Mossy Rock or Leaf Stone
    • Eevee in Umbreon with great friendship, night
    • Eevee in Vaporeon with a water stone
    • Electabuzz in Electivire holding Electirizer, swap
    • Feebas in Milotic with great friendship or Dawn Stone
    • Gligar in Gliscor holding a Razor Fang, night
    • Gloom in Bellossom with a Sunstone
    • Gloom in Vilepulme with a Leaf Stone
    • Golbat in Crobat with great friendship
    • Graveler in Golem through trade
    • Growlithe in Arcanine with a Firestone
    • Happiness in Chansey holding Oval Stone, day
    • Haunter in Gengar through trade
    • Jigglypuff in Wigglytuff with a Moonstone
    • Kadabra in Alakazam through trade
    • Male Kirlia in Gallade with a Dawn Stone
    • Lickitung a Lickilicky con Rollout
    • Lombre in Ludicolo with a water stone
    • Machoke in Machamp through trade
    • Magmar in Magmortar holding Magmarizer, swap
    • Magneton in Magnezone using a Thunder Stone
    • Mantyke in Mantine with Remoraid in your party
    • Mime Jr. a Mr. Mime con Mimic
    • Munchlax in Snorlax with great friendship
    • Murkrow in Honchkrow con una Dusk Stone
    • Nidorine in Nidoqueen with a moonstone
    • Nidorino in Nidoking with a moonstone
    • Nosepass in Probopass using a Thunder Stone
    • Nuzleaf in Shiftry with a Leaf Stone
    • Onix through Steelix while holding Metalcoat, swap
    • Pichu in Pikachu with great friendship
    • Pikachu in Raichu with a Thunder Stone
    • Piloswine in Mamoswine with ancient power
    • Poliwhirl in Politoed holding King's Rock, swap
    • Poliwhirl in Poliwrath with a Water Stone
    • Porygon in Porygon2 by holding Up-Grade, swap
    • Porygon2 in Porygon-Z holding Dubious Disc, swap
    • Rhydon in Rhyperior holding Protector, trade
    • Riolu in Lucario with great friendship
    • Roselia in Roserade with a shiny stone
    • Scyther in Scizor holding Metalcoat, exchange
    • Seadra in Kingdra holding Dragon Scale, swap
    • Shellder in Cloyster with a water stone
    • Skitty in Delcatty with a moonstone
    • Slowpoke in Slowking tenendo King’s Rock, scambio
    • Sneasel in Weavile holding Razor Claw, night
    • Sniffing a woman in Froslass with a Dawn Stone
    • Staryu in Starmie with a Water Stone
    • Sink in Sunflora with a Sunstone
    • Tangela to Tangrowth with ancient power
    • Togetic in a Togekiss with a polished stone
    • Vulpix in Ninetales with a Pietrafocaia
    • Weepinbell in Victreebel with a Leaf Stone
    • Yanma in Yanmega with ancient power
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