Anniversary Synchronization Couple Lillie and Lunala move in Pokémon Masters EX

The two-year anniversary gathering introduces Lillie and Lunala to Pokémon Masters as a featured sync pair. The Ghost-type unit is a Special Attack that deals a lot of damage. The Sync Pair kit is pretty easy to make and doesn't require a definitive setup to shine.

Lillie and Lunala moveset

Just like Steven and Rayquaza, Lillie and Lunala have four passive abilities, which are mentioned below:

  • Alolan flag bearer: Increases the move power level of allied sync pairs by 10% and reduces movement damage taken by 10%. Additionally, for each additional Hoenn sync pair on your team, the power level of the moves increases by 10% (up to 30%) and the damage taken from enemy moves is reduced by 3% (up to 26%).
  • 5 health benefits: Reduces the opponent's damage when hit by a normal or synchronized move.
  • Excellent preparation 4: Has a 50% chance to make the next attack super effective if the current attack successfully lands on enemies.
  • Rejuvenate 6: Reset movement indicator to 6 bars after using sync move.

Lillie and Lunala's moves are as follows-

  • Moongeist Radius (4 gauge move): Deals damage between 160-192 and ignores all defensive barriers.
  • Potion (2 uses): Restores an ally's HP by 40% of maximum health.
  • Moonblast (3 gauge move): Deals damage between 98-117 and has a 30% chance to reduce the target's Sp Attack by one rank.
  • Shining moonlight (1 use): Increases user's quick attack by six and critical hit rate by three degrees.
  • Shining Hope Moongeist Beam (sync move): Deals damage between 250-300.

Lillie and Lunala have insane damage on a single target, requiring minimal setup. The sync pair also has access to potions, making it a very flexible unit. There are hardly any drawbacks to using Lillie and Lunala, and it's one of the most rugged Ghost-type units in the game.

Should you roll for Lillie and Lunala?

There are very few Ghost-type sync pairs in the game, which automatically makes Lillie and Lunala superior. Furthermore, the unit is very effective on its own and does not require a dedicated team composition. Players looking for a strong Ghost-type should opt for Lillie and Lunala as it can help them overcome many complex events that require Ghost-type units.

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