Best Eldegoss builds, moves and items in Pokémon Unite

Eldegoss is a ranged support Pokémon in Unite. While a little difficult to play, Edlegoss can be very powerful in the right hands. The Pokémon is soft but makes up for it with its amazing healing abilities. Eldegoss' steep learning curve and unique play style can be difficult for new players to understand, so here's a guide explaining Pokémon moves and the best build possible.

Moves and gameplay

You start your journey as Gossifleur who can evolve into Eldegoss at level 4. Leafage and Synthesis are two moves you can choose at the start of a game. Here you can roll with Leafage as it has a lower cooldown and better upgrade options. The move is a ranged attack that reduces the target's movement speed as well as dealing damage.

After evolving to level 4, Eldegoss can upgrade the Foliage move to Leaf Tornado Pollen Puff. Since the Pokémon is primarily a support unit, it is best to choose Pollen Puff as it allows both Eldegoss and its allies to heal. Eventually, at level 11 (maximum enhancement), Pollen Puff can be used on an enemy to deal damage or used as a defensive tool to heal and protect an ally.

At level 6, Eldegoss can learn Cotton Guard, which is probably his most powerful move. The move allows Eldegoss to place a cotton shield on nearby allies. The shield absorbs damage and heals nearby allies for a decent HP once dissipated. When fully upgraded to level 13, Cotton Guard will also increase Eldegoss' movement speed for a short time.

Eldegoss's Unite move is called Cotton Cloud Crash and can be learned at level 9. The move knocks the Pokémon into the air, making it invincible. Although invincible, Eldegoss can move through any obstacle or unit and cannot be targeted. Players can reroll the Unite move, allowing Eldegoss to hit the ground, dealing damage and knocking enemies aside. Allies near Eldegoss's impact zone will receive a healing buff.

Recommended move set: Foliage (LVL 1), Pollen Breath (LVL 4), Cotton Guard (LVL 6) and Cotton Cloud Crash (LVL 9).

The best articles

As on most support units, Shell Bell is an ideal item for Eldegoss. Increases general healing and SP. ATK damage. Since Eldegoss won't deal major damage, it can be left behind with XP. That said, using the Exp. Share Item can solve this problem as it grants the user passive XP while playing. If the opposing team is dealing a lot of damage, you can opt for Rocky Helmet, which provides additional HP and resistances. Other items that combine well with Eldegoss' kit include Buddy Barrier, Assault Vest, and Aeos Cookie.

Recommended article construction: Shell Bell, Esp. Condividi e Rocky Helmet.

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