Can you catch a bright Blaziken in Pokémon Go?

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Blaziken is the latest evolved form of Torchic, and you have the ability to encounter Blazikan in Pokémon Go in a number of ways. You could earn it as a reward for timed research or special research, it could be an exclusive field research reward for events, or it could be a raid encounter. Regardless of how you find a Blaziken, can you find a brilliant version of it in Pokémon Go?

You have the best chance of encountering a Blaziken during raids. Therefore, there is a possibility that it could appear in the rotation and be a three-star raid encounter. If you defeat this Pokémon, you can capture it as a shiny form. Torchic's resplendent form has been in Pokémon Go since May 2019, when it received Community Day.

While the chances of catching a Bright Blaziken are low, it's important to note that you have a chance for it to happen. If you find a bright version after completing a raid that's too low, you may have a better chance of looking for a Torchic in the wild. Torchic occasionally presents itself as one of the many Pokémon with the greatest chance of spawning. If you're hunting for a brilliant Blaziken, try contacting your friends to see if they are organizing raid groups for this Pokémon using your remote raid tickets.

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