Can you get the galarian slow in Pokemon Sword and Shield?

Can you get the galarian slow in Pokemon Sword and Shield?

Galarian Slowpoke is coming Sword and Shield, but getting his evolutions might be more of a struggle.

Galarian Slowpoke is the teaser for the new Pokémon Sword and Shield Expansion Pass DLC, which includes Isle of Armor and Crown Tundra. While Galarian Slowpoke is now available, the evolution of the Pokémon is another story. Both evolutions are available, but players will not be able to obtain them until the release of the DLC.

Can you get Galarian Slowking?

The short answer is yes. But not until Crown Tundra is released in the fall.

Kanto's Slowpoke, the original, evolved into Slowbro through leveling. Once Slowpoke reaches level 37, he will evolve. In later generations, if players wanted, they could use a King's Rock and evolve it that way. If traded for holding King's Rock, Slowpoke would evolve into Slowking.

Current details are vague, but both Galarian evolutions are possible. According to the press release, Galarian Slowpoke will evolve with a "specific object" for both Slowbro and Slowking. Items can only be found in DLCs. The item to evolve Slowpoke into Slowbro will be in the Isle of Armor, while the item for Slowking will be in the Crown Tundra DLC.

We don't know exactly what this "specific article" is or how it evolves with the article. It may need to be traded as the original Slowking. Perhaps it is used as an evolutionary stone instead. Since Galarian Slowpoke doesn't evolve via leveling, it's hard to guess what the process might be. The slowdown has already been achieved through trading, so it might be a decent guess that the Galarian form will use the same mechanic.

Galarian Slowpoke is now available for Sword and Shield. And yes, there is a brilliant shape. Grab it now to prepare your perfect Slowking or Slowbro when the DLCs are out later this year.

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