How to beat Arlo in Pokémon GO

    How to beat Arlo in Pokémon GO

    Arlo is one of the three leaders of Team GO Rocket in Pokémon GO. He can be found by defeating Team GO Rocket Grunts on captured PokéStops. You will need to find six mysterious components to create a Rocket Radar. You can equip it from your bag and use it to locate one of the bosses. When you find Arlo in Leader Hideout, you will have to face them to take out the Hideout.

    How to beat Arlo in Pokémon GO

    Arlo now has a new lineup of Pokémon available to pop out against you during your fight. You have a handful of options at your disposal to combat this, so be sure to keep a rotating list of a compelling choice to use while on assignment.

    First Pokémon

    The first Pokémon is Bagon, which is Dragon-type. We recommend using another Dragon, Fairy, or Ice-type dragon or one capable of using one of those types of moves against it. Bagon has Bite or Ember for the first move, and then Flamethrower, Crunch or Twister for the second.

    Second Pokémon

    The second Pokémon on Arlo's roster may consist of Charizard a Fire and Flying-type, Blastoise a Water-type or Steelix a Steel and Ground-type. All of these Pokémon vary in their types, which makes it a little difficult to know the best approach to prepare to fight any of these three.

    Your best bet might be to rely on a Water-type Pokémon. While they are not effective or stable against Blastoise, you can have them use different moves than the Water-type to damage it, and you can also use these keystrokes to take out Steelix or Charizard if you fight them. It would be the best bet to make sure you have an enduring second choice option of winning in a fight to try and wear out each other's Pokémon.

    Third Pokémon

    The last Pokémon that Arlo could use against you is Dragonite a Dragon and Flying-type, Salamence a Dragon and Flying-type, and Scizor a Bug and Steel-type. You have a little more consistency here than other Pokémon picks.

    Dragonite and Salamence share the same beating, so you can use a Dragon, Rock, Fairy, or Ice-type during this fight to take them down pretty fast. Although Scizor is a Steel-type, they are resistant to Dragon, Fairy, and Ice-types, but not Rock-types. You may want to rely on a Pokémon with Rock-type or Rock-type abilities to fight one of these three.

    You will need to think about what type of Pokémon you want to use against one of these different sets. You want to use a general attack set, focusing on what's resistant to Pokémon to make yours last longer. It's tempting to find a Pokémon that can consistently use super effective attacks, but Arlo's roster has some health.

    It's a game of attrition, with you wanting to last as long as possible. The higher your Pokémon's overall defense and resistances, the longer you can stay in combat.

    We will update this guide if Arlo's range of Pokémon changes.

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