How to grow berries in Pokémon Sword and Shield

    How to grow berries in Pokémon Sword and Shield

    Berries are a useful item that you can hold in your Pokémon's hand during combat, or you can throw them into your curry, which is new to Pokémon Sword and Shield. You can find them all over the place, but you often come across them in berry trees. These large trees have a variety of colored balls attached to their branches. As you get close to them, you can start shaking the tree to acquire them and add more to your collection.

    You have a few methods available to grow these berries. The simplest technique requires that you have the Rotom bike, which you naturally receive as you progress through the game's story. When you get it, use it in the wilderness area just outside Hammerlocke and Motostroke to find many of these berry trees. Walk towards them, shake them, grab their respective berries and then move on to the next one.

    Using the Rotom bike, you can zip around the area to grab them all. Berries do not regenerate when moving from one area to another, so you want to spin around the entire wild area on the bike and then return to the starting position.

    Receive rarer berries from hard-to-reach areas in wilderness areas, such as Azew's Eye and Lake of Outrage. You can only access these locations by acquiring the Rotom Bicycle upgrade to cross the water. When you have access to them, you should frequent these two locations during the rotation and you should have access to a wider variety of higher quality berries. You'll know you have the rarest ones based on the information in the berry description, which you can read anytime from the berry item slot in the bag.

    You will not receive the same amount of berries from every tree. When you get close to the tree and start shaking it, a handful of berries drop. If you keep shaking the tree, you increase the chances of a Pokémon falling from it. They land on your head and you fight with them. When it's over, a good majority of the Berries are caught by other Pokémon while you were distracted.

    To prevent the Pokémon from falling, you need to watch how the tree trembles before trying to shake it again. If the branches of the tree shake violently at a high speed, you have a high chance that one will fall. If it's distinct enough, like every two or three seconds, you should keep shaking the tree and looking for more berries.

    Another alternative to acquiring Berries is to complete Max Raid and fight Dynamex Pokémon in their lairs. However, this isn't always guaranteed, and sometimes you get two or three to finish a battle. These commitments can take a long time and are much longer than those running from tree to tree. But if you grow burrows, it's good to note that harder Dynamax battles give you access to better Berries.

    Be sure to visit the Wild Area merchants who wear green and red with a large backpack. Talk to them and they have a variety of basic curry items you want to throw away before throwing the berries into your meals. Creating the best curry takes a reasonable amount of time and there are several techniques to get close to the top ranking. The use of rare berries is also vital.

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