The list of Ultra League levels in Pokémon Go Battle League Season 8 - July 2021

The list of Ultra League levels in Pokémon Go Battle League Season 8 - July 2021

When choosing your Teal Pokémon for the Pokémon Go Battle League, your choices will change based on the competition in progress. In this guide, we're going to introduce you to the list of Ultra League levels that you can use for the standard Ultra League in Pokémon Go for July 2021, which will be Season 8.

You can only choose from three Pokémon to have on your team. Each of your Pokémon cannot exceed 2.500 CP. For Ultra League, you can use any Pokémon, as long as it doesn't exceed that 2.500 CP limit. For your three Pokémon, you'll choose a Lead, a Switch, and a Closer for your team, each of which is meant to defeat any opponent you face in the Battle League. Many of these Pokémon will have to use XL candy.

The list of Ultra League levels

List of main levels

The main Pokémon on your team will be the first one you use in a fight. They want to be a bulky option, capable of standing alone in a battle, but they may be relying on a single shield to keep them up to speed.

These will be Pokémon choices that you want to have enough bulk to last in a fight, but they also want to have an adequate amount of attack power to knock out most of the Pokémon they face. The fewer weaknesses they have, the better they will be. Don't be afraid to use at least one shield on them.

Change list of levels

The Pokémon Switch is the choice on your list that you change when your main Pokémon is countered or is fighting one of their weaknesses. You want to treat your Pokémon Switches in your team like the glass cannon, capable of defeating all Pokémon they face.

If you are using your Pokémon Switches, they will be designed to cut through any opponent they face. You can make them work to become the counter of any Pokémon that would be your main Pokémon's weak point if you prefer. You want to reserve at least one, potentially two, shields for this Pokémon.

Closest tier list

The closest Pokémon on your list will be the last one you use. This is because you want it to be the largest mass and have the best defenses.

When using your closest Pokémon, you have no other options in your list. Since it's your ultimate Pokémon, you want to make sure it can stand up on its own without the assistance of shields or other Pokémon on your team.

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