What are Buddy's hearts in Pokémon GO?

With the new Buddy Adventure system in Pokémon GO, you will have noticed the revamped buddy profile page and buddy hearts. These friendly hearts measure the affection you earned from your friend that day. You can earn the following number of friend hearts each day, for a total of 10.

  • Walk together, two kilometers, up to three times a day - up to three hearts
  • Give your friend a surprise - up to three hearts
  • Playing together - one heart
  • Fighting together in a coach or gym battle - one heart
  • Take a snapshot of your friend - one heart
  • Visit a new place with your friend by turning a new Poké Stop - a single heart

If you wish, you can purchase a Poffin for 100 gold, which will double the number of hearts you can earn that day in each category, for up to twenty hearts. This will allow you to level up your friend faster. The Poffin will get your friend Pokémon excited for six hours, so be sure to use them only when you're sure you can earn all twenty hearts within that time.

You will need the following number of hearts to level up your friend through the different levels:

  • Good friend - requires only one heart
  • Great Friend - requires 70 hearts in total
  • Ultra Buddy: Requires 150 hearts in total
  • Best Friend - requires 300 hearts in total

So, to reach the rank of best friend, you will need to earn ten hearts a day for 30 days or 20 hearts a day for 15 days.

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