What is the goal of the Little Jungle Cup in Pokémon Go?

    What is the goal of the Little Jungle Cup in Pokémon Go?

    The Little Jungle Cup in Pokémon Go will run from September 27 to October 11. For this PvP competition, players will only be able to use Pokémon that do not exceed 500 CP and you will be limited to using only Normal, Grass, Electric, Poison, Ground, Flying, Bug or Dark type Pokémon. All other Pokémon will be banned. We have already listed a list of levels for the Little Jungle Cup and the best Pokémon teams you should consider using. So what does the meta for these battles look like in Pokémon Go in terms of wider competition?

    For the most part, some of the best choices you can make are everywhere, given the number of Pokémon types still available. This involves using Pokémon that have decent stats at 500 CP, such as Cotton, Galarian Stunfisk, Altaria, Skarmory, Chansey, Scrafty, Skorupi, Swinub, and Onix. You may also see Steelix, Deino, and Ducklett, the former reigning champion from the other Little Cup battles in Pokémon Go.

    When building a team, keep in mind that you will see a handful of Ground, Grass, Bug, and Poison-type Pokémon. Some of the best choices you will want to use will be Steel-types, such as Galarian Stunfisk, Steelix, or Skarmory. If you need to use strong Pokémon with a lot of health and defense, Chansey is an excellent option, as are Excadrill, Chesnaught, Shelmet, or even Swampert. However, Swampert may not be the best choice when encountering a Grass-type, even at those lower levels.

    Overall, the kind of meta you can expect to see will have you using at least one Pokémon with some health and defense, and your other two choices have a range of coverage for all Pokémon that meet the Little Jungle Cup requirements. So you want Pokémon that can use Fighting, Fire, Grass, Ice, or Poison-type moves.

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