What is the Pokemon storage limit in Pokemon Go?

    What is the Pokemon storage limit in Pokemon Go?

    In December of 2020, Pokemon Go players found that the storage capacity increased from 3.500 to 4.000 Pokemon. In the upcoming summer season of 2021 in North America, Niantic increased the maximum storage capacity to 4.500. Now, Pokemon Go will allow users to have many more pocket monsters in their mobile collection.

    As previously mentioned, the limit, as of summer 2021, was 4.500 Pokemon in Pokemon Go.

    Starting November 16, Pokemon Go players can now store up to 5.000 Pokemon in the game. This should be good news for avid gamers of the game, as you can now store more Pokemon in the game without having to think about which Pokemon to transfer. Additionally, this expansion, coupled with the recent launch of Pokemon HOME integration, should mean players don't have to worry as much about releasing valuable Pokemon.

    To upgrade the Pokemon Go storage limit, players can still pay 200 coins to the Pokemon Go Shop to upgrade the storage limit to 50. The coins can be acquired via an in-game purchase or by leaving one of your Pokemon in a gym Pokemon. However, you can only earn 50 coins a day with this method.

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