When is the weekly reset for Pokémon GO?

    When is the weekly reset for Pokémon GO?

    There is a weekly reset time in Pokémon GO. It's important to note when this weekly reset occurs so that you can leverage a new set of challenges and rewards to tackle them when they first become available. Many instructors are interested in knowing when walking rewards will be available again.

    For those watching their walking rewards for adventure sync, you don't have to wait too long. The weekly reset in Pokémon GO occurs every Monday at 9:00 am during local time. Time conversion is not necessary.

    If Adventure Sync isn't something you've heard of, you can quickly add it to your Pokémon GO experience by following this information posted by the Niantic developers. They explain how it connects to your phone's health application where it tracks all the steps you take throughout the day while you have it on your phone. The Pokémon GO app connects to you, allowing you to continue accumulating steps and rewards without having to have Pokémon GO activated. You don't even have to leave the house, because you also do it from a treadmill.

    Players who walk a long distance during the week receive rewards for different distances:

    • 5 km: 20 Poké Balls
    • 25 km: 10 big balls, 500 stardust
    • 50 km: 1.000 stardust
    • 100 km: 16.000 stardust

    Be sure to check the rewards you receive at the end of the reset. You should receive them shortly after resetting 9 o'clock in your time zone.

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