Where to find Morpeko in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Morpeko is a new Pokemon introduced in Sword and Shield. Morpeko is an electric / dark type who can use the Hunger Switch ability to change shapes. This will affect the Pokemon's signature move, Aura Wheel. In Full Belly Mode, the move is Electric, while in Hangry Mode, the move is Dark-type.

Where to find Morpeko in Pokemon Sword and Shield

You can find Morpeko on Route 7. It's a rare generation with only a 5% chance, but luckily it's an overworld generation, so no chasing exclamation points to get it.

Just head to Route 7 and then travel up and down the route. If you've been waiting for a long time and don't see one, go to a nearby destination and then go back to reset the spawns. It should spawn at around level 30 or so, and due to the rarity, this could be a great time to use False Swipe. When you see the Pokemon, move into engagement range to fight it. Make sure you don't knock him out and throw a Pokeball to catch him. You should now be able to add this new Pokemon to your Pokedex and get one step closer to completion.

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