How to catch Bergmite in Pokémon Go

Bergmite will make its Pokémon Go debut during the second part of the Winter Vacation 2021 event. You'll have the chance to catch this Pokémon while participating in the event, with a handful of ways to meet it. In this guide, we cover the best ways to meet Bergmite in Pokémon Go and how to quickly earn candy during the event.

There are several ways to meet Bergmite. You can find it in the wild or by hatching 7km eggs. Of the two methods, you'll want to see it in the wild by trying to hatch it from an egg. This is because the egg will take some time and energy, while finding Bergmite in nature is a little easier.

However, it's important to note that Bergmite is listed as a "lucky" spawn, which means there's a low chance you'll find it in the wild. There are a few ways to increase your chances of finding it. You can put incense on your avatar as you walk, or you can find a Pokéstop next to which you can wait, creating a lure on it to bring it to your location. You can use both standard lure and ice lure to bring it to you.

Bergmite will primarily appear in the Winter Holidays 2021 Part 2 event, but may spawn in future events during Heritage Season. We highly recommend using its evolved form, Avalugg, in PvP.

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