How to catch Gible on December 2021 Community Day in Pokémon Go

Gible will return during the December 2021 Pokémon Go Community Event for a limited time. Community Day for December 2021 will be held December 18-19, 11am - 00pm, in your local time zone. This is the time for Pokémon to appear all over the world, but you can still receive various bonuses from December 17th to December 00th. Gible will appear during this event, but how can you catch him? This guide explains how to catch Gible during the December 17 Community Day event in Pokémon Go.

Unfortunately, Gible will be quite elusive during the event. The only way to catch it will be in the wild, so you'll need to explore your area and neighborhoods to find it, either by using incense on your avatar or by activating a lure on a Pokéstop. Gible has a greater chance to spawn in the wild on Saturday, December 18, during the event time from 11am to 00pm.

Your best chance of catching Gible is December 18th. When the second day of the event arrives on December 19, Gible still has the opportunity to spawn, but not at the same speed as the other Pokémon that appear in the event. If you are looking to acquire more Gible Candy or want a bright version of this Pokémon, December 18th is your best bet to find it.

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