How to get a Pharaoh Furfrou Coating in Pokémon Go

    How to get a Pharaoh Furfrou Coating in Pokémon Go

    Furfrou is a unique Pokémon in Pokémon Go. It has multiple appearances available in the mobile game, and as long as you have captured the standard version of Furfrou, you will be able to acquire all appearances. There are 10 different appearances in total. However, unlocking those appearances is the real trick and costs you a lot of stardust. Here's what you need to do to capture Pharaoh Furfrou's attitude in Pokémon Go.

    The only way to acquire the Furfrou Faraone asset is to be in Egpyt. You and your device with the Pokémon Go app must be in Egpyt to change the appearance of Furfrou. If you are not in Egpyt, this form will be blocked for you and you will not be able to receive it. It's a bit unfortunate for Pokémon Go collectors who want to unlock all 10 choices, but it means trading with other players is always an option.

    When in Egpyt, you will need to make sure you have a Furfrou of any type in your collection. It won't be what kind of Furfrou you caught. With Furfrou in your collection, click on it and open it in your game, and under the "upgrade" option, you will see an "edit module" choice. Click on it and you will see all available Furfrou finishes that you can choose from. Changing Furfrou's shape costs 25 Furfrou Candies and 10.000 Stardust.

    We highly recommend that you catch multiple Furfrou Pokémon so that you can change their appearance and have an appearance option for each one. However, it does fill your collection.

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