How to get remote raid passes in Pokémon Go

    How to get remote raid passes in Pokémon Go

    Players in Pokémon Go now have access to remote raid execution. You don't have to be directly in front of it to interact with it or be within its circle. If you see it on the in-game map, you can only access it if you have a remote Raid Pass.

    The Remote Raid Pass is available in Pokémon Go in a short time, and you can get them from a pack that you can pick up in the Pokémon Go game store. Everyone can access the pack by purchasing it for 1 PokéCoin. Upon expiration, the pack will be offered in the future for 100 PokéCoins in the shop, at a reduced price. Pokémon Go players will have to pay using their coins if they want to participate in raids without having to leave the house. For those who don't have access to these coins readily, it may prove a little more complicated and some may need to use real-world money.

    Right now, this will be the only way to get them is through the Pokémon Go store. Since this feature was created due to the need to distance themselves from social networks, the developer Niantic could release them to their players in future events or alternative methods. It will change based on the length of social distancing practices and the time it takes for players to expect to be able to return to the physical world with minimal risk of potentially catching and spreading COVID-19.

    However, Remote Raid Passes are temporary. In the blog post detailing the use of Remote Raid Passes, Niantic shares those who use it will become physically weaker than a player in one position in the future. No date has been set for when this will happen.

    Until this announcement goes live, look for the upcoming Remote Raid Passes Pokémon Go Store. All players should be notified when the pack becomes available and when new offers arrive at the game's digital store.

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