How to upgrade Pokéstops in Pokémon Go

Enhanced Pokéstops have arrived in Pokémon Go. This feature has been around for some time and was tested in Australia earlier this year. The feature has now rendered all versions of the games and players can participate in this activity while exploring their local neighborhoods. Here's how to power up Pokéstops in Pokémon Go.

When you arrive at a PokéStop, you must complete the AR mapping tasks. You can receive AR mapping tasks by turning the knob on the PokéStop and fulfilling the specific task. This typically means you need to be somewhere close to where you rotated the PokéStop, then use your phone's camera to briefly scan specific parts of the environment.

There are three enhanced Pokéstop levels. The first takes five scans, the second takes 10, and the third takes 25. By lighting a PokéStop, you increase the rewards you receive from it, making it much more useful to turn these locations and receive additional Pokéballs and items from them. You may need to wait for other trainers to work with you to scan these positions.

Make sure you visit places that have a good amount of foot traffic with other players working on this task, or you may not be able to upgrade upgraded Pokéstops quickly enough to reap the rewards.

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