How to win every Super Contest Show in Pokémon Shiny Diamond and Shiny Pearl

As each Pokémon title carries its own quirky mini-game series, Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl continue this trend with the Super Show Contest. This is an event that your Pokémon can participate in to test their looks, dance skills, and attack moves against other Pokémon. While it's all a lot of fun at first, the more advanced shows certainly offer a great challenge later on.

Raising a Pokémon's condition

Your main requirement for winning at the level of each show is to raise the condition that matches the type of contest you entered. This can only be done by giving particular Poffin to your Pokémon. Pokémon with high-level conditions will then earn bonus hearts when they participate in each part of the contest, which is likely to lead to them becoming Star of the Show. Here are which Poffin will help you win each contest.

  • Beauty contest: Poffin Secchi
  • Intelligence contest: Bitter Poffin
  • Freshness contest: Spicy muffins
  • Cuteness contest: Poffin sweets
  • Competition of tenacity: Sour Poffin

Create a themed ball catch

The first test of each contest is the Visual Evaluation. This is where the crowd will catch up with the Pokémon that come out of their ball. With Pokéball stickers creating unique animations on top of your Pokémon as they are released, you'll earn bonuses for creating a ball catch that revolves around the contest theme.

For example, if a Ball Capture is crammed with hearts and flower stickers, it is more likely to excel at beauty and cuteness contests. Meanwhile, the fire and rock stickers manage to perform well in the Coolness and Toughness races, while the Ribbon and Party stickers help a lot in the Cleverness races. Custom Ball Catches can be created from the game's main menu, but be sure to apply the ball to the Pokémon you plan to enter a contest.

Timing of dance moves and attacks

Even if you perform below the visual rating, the dance rating will be the biggest decision if you are the star of the show. During this phase, keep an eye on the Heart and Hype indicators, as well as the Groove icons. A full heart gauge will indicate when you can use your chosen attack move, while the hype gauge shows how well your dance team is performing.

Since this dance phase takes teamwork into account, wait for the other three Pokémon to finish showing their moves before activating yours. This will create a Move Chain bonus that will quickly fill the Hype Gauge if done successfully. In the top corners of the screen, there will be arrows (or Groove icons) accompanying each Pokémon that performs. These predict how your rhythm is perceived by the audience. Players can figure out who will win Star of the Show by seeing which Pokémon gets the most orange “Positive Groove” icons (as shown above).

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