Strategies for throwing pumpkins in the Pokémon Unite Halloween event

Pokémon Unite has just unveiled its biggest patch since its launch - a Halloween Festival running from October 20 to November 7. In addition to the launch of a new Pokémon, Greedent, and several new Halloween-themed clothing and holowear, the Haloween Festival also includes a new main game play method, which is available as a quick battle and involves throwing pumpkins on the head. of Pokémon.

Quick Battle is now set to Halloween in the Wed stage. When you select this Halloween game mode, you will be automatically assigned an item: a pumpkin. This is instead of your usual battle item, so be sure to adjust the items held as needed. With this new item in hand, every 10 seconds you can throw a pumpkin. You can aim for these throws by holding down the object button, then adjust your trajectory just like you would with a special attack. Even if you hope to hit opposing Pokémon with this attack, a wayward pumpkin could hit someone on your own team, so aim carefully!

If your pumpkin connects, the poor Pokémon from the receiving end will be completely covered, forcing them to jump awkwardly. The shock of the sudden obstacle will cause that Pokémon to fall as well Tutti of its Aeos points. While this means that Pumpkin Tossing can be a powerful tool for stealing points from your enemies, remember that you can also easily be transformed into a pumpkin. In Halloween gameplay, it's best to treat your points hyper-defensively and score goals whenever you can.

If your Pumpkin connects to an opposing Pokémon, you can immediately press the Item Button again to activate “Pumpkin Push,” in which your Pokémon will push this Pumpkin away from them. Use this move to move Pokémon away from falling points or to move them away from you as you run towards their target.

Pumpkins can't use basic attacks and are left with only one line of defense: a special move called Pumpkin Tackle. Pumpkin Tackle works in a similar way to Pumpkin Push and will push your enemies away from you. Additionally, Pumpkin Tackle stuns the opponent. You can use Pumpkin Tackle as a last stand to prevent your opponents from scoring a goal with all the points they just stole. However, keep in mind that just like the original Pumpkin Throw, Pumpkin Tackle and Pumpkin Push are not guaranteed hits.

Pumpkins can still take damage, but they can also recover damage with Sitrus Berries. A good use of your time as a squash might be to limp over to the nearest sitrus berry and regain some health. But Pokémon Unite's new pumpkin mechanic is meant, overall, to be chaotic. Just embrace the ridiculous and the madness.

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