The best Blissey build, moves and items in Pokémon Unite

The best Blissey build, moves and items in Pokémon Unite

Blissey is the latest Pokémon to join the growing list of Pokémon Unite roster. Classified as support, Blissey excels at healing allies and boosting their stats. The Pokémon fills the void of much-needed healing support in the game, and here's its most optimal build.

Moves and gameplay

The best Blissey build, moves and items in Pokémon Unite

When you join a game, you start out as Chansey. Unlike most Pokémon in Unite, you have access to your moves very quickly. You can start the game with the Pound or Heal Pulse move. Pound provides damage and slows enemies hit, while Heal Pulse lets you heal teammates. Regardless of what you chose at the beginning, you will get the other skill at level 2.

Upon reaching level 4, Chansey will evolve into Blissey. This will also give Blissey the ability to convert her first move (Pound or Heal Pulse) to either of the two options given.

The Pound skill can be upgraded to Egg Bomb or Helping Hand. Egg Bomb allows Blissey to throw an egg at the target location which explodes on collision, damaging nearby enemies and knocking them aside. Once fully upgraded, the bomb also applies a slow debuff to enemies it hits. Helping Hand increases the movement speed and attack speed of nearby allies when used.

Heal Pulse, on the other hand, can be boosted in Soft-Boiled or Safeguard. Soft-Boiled restores the HP of Blissey and the targeted ally, while Safeguard completely removes any state conditions.

Blissey gains access to her Unite move upon reaching level 8. The Unite move is called Blissed Assistance and allows Blissey to rush towards any targeted ally, pushing aside any foes she encounters in her path. After dashing towards an ally, Blissey grants an egg which increases Attack and SP. Atk for a limited time. Additionally, the Pokémon with the Egg gets a large shield that mitigates incoming damage.

Recommended move set: Sterlina (LVL 1), Impulso curativo (LVL 2), Egg Bomb (LVL 4), Soft-Boiled (LVL 6) e Assistenza beata (LVL 8).

The best articles

Since Blissey is primarily a support unit, it is vital to upgrade its support capabilities. Buddy Barrier is a good choice for Blissey as it provides a shield to Blissey and the adjacent ally with the lowest HP after using the Unite move. You can also perform Exp. Share on Blissey, which will passively grant additional XP. Finally, you can complete the build with Focus Band or Wise Glass. Focus Band will instantly recover Blissey's HP whenever he is low on health, and the item also boosts the Soft-Boiled move. Meanwhile, Wise Glass increases Blissey's SP. Atk, compensating for Pokémon's low attack stats.

Advised construction of the object: Buddy Barrier, Esp. Share and Focus Band.

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