The best Pokémon games for mobile devices for Android and iOS

Since then, Pokémon Red and Blue came to North America
in 1998 it made a huge impact and was one of the best-selling video games
franchise for children and adults. Now in the era of mobile games, you can
play some of these adorable creatures right from your phone.

These are the best Pokémon games for mobile devices. (Officially licensed only, though there are some very nice and cute Pokémon out there too) All are free, although most have optional in-app purchases.

The best Pokémon games for mobile devices

Pokémon GO

Image via Niantic

It might seem like the obvious choice, as it seemed to take over the world in 2016, but in 2020 Pokémon GO is still GO-ing strong. Pokémon GO is a game that uses your location in the real world to capture Pokémon, fight battles, and trade with friends.

Now with over 500 different Pokémon to catch and more
server and PokéStop than ever, it is clear that the game does not slow down at any point

Even while we're all stuck in during the pandemic, Pokémon GO has added new events and promotions that allow you to get Pokéballs, more Pokémon, and even raid battles, all from home.

Pokémon Quest

Image via Game Freak

Have you ever wanted to play a Pokémon game without trainers or gyms? Pokémon Quest is a game where you gather a team of blocky looking Pokémon to start an adventure, select certain types to get upgrades to certain levels, and you can cook in your camp to attract more Pokémon to join your team.

While movement in the game is automated, you select when the Pokémon attack and which attack they use. You can also win equipment to put on your Pokémon that will give them more HP and strength, or even increase the speed or range of an attack. Choose wisely.

Pokémon Quest is also available for free on the Nintendo eShop if you prefer to play on the Nintendo Switch.

pokemon master

Image via DeNA Co Ltd.

Maybe you're looking for the opposite: a game all about coaches. In Pokémon Masters, you are not just collecting Pokémon, but "Synchronize Pairs". Duets of a Pokémon and their trainer. You can acquire gym leaders, four elite members, player characters, and more from across the game franchise!

This Gacha style game has you fighting in 3-sync teams
pairs to play through a story and many special modes and limited-time events
see who can best the best.

There is also a worldwide multiplayer co-op battle where you can be joined by friends or random players.

Pokémon Shuffle

Image via Genius Sonority

There are also some simpler games that you don't have to spend more time playing. Pokémon Shuffle is a cross between a match-3 type game and a battle game. There is a main campaign that limits the number of moves you can make and a timed expert mode.

When you win a match, you try to catch the defeated Pokémon with your matches. Depending on how good or bad you did, the catch rate varies. Try to catch them all!


Image via the Select button

Another simple game is Magikarp Jump. Our lovable sketch friend now has a chance to be the center of attention. Collect items, train Magikarp and see how much they can flop. The higher the jump, the more tournaments you win. You can also collect Magikarps with different colors and patterns.

The mechanics are simple and can get a little repetitive, but if you're looking for something to pass the time with lovely graphics, Magikarp Jump is exactly that. It is done by the Select button. This developer will also bring us a new Pokémon mobile app later this year: Pokémon Sleep.

field pokemon

Image via The Pokemon Company

While this
you may not like the game if you are looking for a game that children will enjoy
8 years old and younger, this is a great place to start their Pokémon journey.

It's filled with cute Pokémon, easy-to-read texts, and mini-games that are both fun and manageable for a younger child. Field Pokémon could be a good alternative to Pokémon GO if they want a Pokémon game on their phone.

Honorable mention: Pokémon Duel was a Pokémon-themed digital board game for mobile devices, but was sadly discontinued at the end of 2019

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