The best Pokemon games for Nintendo Switch, ranked

The Pokemon world is always a lovely place to spend a day, and while we all wish it was real, the best thing to do is play games on the Nintendo Switch. The best Pokemon games for Nintendo Switch exude the personality of the series and bring a unique charm that other franchises wish they could do. Pika-t-this list and you'll soon find yourself on a Pokemon journey.

Migliore: Pokemon Let's Go Evevee and Pikachu

While this game is one of the most controversial titles in the Pokemon series due to its use of Go-like mechanics, there is still a lot to love in this Red and Blue semi-remake. It has a cute chibi art style that will melt your heart, and for all fans of the first generation, they will be fascinated by the familiar but completely redone towns and cities they grew up with. Beautiful renditions of classic bit-tune tunes from the Game Boy era will give you goosebumps as they're beautifully reinvented. Add in the ability to see all the Pokemon on the field, standard (but fun) battles, and a story that unfolds after the initial games and you've got a ticket to SS Awesome.

2) Pokemon Sword and Shield

Bringing the typically portable main series to consoles for the first time is a daunting ordeal, but Game Freak has made a decent effort with Sun & Moon. Yes, it doesn't have all the Pokemon from the past series, but it's fine with a Pokemon generation that feels unique in the Galar region (UK). The game felt truly inspired by the UK as the battles took place in large arenas similar to football matches across the country. As a Brit myself, I loved all the different references.

Pokemon Sun and Moon's new open fields plunged developer Game Freak into what would be a great open world RPG based on the series. It's a tantalizing taste of what's to come because there was a lot to be found if you look deep enough.

Also, the legendaries have a striking design with one carrying a sword and the other with a shield. Their attacks are as tough as many other Pokemon in the game. It might be disappointing to some, but Sword & Shield is a great stepping stone to the future of the series. Oh, and did we mention that you can make your Pokemon giant? This is a neat feature.

3) Pokémon United

Pokemon Unite was a game fans were divided over with its reveal trailer, but with the game's release in July 2021, those dissuaded have been silenced. Pokemon Unite is an incredibly fun MOBA version of the series with your favorite Pocket Monsters returning to battle. Pikachu, Charizard, Snorlax and many others joined the battle. Each provides a unique set of moves to master and the game is exceptionally fun as you try to score more points than the other team.

In the game, you have to conquer zones to get points and you can do this by eliminating CPU-controlled Pokemon on the map or by eliminating the competition. There are many strategies to adopt and you may need to work with your team of three or five to take out raid bosses in a certain area of ​​the map such as the legendary bird Zapdos or Rotom. Oh, and it's free but with a slightly pay-to-win cost. While it's not as big as the main RPG series, you'll be playing it for hours on end on your Nintendo Switch.

4) New Pokemon Snap

Fans have been asking for a Pokemon Snap sequel from the Nintendo 64 era and finally got it in New Pokemon Snap. With beautiful graphics, you take on the role of a photographer, narrating each Pokemon's behavior in scenic locations Part of the fun is seeing these pocket monsters interact with each other and with the environment in unique ways. Let's not look trivial, but it's really like stepping into the world of Pokemon with its first-person view. The aim of the game is to take the most accurate photos that can entice the Professor. It will eventually earn you points for your photography skills.

You'll be exploring the same areas over and over again, but developer Bandai Namco is able to add some twists to help make New Pokemon Snap feel fresh. You won't be able to catch all Pokemon in one run. We liked the game, so you should check out the game if you haven't already.

5) Smallpox DX tournament

Pokemon have established themselves in many game genres and fighting games are definitely one of them. Originally released on Wii U but also on Nintendo Switch, Pokken Tournament combines elements of the popular Tekken series with our favorite pocket monsters. Just like New Pokemon Snap, this game is an observer with vibrant graphics style and jaw-dropping attacks that will make you wish the main series looked better than ever before. Fans of fighting games and Pokemon alike would love Pokken Tournament as the cast of fighters available features different sets of moves for tripping over your opponents. Try this.

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